A Covenant's collection of Enchanted Items by Type/Location (Complete)


I have been asked several times in the past about my Sagas collection of enchanted items. Ours is a long running Saga spanning over a century, with excellent sources of Vis and a requirement for an annual Covenant service which has resulted in a large array of over 400 copies of 125+ different enchanted items at the time this post was created.

Individual sections might prove useful for when a particular type of operation or building is being created. The entire collection can serve as a template of the range and depth that a powerful Covenant might possess. Hopefully this will fill in some gaps, since even powerful Covenants in published works tend to possess very few enchanted items. This runs counter to what would be expected, considering that enchanted items do not expire and there is an entire industry focused on their creation and sale.

Items are broken down into groups, focused on a theme or location. These are all owned by the Covenant rather than the sole possession of individual Magi. Our group uses a House Rule which makes most of the enchanted weapons and armor unusable for other Sagas. At some point in the future (after recovering) I might add an Annex or two which covers things such as the enchanted weapons and armor, military forces, and Vis sources.

Table of Contents

  1. Covenant Cost Saving Items
  2. Security Items
  3. Teleportation Items
  4. Common Major Building items
  5. The Council Hall
  6. The Great Library
  7. The Temple of Hermes
  8. The Vault
  9. The Medicus
  10. The Roman Baths
  11. The Waterworks
  12. Aura Manipulation Items
  13. The Covenant Workshop Area
  14. The Enterprises of the First Tier, Consolidated
  15. The Landen Trade Consortium
  16. Travel & Adventuring Gear
  17. Enchantments for the Covenant Fleet
  18. Odds & Ends



Covenant Cost Saving Items

This is a collection of items our Covenant has to reduce its yearly cost. Some replace the requirement to purchase consumables while others improve maintenance. This only includes items which see widespread use throughout the Covenant. Some individual buildings possess specific enchanted items which reduce the yearly expenditure and those are listed in the post for that building.


These items are designed to reduce the maintenance cost of the many buildings in the Covenant. They work by allowing craftsmen to repair damage without having to use replacement material. Even when additional material is required, waste from the Covenant workshops can often be used. A side effect is that our buildings often appear to be made from a single piece of material, without seems or gaps.

  • Mystic Metalworkers Tool x2
    MuTe, Level 20, T/M/P, Base 4 "Metal to Clay", RDT 2, U/Day +10
    These are large clipped triangle hand chisels, with a brass handle. When activated, metal being touched by the blade of the chisel takes on the constancy of viscid clay for a round. This allows cracks to be fixed, additional metal to be added, excess to be trimmed off, and in general allows far easier work. Used by the craftsmen who maintain the Covenant.

  • Mystic Stoneworkers Tool x8
    MuTe, Level 15, T/M/P, Base 3 "Stone to Clay", RDT 2, U/Day +10
    These are large clipped triangle hand chisels, with a stone handle. When activated, stone being touched by the blade of the chisel takes on the constancy of viscid clay for a round. This allows cracks to be fixed, additional stone to be added, excess to be trimmed off, and in general allows far easier work. Used by the craftsmen who maintain the Covenant.

  • Mystic Woodworkers Tool x8
    MuHe(Te), Level 20, T/M/P, Base 4 "Plant to Clay", RDT 2, U/Day +10
    These are large clipped triangle hand chisels, with a wooden handle. When activated, wood being touched by the blade of the chisel takes on the constancy of viscid clay for a round. This allows cracks to be fixed, additional wood to be added, excess to be trimmed off, and in general allows far easier work. Used by the craftsmen who maintain the Covenant.


Material for burning (used in cooking, heating, and lighting) are often one of the largest single expenses behind food. Effects which generate material for burning or replace the need for it by generating heat and light can lead to significant cost savings.

  • The Firewood Rack
    CrHe, Level 30, T/Moon/G, Base 2 "Create Processed Wood", Size 1, RDT 6, 24/Day +5
    A large folding metal rack, of the type for holding firewood. It consist of four parts hinged together, each 5 paces long and nearly two wide. When setup and the command work spoken, it will create 100 cubic paces of split and dried hardwood firewood stacked within it. Each piece is roughly a pace by a hand in size and normally one or two of the Covenants porters will distribute it as needed about the Covenant. It can generate over 2 cubic paces of wood per inhabitant daily, ensuring the Covenant is never short of firewood.

  • Magical Oven x10
    CrIg, Level 20, P/C/I, Base 5 "Create Heat", RDT 1, MC +5, 24/Day +5
    As found in Covenants, p. 51. Our version is modified with a lever on the side of the oven which determines how much heat is generated, from warm to red hot. Not all of them are the same size, with three of them being large bread ovens and the others scattered about the Covenant in locations in which much of the cooking is done. They handle the high volume production, while wood from "The Firewood Rack" is used for small volume or individual cooking.

  • Magical Lantern x74
    CrIg, Level 9, P/S/I, Base 3 "Create Light", RDT 2, Constant +4
    A shuddered lantern of brass with a basalt stone in the middle where the wick would normally be. A commodity item within the Order, these shuddered lanterns generate light as bright as a torch when fully opened. The amount of light released can be controlled by manipulating the shudders. The number listed here is made up of the copies used in individual homes and as street lights. Many of the buildings listed below will include additional copies specific to that building.


While it is possible to create food with magic, a far simpler approach is to aid in preserving it. Spoilage can easily account for as much loss of food as consumption depending on the environment and how it is stored.

  • The Chilling Stone x4
    PeIg, Level 29, T/S/R, Base 4 "Chill", RDT 5, Constant +4
    A hand sized slab of marble, placed in a large stone room, one per inhabited level of the Regio. They serve much the same as deep cellars or storage under cold running water did, making everything in the room cold though not frozen. Primarily used for short term storage and chilling beverages, the forth one is used in a room setup near the butchers for dry aging meat.

  • The Freezing Stone x3
    PeIg, Level 34, T/S/R, Base 5 "Strongly Chill (freeze water)", RDT 5, Constant +4
    A more powerful version of the above item, these actually cause the entire room to be cold enough to freeze water. One per inhabited level of the Regio, these are used to create ice and longer storage of meats.


Security Items

These are items specifically designed to help around the entry to our Regio. Since the Regio is sealed, there are no non-magical means to tell if someone is at the entrance. Additionally since the population is scattered across three levels alerting people deeper in requires magic or a runner.

The Gazebo in the Walled Garden

A pathway runs from the gate of the garden to a gazebo supported by four fancy carved pillars in the garden’s center (the gateway into the Regio). Two stone circles (10 paces across) are located just east and west of the gazebo, the east a black marble ring around a giant oak (grown with magic) and the west a white marble ringed gazing pool. The oak tree is awakened and will great mystic visitors, thanks to an enchanted item allowing it speech. Latin text on the gazebo states “All who enter, know and accept the eye of Landen upon them”, warning of the magical viewing which lets guards know a visitor has arrived. Observant visitors will notice wards, both around the outer round garden and the gazebo, guarding against demons and faeries respectfully.

If visitors are expected, one of the guards will be waiting within the gazebo for their arrival.

  • The Speaking Nail
    CrIm, Level 19, T/S/I, Base 1 "Create Sound", RDT 3, Understandable Speak 1, At Direction 2, Constant +4
    A large bronze nail, embedded within the awakened oak tree. It allows the tree to "speak" by concentrating (it has Latin 4, Occitan 5, French 3, Lingua Franca 3, and varies others at 1). The tree has spend most of the last century chatting with the varies workers in the walled garden, where it picked up its language skills (see our HR on language exposure). It can greet visitors, warn them that they can be seen in the gazebo, and answer basic questions. One of the Covenant guards will normally visit with the tree every day. The tree is the child of the most ancient Oak of Virtue located on the deepest level of the Regio. Unknown to the Covenant, they can communicate and thus the council of trees has a good idea of the comings and goings of the Covenant.

  • The Portal Stones
    (These are stated in the Aura Manipulation post)
    These are keyed to a matching set within the Entry Courtyard on the first tier of the Covenant Regio.

The Entry Courtyard and Guard Shack

Upon entering the Regio, visitors find themselves in a smaller round walled courtyard. The pillar portals from the walled garden are located on opposite walls east & west, with large gateways exiting the courtyard to the north & south. Three pairs of smaller pillars are located in three of the quadrant between the portal pillars and gateways, while the forth contains a twisted stone archway within a closed metal gate. A bulwarked walkway (with stairs on the exterior side) atop the wall allows guards to safely engage any enemies that somehow manage to enter the Regio. A guard post, located against the outside wall near the north gateway, houses an enchanted item which lets the guards observe visitors arriving at the gazebo in the walled garden.

  • The Garden Window
    CrIm, Level 50, A/S/R, Base 2 "Sight and Sound", RDT 8, Constant +4, Penetration +16 (32)
    Roughly a one pace square of smoothly polished rock crystal with a silvered back, it has a fixed AC to a small brass sphere located in the gazebo covering the entrance into the Regio. This allows the guards on duty to see and hear what is happening there. This is a relatively new addition, having been in use just over 40 years.

  • The Gong of Entry
    ReTe, Level 20, A/M/I, Base 1, RDT 3, Metal 2, U/Day +10
    A brass gong, roughly a pace in size, suspended from an oak frame. When struck, its matching gong is also sounded. Originally this item served as the "door bell" for the Covenant until the above item was created. It has since been re-tasked to allow a guard in the guard shack within the Regio to sound a notification within the Council Hall when visitors arrive. The mundane leadership of the Covenant have their offices there and one of their staff is around most hours of the day (though not normally in the middle of the night). Depending on how it is rung, they will know if a mundane or Magus is needed to greet the visitors.

  • The Bell of Alerting
    ReTe, Level 30, A/M/G, Base 1, RDT 5, Metal 2, U/Day +10
    A brass bell in an oak frame, with 10 "pocket" slots along the base of the frame for holding AC. When rung, all bells it has an AC to (up to 10) are also rung. Currently there are 9 of them, scattered across the varies levels of the Covenant. This is used as an alarm to alert the members of the covenant to danger, with the turb mustering to the entry and the other members seeking shelter. Slow steady strokes are used for notice that hostiles are attempting to enter while rapid ringing signals that they have made it through the portal gate (requires spells or knowing how to activate the outer gate).

  • Landen Portal
    (This in written up in the Teleportation Items post)
    One of these is within the entry courtyard. It is against a wall and has a gate built around it, which is normally kept closed and barred.


Teleportation Items

Our Covenant has two types of large scale invested devices used for teleportation.

Landen Portal

An invested device made from a twisted oval "doorway" of granite, with a pair of stabilizing legs on each side, a large flat area at the top of the arch bearing a unique sign on each portal, and two small trays designed to hold AC between each pair of supporting legs. One of the trays has a single slot and the other has four slots. Worked into the sign on the top of each is a small bit of opal and magnet. They are sized and shaped that one can be carried through another if it is laid on a side (as well as Mercere Portals). They are opened as a compound object, using the granite as the base (Size 5 x Hard Stone 4) with a capacity of 20 (10 free).

Opal +4 Travel
Granite +3 Terram
Magnet +2 Rego, +4 ReTe, +4 ReCo
Doorway +7 Movement Through

  1. Signal the Link
    Cr(In)Im, Level 29, A/S/G, Base 1 "Sight", RDT 8, Constant +4
    Since the next effect only works between two Landen Portals each with the others AC, this effect is used to signal the links. An AC placed into any of the five slots produces two images, one on its arch of the target portals sign and one on the top of the arch of the target portal bearing its sign. All the signs it projects on other portals are red, with the ones it projects on itself blue for the single and yellow for the quad. Since the projected signs between two Portals will half overlap, the result will be 1/3 green for the single slot with another portal which also has its AC slotted and 1/3 orange for the other four. There is enough space for ten paired signs on each portal.

