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Some custom spells that My character is looking to have out of apprenticeship.

Bear in mind that she can Flex the voice spells down to touch/eye or up to sight.

Rewrite the Memories Lived (MuMe 20)
R: Voice D:Moon T:Ind
Totally rewrite the memories that a person has of an event. The target is no more sure of this manufactured memory than of the authentic one, so he may discover strange fabrications to be false.
(Base 3, +2 voice, +3 moon)

Subtle Shift of the Heart (MuMe 10)
R: Eye D:Sun T:Ind
This spell intensified or mutes the target's current emotions that like can become affection, hatred down to dislike.
(Base 3,+1 eye, +3 sun)

Sight of the hidden Vis (InVi 10)
R: Per D:Dia T:Vision
Any vis within vision range glows slighly red to the caster's sight. This spell was created for use when hunting for vis sources by apprentices.
(base 1, +1 dia, +4 vision)

Eyes for the Distant Room (InIm 20)
R: Arc D:Conc T:Ind
Same for Ear for Distant Voices but Sight as sense rather than hearing

Base 2 major change, you go base 3 for "totally...of an event". Sounds fair.

sun +2, just a typo.
I think this should be 2 spells: One for intensifying, one for muting.

Why not conc?
Useful spell, cheaper if you can hear vis instead of seeing it. The way it looks should be linked to your sigil (cosmetic).

T: Room (typo)

I did the vis spell as diameter so I could walk, talk, trip, cast other spells without it interferring. IE: no concentration checks. Ideal is that I cast it and concentrate on say a flight spell of some sort so I can look at a large area (perhaps rise of the feathery body)

I was thinking of having grogs equipped with magic items, but many of those would require Finesse and/or Concentration, which most grogs would not have. So here...

A wand that moves rocks (Part of Aodhan's eccentricity is that he doesn't put much effort into names for his items; 'Vulcan's Anvil' came from a forge assistant)
Moves any small rock that the user can see, as fast as someone carefully moving it by hand could move it. This device requires the user to concentrate or the rock will fall.

ReTe 2 Base R: Sight +3 D: Concentration +1 T: Individual 24 Uses per day +5

Total 15

With this item normal people (and also Apprentices and Wizards if they wanted to) could train and practice either Finesse or Concentration. Non spell casters could even be taught Finesse from a Magus or learn from a book since they have an item that allows them to use the Ability.

Not sure where the line between "an event" and "a series of events" is. I'm guessing that if it's one block of time, it's an event, whereas if there's time between event A and B, then it's a "series" of events. Although I'd probably call Tribunal "a series of events," myself :slight_smile: But looks good as is.

I'm inclined to say that (much like Preternatural Growth and Shrinking, which is MuCo) you need a Magnitude for flexibility, to make an emotion stronger or weaker, as opposed to a spell to make an emotion stronger or one to make it weaker.


Spell looks good. I do have a question about how it works, though (for anyone who has input): where is the viewpoint? Does she see what she could see from where the AC was taken from? (e.g. if she took a piece of wood from the windowsill, would she see what is visible from where that chunk was, with a fixed pov) Or does she have, like, a moving camera that is able to move her pov from one spot to another, as long as it's still in the room and can only see what's in the room?

Awesome idea.

This is tricky, and having only guidelines doesn't help.

But it isn't MuMe. MuMe concerns emotions people could not naturally have or (IIRC), changing an emotion to another emotion. As this acts on an existing emotion and doesn't change it to another emotion, it should be ReMe (Probably base 5 "Control a Natural Emotion").
And yes, this should either be 2 different spells (PeMe base 5 "quell an emotion")or, at least, have an additionnal magnitude for flexibility.

A side note: When specifiying guidelines, besides the base level, it would be nice to have the description written. It avoids having to search and guess that MuMe base 3 is actually "Make a Major Change to a person's emotion" :cry:

I'd say the last one.

Subtle Shift of the heart
A major change to emotion: Like to love, interest to lust, hatred to just dislike. I think it is muto. This is a legacy spell in a way in that this spell existed in editions 1-4 as MuMe spell, I just figured the base for converting it to 5th edition.

The Eye for the distant room.
Since target is arcane connection. I would say that view point is the location where the arcane connection links from. THe person or position of the room. Fixed location but you can pan out to look in various directions.

Hum... You made me re-read all my guidelines, there :laughing:
Which is good for me, thank you :smiley:
I think it was Muto before, because all changes where muto, whereas now, it's only the changes that are unnatural.

As I see it, this is not a major change in the sense of MuMe, for exemple, Seed of Betrayal (Same base 3):
"Changes the target’s emotions towards their master(s) to contempt, such that they will readily betray them. Subtract 5 points from the target’s relevant Loyal Personality Trait, for the duration of the spell"
As far as I understand it, this is a major change: You take the target emotions and make a major change to them.

What you describe is taking an existing emotion, and changing its intensity, which, IMO, is closer to ReMe... Base 5 :frowning:
"Control a natural emotion. The target must feel the emotion before you can control it"

Sigh... I'm worried, because, as far as I can see it, Rego is the right way, but it is harder, which makes me feel bad... So I have a tendency to be lenient on the flexibility issue, especially as Love -5 = Hate +5, and you're affecting the emotion's intensity (contrary to MuMe which changes emotions into another, fixed, emotion, like changing a Pious/Brave/Lecherous trait to a Hate trait)
How about this?

Love and Hate are but 2 sides of the same coin. The spell controls the target's affections toward someone, amplifying or diminishing it. It can gain or lose up to 5 points to his Love xxx or Hate xxx trait, or any similar one. The target must feel something towards xxx for the spell to have any effect, as it can only target an existing emotion. A shield grog usually feels something towards his master. In the absence of any other relevant trait (like Loyal to xxx), consider it to be 0. This can conflict with his natural loyalty

Ok, I'm verbose, but what do you think of it?

I am not sure that I want to affect personality traits. Loyalty is a personality trait. I am trying to only effect the mood of the moment. Someone says something to piss a person off. They are so angry that they are about to get violent, I cast and suddenly it only annoyance. The barmaid is looking across a tavern at one of the customers with interest and desire. A spell is cast and the mild desire flairs into full blown lust (a favorite prank of my character, get someone hit upon by groupie and the fun that ensues).

I am not sure if it is rego or muto

Table of Fresh Meat (lesser magical item)
If you put a human corpse onto this table, it will preserve the body for an indefinite duration even if it is removed from the table later. If the body has already started decaying, it will restore it to a fresh state. It will not reattach missing parts unless all of the missing parts are put on the slab together with the body.

Base 2, +1 touch +1 conc, +1 complexity
+5 item maintains conc; +10 unlimited uses
effect level: 20; +2 to corpus lab total
(note: complexity could be raised, if needed, and number of uses lowered)

The only problem I have is the title. Kind of ghoulish don't you think?

Was anyone else thinking Rocky Horror when they saw this?

Though my first thought was, "Why would anything besides the brains be "meat"? Sheesh."

Looking at the Rego and Muto Mentem guidelines, it looks like controlling an emotion (which appears to be what this spells wants to do – make an emotion stronger or weaker) is Rego, whereas making a major change to an emotion (such as turning hate to love, or "meh" to ardent fervor) is more Muto. However, the base guideline for this spell under ReMe would be 5, vs. 3 for MuMe. Is it actually that much easier to make a subtle change to an emotion that a major one?

Now that I've taken the time to examine this more closely, I'm inclined to agree with Fixer that this is Rego and not Muto. It looks like this is a case where they redefined Muto and Rego between editions and this spell fell victim. It would have been nice if they had imported this spell and redesigned it with the new spell creation rules. It is a nice spell, though, even if it does cost twice as much as it used to.

Target should be Room, but other than that it looks good.

Although, not that I think about it, it probably should be momentary since the emotion is shifted and it is overwith. They can get riled up again, they can lose interest but the effect is there. (perhaps like the rego soothe the ferocious beast).

Downside to Momentary duration is that it only lasts a moment, which is (normally) not very effective. If you ramp "like" to "flaming passionate love" for a moment, the victim will suddenly feel the flames of passion that fades as quickly as it came, although it may give him something to think about. Same with turning "annoyance" to "anger." Although, in that moment of anger, the target may pop the other guy in the jaw.

But I can see what you're saying about changing "anger" to "annoyed"(for example) - it would give the target a moment to think about "Now, why did I want to kick this guy's ass again?" Which may or may not work, depending on the circumstances.

and the flames of passion might die down or might flare up but I wouldn't necessarily want to keep person from getting angry for a whole day. It is to calm the riot or spark one, to make a liking into an amusing come on, turn annoyance to anger that they do pop one. The mood is shifted, it can shift again naturally but it is a lot more subtle this way.

Long term, they are more likely to detect it and realize something is up. Subtle and manipulative is the personality I am going for so what I really want is

Base 5 rego, +1 eye or +2 voice (I might go voice so I can flex it ot sight or do it voice and flex it to concentration from momentary)

What about Perdo to basically kill or erode an emotion?

Becuase I don't want the emotion to vanish. Changes of intensity is a more effective subtle manipulation and people around target are less likely to notice. Anger and annoyed, you see both there but you can't tell degree necessarily, it vanishes abruptly and it is obvious to observers.