5.5 Founder Portrait Art - Jerbiton

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What do you want this Founder's portrait art to look like? Please list the physical description, Action & Magic, Clothing, Accessories, and Background that you would like to see for Jerbiton's portrait.

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A man stands in front of another man seat on a throne - Charlemagne. Court is in a closed session; Charlemagne is attended by just a few trusted advisors (and several suspicious looking guards / knights), and is listening carefully to Jerbiton.

Jerbiton appears as a handsome middle-aged man, in the act of addressing Charlemagne. He is dressed elegantly and tastefully in blue in robes well suited to the Imperial Court. Less usual is the staff embossed with silver mystical symbols held warily by one of the guards, and his blue wizard's hat (maybe something like this (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/73/Bust_Attis_CdM.jpg ? It needs to combine a certain level of taste whilst also being clearly "wizard"). He is charismatic and trustworthy; respectful, but clearly not subservient.

[Using Charlemagne may be overkill, especially as I don't think the reports that Jerbiton had interactions with him were ever anything more solid than rumours. The basic idea could be easily switched to a more minor noble if desired.]

GotF: 789 The Founder Jerbiton meets with Charlemagne, after having adopted a number of apprentices of the emperor’s mage-smith, Carolinus. Charlemagne issues a decree outlawing sorcery and paganism, but permits “benevolent magic” such as that practiced by Jerbiton.

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Ah, thank-you - I had looked at my books, but only HoH:S and Lords of Men, so hadn't found the relevant passage. In retrospect, the Germany book would have made sense...

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