ArM5: Loch Ness: A New Dawn [4-7+]

Very true.

As for companions, I had had another thought as well, one which certainly avoids the whole Failed Apprentice thing: An Ungifted Learned Magician. He has returned to the isles after years of study in Bologna. He is aware of the Order and wishes to prove his strength and be accepted into it. Even if he cannot get into House Ex Miscellanea due to his lack of the Gift, he knows he can prove himself to be truly valuable.

My concept was a Verditius who isn't a real fan of her house and is all the way in the backwaters to get away from them. Peace and quite. It'll get more fleshed out.

Given that you have 9 players already is this game now closed for more players?

At this point I'm thinking a Tytalus mage...

Given that you already have 9 players should I assume that you're not looking for any more?

There are currently no NPC Mercere magi in Loch Leglean, and the Tribunal's Mercere House (url=]Taigh Gogar[/url] is located just outside Edinburgh.

Yeah, Failed Apprentices are supposedly rather rare...but then again, PCs do tend to wreck the curve.

So, are you porting over Donnchadh Dubb for your magus?

I like it so far.

That's not necessarily a bad thing. Some overlap can make for good potential cooperation...or conflict.

Both (all three?) of these options sound good.

I'm considering a Flambeau who had his Gift opened later than most. He'd be just under 35 and fresh out of gauntlet at the start of play. For the purpose of figuring out what he did for the first ~20 years of his life, what starting year will the saga have?

The timeline on the site goes up to/through 1220.

I am proposing that option. I did not know if you were making a clean break with Canaries or not. I am also a big fan of the SG being comfortable with the mage that is proposed. Donnchadh is different from the standard Hermetic mage and uses the Hedge Magic rules for some of his power. If you do not feel like dealing with that I had another character in the wings that is much more straight forward ( for a mage).

Yes, the saga starts in 1220.

Yay, the recruitment thread is up! I was keeping an eye on the thread in the general Ars Magica forum - didn't realise this had appeared over here. Definitely still interested. Character concept/s, lets see...

I want to make a Bonisagus! I'm leaning toward one with faerie blood, and a great interest in researching their heritage. I have two ideas on that front right now:

One with undine (ceasg?) blood, and an aquam focus - I would probably end up with an underwater lab and such other things (might need to discuss how the undine faerie legacy works).

The other is more faerie-god blooded. One of the magically inclined Celtic deities. More of a vim bent, I think - and possibly also an alchemist if that's alright.

If we need healing, I would be open to changing paths some. If someone has that in mind, no problem at all. I just figure this is a good opportunity for some meta-game stuff to help avoid overlap (as mentioned before) and also cover our bases. I'm definitely planning on Re and Vi being strengths, but when I come down to it I have 4 points of Virtues and some points in Arts that are pretty flexible. In character design I'm trying to remain as vanilla as possible with my magic; I've got some creative things I'd like to try within vanilla Hermetic magic, using metamagic stuff. Essentially, I have a style for the character that could go with a lot of things. Meanwhile I just want to have a specific avenue to take and to have an interesting set of relationships with the Hermetic world set up. That really leaves me a lot of flexibility for a magical focus, for a house, etc. I was looking at Mercere because I think the house is quite interesting, and that's why Tremere was another choice. But even within those there are a lot of options. I have fun thoughts with an emphasis on any of transforming air, transforming fire, healing and longevity (two variants), or corpses.

I'm pretty flexible, too. Waiting for things to flesh out among the other players. A couple of ideas floated have been too similar to some concepts I've had in mind, but that's not a big deal, as I have some other ideas. Put me in the, I'm waiting until everyone else decides camp, and then I'll put something up.

Sorry I didn't see this in there. But, no, you made it.

And, with that, I think applications have closed, for now. Everyone who posted before this one is in. Still waiting for the Saga thread to go up.

Meanwhile, I've been working on a wiki, located here. I accidentally deleted the Random page, and haven't figured out how to bring it back and make it work. But feel free to poke around, and send me invites for editing privileges if you so choose.

Cool. With 11 of us, this should be vibrant! I've always wanted to see a covenant that is large enough that there can be a lot of trade and negotiation going on between players as well as having enough players to breathe life into a huge number of magi/companions/grogs. Now, can the place actually handle all of us? :wink:

I'm trying to collect everything I've seen so far to make it easier.

  • Bitter - Criamon, Path of Seeming, In/Vi followed by Pe/Ig (alternate ideas: Bjornaer or Merinita with Nature Lore)
  • callen - Mercere, Re/Vi followed by Mu/Au
  • Cannonball - Bonisagus with faerie blood, and a great interest in researching their heritage. 1) undine (ceasg?) blood, and an aquam focus, or 2) faerie-god blooded alchemist with more of a vim bent
  • Emelric - Flambeau who had his Gift opened later than most. He'd be just under 35 and fresh out of gauntlet
  • ironboundtome - Corbin: Merinita illusionist, Im, Gentle Gift
  • jebrick - reprising Donnchadh Dubh: A "Beast Master" who uses the Elemental magic from Hedge Magic to summon animals. (alternate idea: focused on crows/ravens)
  • Jonathan.Link -
  • Quite Possibly a Cat - Verditius who isn't a real fan of her house
  • Senji -
  • silveroak - Tytalus, killed parens, generalist
  • Wits -

And that's in addition to the two NPC magi. The elderly Bjornaer lab-rat and the young(ish) Bonisagus cat-wrangler.

I'm planning to have my Tytalus one who killed their parens- I have a bit of a background for that- but I'm also thinking this will affect his age that he "gauntleted" at (he will have weak parens paired with a number of learning advantaged virtues to simulate both a shorter training period and the degree that his parens took advantage of him in holding back on some training to get more use out of him as a lab assistant.)

Silveroak, what will your favored Arts be?

Sorry, I was in the hospital when this thread first started. Is there any chance I can slip in?

In either case, the major focus will be on the Form Animal