  2. Create the Portal
    ReCo(AnHeTe), Level 65, T/M/C, Base 35, RDT 1, Requisite 3, U/Day +10
    When activated, this creates a portal between two Landen Portals which have each others AC. The outgoing link is always to the AC in the single tray, though the target can have the AC in any of its slots. Moving through an active portal will take you from your current location to the target location. This functions much like a Mercere Portal in that the target is the space rather than an individual and thus inflicts its warping on the space rather than the users. It has the drawback of being far more difficult to produce. (Note: The requisites cost 1 each because of the difficulty of allowing them to travel through the portal. If the portal inflicted warping they would be free.)

This is the current version of the Landen Portal. The original design only had the second effect and the AC of its linked portal was build into it. This allowed only one target, with the ability to move the portals without disrupting the link. The original pair was traded to House Mercere as part of a settlement since they originally thought we were creating Mercere Portals and were rather upset with us (try never to piss off the Redcaps). Other parts of the settlement prevent us trading laptext of or completed portals with anyone other than House Mercere, as well as allowing our Magi "non-commerical" free travel through the Mercere Network. Only our Magi, though they can travel with up to a handful of grogs/servants and any apprentices.

Currently our Covenant has four of these, with one "permanently" setup in the entry courtyard of our Covenant (the one in the above post) and the other three ether stored in our Vault (without AC slotted) or setup at some location we need travel to. When needed one of them will be loaded onto the Gelkin (our flagship) and transported to the target location. A few times we have also paid House Mercere to transport one through their network, though we do not like doing it since they know what it is and charge us an arm and a leg to make up for any lost revenue.

Ring of Retrieval

This is an octagonal thin slab of granite, with a ring of a different colored granite on its face. Two twisted tear drops, made of opal and magnet, are located in the center (similar to yin-yang without the dots and slightly apart). On one of the points is a small slot for placing an AC. It was designed to retrieve important items that were misplaced or stolen, though it is also used for returning things to the Covenant (such as a Landen Portal that is no longer needed at a remote location). Opened as a compound object, using the granite as the base (Size 4 x Hard Stone 4) with a capacity of 16 (7 free).

Opal +4 Travel
Granite +3 Terram
Magnet +2 Rego, +4 ReTe, +4 ReCo

  1. Sight of the Target
    CrIm, Level 19, A/S/I, Base 1 "Sight", RDT 6, Constant +4
    When an AC is placed in the slot, a hazy image of the target will appear in the center of the ring. The image is not clear enough to read text for example. This is used to determine if the right object is being targeted.

  2. Retrieve the Target
    ReCo(AnHeTe), Level 70, A/M/I, Base 35, RDT 4, Requisite 0, Size 1, U/Day +10
    When activated, this teleports the target to the ring. It inflicts warping on the target. The effect is powerful enough to teleport 10 base individual of size, allowing it to work for example on things up to 10 cubic paces of stone. (Note: The requisites are 0 on this effect, much the same as on the varies teleport spells)

This item is located in the middle of the entry chamber of our Vault. The doors are large enough that almost anything it could teleport could be carried through them. While capable of teleporting living things, it is almost never used as such due to the warping inflicted. The exception has generally been on plants of virtue we are moving to the Covenant. The effect lacks penetration and will not work on anything with Magic Resistance.


Common Major Building items

There are a few enchanted items that we have several copies used in our major structures. They provide light, stable comfortable temperature, fresh air, and protection from fire. Since they make an appearance in several of the buildings I will be breaking out the enchanted items of, I figured it was best to list them together and just note their inclusion in any building.

  • Sun Stone
    Cr(Pe)Ig, Level 39, T/S/S, Base 4 "Light", RDT 6, Also Heat 1, Constant +4
    A slab of basalt with an engraving of a sun. When mounted in a structure, it causes all of it to be filled with directionless light as bright as a cloudy day and a stable comfortable temperature (around 75F/24C).

  • Stone of Summer Breezes
    CrAu(Ig), Level 29, T/S/S, Base 2 "Create Breeze", Requisite 1, RDT 6, Constant +4
    A slab of quartz containing a fan made from pen feathers. As the spell 'Chamber of Summer Breezes', modified to create its own breeze in each room. Used in buildings that need humidity control, normally ones that store books.

  • Stone of Spring Breezes
    CrAu, Level 24, T/S/S, Base 2 "Create Breeze", RDT 6, Constant +4
    A slab of quartz containing a fan made from pen feathers. As the spell 'Chamber of Spring Breezes', modified to create its own breeze in each room. Used in buildings that do not require humidity control.

  • Fire Guardian
    PeIg, Level 29, T/M/S, Base 4 "Extinguish Fire", RDT 4, E. Trigger +3, 50/Day +6
    A crystal vial that when filled with water, will extinguish fires up to "+5 damage" within the structure. This is based on an errata-ed item (Semita Errabunda, p. 4) combined with a HR that allows environmental triggers to be activated by effects of their Form within their Target. For this item, fire within the protected structure activates the environmental trigger and puts out all fire in the building.


So... no stoves/kitchens in the building with the Fire Guardian?

Nope no stoves, candles, lamps, or torches. Though you could do it with a magical stove that produces heat instead of fire or magical items that produce light without flame.

We only have a Fire Guardian in three buildings: the Council Chamber, the Library, and the Vault. They all contain very valuable text and books, which having fire around would be a bad thing. The only one people ever eat in is the Council Chamber and there is a separate building near it containing several items from the first post (Magic Oven Chilling Stone, Freezing Stone, Magical Lanterns). All of this is located on the third tier (the Magus Level) of our Regio and only contains the Magi, their servants, and the most senior mundanes staff.

Council Hall

One of the most important buildings in the Covenant, located on the third tier (Magi Level). It is a white marble structure that houses the high (magic) and low (mundane) council halls, offices for high positions, a small treasury, art chamber, and a large map room. The map room contains enchanted maps for tracking groups from the Covenant and its trade ships.

Already Stated: Sun Stone, Stone of Summer Breezes, Fire Guardian

High Council Chamber

While the seat of power within the Covenant, the enchanted items here seem rather frivolous.

  • The Magi's Enchanted Seat x8
    ReHe, Level 10, P/C/I, Base 3 "Control Wood", RDT 1, Maintain Concentration +5, 2/day +1
    These are high backed fancy walnut chairs with plush cotton stuffed cushions. When activated by command word, the chair will move at the direction of the seated person. This allows them to move around the chamber, adjust the angle of the seat and back rest, contour to the individual, and so forth. This is a comfort item that the Magi spoiled themselves with.

  • The Miniature Army of the Magi x2
    Re(Cr)He(Im), Level 30, P/D/G, Base 3 "Control Wood", RDT 3, Requisite 1, Complexity 1, U/day +10
    Each of these is a wooden box with five individual drawers designed to hold miniatures. The miniatures include a collection of finely carved and painted warriors, archers, cavalry, beast, and a magi. They will move and fight upon command, making appropriate (though undecipherable) sounds, displaying blood and fire, etc (the CrIm "sight & sound" requisite). They are used to play a complex war game, though are also effective for teaching leadership.

The Art Chamber

This chamber contains many items of art, including a collection of tapestries created by a Jerbiton artist (at the cost of a rook of vis each). Each of the tapestries is considered a Great Works tractus (original idea from Ironbound Tome).

  • An Illustrative History of the Order
    CrIm, Level 20, P/S/I, Base 1 "sight", RDT 2, Moving 1, Variety 2, Complex 1 "Very Intricate", E. Trigger +3, 3/day +2
    A tapestry showing an animated history of the Order, made up of 100 finely wroth and animated scenes. These include scenes of the varies founders, major breakthroughs of hermetic magic, and important events such as the Schism War and War with the Spider. Great Works (Order of Hermes Lore, Q: 10)

  • An Illustrative History of Tribunal Rulings
    CrIm, Level 20, P/S/I, Base 1 "sight", RDT 2, Moving 1, Variety 2, Complex 1 "Very Intricate", E. Trigger +3, 3/day +2
    A tapestry showing an animated history of important Tribunal rulings, made up of 100 finely wroth and animated scenes. This includes important rulings made at the Grand Tribunal, lesser Tribunals, and events that set precedence. Great Works (Code of Hermes, Q: 10)

  • An Illustrative History of Magic Creatures
    CrIm, Level 20, P/S/I, Base 1 "sight", RDT 2, Moving 1, Variety 2, Complex 1 "Very Intricate", E. Trigger +3, 3/day +2
    A tapestry showing an animated collection of magical creatures, made up of 100 finely wroth and animated scenes. Each scene shows a creature, displaying its anatomy and powers. Great Works (Magic Lore, Q: 10)

  • An Illustrative History of Fay Encounters
    CrIm, Level 20, P/S/I, Base 1 "sight", RDT 2, Moving 1, Variety 2, Complex 1 "Very Intricate", E. Trigger +3, 3/day +2
    A tapestry showing an animated history of faeries, made up of 100 finely wroth and animated scenes. Each scene shows a fay, displaying its anatomy and powers. Great Works (Faerie Lore, Q: 10)

Map Room

A large chamber with a full map wall of mystic Europe, map racks along the opposite wall, and several map tables.

The Fleet Master's Table (Invested Device, used 5 of 8 spaces)
This is a map table displaying the Mediterranean and surrounding lands. It is enchanted to track the ships of the Covenant's trade fleet. A collection of AC, carved in the shape of each ship, is kept on the map.

  1. Sense the Fleets Location
    InHe, Level 25, AC/M/G, Base 2 "locate", RDT 6, 24/day +5
    Upon activation, sense the location of each ship that has an AC model on the map. This triggers the next effect and provides the location information to it.

  2. Move the Fleet Models
    ReHe, Level 18, T/M/G, Base 3 "Control Wood", RDT 3, Linked Trigger +3, 24/day +5
    After "Sense the Fleets Location" finds where each ship is, the effect moves the AC model to the corresponding location on the map. Due to the size of the models compared to the map, this gives a rough location accurate to roughly a days sailing (50 miles).

The Map of Hermes (Invested Device, used 9 of 10 spaces)
This is a large map, covering nearly the whole of one wall, made form a large enchanted slab of wood that can be drawn upon and sculpted to better show the terrain. It displays all the known area of mystic Europe, north Africa, and the Near East. At the location of the Covenant is a small protrusion with a slot to hold one of the next enchanted items (serves as an AC).

  1. Mappa Mundi (Semita Errabunda, p. 4)
    In(Cr)Co(Im), Level 59, AC/S/G, Base 4 "locate", RDT 8, Requisite 2, Complexity 1, Constant +4
    This works the same as the effect in Semita Errabunda, with only one change. The map does not have a built in fixed AC, but instead uses one of the 'Spheres of Communication' (the next item) as the AC.

  2. Send the Call
    CrIm, Level 25, AC/M/I, Base 2 "Sight & Sound", RDT 4, U/day +10
    When activated, this causes the linked AC to release a soft bell sound and a dim glow. It is used to let the wearer of the AC know someone wishes to communicate with them.

Communication Devices (paired Sphere of Communication and Ring of Communication) x3
Each of these is a pair of enchanted items, one a sphere and one a ring. They are fixed AC to each other and have identical effects. The spheres stay at the Covenant and a non-Magi member of a traveling party wears the ring. If something happens that results in the loss of a ring, it can be retrieved with the "Ring of Retrieval".

  • Receive the Call
    CrIm, Level 20, AC/C/I, Base 2 "Sight & Sound", RDT 5, 24/day +5
    The user of the device can see the head and hear the voice of the person to whom he has an Arcane Connection. He cannot see or hear anything else from the vicinity of the target other than his head and voice. The items must be activated at the same time to allow two way communication, normally handled by the second power of the "Map of Hermes".

The Great Library

The Great Library is an L shaped building on the third level of the Regio, with the entrance at the point and the two wings each having separate focuses. Just through the entrance is the librarian’s desk and office, with magic items for retrieving and storing books. The north wing houses a solarium, several reading rooms, and two large classrooms (Elementary labs with Teaching +3). The south wing houses the workshops for the copying and production of books. All of the books are stored in the sealed basement, protected by enchantments. Currently there are two basement levels, with the secret study located on the first basement level. The entire building is lighted and climate controlled by magic, in addition to having protection from fire. A pair of hermetic cats, one in each wing, have taken up residence in the library.

(Note: This will be a long post due to the raw amount and variety of enchanted items contained)

Already Stated : Sun Stone, Stone of Summer Breezes, Fire Guardian (all stored in Secret Study)

Librarian Desk

Just through the entry is the library desk bearing three stones on its top (with an access slot to the basement for books), a file library of book vouchers, and a small work area used by an assistant librarian. At the back of the room are doors to the office of the head librarian (where the library catalog is) and what appears to be a mostly empty store room.

  • The Sorting Stone
    Re(In)An, Level 30, T/C/S, Base 1 "Manipulate", RDT 5, Requisite 1, Complexity 1, MC +5, 24/day +5
    As the spell "Reorder the Contents of the Armarius" (Covenants, p. 100), modified to affect the entire library. Books on the ground floor will fly through the book slot into the basement and all the books will be sorted by shelf location markers. Books without location markers, such as those currently being produced or worked on, will not be affected. The effect will not pull books held in place (by hand or item) away and so any books being used are normally latched to their stand to avoid disrupting work.

  • The Collection Stone
    ReAn, Level 25, A/C/I, Base 1 "Manipulate", RDT 5, MC +5, U/day +10
    As the spell "A Simple Charm for Recovery of Misfiled Books" (Covenants, p. 100). While it can work with the library catalog, individual book vouchers are normally used. It is used for collecting the requested book. The book will fly from its shelf and up through the book slot, landing upon the collection stone. This is not used to recover stolen books, since the "Ring of Retrieval" is far faster and more efficient.

  • The Researchers Stone
    InHe(Me), Level 40, A/C/G, Base 3 "Learn Specific Fact", RDT 7, U/day +10
    Identifies books (and passages within them with further use) related to a subject of research. This effect requires the library catalog to target all the books in the library, while a book voucher will let you determine if a specific book contains something. This allows finding books on a subject, Art, or Ability, which greatly reduces search time. This item is a fairly recent addition, greatly reducing the time to find the desired text since the library is quite massive. [If the Researchers Stone is placed upon the file library of book vouchers, it can use them as AC to all books in the library. This is not as efficient as using the library catalog, though the increase in time using this method is up to the SG.]

The (near) Empty Storeroom

This is a storeroom with a floor made from one solid slab of swirled granite. Only the shelves have anything upon them, with the floor kept clear. Items found on the selves include vials of ink, quills, paper, and unused shelf location markers.

Guardian of the Books (Invested Device, used 11 of 20 spaces)
The floor of the room is actually an enchanted device made from a solid slab of granite. It serves as the entry to the basement where the library books are stored, along with the secret study.

  1. Open the Barrier
    ReTe, Level 20, P/C/I, Base 3 "Manipulate", RDT 1, Size 1, MC +5, U/day +10
    Upon command the slab will shift into stairs leading down into the basement. Other than the book slot this is the only way down into the basement, making it effectively a sealed chamber. The command words for this effect are only known by a select few [the Magi, the Library staff, the Spy Master, and a few of the other mundane leadership].

  2. The Unbreakable Barrier
    MuTe, Level 19, P/S/I, Base 4 "Highly Unnatural Change", RDT 2, Size 1, Constant +4
    This effect makes the Guardian effectively immune to damage.

  3. Ward Against Rot
    PeAq(He), Level 39, T/S/S, Base 4 "Dry", RDT 6, Requisite 1, Constant +4
    Destroys all damp, mildew, & mold within the Library. This will only affect dampness and not containers of liquid, such as vials of ink. However it does cause the ink of fresh writings to dry near instantly, making smudges nearly impossible.

  4. Ward of Good Books
    CrAn(He), Level 29, T/S/S, Base 2 "Manipulate", RDT 6, Requisite 1, Constant +4
    The animal and plant material of books within the library is preserved. Books will not molder or rot, pages will not wrinkle or become brittle, and ink will not fade or discolor. While it will not repair damaged books brought into the library, it will prevent further deterioration.

The Secret Study

The only room in the basement with a door, this room is used to store a collection of AC, an enchanted mirror, a comfortable desk & chair, as well as a collection of books & notes about the Covenants network of informants & agents. While the Covenant's Spy Master is the most frequent visitor, she is normally found in her office within the Council Hall.

  • Mirror of the Books Reflections
    CrIm, Level 40, A/C/I, Base 1 "Visual", RDT 5, Clear Words 1, Accepts Commands 2, Extremely Intricate 1, MC +5, 24/day +5
    A modified version of the spell 'Eternal Repetition in a Bottomless Pool', used to read any text for which an AC is possessed. Any book in the library can be read with the library catalog or a book voucher. Additionally any text (not protected by an Aegis) for which an AC is possessed can be read.

The AC collection includes a great many which the Covenant finds useful. This includes the ships logs for all of their trade ships, varies logs for their trading company, and journals given to varies agents. There are also AC collected subtly for text held by varies mundanes such as the logs of rival trade companies and port masters. A small collection of unused journals with AC ready to be distributed is stored here.

Book Builders Wing

Containing the workshops for the scribes, illumination, and book binders, this area is constantly busy to meet the production for the Covenants book trade. All of them have Innovation 3 and Raw Materials 1 (per C&G), as well as the scribe area having "Text +9" (per Covenants, provides +3 to language/scribe ability for how much can be written and copied per season).

  • The Scribes Guide x3
    Cr(In)Im, Level 30, T/C/G, Base 1 "Visual", RDT 4, Requisite 1, Changes as Pages Turn 1, MC +5, U/day +10
    As the spell 'The First Furrow Guides the Second' (Covenants, p 97 and TME, p 102), these provide an illusion outline of text from a book to be copied. This improves the speed and accuracy of text copied.

  • The Book Binder
    ReAn(He), Level 20, T/M/G, Base 1 "Manipulate", RDT 3, Requisite 1, Complexity 1, U/day +10
    As the spell 'Binding the Mundane Codex' (Covenants, p 97 and TME, p 103), modified to work with Herbam (such as for the boards) and to reduce the time penalty (see our HR for "Added Complexity with Craft Magic"). The operator of the device must have an Int + Finesse (or Int + Prof: Book Binder) total of at least 6 to successfully bind the book. This gives the +1 quality bonus for sound binding.

  • The Text Editor x6 (plus 1 held by the Head Librarian for use with the Library Catalog)
    ReHe(AnTe), Level 20, T/M/I, Base 3 "Control", RDT 1, Requisite 2, U/day +10
    As the spell 'A Useful Inculcator of Comments' (Covenants, p 99), modified to also work on dyes and inks with a animal or terram base. An Int + Finesse (or Int + Prof: Scribe) roll determines the quality of the text after it has been relocated. A result less than 6 indicates that the text has interpolated into and corrupted some other passage.

  • Inkpot of Noblest Metal x2
    MuTe(Aq), Level 20, T/D/I, Base 3 "Change to Liquid", RDT 2, Requisite 0, Metal 2, 24/day +5
    As the spell 'Ink of Noblest Metal' (Covenants, p 97), modified to specifically affect any gold within the inkpot. Used by scribes for writing in gold and illumination in gold leaf.

  • Inkpot of Merchants Metal x2
    MuTe(Aq), Level 20, T/D/I, Base 3 "Change to Liquid", RDT 2, Requisite 0, Metal 2, 24/day +5
    As the spell 'Ink of Noblest Metal' (Covenants, p 97), modified to work on silver and specifically affect any silver within the inkpot. Used by scribes for writing in silver and illumination in silver leaf.

  • Inkpot of Peasants Metal x2
    MuTe(Aq), Level 20, T/D/I, Base 3 "Change to Liquid", RDT 2, Requisite 0, Metal 2, 24/day +5
    As the spell 'Ink of Noblest Metal' (Covenants, p 97), modified to work on copper and specifically affect any copper within the inkpot. Used by scribes for writing in copper and illumination in copper leaf.

Desk of Review (Invested Device, used 7 of 10 spaces)
A specially designed desk with two integrated book stands featuring crystal lens over them, along with a cord of woven wool ending in a loop on its right side. To be ready for use, a quill is fitting into the loop of the cord and an ink pot is placed in the marked spot. When the original book is placed in the left stand and the copy in the right, the desk will turn page by page, create an illusion showing the differences, and can subtly mark each difference.

  1. Turn the Pages
    ReHe(An), Level 20, T/M/G, Base 3 "Control", RDT 3, Requisite 0, U/day +10
    Upon command, turn the pages of the two text together. Since it is specifically designed to turn the pages of a book, it uses the highest of Bases with a +0 Requisite for alternate material.

  2. Judge of Copies Quality
    In(Cr)Im, Level 29, P/S/V, Base 1 "Perfect Memory", RDT 6, Requisite 1, Complexity 1, Constant +4
    As the spell 'The Copyist's Critical Eye', modified to a constant effect, along with the secondary effect of marking pages with differences with a slightly glowing outline and the differences with what appears to be slightly glowing blood when looked upon through the lens. Also serves as the trigger for the next effect when the two copies of a text are different if that has been turned on.

  3. Mark the Differences
    ReAn, Level 16, T/C/I, Base 1 "Manipulate", RDT 2, Linked Trigger +3, U/day +10
    If this effect is active (requires the operator to be focused), it will subtly mark all of the differences between the two pages on the copy. This will make locating changes for correction simple.


The Temple of Hermes

Build on the same blueprint as ancient Cult of Hermes temples (see Mystic Locations, p 96), it has scrying pool in its courtyard (connected to the spring by buried pipes). A statue of Hermes stands within the temple, behind a marble alter and a large brazier containing a never ending flame. The whole interior is a large ceremonial casting area (provides +5).

The Temple has had a 'Consecration of Mercury’s House' cast over it. A large portion of the Covenant population is Hellenistic pagan (primarily the Cult of Heroes) and many of the yearly ceremonies are centered here. A man dubbed Achilles reborn (a Mythic Companion) is the current local hero.

An annex at the back of the temple contains the sanctum of the Mercere Magus (the Magus of our primary SG) who joined the Covenant after the agreement with House Mercere was reached. Most of the enchanted items within the Temple are his personal property and not listed.

Already Stated : Sun Stone, Stone of Spring Breezes

The Courtyard and Scrying Pool

The courtyard appears to be one solid slab of marble, mostly off white with silver flecks though there are lines and paths in other colors. That it is a single piece even though it appears as it should be marble from many sources and is highly unusual (achieved by magic).

A round pool is located within the center of the courtyard, roughly five paces across and two deep (Aquam Base Individual sized). Most of the rim and all of the sides are made from nearly pure white marble shot through with silver streaks, except for a large block of nearly clear rock crystal on the side leading into the Temple proper. The bottom of the pool is a slab of obsidian, covered in complex geometric carvings and a thin layer of clear quartz with silver flecks.

The Pool Stone (Invested Device, used 11 of 20 spaces)
A large block of rock crystal, shot through with hair fine strands of electrum. It is placed in the ring of the scrying pool. While attempting to replicated the Ritual 'Enchantment of the Scrying Pool', it is both more powerful (potential range) and less (requires specific AC). The Ritual can be used on the pool, though it rarely has been due to its high vis cost.

  1. Empower the Pool
    In(Cr)Aq(Im), Level 40, A/C/I, Base 3 "Get Image", RDT 5, Requisite 1, MC +5, U/day +10
    When activated, it will produce an image of the AC linked water and its surrounding upon the surface of the pool. There is also sound, with a slight reverb distortion as if part of the sound was heard through water, though still understandable despite this. The AC is placed on the stone before activation.

  2. Speak with the Distant Waters
    In(Cr)Aq(Im), Level 60, A/C/I, Base 20 "Speak with water", RDT 5, Requisite 1, MC +5, 24/day +5
    When activated, it will allow communication with the AC linked water. The voice of the pool is formed by ripples in the water, giving it a distinct sound as if formed from flowing and sloshing water (Cosmetic effect). Useful for finding out about things that were not observed. The AC is placed on the stone before activation.

  3. Purity of the Pool
    MuAq, Level 9, T/S/I, Base 2 "Change liquid to liquid", RDT 3, Constant +4
    Constantly changes up to one base individual of water touched by the Stone to be crystal clear and clean. This ensures that the pool is always fresh and ready to be used for scrying.

Note that several of the fixed AC are for very broad bodies of water. One is to "The Mediterranean Sea", which can link to anywhere within it away from land (roughly a league [1.4 miles/3 km]). One is to "the RhĂ´ne River", which can link with anywhere along its length outside of highly modified areas (such as city ports). There are also a few for the waters in varies ports and harbors.

The Temple Proper

The single most dominating feature within the Temple is a statue of Hermes, over three paces tall. It is made from various shades of marble, light pink for the flesh, varies blues for the garments, brown and tans for the belt and sandals. While not enchanted it has served as the center for many rituals to communicate with a daimon of Hermes. Just before the feet of the statue is a marble alter, normally covered with candles and varies small offerings. At the middle of the Temple is a brazier with a fire that burns without fuel, the flame dancing in patterns that form the symbols of the Hermetic arts.

The floor of the temple is much like the courtyard, all one piece of marble in a range of colors. The colors form circles, symbols, and signs. Along the outer edges are racks holding ceremonial casting tools and equipment.

Hidden behind the statue is a doorway into the annex and sanctum of a Mercere Magus who serves as the high priest of the Temple. He is both the newest and youngest member of the Covenant, forced upon them. Because of this he is deferential to the other Covenant Magi, normally going with the majority as long as it would not negatively affect his House. Mostly he keeps himself busy with Temple duties and enchanting for his House.

The Living Flame
This is a source of Vis, a brazier which produces a maximum of a pawn of Ignem vis every season it burns uninterrupted in the form of crystalized flames. The yearly production rate is equal to the Magic Aura level it is within, with a maximum of 4 pawns per year.

Ensuring that a flame is always burning within the brazier is a small basalt stone enchanted to always produce fire from its top, named 'The Eternal Flame'. It has the cosmetic effect of forming the signs of the Hermetic Arts within its dancing flames.
CrIg, Level 19, T/S/I, Base 4 "Create Fire, +5 damage", RDT 3, Cosmetic 0, Constant +4


The Vault

The Vault is final of the four major structures on the Magus level of the Covenant Regio. It is a solid slab of black basalt, with a steel and basalt double door entry. Within its armored depths are housed the majority of the Covenants Vis and silver, as well as a large collection of enchanted items both understood and uninvestigated. It also stores text considered dangerous. Any access to this building is tightly controlled, with only the most trusted grogs allowed access and guard duty.

The ground floor is made up of many chambers housing collections held by the Covenant. Two library rooms house text, one of the Landen Mystery Cult and the other those considered to dangerous to allow access to for any but the Magi. Among the other chambers are collections of paintings, tapestries, and statues (worth roughly 100 MP combined). Several of the collections are Realia (mostly 4 to 20 pieces each), most collected as trophies over the last century.

(Note: Many of the enchanted items in storage will be part of later collections and thus not listed in this post. Otherwise this post would be far to large and unwieldy.)

Already Stated : Sun Stone, Stone of Summer Breezes, Fire Guardian, Ring of Retrieval, 3x Landen Portal

The Entry to the Vault

The entry into the Vault is a solid slab of basalt, the only way to tell it apart from the rest of the structure being the steel banding. Until activated it is effectively part of the outer wall, meaning there is no way into the Vault without magic or knowing how to activate it. Just through the doorway is the entry chamber, where two guards are stationed and the Ring of Retrieval is located.

Guardian of the Vault (Invested Device, used 11 of 20 spaces)
The doorway into the Vault is an enchanted device, made from a slab of basalt nearly 12 tons in weight.

  1. Open the Doorway
    Re(Mu)Te, Level 20, P/C/I, Base 2 "Manipulate Slightly Unnatural", RDT 1, Requisite 1, Size 1, MC +5, U/day +10
    Upon command to open the Guardian will retract all vault bars, unmeld its edges from the structure, and open outward on hidden pivots. When commanded it close it will close inward, meld its edges with the surrounding structure, and extend vault bars all around. Only the Magi and the trusted guards know the command to activate this effect.

  2. The Impenetrable Vault
    MuTe, Level 39, T/S/S, Base 4 "Highly Unnatural Change", RDT 6, Stone 1, Constant +4
    This effect makes all basalt in the Vault effectively immune to damage. This includes the basalt which makes up the door.

  3. Ward Against Rot
    PeAq(He), Level 39, T/S/S, Base 4 "Dry", RDT 6, Requisite 1, Constant +4
    Destroys all damp, mildew, & mold within the Vault. This will only affect dampness and not containers of liquid, such as vials of ink. However it does cause the ink of fresh writings to dry near instantly, making smudges nearly impossible.

  4. The View through the Barrier
    CrIm, Level 9, T/S/I, Base 2 "Sight & Sound", RDT 3, Constant +4
    A large section of the interior side of the door functions as a one way window, allowing the guards inside to see and hear what is happening on the outside of the door. Thus they will know if they should open the door for a visitor or not.

The Vis Vaults

A spiral staircase on the right side of the entry chamber leads down to the counting room of the Vis Vaults. From there a long hallway leads deeper, with twenty doors on its right side. Through each door is a chamber used for storing Vis. The first fifteen are for chambers storing normal Vis of each Art, while the final five are for more exotic forms of Vis. (Note: There are over 16 Queens of Vis stored here, all belonging to the Covenant rather than individual Magi)

Within the counting room is a collection of enchanted items for finding, categorizing, and manipulating Vis. This allows mundanes to handle processing, freeing up a Magus from the duty. A copy of the Vis inventory records is stored here.

  • The First Scale of Hermes
    InVi, Level 20, T/D/I, Base 4 "Judge Amount Vis", RDT 2, U/day +10
    As 'Scales of Magical Weight'. The scale has a single arm, upon which an item containing Vis is placed. It will dip and move the pointer to show how many pawns are contained. This is a commodity item that was traded for with the Redcaps.

  • The Second Scale of Hermes
    InVi, Level 20, T/D/I, Base 4 "Determine Art Vis", RDT 2, U/day +10
    As 'Sense the Nature of Vis'. The scale has a single arm, upon which an item containing Vis is placed. It will dip and move the pointer to show which Art is contained. This is a commodity item that was traded for with the Redcaps.

  • The Collector of Hermes
    ReVi, Level 20, T/M/I, Base 10 "Move Raw Vis", RDT 1, 24/day +5
    A similar effect to 'Gather the Essence of the Beast', transferring a single pawn from an item on the extraction tray to an item on the collection tray. Mostly used to breakdown items with multiple pawns. This is a commodity item that was traded for with the Redcaps.

  • The Earring of Vis Divining x2
    InVi, Level 20, T/C/H, Base 1 "Detect Vis", RDT 5, U/day +10
    A fancy silver device designed to hook over the right ear, when activated and concentrating the wearier can "hear" Vis within roughly 30 paces. A Per + Finesse (Diff 6) roll can pinpoint any Vis in range to roughly a 1 foot area, though no roll is required once the Vis is within arms reach. Hearing was chosen instead of Vision since it can detect Vis hidden from sight.

  • Mask of the Truffle Hunter
    InHe, Level 20, T/C/S, Base 2 "Locate Plant", RDT 4, Maintains Concentration +5, 24/day +5
    As 'Hunt For The Wild Herb' targeting truffles. A leather half mark with silver decorations, this used by a Grog to find the truffles before the Collars below were created. Now it is normally worn by the Grog handling the hounds to provide backup and confirmation.

  • Collar of the Truffle Hunter x2
    InHe, Level 20, T/C/S, Base 2 "Locate Plant", RDT 4, Maintains Concentration +5, 24/day +5
    As 'Hunt For The Wild Herb' targeting truffles. These are silver studded leather dog collars, used with trained scent hounds. Activated by the handler touching touching the collar and speaking the command word. Used for finding the Truffles of Virtue growing throughout the Covenant, enhanced by a hounds greater sense of smell.

The Secure Vaults

A spiral staircase on the left side of the entry chamber leads down to the counting room of the Secure Vaults. From there a long hallway leads deeper, with twenty doors on its left side. The first three doors are to chambers storing silver (just over 1,000 one pound bars and just under 3,000 MP of coin), gold (over 200 one pound bars and another ~100 pounds of nuggets & dust), and gemstones (a mixed collection of over 3,500 precious and semiprecious stones). The forth room houses a large collection of fine furs, including many exotic examples. The fifth contains a large collection of boughs of rare and exotic wood. The next five store charged items, Casting Tablets, and enchanted armaments. The final ten are used for storing unknown and dangerous items, the entire area a grid work of wards.

The items in the first five chambers make up much of the ready wealth of the Covenant and materials used in crafting enchanted items. The combined value is north of 8,000 MP, enough to support the Covenant for over three decades (or less than one decade without the cost savings).

There are two copies of enchanted items which will be stated later: The Enchanted Porter and The Chest of Weightlessness. They ease the transportation of heavy things into and out of the Secure Vaults.

Charged Items:
18x Potion of Jumping (Gift of the Frogs' Legs)
14x Potion of Plant Speak (Converse with Plants & Trees)
20x Potion of Homecoming (Leap of the Homecoming, to Entry Courtyard)
72x Bolt of Relentless Burning (modified Coat of Flames, a vial designed to place in Springal bolts)
38x Bolt of Choking Smoke (modified Wreaths of Foul Smoke, a vial designed to place in Springal bolts)
21x White Magic Bandages (gives +9 to recovery rolls for a moon)
21x Grey Magic Bandages (Bind Wound)
17x Sphere of Foul Smoke (Wreaths of Foul Smoke)
11x Fire Rod (Pilum of Fire with 20 Penetration)
9x Black Smudge Stick (Circular Ward Against Demons 20 with 20 Penetration)
10x Green Smudge Stick (as Circular Ward Against Demons 20 against Faerie with 20 Penetration)
8x Red Smudge Stick (as Circular Ward Against Demons 20 against Magic with 20 Penetration)
[Note: These are spare items stored at the Covenant, there are more copies of them carried on ships and by Covenfolk]

Casting Tablets:
Aegis of the Hearth 20 (4 Vim)
Aegis of the Hearth 40 (2 Rego, 6 Vim)
Aegis of the Hearth 50 (4 Rego, 6 Vim)
Disenchant 40
Incantation of the Body Made Whole 40 (4 Creo, 4 Corpus)
Restoration of the Defiled Body 25 (5 Corpus)
The Bountiful Feast 35 (2 Creo, 5 Herbem)
Watching Ward 30 (6 Vim)
[Note: The Magi do not have much need for Casting Tablets anymore and have mostly traded them away. These are what is left.]

This stores the enchanted weapons and armor which have not been issued out to grogs. The vast majority of them is build to some extent using the Guidelines in Parma Fabula (4th Edition, p. 4~6, a House Rule) and would not fit into a game that does not use it. There is also enough of them that this would take up its own post. If there is enough interest in something that would be unusable to most groups I will post them.

Dangerous & Unknown:
Many of these items are non-Hermetic and I could not tell you what any of them do. There are a few wands and staffs, a pair of swords with blades of glass, an owl crafted from metal, a crystal sphere half filled with water and a small boat (the water always stays in place even if the sphere is rotated), a puzzle box that no one knows how to open (and resistant to magic), and a bone dagger. Mostly they are stored in their own room and surrounded in wards (including ones against humans in the hall and on the doors to keep mundanes out). One of the chambers is used to store the unused Landen Portals (without AC inserted).


The Medicus

Located on the second (Craftsmen) tier of the Regio, north of the portal garden containing the arches for traveling between the tiers of the Regio.

Designed after the Roman model, this large structure is build from white marble. It includes offices, a surgery suite, an Apothecary, large recovery room, several private rooms, a birthing room, a small kitchen, and a morgue. The Medicus has a Health rating of 4 (as per Covenants).

Calidus, one of the Magi, enchanted most of the items found within the Medicus. He is a Jerbiton who specializes in Corpus and is a skilled healer. One of the offices is his, from which he will emerge at random (He has AC to here and his lab, using Leap of the Homecoming).

Already Stated : Sun Stone, Stone of Spring Breezes

The Surgery Suite

Setup as a Workshop for Chirurgy (C&G, Innovation +3, Materials +1), this entire room is spotlessly clean and filled with all sorts of strange medical tools. A reinforced cabinet holds a collection of Pharmaceutical Theriacs (A&A, p 77) that will aid in surgery.

The Apothecary

The Apothecary is both a workshop and a non-Hermetic Lab, focused on producing medicines and Pharmaceutical Theriacs for use in the Medicus. Its workshop area has Innovation +2 and Materials +1. Its lab area has a General Quality of +2, along with a Specialty of +10 for producing items.

The Recovery Room

A large room (larger than the Room target), containing rows of single brass framed beds interspersed with cabinets. Most of the sick and injured are allowed to recover here.

The Runestone of Healing (Invested Device, used 9 of 12 spaces)
A head sized block of rock crystal and jasper, covered in healing runes, set upon a stand in the middle of the room. Designed specifically to only affect this room rather than the entire structure to reduce warping suffered by the staff. (Note: Our group has a HR that discounts the +# modifiers from effects for determining how powerful they are for warping. Groups without this rule can remove the Size modifier from this items effects which will reduce their level to 24 each.)

  1. To Recover from Injury
    CrCo, Level 29, T/S/R, Base 3 "Injury Recovery", RDT 5, Size 1, Constant +4
    All injury recovery rolls by people within the room receive a +6 bonus.

  2. To Recover from Disease
    CrCo, Level 29, T/S/R, Base 3 "Disease Recovery", RDT 5, Size 1, Constant +4
    All disease recovery rolls by people within the room receive a +6 bonus.

  3. To Stabilize Injury
    CrCo, Level 29, T/S/R, Base 3 "Injury Stabilize", RDT 5, Size 1, Constant +4
    All wounds on people within the room will not deteriorate. [EDIT: Note that the prevention of wound deterioration is specific to Wound Recovery Rolls, preventing the wound from worsening when a roll is below the Stable Ease Factor. It provides no protection to activities performed by people in the room, which can make a wound worse.]

The Private Rooms

There are three private recovery rooms, normally used for people who need stronger magic or who are nearing release. A couple of enchanted blankets are used on people in these rooms.

  • Blanket of Rapid Convalescence
    CrCo, Level 29, T/S/I, Base 10 "Injury Recovery", RDT 3, Constant +4
    All injury recovery rolls by people covered by the blanket receive a +15 bonus.

  • Blanket of Disease Recovery
    CrCo, Level 29, T/S/I, Base 10 "Disease Recovery", RDT 3, Constant +4
    All disease recovery rolls by people covered by the blanket receive a +15 bonus.

The Birthing Room

A room designed to be comfortable for expectant mothers. It primarily relies on magic rather than science to ease childbirth. Though not the primary for the role, Calidus serves as "midwife" for especially difficult births.

  • Bed of Birthing
    CrCo, Level 24, T/S/I, Base 5 "Child Birth", RDT 3, Constant +4
    All childbirth rolls by people upon the bed receive a +6 bonus.

The Morgue

A basement room with six stone slabs and ten nooks in the walls, in which the bodies of the dead are kept until funeral rituals can be performed. The Covenant cremates its pagan members and sends the bodies of Christians to the village church for burial.

  • The Morgue Stone
    CrCo, Level 19, T/S/R, Base 2 "Preserve Corpse", RDT 5, Constant +4
    All human corpses stored within the room will not deteriorate or rot. The room has the scent of freshly blooming roses when bodies are stored within.

General Magic Items

These two items are used as needed throughout the Medicus.

  • The Medicus Lens
    InCo, Level 10, T/M/I, Base 4 "Sense Information", RDT 1, 24/Day +5
    A crystal lens with a piece of amber, contained within in a silver band. As the spell 'Pysician's Eye', improving the speed and accuracy of medical diagnosis.

  • The Waste Cloth
    PeCo, Level 10, T/M/I, Base 4 "Destroy Human Products" (as per PeAn Base 4), RDT 1, 24/Day +5
    A cloth embroidered with Perdo runes, it destroys human excreta when activated. Eases the cleaning of the patients. [See Nappy without Nuisance, MoH p. 24 for a similar item]


One minor nitpick regarding the Runestone of Healing:

While the guideline says all Wounds will not deteriorate, the spell using it in the Core, states that people under this effect cannot heal naturally, which would make moot the bonus to recovery rolls.


You are referring to the spell "Bind Wounds"? The effect is not the same as that spell.

The Enchanted effect is specifically targeted only at preventing wounds from getting worse on Wound Recovery rolls below the "Stable Ease Factor" (AM5, p. 179). It does not provide the spells ability to perform any action without worsening wounds. I will add a note to prevent confusion.

Thank you for the feedback.

The Roman Baths

Like the Medicus, the Baths are located on the second (Craftsmen) tier of the Regio, south of the portal garden.

It is built of marble based on modified designs by Vitruvius in De Architectura for a Thermae (Imperial Bath Complex). Through the entry is the Atrium, with archway to the west leading into the Apodyterium (changing room) and the baths. The baths consist of a large central Tepidarium (warm bath), with smaller connected Caldarium (hot bath) and Frigidarium (cold bath). Additional there is the Sudatorium (steam bath) and Laconicum (dry sweat/sauna).

The Baths are not gender segregated, aside from a few small concessions such as women having their own section of the Apodyterium and toilets.

Many of the enchanted items are a repost from information I provided about setting up a baths as a means of generating money. Magus Orthon enchanted many of the devices here and so most of the building smells of roses, an effect of his sigil.

Already Stated : Sun Stone, Stone of Spring Breezes, Magical Oven

The Atrium

A large open chamber with high domed ceiling, with seating areas of fancy stone benches along the outer walls and work out areas in the middle. Large sun roofs and windows on the east wall of clear quartz enhance the feel of the room. The southern wall features an Exedra and Oecus, a more formal sitting area mostly shielded from the workout area, which serves simple fair (mostly breads, fruits, and other finger foods). Commonly many of the covenfolk will socialize here a few evenings a week. When filled with tables and chairs it is used for formal events and feast by the covenfolk craftsmen who dwell on this level of the Regio.

The Annex

An oddly shaped annex room entered from the south east of the Atrium. The shape is because it was built around the varies baths to allow the building to be rectangular, resulting in many alcoves. It is used for storage of needed bath supplies, along with chairs and tables which can be setup in the Atrium. It contains the office of the Master of the Baths and staff rest area, along with having a small kitchen and second entrance through which food is delivered. The building to the east is the central kitchen and dining hall for the Regio tier, from which most food is delivered. There are several cunningly designed doorways between it and the varies bathing rooms, made of slabs of marble on hidden hinges so that they blend in when closed.

The Apodyterium

Located west of the Atrium, this is a large chamber filled with rows of stone cabinets and benches. Used for undressing before entering the baths, the occasional person will be found napping on one of the benches. An archway on the south side leads into the baths, with a dark grey stone slab bearing a green ring just on the Apodyterium side of the archway.

  • The Drying Ring
    PeAq, Level 15, T/M/C, Base 4 "Completely Dry", RDT 1, Unlimited +10
    A thin round slab of basalt, roughly three paces across, with a ring of green jade set a hand in from the outer edge. The command phrase is inscribed across the middle. Upon activation, everything within the ring of jade is completely dried and left smelling faintly of rose petals. Used when exiting the baths.

The Tepidarium

By far the largest of the baths (more than the others combined), with the other four bathing rooms connecting off of it. Most of the stone is blueish marble. This is the center and most important part of the baths. While some versions did not contain actual baths, the Covenants design does. This includes a shallow pool, three large baths (roughly 1 base individual) for soaking and five small baths for scrubbing. A seating area with curved stone benches, along with pots of olive oil and bronze strigil, is opposite the pool from the tubs. Soft tinkling music can be heard faintly and nearly every surface bears fanciful carvings.

  • Purity of the Bath Stone
    MuAq, Level 24, T/S/S, Base 2 "Change Liquid", RDT 6, Constant +4
    A hand sized jade stone with Aquam rune, this constantly changes all water in the building to clean and clear water. This ensures that the bath water is never dirty.

  • The Warm Bath Stone
    CrIg, Level 19, T/S/R, Base 2 "Warm", RDT 5, Constant +4
    A hand sized basalt stone with Creo and Ignem runes, this causes all water in the room to be comfortably warm. [Nearly identical to the Bath Rock, TtA, p. 93]

  • The Bath Wand
    CrAq, Level 15, T/S/I, Base 2 "Create Water", RDT 3, Unlimited +10
    A wand of carved jade. Upon activation it will fill the touched bath or container with up to 1 base individual of water. All created water disappears at sunrise and sunset, so the baths are traditionally closed for an hour centered on sunrise and sunset to allow cleaning and restocking.

  • The Music Box x3
    CrIm, Level 10, P/C/I, Base 1 "Create Sound", RDT 1, Tune 1, Maintain Concentration +5, 3/Day +2
    A collection of small boxes made of cinnamon wood and brass, each as their own unique tune that will play when opened. Each song was selected to be pleasant and relaxing background music. This will occasional be used in the other rooms.

The Caldarium

The second largest bath room, to the south of the Tepidarium. Most of the stone is rose tinted marble. It contains a large bath, surrounded by four small baths. Used for soaking and relaxing the muscles. Stone benches are build into the baths and around the edge of the room.

  • The Hot Bath Stone
    CrIg, Level 24, T/S/R, Base 3 "Hot", RDT 5, Constant +4
    A hand sized basalt stone with Creo and two Ignem runes, this causes all water in the room to be hot though not reaching the level of uncomfortable.

The Laconicum

Located just off of the Caldarium, the marble in this room is flecked dark grey and red. Designed as a round room with wood faced stone benches and a sharply domed ceiling. Suspended from the ceiling by chains is a round bronze "shield". Two cranks are attached to the wall, one adjusting the height of the shield and the other allowing a hatch to be opened to allow heat to escape. Temperature is controlled by the height of the shield and how far (or even if) the hatch is opened.

  • The Brazen Shield
    CrIg, Level 14, P/S/I, Base 4 "Hot enough to boil water", RDT 2, Constant +4
    A sheet of brass shaped like a traditional Greek shield, suspended by chains and hot enough to boil water. If lowered as far as possible and with the hatch closed, the room will eventually raise to around 203 F (95 C). When raised to the maximum height and with the hatch fully opened, the room will cool to be only noticeably warmer than the norm for the building (around 86 F/30 C).

The Massage

Another room located off of the Caldarium, this room contains several stone platforms with sandalwood tops. In addition to pots of olive oil with bronze strigil, there are several racks with bottles of other oils. Normally only used by the covenfolk with harder physical jobs and members of the turb, who gather here after a hard day to scrap and massage each other.

The Frigidarium

Located to the east of the Tepidarium, this is a simple room constructed of white marble. It contains a single pool of water, the temperature of which could be best described as "briskly bracing". There is no seating, since the pool is normally only use for a quick dunking rinse before returning to one of the other baths.

  • The Cold Bath Stone
    PeIg, Level 19, T/S/I, Base 4 "Chill", RDT 3, Constant +4
    A small slab of marble, it chills water touching it (though not to freezing).

The Sudatorium

A round chamber made of marble in a swirling pattern of light blue and rose located off of the Tepidarium. The benches, which have polished wood seating surfaces, form a circle around a floor grate. The floor has a slight angle to cause water to flow into the grate and the ceiling is sharply domed with a small hanging point to collect the steam and cause it to drip down. A large crock filled with water is set into the center of the grate. Using a ladle, steam is generated by pouring water into the grate.

  • The Steam Bath Stone
    CrIg, Level 19, T/S/I, Base 4 "Boil Water", RDT 3, Constant +4
    A small slab of basalt, located in a sloped nook under the grate. It causes all water in contact with it to boil. Thanks to the design of the room, water will recirculate back through the grate (and into the crock if it is open).

This post and the next one contain collections of items I really should have posted near the top of this thread since they cover collections of items which are spread out throughout the entire Covenant. Since I have a prior engagement I was trying to get tomorrows post out today. I was not quite fast enough and so now you get today's post just after then clock has ticked over.

The Waterworks

This is the system for handling water within the Covenant. Since the outer perimeter of each tier in our Regio is mist shrouded water just beyond a dense thicket of trees, we are effectively an island surrounded by fresh spring water. When designing the Covenant we decided to take advantage of this for both intake and removal, rather than digging wells which we were not even sure would work. Each tier also has a small natural spring in the middle which if of insufficient size to meet the needs of the population. On the three occupied tiers the springs are used to fill fountains in the portal gardens which link each tier. Like much of the Covenant, all of it is build using modified Roman designs though often on a smaller scale.

The Aqueducts

Each of the three occupied levels have two sets of buried large pipes made of Roman concrete branching throughout them, forming a small aqueduct system, with intake on one side of the Covenant and exit on the other. One is for carrying fresh water and the other for carrying waste water. The core of each system was put in while the Covenant was initially being laid out and so are the oldest structure in use. The fresh water pipes have several cisterns at points where covenfolk draw water with hand pumps (around since 200 BC), as well as under both important buildings and those which use a lot of water. The waste water pipes have intake points where waste is dumped into them, serving to carry away waste. Combined this allows some degree of indoor plumbing for all of the Covenant.

Early on we discovered that fresh water did not flow as fast as needed at times, especially on the agricultural tier, and the waste water pipes would back up. The second was especially bad since the intakes of the two pipe sets are only 20 to 30 paces apart (depending on Tier). To fix the issues, we did what any group of Magi would and created enchanted items. Actually one of the two founders did, since he was skilled enough to design and create all of them in two seasons [a lab total of 76+ could invent and make seven in two seasons].

[Note: The Roman Baths only have a small connection to the aqueduct system, since the vast majority of water needed there is produced by magic. Without the Bath Wand, there is not enough capacity to fill the baths and there is no way to drain them for cleaning.]

  • Empower the Aqueduct x6
    ReAq, Level 19, T/S/I, Base 4 "Strong Current", RDT 3, Constant +4
    A half pace sized ring of beryl and jade set in brass, designed to be fitted to the intake pipes. They create a fast constant current, forcing water into the system fast enough to pressurize it. This also prevents the waste water system from backing up and contaminating the fresh water system.

The Irrigation System

Later a third water network was added on the agricultural tier, consisting of pipes feeding cisterns at irrigation points. The cisterns are above ground, taking advantage of the magic water current to reach their three pace high intake and have outflow points feeding smaller irrigation pipes along with an overflow point which dumps into the nearest waste water pipe. This reduced the stress on the drinking water system of the tier. The Magi have been discussing if we should setup a similar system on the second tier to provide the water for the livestock, but currently it is not needed.

  • Empower the Irrigation System
    ReAq, Level 29, T/S/I, Base 5 "Violent Current", RDT 3, Slightly Unnatural 1, Constant +4
    A half pace sized ring of beryl and jade set in brass, designed to be fitted to the intake pipe. It creates a constant violent current which will flow in any direction within a pipe, even straight up.
    [Group Discussion Notes: We settled on 'Slightly Unnatural' since it was limited to within the pipes, while 'Very Unnatural' would allow it to be flown through the air without a pipe at all. We increased the flow to Violent (Base 5) because of the wider distribution, though it is most likely overkill.]

The Portal Gardens

Located at the exact middle of each occupied tier of the Regio, these are ornate gardens built around large central fountains. Filled with elevated flower beds, statues and comfortable benches, they are used socially nearly as much as a travel point. While inhabitants know they can travel between the tiers by walking a path through the trees at the edge of the Regio to the waters edge and returning a different way, this is rarely done because of the distance (and impossible from the first tier). Visitors often wrongly believe that the entry courtyard in which they first arrive is the middle of the first tier.

Each garden contains two pairs of stone columns, ornately carved and free standing, which serve as the gateway between levels of the Regio. These are each in a clear section which has no statues or benches, which covenfolk do not normally linger around to avoid collisions with people traveling between the tiers.

The fountain pools at the center of each garden receive their water from a natural spring, an echo of the spring on the deepest level which is one of the Natural Tethers of the Regio. This water is directed up through a softly burbling fountain from a statue in the middle, while the water within is animated by enchantment to flow up through intakes and shoot out of spouts. The pools containing the fountains are five paces across and one pace deep (1/2 a base individual).

  • Animate the Fountains x3
    ReAq, Level 29, T/S/I, Base 4 "Strong Current", RDT 3, Slightly Unnatural 1, Complex 1, Constant +4
    A brass bound piece of beryl and jade, fitted within the fountain. The current shifts direction in a pattern which forces water to jet out of spouts on the outer wall and center statues, making high arches and sprays.

The Portal Stones will be described in the next post, which (Spoiler Alert!) is about the Aura Manipulation items of the Covenant.


Aura Manipulation Items

[Note: Hermetic Architecture is VERY expensive in terms of time and Vis. All of the items in this post were created in the prequel years of our saga. They took roughly 55 seasons and five queens of Vis for two Archmagi to create.]

A core part of the founding of Landen Covenant was two Archmagi's desire for testing and experimenting with manipulating a Regio through Hermetic Architecture. The two Founders spend over two decades selecting the site, building up stores (especially a massive stockpile of Vis), enchanting many of the items described below so that they could be installed rapidly, and finding other Magi who were interested in providing some aid to such a grand experiment. This post will cover the core of items enchanted for manipulating the Regio.

Regio Access

While the means of traveling between the tiers of the Regio is fairly easy, entry into the Regio was through submerging into a pool fed by a spring within some very rugged terrain surrounded by dense old growth trees. A much much more accessible means of entry was required and the first manipulation installed upon arrival. The links between the varies inhabited tiers and to seal the first tier were installed later.

  • The Portal Stones (5x sets of 8)
    Re(Mu)Vi, Level 45, A/M/I, Base 15 "Connect Regio Levels", RDT 4, Unlimited +10
    Each set of eight pillars is constructed using "Conjunction of the Mystic Veils" (TMR, p. 101). They are very expensive, requiring a total of 49 pawns of Vis each for Magi skilled enough to create them as Lesser Enchanted devices. When their password is spoken they open a portal between tiers of the Regio, affecting the area rather than people traveling through them (so do not inflict Warping on users). How they function served as inspiration during the creating of the Landen Portals.

    Each of the five sets has their own password and links two points allowing two-way travel between them. The password for the first four are generally known by the population, while the one for the fifth set is known only to the Magi. The links are between the Gazebo and Entry Courtyard (mundane to 1st tier), three groups within the Portal Gardens (1st to 2nd, 1st to 3rd, and 2nd to 3rd), and the group used to travel to the Council of Trees (Council Hall on 3rd linked to Special Lab on 5th). The Magi will visit the Council of Trees at least once every year.

Until a Bonisagus researcher was finished finalizing his research into Aegis of the Regio, the Founders felt that the Covenant was vulnerable even with an Aegis of the Hearth. Many beings with Might could see through the veil and cross over on the edge of a tier, beyond the edge of any Aegis. It would also require at least three castings per year making it an extremely expensive proposition (An extra 20 pawns per year for the original AotH without the breakthrough). So the following set of enchanted items was created and installed. An apprentice of the Magi who created the modified AotH is a member of the Covenant.

  • The Barrier Stones (set of 8 Invested Enchantments)
    Mu(Pe)Vi(Te), Level 79, T/S/B, Base 35 "Shrink Regio to 1/128th", RDT 7, Connection Only 1, Constant +4
    Another extremely expensive enchanted set (160 pawns of Vis total), these eight rune covered stone pillars are spaced out around the first tier. Constructed using a modified "Closed Privacy of the Enchanted Regio" (TMR, p. 100). The first tier was originally about 98 paces across and this collection of items is sufficient to work on anything even slightly smaller than 128 paces. Their effect is to sever the 1st tier connections, meaning only Portal Stones or AC travel magic can be used to reach it.
    [Group Discussion Notes: As a group we decided that if the connection was severed, it would not return even if the 1st tier grew larger than 128 paces as long as this enchanted item was not destroyed. Since there was no connection it would not grow larger even if the tier did. YSMV]

Regio Manipulation

While the Regio tiers were a decent size to begin with, the Founders wanted to both experiment with stretching a Regio and ensure there was enough space to house all of the experiments they would allow in exchange for support of their project. One set was created and installed on each of the inhabited levels.

  • The Expansion Stones (3x sets of 8)
    Mu(Cr)Vi(Te), Level 49, T/S/B, Base 10 "Regio Diameter x8", RDT 7, Constant +4
    Constructed using a modified "Enchantment of the Magnified Regio" (TMR, p. 100), each set requires 50 pawns of Vis for someone skilled enough to create them as Lesser Enchanted devices. Each set of rune covered stone pillars will octuple the diameter of a Regio originally 100 paces or less, to a maximum of 800 paces in diameter (liner growth, increasing Area by a factor of 32 and Volume by a factor of 64).

    Note that any natural growth in size after they are installed is not multiplied or limited by the expansion size limits. The area enlarged is static in size,while the Regio is growing larger past it.

    [Note: This is a Mystery effect that works exactly as described within the book. The size of the original Boundary must be only large enough to cover the area before it grows in size. With Size 1 you could start with a Regio 333 paces in diameter and expand it to a diameter of nearly 2,667 paces.]

Additional Information

Many of the oddities of the Covenant came about as part of the experimental nature of its founding. The heavy focus on Roman design (testing if recovered Roman technology and design were better than modern design), the agriculture and livestock areas (an attempt to Aspect a Regio tier to Herbam and Animal), and the modified Aegis to effect all of a Regio are just a few.

An offer of open practice of their faith throughout the Order resulted in many Pagan Covenfolk requesting and being allowed to immigrate to the new Covenant (this also allowed other Covenants to get rid of the odd Covenfolk who practiced a religion different from their majority and claim to be aiding the experiment). Their right to practice their rituals and festivals is written into the Covenant Charter.

While originally the Regio contained four tiers, it was decided to inhabit only the first three. The deepest level contained the Natural Tethers which the Regio formed around as well as a Council of Trees (awakened and with Might). To protect the core that had formed the Regio and because the varies manipulations would make the Regio unstable it was decided to leave the deepest tier wild. This has proven to be a wise decision, since the deepest tier has been extremely active including splitting in two. Many times this would have inflicted multiple points of Warping on all beings without Might, such that any Magi here would have been send into Twilight nearly a dozen times over the last century.

With the 5th tier now the deepest, the 4th tier has become stable. The Magi have decided since they are entrenched on the 3rd tier, it was not worth the effort to move there (moving from Aura 5 to Aura 6 in a far more cramped area). Instead it has become a strange "Vis" orchard, in which the Covenant's collection of Plants of Virtue have been transferred along with the pool of Carp of Virtue and the rookery housing the murder of Crows of Virtue. This has freed up space on the inhabited tiers for other uses.

While the Founders have passed on, their apprentices and the apprentices granted entry in the beginning carry on with the experiments to a greater or lesser extent to this day. One has Hermetic Architecture and it is only recently that he is approaching the level of power the Founders had.


The Workshop Area

This is not a single building but a collection of workshops and homes forming a circle around the Portal Garden of the second Regio tier. This circle is split into two halves by the the Roman Baths and the Medicus.

Already Stated: Magic Ovens x 5 (the three larger bread oven versions and two normal versions), Chilling Stone x2, Freezing Stone x1, Magical Lantern x26, all the Mystic Tools in the 'Cost Saving' post reside here when not being used about the Covenant

The Buildings

Here is a list of the more important buildings which make up this area. Not included are a whole host of small warehouses, homes, and other support buildings. Most of the workshops have an Innovation Score of 1, except for the Mechary (Innovation 2 throughout) and the Smithy Complex (Innovation 3 for the Sword Smith and Armorer, Innovation 2 for the others).

Workshops and buildings of note include:
The Stonemasons Workshop
The Woodworkers Center (Furniture Makers, Carpenters, Coopers, & Thatchers)
The Smithy Complex (Blacksmith, Sword Smith, Bowyer, & Armorer)
The Candle Maker Workshop
The Mechary (Tinker, Mechanic, Tool-Maker, & Glass Blower)
The Clothiers (Weavers, Leather Workers, & Cobblers)
The Jewelers (Gold Smith & Lapidary)
The Bakery
The Butchery (Butchers, Sausage Makers) with dry aging room out back
The Text Preparatory (Percamenarius and Ink Makers)
"Elrics" Tavern (community kitchen and dining, the only one on this list not a Workshop)

Variant Enchantments

These are all variants of varies the Mystic Tools and a few others, with the base tool in a form other than a chisel. All are level 20 except for the Stone Variants and Wood Curves which are level 15. Since the enchantments are the same I will only skim over them here.

Metal Variants:
3x Engravers Tool [Finely pointed tools for detailed and delicate work on metal]
Lapidary Tool [A dainty tool for working on gemstone]
Metal Press [A hand press which will affect a section of metal in it, for bending and merging]

Stone Variants:
Stone Level [A level that affects stone touching its bottom edge]
Stone Blade [A large two handled draw blade used for cutting stone]
2x Stone Carvers Tool [A smaller, like a wood carvers knife, version for doing precise work with stone]
Glass Workers Blade [A much smaller and finer version which works on glass rather than stone]

Wood Variants:
Wood Level [A level that affects wood touching its bottom edge]
Wood Saw [A blunt edged saw, which will easily slice through wood with much straighter cuts]
2x Wood Curve [Target: Individual; Designed to straighten or curve wood]
2x Wood Knife [Small carving knives for fine detailed work]
Cloth Press [A clothing press, used to merge pieces of cloth together and patch holes]

Inkpot of Variants:
Gold Spout [A larger spouted container that can hold about 6 cubic inches of gold]
Copper Can [Shaped like a watering can and can hold about 1 cubic foot of copper]
Brass Can [Shaped like a watering can and can hold about 1 cubic foot of brass]

Notes on The Inkpot Variants: These are used for sand casting parts and for platting items with the material. They only affect a single metal type since there will always be residue after use, thus using the same item to work with different types of metal would result in contamination and alloying the metals. For those wanting to create alloys, a stronger version of this effect with Target Group (and possibly a Rego requisite that evenly blends the liquids) could be used.

Common Item: A wheel to power work

There are a few copies of this enchanted item which see use in several of the workshops. Because it will produce a consistent output of force all day every day it cuts down both on worker fatigue and improves the consistency of items produced.

  • The Motive Wheel x4
    ReHe, Level 20, T/C/I, Base 3 "Control", RDT 2, Maintain Concentration +5, U/day +10
    These are a variant of 'The Wheel' (HP, p 61), but designed for a smaller scale. It only generates about 240 lbs of force, compared to the 10 tons possible with the full sized version in Hermetic Projects. When connected with a belt it has more than enough force to power any device normally driven by hand. Bellows, grinding wheels, cranked saws, and any other of a large range of devices can be powered by it.

The Smithy Complex

The Smithy Complex has three unique items, designed to improve safety and reduce material cost while improving quality.

  • The Unbreakable Crucibles x2
    MuTe, Level 19, P/S/I, Base 4 "Highly Unnatural", RDT 2, Stone 1, Constant +4
    These crucibles are made from polished ceramic about a finger width thick and sized to easily fit into the forge. They are virtually immune to damage, removing a danger common to smelting in which the crucible ruptures while filled with molten metal. [See 'Hardness of Adamantine' (HoH:S, p 37)]

  • The Smiths Exacting Forge
    Cr(Re)Ig, Level 30, P/C/I, Base 10 "Heat to melt lead", RDT 1, Increase Heat 1, Requisite 0, MC +5, 24/day +5
    A large forge made of basalt, fire bricks, and mortar with a capacity of a cubic pace. Upon command it will heat up its interior to a temperature based a lever on its side, from hot to the touch through hot enough to melt steel. The heat is only formed in the interior of the forge rather than its entirety (Rego Requisite).
    [Design Notes: Lead melts at 621 F, far to low to be used for forging. My group decided that an additional Mag would be enough to boil lead. That is sufficient to melt all the metals in use during the Ars Magica time, allowing the forge to be used to smelt metals.]

  • The Smiths Guard
    ReIg, Level 30, T/S/I, Base 4 "Ward Fire", RDT 3, Stronger Fire 2, 24/day +5
    This smooth marble stone cast a 'Ward Against Heat & Flame' effect on the person touching it when the command word is spoken. They are immune to fire weaker than +15 damage and gain +15 to soak damage from more powerful fires. Though things like the forge can still harm them (it is +20 damage), it protects against much of the incidental damage that is common when working around a forge.
    [In our Saga this does not inflict Warping because of our HR that ignores +# modifiers when calculating Warping from enchanted devices. Groups without a similar HR might want to reduce the protection slightly if they do not want to unduly warp their smiths.]

The Woodworkers Center

In addition to many of the items already described, there is one further enchanted item located here. It is normally used to aid during the drying and preparing of wood for use, though is very useful just in judging the quality of any wood.

  • The Woodworkers Lens
    InHe, Level 15, T/M/I, Base 4 "Learn All", RDT 1, Unlimited/day +10
    A palm sized block of beech wood, containing a crystal lens with silver accents. It functions as a more focused and powerful version of 'The Carpenter's Keen Eye' (Covenants, p 51). While only working on a single piece of wood at a time, it provides far more information about each piece of wood then the simple general information the spell provides. Where the spell might tell you “unseasoned - season it”, this item will tell the user that in more nuanced detail (how far along it is in seasoning and how much longer to be complete) along with all the other properties of that piece of wood the user desires.
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The Enterprises of the First Tier, Consolidated

The first tier of the Covenant has four major enterprises located in the cardinal directions around the Entry Courtyard and Portal Garden. Other than these enterprises and some support structures (homes and the like), the entire level is almost completely given over to agriculture. The amount of unique unstated items (other than HR built weapons and armor) between the four is low enough that grouping them into one post is easier.

The Turb Barracks

Located to the north is the turb barracks and training fields. A four-floor monolith of granite with basement, it has 9 large (5x3 paces) and 63 small (3x3 paces) private rooms along with six large barracks rooms divided across the upper floors. The ground floor is taken up by offices, armory, kitchen, and dining room. It is far larger then needed, with many of the rooms used as storage.

Built up around the Barracks are its training fields and a small smithy (used for maintenance). They include an archery range, dueling rings, and a skirmish field, which also serves for marching and muster. The members of the Turb not on guard duty or rest will be found scattered about training.

Already Stated : Sun Stone, Stone of Spring Breezes, Magical Oven, Magical Lantern x7 (for roving guards)

Within their Armory is a collection of enchanted weapons and armor, along with a small selection of the Charged Items found in the Vault.
[All of the unlisted Parma Fabula effects are level 20. Melee weapons give Attack +1, Defense +1, & Damage +1, though a few give only Damage +3. Ranged weapons give Attack +1 & Damage +2. Armors give Soak +3. Shields have Defense +1 and Load -1.]

  • The Rod of Command
    PeTe(An,He), Level 30, T/M/I, Base 3 "Destroy", RDT 1, Metal 2, Requisite 2, U/Day +10
    A fancy sceptre in the style carried by Roman generals (treat as a Mace, Excellent +2), this item is carried by the Turb Captain. It is enchanted with an improved version of 'Sunder Warrior' (MoH, p 32) which is capable of destroying items of metal, wood, or leather. This allows the wielder to destroy the weapons and armor of anyone they face in combat, along with serving as a near unstoppable battering ram.

The Covenant Warehouses

On the western edge of the plaza is a large warehouse and a granary complex, enchanted to protect and help keep safe everything stored within. The warehouse serves as bulk storage and overflow for all the smaller warehouses attached to the varies workshops and enterprises throughout the Covenant. The granary complex is a walled in group of silos and food storage rooms, serving as a collection point for the produce of the Covenant.

Already Stated : Magical Lantern x4 (two in each Structure)

  • Vermin Wards x2
    Re(In)An, Level 29, T/S/S, Base 2 "Protect from animal attack", RDT 6, Requisite 1, Constant +4
    A fist sized stones carved with images of different vermin, this prevent animals classified as vermin from entering a Structure. Similar in effect to the item of the same name in TtA (p 93). The Intellego requisite is required to target 'Vermin'. [One in each Structure]

  • Ward Against Rot x2
    PeAq(He), Level 39, T/S/S, Base 4 "Dry", RDT 6, Requisite 1, Constant +4
    Destroys all damp, mildew, & mold within the structure. This is a Lesser Enchanted version of one of the effects found within the Guardian of the Books (see Great Library above). [One in each Structure]

  • Ward of Good Food
    CrAn(He), Level 29, T/S/S, Base 2 "Perserve", RDT 6, Requisite 1, Constant +4
    The animal and plant foodstuffs within the granary are preserved. They will remain as fresh and edible as they were when originally stored, no matter how much time passes. [In the Granary]

  • The Enchanted Porter x4
    ReTe, Level 20, T/C/I, Base 3 "Move", RDT 2, Maintain Concentration +5, U/Day +10
    A common item with many variants found throughout the Ars Magica line, this version is in the form of a curved handle with clamp. It produces a 'The Unseen Porter' effect, allowing the object to be be effortlessly moved (Strength +5) or even left suspended in the air if the user releases the handle without removing it from the target. [Two in each Structure]

The Travelers Inn

The large building to the south is an inn that serves as quarters for visitors to the Covenant. It normally houses a surprising amount of non-resident Redcaps, taking advantage of the environment between trips (and keeping an eye on the Covenant). Any visiting Magi are also housed here. It has two simple guest labs which can be used by visitors.

Already Stated : Sun Stone, Stone of Spring Breezes, Magical Oven, Chilling Stone, Freezing Stone

There are no unique enchanted items within the Inn.

The Vintner and Brewery

On the eastern edge is a vintner and brewery, focused primarily on beverages for local consumption. The grain and grapes used are produced within the Covenant, giving the beverages a unique quality. It also has a distillery, something almost unheard of at the time, which allows it to produce Agua Vitae.

