What books have spell guidelines

Which books released so far have additional guidelines for standard Hermetic magic (meaning no virtues or initiations required)?

The core rule book, of course; Covenants and True Lineages.

Then I started not paying as much attention. Were there some in City & Guild? I can't remember. Any others?

TMRE - Some don't require mysteries (The Intellego guidelines in the Hermetic Arithmetic section come to mind).

RoP: TI - Demon related Vim stuff.

HoH: S - Mostly in the Flambeau chapter.

Fair bit of stuff in covenants IIRC about managing covenant resources such as books; or the more suspect practice of making chickens lay more eggs etc. Nothing particularly earth shatteringly exciting though, but adding a lot of flavour about how magi use magic to enhance everyday activities.

HOH:TL in the Guernicus Chapter I think

actually I think that in nearly every sourcebook you can find some spell guidelines. Maybe not in the Tribunal books ...


It was recently mentioned that the Me guideline (can't recall if it was In or Re) dealing with ghosts was different in HoH:TL vs AM... and David Chart had posted that he would be updating the errata... so that's one to keep in mind, if you're working on some kind of guideline compilation.


Quite a few in HoH: Societates, Jerbiton chapter, as well.

Crowding out the info about the cats...

You might want to check out the great apocrypha collection; it contains the following on spell guidelines:

HoH:S - New spell guidelines and rules are provided. Rules for firing projectiles using Rego are given on p. 35 and p. 38. Guidelines for rego and creo craft magic are given on p. 60. Rules for flourishes (flourishing your sigil) are given on p. 60-61. Guidelines for illusion and mental magic are given on p. 61-70. A suggestion on how to treat Aura of Ennobled Presence and similar spells in combination with the Gift is given on p. 96. A new healing guidelines is given on p. 100. A new ReVi guideline is given on p. 129.

Covenants - Spell guidelines regarding rego craft magic are given on p. 49-50. Further guidelines involving various topics (used in "agriculture" spells) are given on p. 50-51.

HoHTL - New spell guidelines are provided. Ones related to investigation magic are on page 72-75.

TMRE - New spell guidelines are the numerical guidelines (open to all) on p. 93. There are also the spirit summoning/control guidelines, on p. 28.

RoP:I - Demonology related spell guidelines are on p. 121.

There are a few other entries that aren't quite spell guidelines but you might find interesting (such as guidelines on treating pregnancy and so on).

Awesome! Thats exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much.