Yahoo/Rogers Email Issue

We've had two reports of users with yahoo email accounts who were unable to receive email (including password resets) from the forum. I'll look into the issue, but in the meantime the easy fix is to just use an alternate email address for the forum. If you're having this issue, please email me with your username, old yahoo email address, and a new alternate address. I can change the email administratively, and that seems to fix it. Then you can reset your password normally. Sorry for the trouble!

-Michelle Nephew

I've confirmed that Yahoo is blocking our forum's emails silently. I've requested an IP address change with our email provider, to get us off their blacklist (probably due to someone else on our server behaving badly). We'll see.

We have another report that emails out of Canada are also being blocked, FYI.

Our email service sent us this nice reply to my request for a new IP assignment:

"Thank you for answering our verification questions. Your account is now verified. We have removed the troublesome IP from your account and assigned one of our most dependable IPs to your account. This should resolve your delivery problems. Please feel free to reach out to us should you require any further assistance. Happy Sending!!"

I'll leave the Yahoo warning up for a day, and see if we have any more issues. But hopefully that'll take care of it!