About the Ars Magica 5th Edition: The Heir of Laimunt Valley category

An old magus leaves behind a large inheritance. A covenant located between the Rhine, Normandy and the Greater Alps. A group of magi recruited to help defend and manage the covenant.

In 1196, Leonardus of House Jerbiton passed into Twilight, leaving behind a substantial inheritance to his three filii, Flavia, Wilhelm Weis and Eduardus. In his Hermetic will, duly registered and authenticated with House Guernicus, Leonardus details his many possessions – a great wealth in gold, raw vis, magical enchantments, books and notes, artifacts and mementos from past adventures. These were easily separated among the heirs of Leonardus.

More difficult to handle were a secondary sanctum that Leonardus had apparently established over the last few decades of his life. The sanctum was to form the kernel of a covenant he wanted to build there, including several vis sources. The condition to gain access to these resources was that a covenant be established there, headed by a magus of his line.

This paused a few problems to the heirs. First, this sanctum was located in a valley near Basel, at the crossroads between the Tribunals of the Rhine, Normandy and Greater Alps. The potential for conflict is great, as each of these Tribunals could claim jurisdiction over to this territory, under sharply different rules governing covenants and vis sources. Second, each of the filii were already well-established at their own covenant and none wished to leave position, comfort or influence behind.

After much debate, they found an innovative solution. Flavia, the oldest heir, had a recently-Gauntleted filius named Quintus Clusius. He would be the head of the new covenant and pay each of them a vis rent for the use of their inheritance. That left plenty of vis available for the new covenant.

Clusius was too young to defend and manage this inheritance all by himself, so a number of magi were approached to join the covenant.

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