2.3 - The First Council Meeting

Come the night of the your first day in Phoenix, a Jewish serving maid finds each magi, and directs them to attend dinner. Dinner is held in the 2nd floor dining room of the Cijara manorhouse.

The meal, as the magi are about to discover, will be made mostly out of foods dipped in too much salt, and wrapped in grape leaves.

Jaime is not present when the first of you arrive.

Cygna is probably one of, if not the, first maga to arrive at supper, especially as she has not eaten since she broke fast shortly after sunrise that morning and is remarkably hungry; in fact, she hopes that the rumblings of her empty stomach won't prove embarassing. She takes a seat in the center of the table and waits as patiently as she can for the others to show up.

She will watch everyone with great interest, to get a gauge for how they're getting along now. She has no idea what happened after she stormed out in frustration, but she does know that the discussion was rather heated when she left, and she is curious to see how Amos and Serrano fare...or if they're even talking. Or even both there, for that matter, having missed all the...um...interaction that transpired between them, Heims, and Jaime.

Cygna, if she gets a chance, will lean over and quietly apologize to Viscaria for not coming and discussing the Jews' Golems after the meeting as they had agreed, but after what had happened...argh! she just had to get out of there before she did or said something she would regret. So, if she has no other plans, maybe they can talk after dinner?

She does find the food a little too salty for her tastes, and finds herself drinking more wine than she is used to because the salt makes her so thirsty.

She had to practically order Terrence to take his dinner with the other...humiliores, she thinks they're called? and let her dine in peace. He, of course, will secretly ignore her wishes and finds a place where he can overhear the proceedings in the dining room (outside the door, below a window, what have you) and come to her aid if and when he's needed.

As Serrano is probably dining with members of the Phoenix christian community , he respectfully declines.
Awaiting the outcome of whatever is decided at the coucil meeting , regarding the actions of Amos , then he will not be there.

When Amos arrives, he will take a lower corner seat from Jamie's (if Jamie is sitting at the "head" of the table, Amos, is sitting in a "lower-ranked" seat) and patiently waits for everyone else to arrive. The furthest he gets to small talk with Cygna would be a quiet mumble, and he seems to be reciting a self-prescribed penance and rolling prayer beads in his hands while he waits. When everyone arrives he quickly holds his hands out to either side in preparation of Grace, and if Grace is not done as a table he will say a personal thanks over his food.

March 1,1213 is a Tuesday, so Amos will not be fasting and will try a little of everything, but will quickly lose his appetite and only half-eat his overly salty meal. While passing anything or asked any question, everything seems pre-faced with a "Sorry, sodalis, - " and in the ends comes off very contrite but annoying and whiny. He seems to be waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Hiems will warm up his food, and try to enjoy it, but is quickly disappointed by its taste.
Yet, why should he be surprised? This is life, after all. Something bitter and devoid of joy.

He won't eat much anyway. This doesn't matter much. How could it, since all hope of warmth and love has deserted his life?

Still, he'll try to be social and polite, but all in a very distant, unemotionnal manner. Discuss small things. Be friendly to Amos, who is clearly having a hard time. This is strange, but he's feeling almost like a wiser big brother to the flambeau. Talking to the ladies is both harder and easier, and, despite his chevalry-inspired galantry and turn of phrases, he acts with them as if they were people, not ladies, with a huge emotionnal distance between them.

Viscaria arrives, somewhat muddy, from her explorations in the cavern. She waves away Cygna's apology. "It got all weird, and then I went hunting around the caverns. I found a lab without a sanctum marker down there!"

Jaime arrives just then, and interjects, "That was Piotyr's, a frequent visitor. I had quite forgotten he had it. I believe he fell during the battle of Las Navas." He turns to the group. "We used to invite many of the villagers who are essential to the covenant to join us for dinner, the better to understand us, but I thought it unwise to press too many unfamiliar protocols upon my new sodales at our first meal together."

He seems to shrug off his despair as the meal begins, and as the food is being served he asks, "Shall we begin council officially after the meal?"

Then he takes a bite. "Or perhaps, right now?"

Cygna suppresses a shudder but says nothing. She can't imagine herself in an underground laboratory. She needs one with at the very least some good size windows to fly through, if not an open-air patio or atrium or some such. From what little she knows of Viscaria, though, it sounds like a perfect fit.

Cygna is surprised at Jaime's reaction at the food.

[color=red]"Excuse me, Archmagus...but is this not how the food is supposed to taste, here?"

An underground covenant?
If only Hiems had knew... This must be away from people, dark, and peaceful. Yet, he'd have needed an exit to take a walk when feeling like it, so maybe the isolated tower is better anyway.

Hiems has not much appetite anyway, especially with such food...
Ready when you are

Amos looks up blankly at the question and looks back down at the mostly uneaten food. Oh. I thought it was just me. It's a bit salty. I should have spoken up earlier, sorry." Inhaling, Amos straightens his back and lifts his chin a bit and looks up at everyone's eyes for a moment and just... waits.

[color=red]"No, Amos, it isn't just you. I had simply assumed that..." Cygna prods her food with her knife for a moment. [color=red]"...eating salt licks was the custom here. I know different tribunals have different ways, I just thought that this was one of them.

"I must say, I'm quite relieved to see that's not the case. I was dreading having my maidservant cook all my meals for me and becoming a hermit." She takes a healthy draught from her goblet of wine and sets it back on the table with what appears to be a relieved smile on her face.

We'll have to talk about that to Cecilia. She's a great cook I took along, so hopefully, she should be able to do something about our meals.

Jaime pushes his plate away and leans back in his chair. "Yes, well...I suppose I should begin by officially recognizing and accepting the memberships of those who have signed the charter. The council formally welcomes Viscaria Lynchis Verditi, Nothos Constantine Amos filius Martreau scholae Flambeau Scutum ab Constantinople, Hiems Ex Miscellanea, and Cygna filia Grus of Bjornaer as signatores of the charter and full members of the covenant in good standing.

"Let us begin with mundane matters."

He turns to one of the serving girls, and instructs her to bring those covenfolk who wish to speak to the council. There is a few minutes pause (during which magi may interact) while the mundanes are summoned from their dinner.

First comes one of the newcomers, Father Pierre de Lyons, the Eastern Orthodox priest."Well met, my new allies. Allow me to express my most sincere prayer that you will all continue Phoenix Covenant's long tradition of protecting the peasants of this land from the depredations of the war-mongering Reconquista covenants of the Iberian Tribunal.

"I have discovered that the local church lacks a priest, and I humbly request that I be allowed to take residence and re-establish proper church services. I also must point out that the rabbi here, in addition to being a blasphemous pagan who has not accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, is ALSO an undead monstrosity! Even assuming you are content to let these unrepentant sinners continue to practice their impious ways, you must destroy this unholy abomination, or at least cast it out of a position where it could lead these poor misguided souls down a path which not only endangers their souls but could unleash demonspawn upon our lands!"

(OOC: IIRC, no one is actively playing Father Pierre, and it is unclear from my notes what sort of personality he has. If Chico or somebody had a different flavor in mind for him, I can ret-con his speech. And yes, he is displaying a surprising amount of familiarity with the Order.)

Vineyard manager Widow Mustafa is a stout, elderly woman of Hebrew descent. She reports that the spring season looks good, and while we could all use more help, she is managing to use what resources she has to sustain the reputation of Cijara wines. However, she worries that without Cersei, they will not be able to continue producing the magical wines which are a significant part of the vineyard’s income. Finally, with the air of one who is used to disappointment, she restates her concerns about protecting the fields and warehouses from magical assault by the enemies of the Lannisters, "including any that you new Lannister lords may be bringing with you."

