1227.2t The Dimicatio

Will Marcus participate?
Will a magus from Mons Electi step up for the challenge?

((Marcus has not accepted a membership to Mons Electi, though he has been helpful to the magi, he has remained a Protected Guest, and invited to meetings as members think he might be able to contribute something valuable. The magi of Mons Electi may add him to their team, but there may be a legal challenge... If he isn't a member of Mons Electi's team, he will likely still participate, but as a cenobite. I would like someone else not doing anything in the Dimicatio to run this event. Please? :smiley:))

Ok, since Mons Electi has several contestants... We'll do it one at a time.

I need everyone competing to make a die roll and post it here. It will help me place you into the ladder bracket (Thing NCAA Tournament, with 4 ladders combining into 2 and the winner of each side facing each other in the final event, there are 32 competitors. Higher is better, you're placed into a weaker bracket. Ties need a roll off.
A botch will put you in Marcus's bracket.

I will get back to you. Invisiblecastle is back, so i will use that. Gotta take care of a situation first...

Was at work and otherwise occupied all weekend. The main inhibitor was the lengthy rolling process (roll, write down number, roll again, number, enter code manually)
But today I am at the library. So...
Placement roll 1d10=4
First Initiative roll 1d10=5
Confidence will be spent to take Initiative if need be

Roberto draws a beautiful woman, Carmine Flambonis for the event.

Carmine's intiative is 2 * exploder of 8+1=17 ((Holy crap!))

Carmine conjures a bolt of metal and flings it at Roberto. The terram and ignem components are plainly visible in the casting, it's a 5th magnitude effect. Blocking one or the other will block the entire spell...

the 1d10.open command doesn't work the way I thought it did. First roll was error. Second roll is a 1, but it didn't keep rolling. So I will do it manually.

Then a 9
Honest Injun :smiley:
with Quick +1 and Finesse 2, that totals 21

And so I need to spont a Rego Ignem effect...
Stamina +1, Rego 8, Ignem 13, equals 22

and a die roll of 4
So that's 26, spending a Fatigue level to divide in half equals 13.
And I am forgetting something...
not near my book to look it up.

Well, I think you're forgetting an easier way of bypassing the spell. I did claim it's a 5th magnitude effect... (hint!) :smiley:

If you are referencing "Thwarting the Thaumaturgical Threat, I would need to roll 25+ to counter fifth magnitude (need to double the level with a SD + level 15 + 10, so I have a SD + 25, so I need to roll 25 to get to 50).
This is why I ruled it as not a good Dimicatio spell, but it is a useful utility.

I think I know what I am forgetting. I need to subtract 10 for fastcasting, right?
So out of 26, I subtract 10 for 16. Then I get a +5 for knowing a Similar Spell (Ward against Heat & Flames), and +3 for spending a point of Confidence (reducing my total to 8, which I can adjust now). So that equals 24, divided in half, for 12, which successfully counters a 5th magnitude spell.

If you are not hinting at the Thwarting spell, then I have no idea what you refer to.

I was really trying to get you to look at Wizard's Leap.

Roberto saw previous contests as only one is conducted at a time. Several Magi used Wizard's Leap on previous contests. When they did it on the third time they started getting booed.
Also ArM 5 doesn't have a similar spell bonus for spontaneous spells, and if it did, I believe ArM4 required a round of concentration.

I thought you said somewhere else that wouldn't work. If it is kosher, then he will do that and not have to spend confidence or fatigue.

Roberto's attack will be Pilium of Fire, which he casts without using words. If the aura here is 3 or better, then his CT is 20 (30-10), then a die roll which is unneccesary (the spell is mastered and cast forcelessly so penetration total is not an issue.
Casting without words should make it harder to identify the spell as he is casting. The jet of fire gives it away, but I do believe that she wants to fast cast before the jet emits, guessing Technique & Form from my words & gestures.
And also, Mastery includes Quick Casting twice, so his Initiative has a +2 bonus for a total of 7.

And I think you are mistaken about the similar spell bonus. I will check later (not near my book).

I rely on the players to do their own totals, and I normally do remind or indicate what the aura level is, but I didn't hear, because, well, I'm used to all the players knowing it. The aura here is 5, this is the Mons Electi regio. In addition, the aura is Rego aligned, so it is 10 for any Rego effect. I can't recall ever having mentioned that you can't Wizard's Leap away from spells like Pilum of Fire, I do remember thinking that, but I don't remember saying it is specifically verboten. I think I mentioned something in the fast casting discussion that you could cast the spell when you see Wizard's Leap, but that it might be ineffective because it's targeting a grog, in this situation, you can be certain that you are the intended target.

So, you can choose to leap now and hope for a better outcome next round.

Neither outcome is better or worse. One gets me booed and the other costs confidence.
And you really did say WL would not work. But if you say it does, then I am using it.
Either way is a successful defense. I am worried now about the results of my attack.

((IF you can point it out to me, I'll eat crow, in any event, I'm still of two minds on spells like Pila, which has been explained by the Line Editor that the effect is created At the intended recipient of the spell. That leads to all kinds of problems. And Similar spell bonus only applies as a bonus in the lab, and again, even if it did exist in 5th edition, which it doesn't, it would still require a round of contemplation, which is plainly not available in a fast cast defense situation.))

Carmine fails to determine the effect that Roberto is throwing. ((4+2+2 vs 15-4, awareness determination fails, and then I went for an off chance of determining that Roberto would do Pilum of Fire based on an OoH Lore roll, and she failed that probably went too high on the EF, but I'll roll with that, for now.))
Roberto advances to the sweet 16.

