Winter OOC

OK, the Winter adventure and Season starts here. The wrap up in Fall should not influence this. Here is where the events of Winter, wherever you are can be discussed. For the Magi that are not on the adventure, you can discuss your specific plans for the Winter and the results of those here.

I'm sorry to say that I have not heard from everyone yet, and while I don't know what their intentions are, I have to take steps. Elysia, played by Falls and Benegar played by Averru have not notified me and not posted. Perhaps they can post again later, but the Winter adventure will not include them, nor will their Magi benefit from any studies or lab work. If they are able to participate again later we can let them back in. I'm sorry, I gave as much time as I felt fair to give on that. I have to be fair to the rest of you too.

The adventure begins near the Netherwent river (South of Blackthorn), at a small port called Narred's Landing, near the town of the same name. It is determined that it will be a shorter trip crossing the channel from Wales and into Devon. From there the group shall travel West, looking for the site of the Covenant.

Once again, here is the break down of Magi Activity:

  1. Acacius is on the expedition
  2. Siobhan travels to Voluntas
  3. Rhodri goes to Nigrasaxa
  4. Jaen goes with Rhodri
  5. Bjorn is staying at Blackthorn
  6. Old Aggie says he'll be staying near Narred's Landing

We are down to these Magi at this point. I'll have the IC threads starting shortly, feel free to post questions and such that you may have.

OK, at this point we're going to want to start fleshing out the group that will be going with the Magus. I'd like to go with the traditional method of my gaming group and having Acacius choose the Companion, and then the Companion choosing the rest of the grogs. We need to have a player for that Companion though.

Are there any volunteers for the Companion? The others will play Grogs. If we need to make up for lost players I can play some generic grogs and servants if need be, or you can play more than one maybe.

If no one else wants to play companion, I can intro Tessa.

If not, I'll play Horse the grog.

Sorry for the delay, had some PC issues. Please post though, thanks!

Where's Tessa? Is she a Companion level character?

OK, Acacius has asked for a Companion/Custo to step up, we need that to happen for us to get started. My PC is back to normal now so posting can resume.

Dermot McArdy would be just fine for this adventure if someone wants to play him.

Sorry. Family emergency and moving from one state to another has delayed me for the past few days.

I redesigned Tessa so she is Companion level. I gave her a smattering of Latin from lessons Aggie has given her off and on over the years. Unfortunately, I have her packed in a box. I will pull her out and get her posted Monday. I will go ahead and post as her tonight so the ball can get rolling.

OK I found a copy of Tessa in the regular OOC section. I thought she sounded familiar.

I would take Merry McArty, unless someone would prefer I didn't.

Would the stone mason grog be good to evaluate building materials and building site even if she is wilderness inept?

On one hand, she could evaluate the site after it's been explored. On the other hand, you never know when that kind of skill will come in handy. Didn't someone say something about standing stones being around our covenant site?

When you posted earlier about playing your warrior grog, I thought you meant Bran. Sorry. If you want Aine, just have her speak up. Tessa would rather have a woman around since she assumes the woman will be of more use anyway.

I would suggest a combat ready grog or two. Otherwise keep up the posts!

Will we be short a couple of Grogs? I can run one along with running Tessa. Do we want more than that?

Due to a bit of a reduction in players why don't we do this. We have 4 players right now aside from myself. One is playing a Magus, one is playing the Companion. The two remaining should play talented grogs of their choice. From there, pick 3 more Grogs and I'll run them, they'll be downplayed a bit as I want to keep the focus on you.

How does that sound?

Also, since we lost two players and haven't heard from a third (Benegar), should I try to recruit more?

The more the merrier. I don't mind playing Horse and Badger if you like. Up to you.

I'll play the extras, the more servant types or grunt soldiers. Basically pick 5 Grogs, I'll play 3 of them, more in the background.

I'll let others give their opinion about recruitment.

Boisil and Oisian are good as boring, insignificant grunts. Use them as extra grogs.

Sounds good, once they're recruited in the thread and we have the group ready we can get going.

A quick but important note. The Grogs are not trained as a group. In oher words they can't benefit from the trained fighting options. They'll need at least a season of training for that.

One of the point expenditures (or Grogs or Custos) might be to have a Sergeant type that can turn them from a bunch disorganized Scottsman into a deadly fighting force.

YEah, Aine doesn't have armor but she is good with her dagger at need.

If you want two specialists, do you want me to play Merry, who is a fighter, or perhaps some other useful grog?

I have no opion on wether we get more players or not. I see benifits both ways, so whichever is fine.

I don't mind using points for a specialist trainer. What would a character like that need, just leadership?

Bran is a grog seargeant type if someone wants to play him. He is a good warrior.

So we have a companion, mage, merry and Aine. plenty of other warriors to bring along.

I will be adjusting Isobeal though a little to make her a McArdry as well since I had originally though of her as Elysia's shield grog.