Winter 1220, Chapter 1: Exploration on the Home Front

((Which laboratory are you going to explore first?))

"I suggest we start at the top of the tower. It's nearby. I can get up there, and it wouldn't surprise me if most of you can. I'm a little hesitant to walk right into whatever traps she's laid, though." If there appears to be a place to attach a rope at the top Rhodri will ask Stefan if there is enough rope available. "I also wouldn't mind heading into the forest. I feel fairly comfortable among faeries."

"What order we investigate the labs doesn't matter to me. I'm fine with whatever preferences others have."

Stefan bows his head deferentially, and says, "I can knot together a length of rope to reach perhaps fifty feet in length, but not much more without having to purchase more. If it pleases the magus for a humble servant to advise him, even with enough rope, how would it be secured at the top? The balconies are each made of smooth crystal and there does not seem to be anywhere to anchor a grapple."

[i]((I did say Rhodri would ask about rope if there is a place to secure it. But the information is useful anyway so let's say he really did ask even though there's no place to secure it.))

[/i]"We can use magic to make the rope climb and hold the rope up. I am considering different approaches so that everyone might reach the top. Are you aware of any secret entrances that might make this easier?" To the magi Rhodri asks "How many of you can reach the top yourselves, whether by flight or some other means?"

Smiling, Attravere offers, "I believe I can send each of us up to one of the balconies and back without issue. Shall we get started?"

((What do I recall of the Magi's sancta from my time as an apprentice here? If anything.))

((You've never been in anyone's sanctum here but Maribus'. You do know that his laboratory is underwater, directly beneath his house; he would use Rego Aquam to drain the lab any time you were working with him. You started your apprenticeship just a couple years before Lucanidus Tytalii was Gauntleted (though you remember him as his preferred nickname of "Bug-boy" ...Actually you're not sure you ever knew his birth name). With an Intelligence check of 13 (9+4), you recall Lucanidus complaining about Aislinn's sanctum guardians: one of them was really stupid, and he had to identify himself to it with some kind of password EVERY time he entered, because it couldn't recognize him, and the other was much more intelligent but actively hated him, going out of its way to cause mischief for him. Sophia was Gauntleted at the same time as Lucanidus, and she was always very tight-lipped about her pater and his sanctum (as you would expect of a Tremeris).))

"Sodales, as a word of warning - Aislinn's sancta had at least two guardians. One being the Elemental Josef mentioned earlier. I'd advise caution. That said, who wishes to be sent up first?"

"Let me get my equipment first. As I can get up there myself, I would propose I go there at the same time as you send another. We should wait on the balcony until there are more of us up there." Rhodri heads off to arm himself. "I will be back in about ten minutes," he says after he's started walking.

Erro stands in the small chamber, wiping an ink smudged finger on his shirt. The big Redcap who had brought the charter rolled the scroll up and lugged it off. They should have put it on a canvas sail,he thinks as he pulls the robe over his clothes. It would have taken less space and had an actual use. He looks around the library as he puts on the cobbled shoes. Liliana had been present, but had excused herself, saying she had other business at the moment. He hadn't seen the lovely lady in the mail since last night. There was just a drowsy looking servant and him now. "Welcome to my new home then, huh?" he says to the servant. She smiles and says nothing.

Erro leans back his head and scents the air. "Well. I best find this new pack of mine." He wanders out the door and down the hall, looking for yellow robes.

Daniel, the pageboy, is waiting just outside the chamber, with a brand new set of yellow robes, just for you! One size fits all, so they're easy enough to toss over your clothing. "The magi are in the wizards' dining hall, magus. I can show you the way."

He leads you to the manor house, and you enter into a large dining area with a few peasant stragglers finishing up the last of breakfast. He continues walking through this hall and shows you into a smaller adjoining room, partitioned off with a hanging tapestry. He holds it aside for you to enter and meet your new sodales, who seem to be discussing a plan of action. He announces, in a voice much larger than the boy's slight frame should be able to produce, "Magi, Magus Erro de domo Ex Miscellanea is the newest member of the covenant. Maga Lily has already left but she said she was sure you would be kind to your new sodalis, which I think is her way of not being very subtle about saying she expects civility and will be really unpleasant when she returns if she hears otherwise." The boy bows and darts off.

Erro flinches when Daniel's voice unexpectedly booms out Lilian's introduction. He watches the page walk away and then turns to the other Magi, scratching his head and looking around in some confusion.

"Umm...Salve Sodales. I am Erro. Ex Miscellania. So. We're all wearing the yellow now, huh?" Erro tries a smile and then looks for a place to sit down.

Secretly glad that he doesn't have to wear the yellow robes, Attravere appraises Erro (Folk Ken 2, Perception 2) and greets his new covenantmate. "Welcome Erro. I am Attravere, Magus Mercere. Has Liliana told you of the covenant 'issues' which we're working on?"

Erro notices Attavere's robes and looks thoughtful for a moment, then looks around for something to drink. "We've mostly discussed one of her missing sodales. Leona? The big cat who thinks she's a bird. I've had some...dealings with her recently. We've been staying at the old lab in the woods. I have also been around Nestor for the past year. Heard some gossip. How much is true I do not know. Liliana said you were all going to be looking about the Covenant's resources. Is that what you are discussing now?"

((Attravere rolls a 7 on his Folk Ken, for a total of 11. If Erro is trying to hide anything his Guile is based on a roll of 6, or if he's trying to be inscrutable, I suppose that'd be Intrigue? or whichever ability wardenj might want to use to oppose it, hey, your die came up a 6 :stuck_out_tongue: Do with that whatever you will!))

((Nah. Erro is too off balance at the moment to play coy. OK to answer here or do I need to PM Arya and let her dole it out?))

((Erro is obviously not comfortable in this social situatioin, acting like a pig farmer who's having to play host to the Queen's Court. His Latin is passable, but he's working at it. He's got a peasant's tan and callouses on his fingers like someone who works in the fields. Basically, he's every Ex Misc Hedge Wizard you've ever met. He doesn't seem to have told you a lie, yet. You doubt he would be very good at lying if he tried. He hasn't told you everything though. You may notice that whenever he looks at one of the other Magi, his nostrils flare, like he's trying to catch their scent. You would guess he's currently trying to size everyone else up. That enough for a roll of 11?))

((Sounds good to me.))

To pick things back up-- you're all discussing which sanctum to investigate first. The plan seems to be Aislinn's sanctum first; Rhodri is acquiring climbing gear and Attravere is planning to transport people up somehow.

((To make things easier for me, please post the following totals:
Athletics + Strength
Perception + Awareness
Stealth + Dexterity
Swim + Strength
Intelligence + (any Lore skills you may possess)
Magic Sensitivity + Perception
Premonitions + Perception
Second Sight + Perception
Sense Holy/Unholy + Perception
Wilderness Sense + Perception
Anything else that's passive that you think you might use.
I'll probably solidify this list along with any other common ones you guys suggest, and have y'all post them at the top of every Story thread, to make sure I don't miss anything when I check your character sheets.))

Who is Attravere sending up first?

Ath (-3) + Str (0) = -3
Per (+2) + Aw (+1) = +3
Stl (-3) + Dex (-1) = -4
Swi (-3) + Str (0) = -3
Int (+4) + Lor (-3) = +1
VirtueAbility (-3) + Per (+2) = -1
WiD (-3) + Per (+2) = -1
MT (+4) + Int (+4) = +8

Whenever we gather to investigate the tower. "Erro, you seem a sturdy fellow. How about arriving at... that balcony at the same time as Rhodri?"