Year Two incoming!

I aready know what Attravere and Sinmore are doing in Autumn 1220. Everyone else, please reply to this thread with your activities for the season and YEAR TWO will begin once advancement is done.


For the first half of summer, Iapetus is a homeless bum. He'll be using that as practice for Stonehenge Tribunal Lore, or Survival if more appropriate. For the second half of the season he would start studying in the Library if allowed... The Muto Summa is interesting for him. At some point he's going to present his letter of introduction, which may be amusing.

Through Autumn, Iapetus will politely request any covenant duties be delayed until he has a laboratory. Iapetus is going to speak with the locals about the laboratory situation. if possible he'll get a report on the previous attempts to invade Aislinn's Lab, the magics used to enter it and the troubles they ran into. Then he's going to ask Stefan for a rope and grapnel and work on just bloody climbing up there. His goal for Autumn is to set up a lab.

I think I have to wait on the PM stuff about the Knight of the Golden Locks.

Sinmore pulled 4 pawns of Vim vis from the ether by working OT in the lab, gave 3 to Rhodri as payment and pocketed the last one.

Rhodri will be back in plenty of time to study in Autumn. Great thing about regiones, no matter how long you stay in this particular one, you'll be back at the covenant on the same day :slight_smile:

Well, Rhodri's already done some of his owed covenant service, so he's got some flexibility. He's going to do one of two things:

  1. Invent a magical crossbow spell. (It would just be a ReTe spell to launch a crossbow bolt that will bypass magic resistance. I may want a higher level version than I can do in one season, so I'll have to check on that. Would having a high-quality crossbow bolt add to the damage like it does to weapon damage? I would definitely not add it to the Finesse roll.)
  2. Reinvent Seven-League Stride. (I have to check if it's available. Oh, darn. Just Leap of Homecoming, and it looks like he needs a season of Corpus study before being able to learn Leap of Homecoming.)

Guess he's going with the first one, then. The spell is going to be rather specific to deal with crossbow bolts. Although not being able to throw stones with it and having to design it at a higher level to handle the metal bolts (though I'm not sure this is used with the telekinesis spells) both make the spell effectively worse than it would be, the specification will allow him to do the spell better and be better with it. His ReTe lab total will be roughly 40, so he could handle a ReTe20 spell in one season. ReTe25 would take two seasons, ReTe30 would take three, and ReTe35 would take seven. Hmmm... How much is the extra +5 or +10 damage worth? Anyone have thoughts on that one? I'll have to double-check what the damage for such a ReTe20 spell is anyway.

Hmmm... A few seasons reading Vincit Qui Se Vincit would aid in both of these endeavors. But the delay in the first spell could be painful. And at some point he has to make his new CrTe ritual. There's a lot to debate.

I will have to do some number crunching on the ReTe spell. If Rhodri studies for a season first that'll make my life easier :slight_smile:

My initial impression is that you'd probably get more mileage out of using your lab total to craft a manuballista, and enchant it with a rapid reloading effect. Still bypasses MR, and with your ridonkulus sympathy score, you'd only need a very low Siege Weapon skill to be deadly with it.

I can crunch the numbers. I just didn't have my books on me while debating. If only designing the spell, yes, and item would be superior. And for someone else that's definitely true. But in this case I was considering mastering it, and so it's a better way for myself.

We have no Code of Hermes book. Does Lamentus have Code of Hermes, or can I do correspondence to get a bit (I have no idea how much correspondence is worth - I might not do it).

Also, I may ask to go with Sinmore and Attravere on Sanno's quest.

Here's my current idea, but I need some Peripheral Code and Tribunal Rulings to back me up: Gallus Florensis currently has no right to stop the other Covenants from collecting from the listed Vis sources because they were redistributed for lack of Quorum last Tribunal. So, our first step is actually to prove Gallus Florensis never lost quorum. And Sanno's severed Cords in the Summer of 1221, though terribly tragic, is perfect for our purposes. Maribus was still around and an active member until Summer of 1221.

So, why wasn't he at the Last Tribunal? IF this hunt turns out to be another Magus, then we have a violation of the Primary Code and a perfectly good reason for Maribus's extended absence. Even if it wasn't another Magus, any arcane connection to his body could hopefully help in producing evidence for an Intelligo Corpus spell to determine season of death.

Oh, if I can't find a source for Code of Hermes I will (sigh) distill even MORE vis to pay for the Aegis and a small payment on the current Vis Debt the Covenant owe to the Mercare.

Liliana is pleased at the amount of covenant service Aequi is willing to put in, and praises him during council meetings for it.

Redcap Jasmine suggests you establish a correspondence with Quaesitor Laetitia of Provence. "She works as an advocate-- very Traditionalist, feels the Code is meant to protect individual magi, not to restrict their freedoms. She's got no jurisdiction here but she is quite knowledgeable even for a Quaesitor, and would likely help you as best she can with advice.". In ooc terms, anyone can benefit from the correspondence rules (max of 2exp/season) if you provide me with information on who you're corresponding with and what subjects you're writing about. Can't be used in any season where you push yourself in the lab or spend a significant portion of the season out and about.