Next comes the ghostly form of Abraham Warder. "Greetings, my lords and ladies. War rampages across the lands, as Moors clash against Christians, while my Jewish brethren are caught in the tempest. Jews throughout the area are losing their homes and their lives, and do not know where to run to. While I know we cannot save them all, and that many would not welcome shelter in such an unusual place, could we at least not seek out the orphaned children and bring them here?

After the losses we sustained, the covenant is now full of widowed and unwed Jewish women, and I am worried about what will happen when reports of this come to the Christians building their Templar Church in Castiblanco. I have heard rumors that the French noblemen pouring in to the country are encouraging their soldiers to take whatever liberties they wish from the daughters of my tribe.

We still need much effort to replace what we lost at Las Navas de La Tolosa. The mosque and church stand empty, and we are so shorthanded that the children cannot be spared from the fields. It is the tradition of both Hebrew and Muslim to educate their children in the Artes Liberales, but even if we had living tutors, we could not spare the children and still hope to sustain the fields.

"I fear that this plantation is losing much of its unity. Many have moved out of their homes to be closer to their house of worship, the better to share the burden of caring for those very young and very old. Widowed sisters have returned to the homes of their mothers. As a result, many homes now lie abandoned, and the entire village feels more squallid and desolate. I fear that in their attempt to find solace within their homes, our people inadvertantly emphasis the losses we all feel. Something must be done about this."

Librarian Sharae comes in, still dressed in that undyed, rough-hemp abaya. Her speech feels extremely well-rehearsed, and more than a little quavering. "When my grandfather was brought here by the Lannisters from Trujillo, Phoenix Covenant vowed that it would seek out and protect the literary treasures of my people. Yet, the Arabic collection in our library dwindles even as the tide of Christian conquerors rises, and our current scribal staff is unskilled in the reproduction of what few books remain. I would ask that you reconfirm your commitment to this task of preservation, first by educating Claudia, Danielle and myself in Arabic, so that we may translate and preserve the knowledge that we have, and second by seeking more Arabic works during this troubling time. We have heard many reports of book burnings throughout the recently conquered lands, and that many humiliores are put to death for employing agricultural knowledge learned from the Moors. Knowledge must be preserved.

"It is my understanding that some of our new masters have brought literary works with them. I request that any such works be brought to the library quickly, even if my lords and ladies do not wish the books to be made publicly available. Many of you are from foreign lands, and therefore do not understand the effects of the local climate on written material. The library and scriptorium staff are here to serve you both as a covenant and as individuals.

"Sandra de los Montes, our binder, has requested permission to collect the writings of Tyrion Lannister and create a sort of memorial floriegellium for him. Whether you accede to her request or not, I respectfully suggest that the girls could use a long term project to keep themselves occupied.

"The scriptorium also reports that Archmagus Gilderoy Lockhart has released a new tractus which would be an excellent addition to the library. It is called Gadding With Ghouls. An autographed copy would be two Rego Vis, illuminated but unsigned copies are Two Mentem, and unsigned, un-illuminated copies are a single Vim vis. The scriptorium staff recommends the autographed copy."

(OOC: You may roll something appropriate to see if you've ever heard of this magi. Ease Factor 9 indicates that he is no Archmagus, but a Bonasagus who has just recently graduated from Journeyman status to Master. Higher rolls will reveal additional information.)

Next, you hear from Captain Fati, to report the status of the armed forces. OOC: Chico, I believe you're playing Fati. Please have him make his report and requests.

After these mundane matters have been responded to, Jaime moves on to mystical matters.

"Vis needs to be harvested this season. It has been many years since I performed that duty, and so the exact nature and location of our resources must be researched before that can be done. We must also formally recognize the sanctums of each of you. From what I understand, there is also some matter involving a conflict earlier today which must be deliberated on. Beyond that, I know of no other matters. Does anyone have anything else to bring to Council?

Later, Viscaria will also make a raise a few motions, and comment on a few of the mundane issues:

"I recently had....dealings with a local faerie dwarf-lord, Orbhammer Founderson, who asked that I pass on his concerns about his ongoing trade relations with Phoenix. Apparently, he used to receive some quantity of Phoenix wines and agricultural produce for his mortal subjects, in exchange for unspecified goods. He feels that with the, ah, shift in personnel at the covenant, and the absence of last season's shipment, the existing contract is voided, but he wishes us to send someone to negotiate a new contract quickly. He says that he will need to begin raiding mundane settlements in order to feed his mortal subjects, as we are the only settlement nearby which has surplus to trade with, though he seemed unusually attached to the wine.

"The Phoenix Manorhouse is huge and ill-used. With so much space, we could set up specialty labs for certain activities, like vis extraction, longevity potions, familiar bonding or animal training, unstocked while unusued, but available to all when needed." She places a special emphasis on vis extraction.

"I have brought several of my kin with me out of the dwarf holdings: a glass blower and mirror maker, a lapidary, and a silversmith. These three part-fae siblings bring with them an unskilled human furnace worker, and a father who has spent much time among the Fae. Should this family reside in the village or the regio? Their workshops are obviously of faerie origin, where should we put them? Have my sodales brought any staff with them who ought to be employed by the covenant as a whole?"

Regarding Jaime's comment on vis gathering, she says, "I would like to be involved in the harvesting of the grapevine, as I may have some use for the cut vines in the future -- have any of you heard of The Bookstand of Hespera? I have notes on how to build such a wonder."

Regarding Abraham's worries regarding education and labor forces, she says "Reyes, the faerie loremaster I spoke of before, might be able to teach the local children, as he did for the mortal scions of the dwarves at one point. Also, the dwarven clan I spoke of fed all their people in a single great feast hall. If we have so many empty buildings, perhaps we could convert some into a similar edifice? This might engender a sense of unity among the fraying peasantry, and if a handful of people were employed cooking full time, it would save time for many. Once my lab is complete, I could enchant items to further reduce costs and effort in the kitchen."

Cygna looks down at her alleged dinner with a slight look of disdain. [color=red]”I don't suppose there's any chance we can have something...more better brought up? I think I would find it easier to deliberate if I had some food in my stomach.”

Cygna realizes, not for the first time that day, that she really needs to familiarize herself with the apparently volatile political landscape in Iberia, as she has no idea what Father Pierre means by “Reconquista covenant” but assumes it has something to do with why Jaime wanted more members for his cause.

As she is unfamiliar with...well, everything in the covenant, not just the politics but with the mundane side of things (how the mundanes have been treated and how they expect to be treated), she will look to Jaime...not necessarily for how to decide or what to think, but more for how things are done.

Cygna regards Father Pierre through narrowed eyes, with a tight-lipped expression, as he speaks, especially starting with the bit about the rabbi. She tries Folk Ken to see if he really believes what he's saying about the Jews, or if he's simply saying what he thinks we want to hear: Int 4 + Folk Ken 2 + die roll of 5 = 11 (unless it's Per and not Int, in which case it's 7).

Cygna shudders as she feels ghastly hands grasp her shoulders. [color=orange]"Oh, I like this one,” Adorjan says from behind her. [color=orange]"He's got fire and energy, and looks like a man of conviction. Looks like just what these people need in this time of need."

[color=red]"I thought you said you were going to leave me alone," Cygna whispers, but says nothing more to the shade, even as he appears and circles the priest, studying him. Adorjan then nods his smiling approval at Cygna before he disappears.

[color=red]"Don't you think that, with all that the people here have been through," Cygna asks Father Pierre, [color=red] "that the last thing they need is to have a wedge driven between them?"

After Father Pierre has left/been dismissed, Cygna does have a couple of questions or points to bring up.

[color=red]"Does the Council have the authority to decide who takes over the church? Or the synagogue or mosque, for that matter?"

"Is it true what the priest was saying about the rabbi here? That he's...what? Father Pierre called him an 'undead monstrosity'. Is he talking about a reanimated corpse of some kind, or does he mean a ghost? And aren't ghosts...relatively common around here?"

Once she realizes that Mustafa doesn't speak Latin, she will hold up a hand and ask the translator to wait just a second. She then sings Thoughts Within Babble (casting total of In 6 + Me 13 + Aura 5 + roll of 7), for a casting total of 31. She then asks her to start over so she can truly understand what she said.

(to Mustafa through whoever's translating): [color=red]"We will do what we can to get more help for the vineyards, and will do our best to protect not just the vineyards but all the people from attack."

After Mustafa has left, Cygna turns to Jaime. [color=red]"It seems that the widow feels that Cersei's aid was vital to the wine production. What was it that she did for the vines, and how can we continue doing so?"

Cygna leans forward when the good Rabbi enters the room, regarding him intently with an interest that a living person might find a little disconcerting. A man of the cloth, who has come back as a shade? she ponders. I didn't think such a thing was possible...is it possible that for whatever reason he was never given a proper burial? Or is there something about this place that is able to overcome such obstacles. So many questions, such a rich area for study...but now is not the time or the place. Later, she will seek him out and talk to him at length...maybe with his permission do some Intellego Mentem to see what she can find out about him and his situation.

She finds Abraham Warder's concerns somewhat disturbing, and looks almost physically ill when he discloses his fears about the French soldiers.

[color=red]"While it may not be my place to say so," she says with a sidelong look to Jaime, [color=red]I see no reason why we can't offer sanctuary to those dispossessed by the war...and not simply the Jews. I'm sure that many Christians and Muslims find themselves in the same boat, as my understanding, and correct me if I'm wrong, is that this is supposed to be a place where followers of all three Abrahamic religions can exist in peace.

"As I told the Widow Mustafa, I believe we will do what we can to bring people here. I certainly don't want the covenant, the village to die out around us...no offence...and it will be to everyone's benefit to make the covenant prosperous again.

"As far as the...losing the unity. I feel it's important that we all work together. But, as you know, I'm still new enough here that I don't know what it was like or what's causing the situation. I will take time to meet the people, see what I can find up, and try to come up with something by the next meeting. A broken covenant does none of us any good."

Viscaria and Jaime, at the very least, agree with this plan, and encourage you to instruct one of the servants to bring food. Viscaria offers to translate for Cygna. What would she like to eat?

Ironically, Jaime is trying to let the new magi lead the discussion, so that he may gauge their personalities.

Father Pierre: "Indeed not, madam! What better time to save their souls and teach them to accept Jesus as their savior, then when their mortal lives are in such peril? If we could unify the town under the Church, then we would simultaneously avoid any chance of heathen intolerance while ALSO saving their lives from marauding French nobles! Do not forget that those crusaders seek to loot the treasures of this continent to fill their coffers at home. This vineyard is well known for the quality of its wines, and boasts defensive structures which, unmanned, only heighten the appetites of the greedy and do naught to keep them away! I have only been here for half a day, but I can tell you that Cijara is all but begging for a assault by Christian forces. But if we convert the heathen townsfolk peacefully before any would-be crusaders arrive, then we can claim to already have sworn allegiance to the new king of these lands, and we will lose only food, not lives."

After he leaves, Jaime answers Cygna's questions. "Even among the mundane world, the ruler of a settlement -- be he noble, elected mayor, or simple landholder, has some say in who tends to his flock. The Order intervenes no more or less than that, within the confines of their holdings. As for Rabbi Abraham Warder, he is indeed one among many of the Warders here, and you will meet him soon enough.

"Though I am now one voice among many, I will say that Phoenix covenant has traditionally sought more...tractable clergymen to fill that post."

Jaime: I have no idea. I knew that some portion of the wine we produce is of a magical nature, but I've never really paid attention to how it was produced or even what its effects were. I just knew the value of it as a bargaining chip. She never spoke of doing such work, but then, her conversation was often focused on the tasks ahead of her, and not the ones behind. No doubt the answer lies in Cersei's sanctum.

[color=red]"Is it that something is happening to the Arabic texts, or is it that we are getting more works in Latin?" and

[color=red]"I beg your pardon, but for some reason I had thought that you already read Arabic. If we do have a good number of Arabic texts in need of copying, then of course we would want at least one Arabic scribe."

She looks to Jaime. [color=red]"Do we have anyone who can teach the scribes the Arabic writing, or will we have to try to bring someone in?"

Cygna doesn't see how the climate here can be worse for the books than the cold dampness of England, but she can certainly see Sharae's point. [color=red]"Certainly. The texts that I brought with me I will be happy to place copies of in the covenant library, with the understanding that they are bound by the normal Cow and Calf. Once I find my new residence and laboratory site and start to unpack and settle in, I will bring them."

[color=red]"That does sound like a fitting tribute, and I have no problem with that."

[color=red]"I'm afraid I'm not familiar with Archmagus Gilderoy Lockhart, but I'm certain that any new tome scribed by a Bonisagus archmagus would certainly be worth getting. Does two pawns of Rego sound reasonable?" she asks, looking at the other magi. (ooc: how the blistering blue blazes did I forget to give her any points in Order of Hermes Lore? Ah well...s'what she gets for growing up in the back end of nowhere)

[color=red]"I can certainly see why," Cygna says as she takes another sip of her own wine. [color=red]"If that's true, then we would certainly want to look into what happened. Wait...not 'true'...'correct'. If we did owe him wine and produce and didn't produce, then we will do what we can to make it right. I...we should review the contract to see what the options are, but I would hope that, as Founderson seems to know what the situation is, that he will take that into account in our dealings."

She looks at Jaime. [color=red]"I assume that any contract would be in the Library, or are they kept somewhere else?"

"But as far as raiding mundane settlements...I certainly hope that he's not intending to raid Cijara...that would not be a good way to start negotiating a new contract, and we would certainly resist."

[color=red]"Something like guest labs, except specialized?" Cygna nods thoughtfully. [color=red]"That would certainly spare us the time and expense of making our own labs specialized. I haven't looked over the manor house yet, so I don't know how much extra room we have."

[color=red]"Considering the state of war that seems to be going on here, and the threat from the dwarfs, I think it would be better to have as much of the mystical part of the covenant as we can inside the regio, as a better defencive measure." Cygna pauses for a moment. [color=red]"Bringing your kin with you from the dwarf holdings...that wouldn't have anything to do with Founderson's claim against Phoenix, would it?"

"Unfortunately, the only people I brought who would be staying are my shield grog and my chambermaid."

[color=red]"Riversedge has a Great Hall in the heart of the island, which serves not only as a gathering place for the mundanes, but also as a dining hall. Anyone who for whatever reason chose not to dine with their families would gather in the Great Hall. The Council sits at the High Table there. Also, the Great Hall also served as guest quarters for any visitors. I think it might be a good idea to do something like that here."

[color=red]"Well, this...whatever this is looked like it might have been good if they made it right. If they have any of this, without all the salt, I would like that. If not, soup or stew, bread, and greens if there are any this early in the year."

Cygna's stomach noisily agrees with her choice.

Hmm...a quick Folk Ken roll to see if she picks up on that: Int 4 + Folk Ken (magi) 3 + die roll of 3) = 10; hopefully good enough. Which will give her, in her own mind at least, permission to be more...forceful? Authoritative? than she had planned to be.

Cygna drums her fingers on the table as Father Pierre speaks (ooc – assuming that her folk ken told her that he believes what he says) and mutters [color=red]"Absolute rubbish" in English.

[color=red]"If by 'more tractable' you mean not hostile, then I totally agree. I am thinking that this is not the kind of man that we want...what's the word? Ministering to the needs of our people, if he's going to be calling a lot of them names."

