5.5 Founder Portrait Art - Verditius

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Pablo Moreno did a very nice series of the Founders, for the Spanish book, I believe?
While not all of them are perfect, the Verditius on is pretty good as far as I'm concerned.


I think a gathering of Verditius Magi for the House Contest would be good, all of them examining various magical devices proding and poking them, with a lot of fun being had.


Yes! Great idea!

Particularly, I very much like one specif moment of Verditius life and I think it represents really well who he was and what his craft meant to him. Also, it's kind of a representation of how the hubris pushes the maga of the house into a spiral of greed and ambition. The moment in question is when he, failling to locate a supposed Wayland's spirit - or something like that - in the Black Forest, met a raven perched on a dying yew:

The bird spoke, saying that the only way to reach Wayland in the otherworld was for a wanderer to inflict a permanent wound upon himself, one reminiscent of Wayland’s wounding in legend. Driven by desire, Verditius maimed himself, removing his left foot with one deft stroke of his hatchet. Pain washed over him and he fell unconscious. (HoH: Mystery Cults, p. 109)

With this in mind, I pictured the following:

Verditius is sat at the exposed roots of this big dying yew, leaning against the tree trunk and facing us, in the depths of the Black Forest. There is a raven perched at one of the lowest lateral branches, almost mesmerized by the scene soon to be unfolded. The man holds firmly his left leg with his left hand, and in the grasp of his right hand, arm fully extended above his head, is an elegant hatchet, preapered to do it's most important work. The man doesn't look at his leg. His gaze, fixed on ours. In his face, only certainty: there's no hesitation.

But I think it would be really important to represent this scene not just in a morbid way, but also kind of in a calm and sacred way. It's a sacrifice, after all. And all Verditius are willing to accept it's price, sooner or later...

There's not much "action" or "heroism" here, or even magic per se, but everytime I think of the founder I see him at this very moment. It's ultimately a beautiful paralel to Odin's sacrifice at the Yggdrasil, a sacrifice also made to unearth the secrets of some magic runes.


Verditius stands in Wayland Smith's forge crafting the last of his great rings whilst Wayland looks on.

Verditius is a Corsican man with a beard and the muscles of a blacksmith. He is wearing a blacksmith's apron, and is missing his left foot. He in engaged in engraving runes onto a great gold and ruby ring.

Wayland is seated in the background of the piece, watching Verditius. He has been hamstrung in both legs. On his shoulder perches a raven, and behind him is hung a feather cloak. A forge hammer is close at hand. He is northern German, so paler than Verditius, but also has a smith's build.

[I liked Gab's idea of referencing Verditius' sacrifice for the ruins, but I wanted to show him crafting with the results rather than enacting the wounding itself. One thing I'm struggling a bit with is scale - a ring is tiny, so how is it actually going to be obvious what Verditius is doing? The main options I can see are either setting the perspective so the ring is very close and therefore larger (I'm not enough of an artist to know how practical this is), or having some sort of (probably magical) magnifying lense displaying it.]

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I thought "rings" in those days were more typically arm-rings not finger rings? In which case scale is not an issue.


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The forging of the rings is described in HoH:MC

So they're explicitly finger rings.