In the match before Roberto's sweet 16 match, Valerian and Praxiteles face off against each other at the same level. Praxiteles is deftly knocking Valerian's Terram based spells aside, without any problem whatsoever. This goes on for about 6 rounds, with a tit for tat, of the pair just knocking each other's spells aside, almost effortlessly, it seems like a . On the 7th round, Valerian's attack changes, and several large boulders are conjured and swarm around Praxiteles, who deftly knocks 3 away, but the other five connect with a sickening crunch, and then one hitting at the end flinging him into the stands. His is quite dead. The spell ends, and Valerian cries out, "My magic got away from me, I couldn't contain it!"

He makes to rush up to Praxiteles, but a voice familiar to many calls out, "Hold, Valerian. This magus is plainly dead, we must investigate."
The judges who were using magic, Guernicus Qauesitores all backup Valerian's story of a botch. Alips while shreiking runs to her dead husband's body and looks at Valerian with venom and cries out hysterically, "He loved you. He loved you more than he loved me. And because you couldn't lift your pathetic crowbar, you killed him!"
Bilera makes her presence in the crowd known, "Due to the death, the rest of the matches are cancelled for the day, and the Quaesitores will begin a full investigation to determine the exact nature of the events. No one heretofore has seen a spell like what Valerian has thrown before, so a botch is entirely reasonable, but we will investigate to be sure."
Marcus comes to the scene, and Maris give shim a look, and he gives a curt shake of the head. Afterwards he says, "I have some skill with investigative magics, and am willing to lend a hand."
Bilera counters, "I believe we can handle this, I will call in favors from some of the Outer Council of Magvillus to come and investigate. This should meet the standard of all sense of propriety and, of course, we have fully trained Quaesitores conducting the investigation, which I'm sure we all desire."
Maris looks like she's ready to open her mouth, but Marcus shakes his head, this time it's noticeable to Bilera, who just smiles sweetly at everyone present. Two Guernicus magi come running and take Valerian into custody, pending the results of the investigation.
The next day, events carry on, the length of the Tribunal and Tournament is extended an additional day to complete the delayed Tournament events. Valerian is exonerated, his version of events is confirmed by 5 Quaesitors in good standing, one Bjornaer and one Verditius and three from House Guernicus. Due to the rules of the Dimicatio in the Normandy Tribunal, though, he is disqualified from further competition at any and all Tribunal events in perpetuity.

Roberto needs to make rolls for his competitor, initiative and first attack for the round of Sweet Sixteen. If he winds that round, he will get a bye in the round of 8, and proceed directly to the final four.

((Kinda eating crow here... I wasn't definitive... https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/table-talk-bibracte/6080/1331. I can see it going either way, and I'm willing to roll with it being allowed and possible, my reason for suggesting it isn't possible is outlined above, but I like that reason less and less and doesn't make a whole lot of sense. If you can't Leap away from spells like PoF, BoAF and IoL that becomes problematic. Plus, sometimes Leaping is the wrong choice. For the Dimicatio, though, the audience doesn't like Wizard's Leap, the first round of 32 is fine. In the subsequent rounds, it's not a well-liked defense, but we will say it is legit. You just can't use it as was described in Table Talk, to leap behind a competitor, as the field of competition is bounded. Going out of bounds would be a DQ. If Roberto wants to win with Leaping, it's certainly possible, but comments of bad form will be made.))

Edit: And it seriously sucks that it took 30 minutes to post this due to timeouts and server errors...

Isen bracket: 1d10=6

Isen init: 1d10=1 woot! 1d10=2... = 4 + 2 quick = 06.

Isen is facing off against Autolycus Tytali.
His quickness is 1 + die roll of a non botching 0.

When he attacks, it will be with a Rego Corpus spell of 3rd Magnitude, Lift the Dangling Puppet, but it is obfuscated. Isen must make a Fast Casting determination roll and beat a 1, and also must complete an Perception + Awarness Check against an EF of 12 to determine how to defend against the attack.

Autolycus Tytali can respond successfully to Isen's attack.

Isen is facing off against Autolycus Tytali.
His quickness is 1 + die roll of a non botching 0.

When he attacks, it will be with a Rego Corpus spell of 3rd Magnitude, Lift the Dangling Puppet, but it is obfuscated. Isen must make a Fast Casting determination roll and beat a 1, and also must complete an Perception + Awarness Check against an EF of 12 to determine how to defend against the attack.

Autolycus Tytali can respond successfully to Isen's attack.

In the crowd, Korvin will stand and turn his back on Valerian to show his displeasure at this act.

Korvin will talk to his neighbors in the crowd about the clearly illegal spell that he used and the obvious fix of an investigation. He will keep mentioning it in passing conversations. He will invite Tranquillina and Fiona to do the same.

((Korvin is hoping to spread this information to discredit the investigation findings and give it a bad name.))

((Such a direct course of action is going to be crushed...hard. And Korvin would know this. Unless Korvin has evidence, and unless he's willing to test it as to a matter of Lex Hermetica, he will likely be accused of endagering the Order with his lies, and possibly convicted and fined heavily at best.))
Before Korvin says something that might be construed as something too dangerous, Marcus pulls Korvin aside. "The weakest link in a conspiracy is the weakest member of that conspiracy. Your comments will do nothing to bring Praxiteles back, and will likely find a Tribunal convened to convict a Merceris Magus of endagering the Order."

Then I will not spread it but it still was an illegal spell for the Dimicatio according to RAW.