with the dawn

Plasmatoris catches up to Silas while Lares is preparing. "Magus Silas! Magus Aetherius! I'm glad I see you and recognize you both," he says with a weary grin. "I was quite worried I'd wake up a different person. Troubled my sleep all night." The awkwardly skinny magus smiles to them and gives a cheerful wave to the majestic beast in the pen, not really expecting a response. But it's important to be polite!

"What is everyone running around for?"

Lares continues with Wizard's Sidestep, which he has as a formulaic.

He was half expecting the others to come get him already, so he levitates out to see what is going on.

(Some time has passed, so it's probably best to wait to see how the others prepare.)

Silas turns away from the monocerous who seems entirely unresponsive as he hears the Jerbiton.

“Oh Plasmatoris, good morning. The unicorn who went with Okeannetis seems to have returned without her. We want to learn what has happened or where she is, but the beast isn’t revealing much.”

Silas throws another gaze at the monocerous.

“Lares asked us to organize the covenfolk and tell the other magi – but really what does he expect we can do without any directions or clues…”

Frowning a bit, Plasmatoris rubs at his cheek with the back of his hand. "Hm. I don't think I'll be of any help on the actual search. But I do know a protective spell I could offer to help. I'm not really... the adventurous sort."

"It's still hungry, apparently. Please feed it as we will need to leave the covenant with it."

(I think you're confusing Silveroak's response to someone else with the monocerous' response, temprobe. I don't think the creature ever spoke, the line about food was the faerie muse or smth.)

The muse was talking to Silas and asked him for food. The monocerous can only speak with Okeannetis.

Was this confusing? Yes, it was. :laughing:

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Aetherius will explain to the Monoceros he's trying to communicate with him and to please allow his magic to work. He'll spont a base 10 Intellego Animal to speak with the monocerous, eye range, for 15. His InAn spontaneous casting total is +24, with a target of 30, in an aura 5. If the spell succeeds, he will ask the familiar where Okeannetis would be.

Lares remembers he hasn't got his parma up yet and does that.

Ugh. Remembering this every day is going to be a problem.

Roll was 0, non botch, also magical beings cannot drop their magic resistance: spell fails.

While the other magi do their own part to prepare for a search-and-rescue, Plasmatoris will look into the covenant's soldier and grog situation; First, he's going to try and find a translator who can speak Latin. Then he's going to look for anyone who can traverse the local area with any level of knowledge or survivalist skills, and finally find a few combat-capable soldiers if he can.

You find the covenant has 43 men at arms, all of whom have some degree of familiarity with the area.

3 days later in teh late evening you hear someone you do not recognize yelling from the location of the Monoceerous pen, in Latin, "She's back! My bond maga is back!"

Focused on his studies, Argentius spends most of his day in study in his lab. When the sun begins to set and the heat cool, the artificer emerges from his sanctum to walk the grounds of the covenant. He stops to talk to the covenfolk, making small talk and asking for an updates or news from those who left.

On the second day, Argentius stops one of the statue-like creatures and, using his ring, tries to talk to the creature.

amongst the small talk with the Cathars he discovers from the memories of the youngest that the day everyone awoke rejuvenated was apparently Easter.

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Argentius files the comment about Easter away to share with others at a meal. As he continues his walk, he attempts to speak with one of the walking statues using his ring, inquiring first if it can understand him, and second if it knows who created it.

After the initial failures of trying to find Okeannetis, Silas has been following up various things regarding the site. Asking covenfolk, Jessica or rummaging throught text attempt to find any clues about a few questions.

  • The effect of the baskets.
  • How many automata the site have.
  • Any information on his past familiar.
  • If he had any holdings in Cairo or somewhere else for that matter.

On the third day he has been looking into the covenant wood supply. Trying to gauge how freely he can pursue his craft. The idea of expanding his laboratory with a proper studio has also crossed his mind, and a beautiful little wooden foyer would suit his needs perfectly.

Lares spends the first day flying above the mountains surrounding the covenant, looking for Okeannetis. He doesn’t find her, but does he see anything else? Maybe anything that could be one of the Vis sources with unknown locations?

“I’m pretty sure I would have seen her if she was here”, he reports to the others. “Something must have happened to her.”

When he’s not looking for Okeannetis, Lares studies Berber and pesters the mundanes about electing leaders, trying to get the first meeting of the governing council to happen.

When Lares hears about the newly-humanized monocerous, he instantly runs up to it/him/her.

“She is alright? Phew. I was pretty sure she was done for, disappearing like that! Where is she? We must send an expedition to bring her back safely.”

During the few days where Okeannetis is lost, Plasmatoris will continue to spend his mornings sleeping late due to bad scheduling, his afternoons and evenings working on some kind of organizational system for the covenfolk, and then stay up late worrying about random things that could go wrong before finally falling asleep. He'll also at some point do as full an inventory as he can for his lab and studio.

  1. He wants to find all the artistic work in the covenant and whom the artist for the was.
  2. He plans to search his lab notes and see if he crafted magical items for the covenant, or for himself.
  3. He wants a full list of the faeries living in his space, and to come up with a plan to interact with them in a way which minimizes their interference with his work.

When the cry comes out from the monoceros pen, Plasmatoris actually ended up falling asleep on one of the chairs in the dining room, with charcoal sketches and notes piled on the table by him.