1228 Grand Tribunal events, cases and happenings


I'm coming up on the Grand Tribunal of 1228 in my current game and I'm keen to see what are some more canon events, as well as likely events cases and happenings that takes place.

In my Chronology project I currently only have this from canon:

1228 Seventeenth Grand Tribunal:
House Tremere appeals the Theban Tribunal of 1207’s non-conviction of the disbanded League of Advisors for interference with mundanes. Should this appeal be successful, it could have important consequences for the autonomy of Tribunals in general and the Theban polity in particular.

I'm pretty sure the Lotharingian split will be huge item, but I'd like to crowdsource a few more ideas and what you have used in your games (both canon and non-canon very welcome, but I'd like to understand if it's canon from somewhere or not).

Also, is there a good writeup anywhere on running a Grand Tribunal?

According to Faith & Flame p32, there may be a Pyrenean led group seceeding from Provencal and petition to declare a new tribunal all together (interesting to have two of those cases in the same.

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Thank you! Interestingly, I did a search before I posted, but must not have used the right search items because I did not find these. Weird. Anyway seem to be some goodies there :slight_smile:

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Here are my prep notes for the 1228 Rhine Tribunal:

I decided not to have the Grand Tribunal be something for the players to participate in but rather an event that they would influence via what happens at the Rhine one.

But big ideas that can happen at the Grand Tribunal of 1228 is the formation of a Lotharingian Tribunal at the expense of the Rhine.

Tremere machinations against house Bonisagus (lonked to the above)

A big push towards the "4th estate" overarching plot.

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@OriginalMadman, I used the term "Grand Tribunal 1228" in this forum's search bar on the top right instead of google.

@Jank that's pretty cool! I'll have to share some for my game's tribunal of 1129, when it happens, eventually! :wink: