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Don't worry Itzhak, get well soon :slight_smile:

Btw, i'm a little late to the topic, but i would like to add that technically the mirrors didnt need to be made in silver.
It could be made of any polished metal. Some of the most typicals were silver, tin and bronze. But it could be done in anything (copper, brass, electrum...). Ofc, some metals would need more cleaning and maintenance to avoid oxid than others, but thats it.

I only mention it to be accurate, and also in case Itzhak plans to add an enchantment to the mirror and wants a special material. If he doesn't have any preference, i would advise to go for tin or pewter, due to the reduced costs while being efectively the same as silver :man_shrugging:

Edit: and if we want to go fancy and magical, i'm pretty sure that Clusius could make a marvelous mirror made with water solidified into a surface :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi everyone. After checking with Arthur by dm, I wanted to introduce myself as a potential new member of the troupe. It's been years since I was last part of an Ars pbp, and I'm excited at the chance to get back into it, so I hope you are all open to having me onboard.

To tell you a bit about me (Ars-related), I'm mostly aligned with the Magic Realm vs. the other three - it captures my imagination the most. I also enjoy digging into medieval history, to flesh out the setting and mundane interactions a bit. Another of my favorite aspects of the game is using the magic system to solve problems, so I tend to design magi with a somewhat practical magical focus, and then try to use that focus in creative ways when facing a challenge. Doesn't always work out.

Anyway, please let me know what you think about my joining.

Another member? Thats great! :smiley: Welcome @Emelric! ^^

I suppose that Arthur already gave you the most important links to follow and prepare your character, but please, don't doubt to ask in case you have any doubt :slight_smile:

I'm looking forward to knowing more about the character concept you want to create :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome @Emelric!!!

About you joining: the more, the merrier. =]

As Gaxxian, I'm looking forward for your ideas. Feel free to ask anything you need.
If you want, there are a few stories going on that you can promptly join with grogs or a companion while your magus concept is fleshed out.

Links to the most relevant posts:

  • About the Ars Magica 5th Edition: The Heir of Laimunt Valley category lists the character creation rules and House Rules.
  • Character Creation Discussions (OOC) where you should post your character concept before developping it too much. In this saga, we promote a strong troupe approach, so that other players need to be comfortable running stories for the character type you want to create. So you need at least 2 "likes" on your character concept before you can proceed to detailed stats for the character. The concept should a a short paragraph describing the character (2 to 5 sentences).
  • The Covenant of Tugurium for the current assets and description of the covenant.

I don't have much time these days, but the other players can help you along! :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! I'll give a character concept some thought over the weekend and run it by you early next week.

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Welcome @Emelric !

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I will be posting very sporadically in the coming days/weeks. I live in Israel, and my country is in war, and it's all so overwhelming, and my mind isn't meant to deal with all of it.


Take the time you need. I hope things get better soon.

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Good luck to you, and keep safe.

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Don't worry, be safe. I hope things improve soon.

Posted in all threads.

@Arthur love the communal roll of seasons, but unless you want to update it for everyone, you might want to make it a wiki thread, so each can update his Magi/Maga's doings.

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Posts wiki'ed in the new topic. I'll add new posts when we start new years.

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I went away w/o warning for the last few days, sorry.

Regarding the Summary of Activities, I thought the Saga Calendar would serve this purpose. Any difference between both threads? Anyway, I'll update Regulus activities soon.

Ooops! :laughing:

I was searching for the summary and couldn't find it. Seems like it was right in my face.

I'll delete the new topic. I'll make sure any info indicated there is also on the Calendar before doing so.

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@Gaxxian if you could add Alba's plans for the next 2 years in the Saga Calendar topic that would be helpful in preparing what happens in the years before the next Tribunal.

I think we need a topic for Renard's stats (and to finish his V&F, since there was still some ambiguity about a few of them).


I created a new story topic to which each of the magi is approached. This would happen before any of them leave the covenant.

1205 Summer - Council Meeting

Well, if the first season (Spring 1205, when Celeste and Alba came to Tugurium) we have some exp, i will use it for Athletics (Walking long distances). But I dont know the exact amount that you want to give us
(Btw, Celeste cannot came in late Spring AND set up the lab in the same season ^^! You need a full eason activity to do that, not a few weeks) i will write the exact quantity when i know (btw, we also need to finish to roleplay our arrival).

Since i dont know if the adventure will use too much of my time to complete the provisional lab work, maybe i will move later my activities.

I must add future expected activities too? Those could change in any moment... so idk if that would cause some confusion.