[color=red]"Hmmm..." Cygna purses her lips thoughtfully, then turns to Jaime. [color=red]"Would you mind if I examined her sanctum, to see if I can find something useful on the matter?" She seems a little hesitant to ask. She doesn't know what their relationship was (she's pretty sure that they were brother and sister), and doesn't want to reopen his wounds if she can help it.

Hiems, in a cold, dispassionate voice, which makes his words all the more strange:
First, I'd like to thank Jaime for both his offer and his kind welcome. It is rare, especially in times of strife, to find people willing to extand their hands to each other. I hope that the spirit of peace and cooperation that seemed to preside over this covenant will endure with us.

Then comes Father Pierre, and Hiems listen carefully. In clair de lune, well, he had other things to think about than Covenant duties. Yet, he's trying to have a fresh start, so he feels like he must do his best, and take matters at heart. At least, as much as he can.
My pater told me about the reconquista, and this covenant's former goals. I can't speak for my sodales. Yet, there's enough pain and suffering in the world as it is. I don't know if one can truly be happy in this world. But I believe that misery can be alleviated, and the weaks protected. I don't care about the war, the moors, the jews and the christians. As our Lord Jesus Christ would have said, "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You". I don't think he meant "Do unto noble christians, the rest are fair game". So I intend this place to be a haven and a safe place for every people willing to live in peace with his neighbours, whatever their class, sex or religion, and to be protected from any war-mongering covenant out there.
Now, I hear you complaining about the Rabbi. Although I agree that Jews are mistaken, I won't have you call them Blasphemous Pagans. They failed to recognize the christ as our saviour, yet they worshipped his holy father at a time no one else did. You are free to talk to them in you want, try to correct their flawed view in a peaceful and amicable way, but take care: I won't have you bring here the conflicts and hate that we can see outside. So, before you discuss religion with them? Try to respect them.
As for the Rabbi being an undead abomination? This is a concern, but I fear your anger may have taken the best of you. We'll have to see, but I doubt very much Jaime would have left him here if there was any problem. I'll enquire into it.

To the Widow Mustafa:
I won't lie to you either. We're all fresh here, and don't know well the problems you face, and the situation. I can't promise to put effectively an end to it. But I will do my best, and I think my sodales will, too. These fields are ours, and we all depend on it. We can't have people ruining them as they wish. Could you tell us more about these agressions? When do they occur, what form do they take?
You also talk about Cersei. What were her skills? What did she do? Does no one have them? If you depended on her magic, maybe we can help. If you lack her skill with plants, maybe you should talk to Raoudha. For what she explained to me, she knows you all, and was called back to take care of these matters. Maybe she can hire someone.

When Abraham Warder enters
So, you are the rabbi, aren't you? I understand things better now, although it feels strange to have so many ghosts around.
Sigh... These orphaned children... How many would these be? I'd like to be able to help them, but not if this endangers people here. Too much mouths to feed in too little time could cause us grave problems, and we'd need to supervise them. Here's what I suggest: Talk with Raoudha, assess the stocks. How many can we feed? Then, search some, and bring some, up to that limit.
This'll bring us a surplus of childs. With these, you'll be able to rotate the children working in the fields, between work and study. This'll be slow, but this'll be better. As per the tutoring... Check this out with Father Pierre. As a man of the cloth, I am sure he is learned enough to teach people. And I am sure you can, too. Maybe the two of you could work together, in conjunction with that muslim woman... What's her name? Shara, I believe. Form a few instructors, they'll later teach the children.
As for your daughters, I can't promise all will be well. But I'll do my best to protect them, as I'll try to protect every people living here. I don't intend anyone here to suffer needlessly, at least if we can avoid it. We'll probably have to sort things out with that templar church before any probem arises, though.
After Viscaria talked about the great hall:
Great idea. I also think that we need to have people work together, live together, if we are to endure at all. I brought with me a skilled cook, and I heard she's already trying to help on these matters, but I am sure that any enchantments you could conceive would be a great help.

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