Zombies and Skeltons!

Okay, the only example of a zombie I have seen was in Broken Covenent. They seem to have no damage levels and no magic might. In 4th ed. All undead that were created by PCs had a might of 5-10 (sorry I don't have my 4th Ed. book in front of me). So zombies with a 0 might would be no match for any magus with a PeVi 1 plus spell. So under the new rules would you add in a Vim req at a magnintude of the might you desiered or just cound them as magic might 5-10? Otherwise a modifyed wind of mundane silence would destroy an army of undead that required a level 35+ ritual to create.

Next question, Damage to zombies were OK/0/0/0/Splatered. No my problem with this is that when you hit a zombie it should make it harder to function just because of lack of limbs or tendon damage, or bone brakeage. So my question and proposal is because they don't feel pain adjust thier damage to ok/0/-1/-3/destroyed, any thoughts?

I don't have tBCoC, but I hope this topic can help you...