If you want to put a season into full study, there is a great book on Lex Hermeticum at Nigrasaxa, but Maximianus Bonisagi is like to extract a hefty price for access to it. There's a decent book at Schola Pythagoranis and one at Cad Gadu you could try negotiating for access to.

Well, if she is willing, Aequi will happily start correspondence with Quaesitor Laetitia about the intricacies and interpretations of the Primary and Peripheral Code (more on different Tribunal Rulings, but eh). I will also send an initial missive to Lex Hermeticum at Nigrasaxa, Schola Pythagoranis, and Cad Gadu about gaining access to one of their books. I doubt I can afford it, but if I start the bargaining now I can see where I need to get and it might be possible in Spring.

Actually, if it doesn't take too much time (i.e., I'll let this correspondence slide the most) I'd like to keep in touch with Magus Desiderius (the one who healed my eyes) just to keep good relations with neighbors.

Also, Aequi will let Tabanus know that if he can get the necessary Vis together, he is willing to help him put together a Longevity Ritual of around 8th magnitude (well, that's the original offer prior to learning about his "Difficult Longevity") in Autum of 1222 if he hasn't found anybody yet. We can discuss some kind of discounted price when the time comes. If he can get enough of it together, Aequi will suggest hiring Schmuel for a season to assist me in preparing his Longevity Ritual instead of helping himself.

And I'm still asking to go with Attravere, Sinmore, and Rhodri? when they go looking for vengeance with Sanno. He is definitely more interested in locating Maribus and adventure than he is in the vengeance part, though.

Just checking, Tribunal is in Summer, 1222, isn't it?

And yeah, I guess I'll extract Vis to pay back half of the Debt Gallus Florensis currently owes to the Mercare until we go adventuring.

Tabanus will continue teaching if he still has (paying) students who'd benefit...

Laetitia happily strikes up a conversation with you. She is exceptionally knowledgeable but also friendly and helpful. The Redcap who delivers you her first letter, Edgar, also informs you that Laetitia is quite the beautiful lady.

You get a response from Caltis filius Goliard doctrinae Tremeris, pointedly asking how Nigrasaxa would benefit from allowing you access to their text.

You never get any response from Cad Gadu.

From Schola Pythagoranis, you get a polite response from Uncia Bjornaeris, explaining that she is acting as covenant librarian. She tells you that their standard arrangement for access to texts is that a season in service to the covenant buys two seasons of access to their facilities. However, by nature of their unique location within Cambridge University, they can only afford hospitality to gently gifted magi. She explains that Schola would be happy to exchange the use of scribes-- should a scribe from Schola be allowed a season to copy any texts in the Gallus Florensis library, they would be happy to allow you a (mundane or gently gifted) scribe to copy the Hermetic Law text from their own library.

Desiderius is pleased to maintain contact with you. He makes small talk on various topics and is quite friendly and well-spoken.

Shmuel doesn't want payment in vis, because technically any vis in exchange for his services belongs to Lamentus :slight_smile: What he wants is an unspecified future favour.

Aequi would be welcome to come along!

Yep, Tribunal is summer of 1222.

Yep, the folks at Schola are willing to continue paying you for a second season of teaching.

Everyone update your character sheets to include a season-by-season advancement, if you have not already. Any season you perform a covenant service (vis extraction, whatever) please mark in bold text. This will make my life much easier :slight_smile:

I will update covenant vis stocks once I get totals.

43 Creo Vim Lab Total (12 Creo+11 Vim+5 Magic Theory +3 Int +2 Superior Equipment in Lab +10 Aurua), for 5 pawns. 5 in Summer for Aegis, 5 in Autumn for half of Mercare debt (current Mercare debt is only 8, assuming some interest rate if we can't pay it off). I have 1 Vim left from paying off the personal Mercare debt in Spring, which can be contributed to the Aegis casting if no one else produces any.

We need to be careful about overly taxing the aura, too. Rhodri has cast a few rituals, which should help.

I went with the easier option for you. I went with making an Item of Quality for the covenant. Now one of the Excellent+4 suits of plate and mail he made also provides +7 Soak. The grog wearing that is going to be really happy. I figure he'll do the same with the other Excellent+4 suit of plate and mail soon. It would be nice to have two of those for the grogs.

This has also made me think that perhaps Rhodri should make an item that makes touched armor lightweight.

Unfortunately, after checking, since Rhodri doesn't generally spend vis on his rituals (it counts vis spent instead of rituals done) that means he doesn't help offset the distilling of vis much. At least he spent a fair amount of time in the lab so that should help a tiny bit. Still, it's really easy to damage the aura if we distill vis too often.

Rhodri did get 3 pawns of Vim vis from Sinmore, don't forget.

Sinmore should be up to date XP wise for Summer and Fall.

Where are the guidelines on how frequently auras can be used for distillation?