Ars Magica 5.5 Founder Portrait Ideas

Part of our grand plan for Ars Magica Definitive is to feature heroic portraits of the founders. Here’s an example of how our Spanish partner Holocubierta used these to excellent effect in their translation:

We need YOUR help creating character descriptions for these art pieces! So we’ll be posting a thread for suggestions about each of the founders.

Please visit the forum threads to post your art descriptions or join the discussion. We’ll review all your ideas, and choose the best to help shape the final art!

In your art descriptions, think about including:

Physical Description: Age, gender, hair, eyes, skin tone, build, posture, scars and other distinguishing features, etc. Also describe their expression, so we can see what they’re feeling, and what kind of person they are.

Action & Magic: Static portraits are boring. Each should include action and magic, instead. So, what great magic is the founder performing, that epitomizes their house? How can we represent those magical effects visually in the art?

Clothing: Ars Magica’s magi don’t usually go for pointy hats and black robes. Describe the period-correct clothing they’re wearing. Links to photo references may be a good idea here.

Accessories: These are special items that likely have some symbolic meaning. Mercere would obviously be wearing his iconic red cap. Magic items should be mentioned specifically, too.

Background: What background and scenery is behind the character? How are they symbolic of the founder and house?

We can’t wait to see what you dream up!

Here are the links to the founder art threads:

Bjornaer, Bonisagus, Criamon, Ex Miscellanea, Flambeau, Guernicus, Jerbiton, Mercere, Merinita, Tremere, Tytalus, Verditius