with the dawn

the sun rises the next morning- first question is whether anybody with astronomical instruments tried to further pin down the date.

Beyond this the monocerous has returned to its pen, apparently alone.

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I think, by the end of the evening, Aetherius has had one beer too many to look at the sky and try to calculate a precise measurement of the date. Seeing the monocerous back to the covenant, he will go and knock on Okeannetis' door to see if she came back to her sanctum under the cover of the night.

She is not there.

He sighs and goes towards the monoceros, adressing it in latin from a safe distance. "Can you understand me? Is Okeannetis okay?"

Silas wakes up and stretches a little. Hes revealed he can still remember yesterday, thats at least one concern out of the way. He raises his parma, still a bit unused to this new habit.

He dresses himself and gather his casting tools. Silas puts off using the amulet just yet as he gets out to Jessica.

"I suppose I will have to find us, or at least me, something to eat. My sodales and me ate dinner made by an automata. I will get it to create something for us. Unless you would rather pass?"

When Argentius wakes, he sends a messenger around to let the other magi know of his assessment of the time of year based on a scan of the night sky: "Given Leo's position as well as Ursa Major being so near the northern horizon and Libra rising opposite the sun, I surmise that we are roughly mid-way through April."

The artificer then takes his breakfast. As he eats, Argentius asks Nicole:

"How are you people doing? Are they organizing themselves?"

note: Argentinius does not have astronomical instruments, someone use said instruments and making an artes liberales roll can get a much more accurate assessment of the date.

The Monocerous first nods then look away when Aetherius asks his questions.

"No, I would like something to eat."

"I shall be off then."

Silas put on his amulet and leaves his house. He doesnt get far until he notices Aetherius standing next to the Monocerous. He approach the pair.

"Morning sodalis. Thats the creature that was with her yesterday isnt it? Safe to assume she's back then?"

It's morning, and Plasmatoris is not up with the dawn.

At sometime late, after retiring from their casual conversation, Plasmatoris went into his study and began taking notes. Something bothered him. Something was wrong. Something suspicious prompted him to stay up and begin writing down everything he could remember for the day.. writing down every last thing he could.
After all, he thought, what if he wakes up tomorrow morning and can't remember anything? Will he have to start all over, will they all have to?

When Plasmatoris finally wakes up, he finds himself blinking blearily at the underside of his desk, cramping pain working over his back and arms. "Ugh.." he mutters. "Where am I?" The Jerbiton sits up, trying to remember what's going on, and after a brief spike of fear, he realizes that if he can remember the fear of forgetting everything, he probably hasn't forgotten everything.
Rubbing at his sore back, Plasmatoris stumbles a bit blearily out of his study and into his workshop to look around for anything that has changed since his last memory. Only after that will he finally make his way into the courtyard.

Lares sits up slowly on the bed.

Still remember everything, not located in a random spot in the desert with an animal carcass. Great way to start a day.

He eats a small breakfast in the kitchen adjacent to his study, enjoying the solitude. After, he heads out to see if Okeannetis is back, but runs into Silas and Aetherius by the pens.

“Rod’s bollocks. Another wilderness expedition, is it?”

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To his sodales, "Okeannetis is not back. I believe the familiar knows where she went, but we need to feed it." Aetherius will look to see if any grog takes care of the pen.

One of the grogs has already fed the monocerous.

Lares sighs with a disgruntled expression.

“No use faffing about, then. We need to go look for her. I’m sure the familiar can show us the way. I’ll need to prepare for a while, though, so it’s best I get started as soon as possible. Can you alert the others, muster the grogs, and tell me when we are ready to leave?”

He pauses.

“Something happened to her, so it could be dangerous. Tell the grogs to come armed.”

Unless one of the others objects, Lares heads back to his sanctum to life spont spells in preparation of another trek.

Same as before, he first life sponts a flight spell, ReCo base 15, “Move a target quickly in any direction you please”, at Duration Sun for level 25.

His casting total is 3 sta, 8 aura, 10 re, 4 co, 2 gestures & sound = 27;

27/2 = 13

So depending on the roll he takes either 3 or 2 levels of short-term fatigue, which he then rests off for 10 or 30 minutes.

After that, he continues cating if he has time, but let's see if he goes into twilight or something first.

Silas looks at Lares disappearing figure before grimacing and turning towards Aetherius.

“Always running off that one… are all members of the Young House that energetic? What good is gathering the covenfolk and other if this unicorn won’t tell us what happened to her? Though I must admit I don’t know much about these sorts of things. Guess it’s more your House speciality.”

Silas looks up and down at the monocerous before giving a little shrug.

“Did you ever hear it speak? Maybe it just cant tell us what happened?”

The roll was five, so Lares has a 15 total, which means he uses 3 fatigue levels (42 minutes recovery time)
However, this lets you move in a direction chosen (or perhaps towards a chosen destination) at the time of the casting, rather than under constant control... that would normally be a concentration duration, then perhaps a spell to maintain...

(OOC: Ah. I thought it would just require concentration to change the heading and speed. Wouldn't it be possible to cast it as such?)

With an extra level of magnitude.

(If it's OK, let's say it's base 10, so probably slower flight [there's no guideline, but I suppose "medium speed" would be appropriate, since 15 is quick and 4 is slow] and add 1 magnitude for controlling the spell by concentrating.)

4 is slowly in any direction, 5 is slowly in any direction even unsupported, so 5 would have to be the base for slow flight.
Base 4 allows straight up "as fast as smoke rises", while base 15 puts the movement at about 40 MPH. Estimating smoke rising at 3 ft/second or 2 MPH, this does not exactly give the standard x10 per magnitude, but assuming the math is still geometric it would put the speed for base 10 (or base 5 w/ +1 magnitude for speed) at 9 MPH, or 13.4 ft per second.


so you have the flying spell cast, and have rested afterwards, what now?