Already Stated : Magical Lantern x4, Enchanted Porter x2

  • The Enchanted Still
    CrIg, Level 20, T/C/I, Base 4 "Heat to Boil Water", RDT 2, Maintain Concentration +5, 24/day +5
    A copper pot still, based on the 790 AD design by Al-Jabir. It has a capacity to process 200 gallons of low wines. Upon command it will bring the charge up to boiling and hold it there until deactivated. This is the original still which has been in use for decades. Since the larger version was created, this one is used for smaller runs and testing combinations.

  • The Enchanted Greater Still
    CrIg, Level 30, T/C/I, Base 4 "Heat to Boil Water", RDT 2, Size 1, Maintain Concentration +5, U/day +10
    A large copper pot still, based on the 790 AD design by Al-Jabir. It has a capacity to process 2,000 gallons of low wines. Upon command it will bring the charge up to boiling and hold it there until deactivated. This item was created only a decade ago, massively increasing the distilling capacity.

  • A Charm to Animate the Vats
    ReHe, Level 20, T/C/I, Base 3 "Control", RDT 2, Size 1, Maintain Concentration +5, 24/day +5
    A brass cap, designed to be fitted to the large wooden paddles for agitating the contents of a fermenting vat. This handles the physical effort of the initial and daily agitating required during fermentation. It is not "Craft Magic" and so relies on the skill of the user to ensure it is done properly.

  • The Magic Tap
    ReAq, Level 15, T/M/P, Base 1 "Control", RDT 2, Highly Unnatural 2, U/day +10
    This is a pace long length of brass chain, with leather woven through it and jade end stones. One of the jade stones is green and the other blue. Each stone is touched to a container, then the command word is spoken. A quantity of liquid from the container touched by the green stone will be gently moved to the container touched by the blue stone, though never more than the capacity of the smaller container (the Part Target). The gentle movement is important, since it prevents the agitation of sediment at the bottom of a vat.

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We are rapidly closing in on the end of the month and the end of the collection. I hope everyone has had a great Christmas.

The Landen Trade Consortium

The Trading Consortium takes up nearly half of Landen Village, consisting of the compound, shipyard, and docks with a seawall built to provide a sheltered port. The top of the seawall is smooth and flat, with two large half circles on its southern side housing cranes for loading larger ships. A long stone dock is located along the southern shore. The waters of the bay have been dredged to ten paces deep in its open north half and six paces deep in the south around the dock and jetties. Just south of where the docks connect to the compound is a tall slender lighthouse.

Consortium Compound

The Consortium Compound is on the western shore of the bay, running north and south between the seawall and dock. It houses the dock master’s office and trading consortium headquarters, three huge warehouses, and a collection of smaller warehouses, workshops and homes. These craftsmen produce a mix of ship supplies and parts.

Within the compound is a cartographer run by a retired Redcap. Its produces highly accurate maps and cartography, drawing all manner of travelers and captains through its door. The shop serves as a Mercere House, under control of House Mercere rather than the Covenant.

Already Stated : Vermin Wards x3, Ward Against Rot x3, Ward of Good Food, The Enchanted Porter x10, Magical Lantern x4, "Old Style" Landen Portal [Linked to Orleans]

The "Old Style" Landen Portal is in one of the smaller warehouses primarily used to store wagons. It is sized such that a wagon could travel through it. One of the wagons is an enchanted device, which will be covered in the next post (Travel Gear).

  • The Enchanted Crane x2
    ReTe, Level 30, T/C/I, Base 3 "Very Unnatural Control", RDT 2, Size 1, Complex 1, MC +5, U/Day +10
    An enchanted brass and wood crane, similar in design to 'Zeus' Arm' (TtA, p 94) and 'the Arms of Hercules' (HP, p 40). Its base has pivots for turning and angling the arm, while the arm has sliders for extending its length. While appearing to dainty to lift more than a few hundred pounds, it has a lifting capacity of 10 tons and the crane will move and extend as directed by the user (added Complexity). While not lifting things, the effect can be used to move the crane itself.
    [These are mounted on the Seawall and serve to load and unload larger ships which are unable to dock]

  • Mystic Sailmakers Press
    MuHe, Level 30, T/M/P, Base 4 "Plant to Clay", RDT 2, Size 1, Complexity 1, U/Day +10
    A large and complex wooden press with brass fittings, its textured brass base and top plate can be opened to 5 by 2 paces. Any cloth or plant fibers squeezed by the plates will be momentarily transformed to have the constancy of wet clay. This will change the structure from individual threads to one solid sheet, stronger and unable to fray when compared to woven cloth. The plates can be folded down to a minimum size of 1 by 1 paces, as well as having the ability to work on five pace lengths rope of 1", 2", or 3" thickness (the added Complexity).
    [This is a larger and enhanced version of the 'Cloth Press' variant of the 'Mystic Woodworkers Tool', sized to be more appropriate when working with sails.]

  • The Enchanted Dredge
    PeTe, Level 15, T/M/P, Base 3 "Destroy Earth", RDT 2, U/Day +10
    An ten pace long wooden pole with a small brass shovel head on the end and a curved handle on the other. This item is functionally identical to 'The Oracle’s Dredge' (TtA, p 93), though longer to serve the deeper water here.
    [This a simple and cheap enchanted item which should be common in the Order anywhere that has docks. Finding a labtext for some version of it should be fairly easy.]

The Lighthouse

Created using a variant of 'Conjuring the Mystic Tower' ('Conjuring the Mystic Watchtower', level 30), measuring 100' high and 20' wide, with a 20' foundation. This version trades much of its usable internal volume for additional height and a lower level, though it does have a fantastic observation floor with many large windows and an outer walkway as its top floor. After its creation, a small dome of clear quartz was added to its very top and more clear quartz was used to fill in the open windows of its observation floor.
[The variant only requires about ~78% of the stone required for the original, well below the ~91% level required to shave off a point of Size]

After the village grew in size, the lighthouse was gifted to them. It now serves as the office of the village Constable and his four deputies in addition to serving as a lighthouse and watch tower. One of the deputies is in the observation room at nearly all hours of the day.

  • Lighthouse's Eternal Light
    Cr(Re)Ig, Level 29, P/S/I, Base 5 "Light", RDT 2, Requisite 1, Complex 1, Constant +4
    A head sized multifaceted sphere of crystal with a thin band of gold around its middle, with subtle runes of Creo, Rego, and Ignem within it. It is mounted upon a small stand in the very center of the dome of clear quartz topping the tower and projects an exceptionally focused beam of daylight rotating in a slow circle around its gold band.
    [ReIg for the rotating beam, Complexity for making it equal to a mirror focused beam of direct sunlight]

  • Lens of the Eagles
    In(Mu)Im, Level 29, P/S/V, Base 3 "Enhance Vision", RDT 6, Requisite 0, Constant +4
    A pure crystal lens with fancy brass frame, it was of exceptional quality even before it was enchanted [Excellent +2]. It is enchanted with an effect based on 'Eyes of the Eagle', manipulated by how the two piece frame is twisted. This allows someone looking through it to see for miles and judge distance accurately. EDIT: I missed the 0 point Muto Requisite. Not all groups would require it.
    [The "Spyglass" and that style of Refracting telescope was not actually invented until the 16th century, with their forerunners in the 15th by people such as da Vinci. This item is specifically not a spyglass, having a single lens held by a fancy two part frame that can rotate and has markings on it to show the distance in Leagues to what it is focused on.]

The Shipyard

A smaller compound connected to the northern side of the Consortium Compound, with access to the water north of the seawall. It contains four production berths on the waters edge, along with the shipwrights office, a wood drying warehouse, a large woodworking shop, and other support buildings. Both the Shipyard and Wood Shop are extremely well equipped and supplied, a major focus of both the Consortium and Covenant [Innovation +3 and Raw Materials +3]. Through a combination of their mundane equipment, magical devices, and far flung designs they produce ships with capabilities far in excess of what is normally found at the time.

Already Stated : The Enchanted Crane, The Enchanted Porter x8, Magical Lantern x4, Mystic Woodworkers Tool x4, Mystic Stoneworkers Tool, Mystic Metalworkers Tool

Items from Books:
The Soak [HP, p 61] This is used in the wood drying warehouse rather than a PeAq effect. PeAq would get rid of the moisture to quickly which would cause warping in the wood.
The Wheel [Hp, p 61] Used for motive power in the wood shop rather than the smaller 'The Motive Wheel' since it provides ~10 tons of force rather than ~240 lbs. They are processing whole trees rather than smaller lumber so need the additional capacity. Several of their tool are of the type that would normally be driven by a windmill or waterwheel.

  • The Enchanted Ships Crank
    ReTe(He), Level 40, T/C/S, Base 3 "Very Unnatural Control", RDT 5, Requisite 1, MC +5, U/Day +10
    Another design similar to 'Zeus' Arm' (TtA, p 94) and 'the Arms of Hercules' (HP, p 40). This is a brass block and tackle (snatch block) with a short length of light chain for connecting to the target. Designed for pulling ships into and out of the berths, it can affect structure sized objects (~1,000 tons if raw force matters). It has Requisite 1 rather than Requisite 0 to ensure that the force does not rip a ship apart. It could actually lift a ship and suspend it without damage using only a single connection to its railing.

  • Paint of Ships Metal x3
    MuTe(Aq), Level 20, T/D/I, Base 3 "Change to Liquid", RDT 2, Requisite 0, Metal 2, 24/day +5
    A large bucket with runes of Muto, Terram, and Aquam in brass. Another effect variant of the spell 'Ink of Noblest Metal' (Covenants, p 97), this version transforms all brass within it to a liquid with the consistency of paint or whitewash. This is used for "coppering" the hull of a ship which will be under the waterline, making it both water proof and fouling any organism which would attach to the hull.

  • Paint of Glittering Stone x3
    MuTe(Aq), Level 20, T/D/I, Base 3 "Change to Liquid", RDT 2, Requisite 0, Stone 1, U/day +10
    A large bucket with runes of Muto, Terram, and Aquam in quartz. Another effect variant of the spell 'Ink of Noblest Metal' (Covenants, p 97), this version transforms all quartz within it to a liquid with the consistency of paint or whitewash. A light coating is used on the hull everywhere not covered with brass. It is both stronger and more effect at waterproofing a ship than tar or varnishes, the normal means of the time.

Mystic Woodworkers Tool Variants:
Wood Level [A level that affects wood touching its bottom edge]
Wood Saw [A blunt edged saw, which will easily slice through wood with much straighter cuts]
2x Wood Curve [Target: Individual; Designed to straighten or curve wood]
Wood Knife [Small carving knife for fine detailed work]

A paved path leads east from the shipyard to an area featuring a grove of trees, used in the construction of its ships. The trees are grown with magic, helping to overcome the difficulty of obtaining enough quality lumber to keep the shipyard functioning. The positioning also ensures that the grove is mostly out of sight of the rest of Landen, helping to conceal any overt magic from travelers at the docks. [The Wood Saw, The Enchanted Crane, and The Enchanted Ships Crank are commonly used for cutting down, ripping out stumps, and skidding trees to the wood shop.]

  • Wand of Growth
    CrHe, Level 40, T/S/I, Base 15 "Maturity in a day", RDT 3, U/day +10
    A birch wood wand, engraved with leaves and vines. When used on a seed or sapling it causes it to grow to maturity over the course of a day. The effect must be used within a couple hours of sunrise or sunset for it to have enough time to reach full maturity before the effect expires.
    [While listed in this post, the wand is just as likely to be in use within the Covenant or the orchards surrounding the Walled Garden on any given day. It is normally carried by a Covenfolk who's duty is to see to the trees (Profession: Forestry 8). He is quite elderly now so his apprentice might be carrying out the duty especially in harder to reach areas.]