What would you want in a GM's screen?

I'm making my own Ars GM screen for my personal game, and I was wondering what other people are always flipping through the book for?

Are there any particular charts, formulae, modifiers, etc. that spring up often enough that you would like an easy refrence for?

Experience tables
Twilight Formula
Training and Teaching Formulas
Age tables
Soak tables
Spell Range/Duration/etc listings
any of the listed tables in the annexes

Spell Range/Duration/etc listings and the formula appendix from the back of the rule book, especially the combat formulae.

Range, Duration, Target
Sizes for Individual and Group
Size increments (large group etc)

Realm interaction with BIG letters reminding us that native aura does not add to botch dice etc.

Penetration formula for supernatural abilities

But what would be really cool is a combat sheet... Something we can print and laminate and draw on with nice dry wipe pens that helps keep track of initiative, wound totals etc. That would be hugely useful.

Hmm.. A combat sheet wouldn't be to hard, I'll see if I can cook something up...

Mine's here: darmont.free.fr/arm/download/arm ... aysage.pdf 8)

We need a handy table that gives us size comparisons much like in another thread hereabouts:


There's a size table in Mystery Cults, p. 39.

Duly noted.

I'd add the bonus/penalties for voice/gestures.


OK, here is the finished product:

Comments, critiques, sujestions, welcome.

Next pass will be a selection of hand outs designed to be lamenated. An EXP/Downtime activites sheet, a combat sheet, and a political sheet.

Maybe it´s a fault in my system, but the webpage isn´t available for me.

I can't get it either.


Very very nice. Only problem I see is the headings for the Reputation and Personality traits tables are switched.


Also "Jug droped from..." in the damage table needs to be "dropped", but that's me summoning my inner spelling bee runner up spirit.


Also, under Twilight Avoidance "egnimatic wisdom" should be "enigmatic wisdom"...


Also, on the large charts, some very light shading on every other row would make it easier to follow a row across.

Excellent looking sheet! I look forward to printing this one out!


Note to self, do not do final editing chacks at 4am.

Uploading fix...

Fixed Copy: