weird weather?

Urien, before progressing to answer these allegation I need to know whether you are an ass-less person, an arse-less person or neither?

And if you lost any of the above to hysterical laughter?

You see the thing is, that I am pretty darn sure I did that last spell with Forceless casting.... :laughing:

Ahem. {Rolls over and picks up parts of his arse}. (Creo corpus to hold it together until he can get his Vis)

Forceless? [Checks..yep Serf's Parma is up] It seemed evident that you consumed at least Rook on that last spell...


a spell(spontanious until compiled)is a creoaniaml(terrum)spell that creates a animal trapped in a hailstone!
also in meadeival time they had a fall of mice!(I forget were I read about it,but I know it's true)

Charles Fort
Obviously , you have been getting your source material from authors like this.
You may want to check out the links at the bottom of the page ,
they should provide many hours of fun reading.
And they are all true! :unamused:

Pink Snow and Other Weird Weather

Maybe yellow?


Or to scare the peasantry away from the area for all future... Add a creo-requisite and have it rain blood. Not only will it be deeply disturbing and horribly smelly... it will also ruin the crops.

yes except that corpus will be needed. :wink:

Answer: 42

Wouldn't it be "hats" instead of "42"?



The Answer is 42.

Xavier. What you have to ask is; what the Question is?

But the Answer; it is 42.

facepalms Never ever ever post when in too much of a hurry to read through... I should learn that SOME time.

Is this where I invoke Serf's parma?