Ars Magica 6 - is it planned?

Salvete Amici,

as there are some discussions here about Ars Magica 6 I wonder if there are plans for it?
I haven't found anything on the official website nor on this forum so I assume these are only discussions from fans ...
Can sombody throw some sparks of enlightenment in my direction?


To the best of my knowledge, it's just fans talking.
No new edition is currently in the works, that I know of.

Unfortunately, no one with any explicit knowledge wouldn't be allowed to post anyway shakes fist at NDA The proliferation of 6e posts stems from Heaven's Thunder Hammer resurrecting an old post on the subject of a hypothetical new edition. To my knowledge, he's not an author or playtester so I doubt he has any inside knowledge (the fact that he hasn't been censured by David or the Nephews may be taken as further evidence).

That said, however, David Chart did admit (after Marko broke NDA) that his plans for a revised edition of Ars Magica 5E had been scrapped. And, of course, the game is over 10 years sold so we'll probably be seeing 6e sooner rather than later, but there don't seem to be any concrete plans yet.

The lack of announcements on new products also suggests we are nearing the end of 5th edition.

I didn't break NDA. Not on purpose. I just remember many years ago being invited to a discussion that I never participated in. Not sure if an invitation is NDA material or not. But let us all just pretend that I said nothing.

The guy who wrote City of Brass should know all about "Jinn" and bottles... :laughing:

To be honest, and perhaps I'm becoming a traditionalist in my (not so) old age, I'd rather there was not a 6th edition. Maybe a revised 5.5 rulebook, but not a complete overhaul with a new edition. I like 5th, more than any other previous edition, and I feel there's still lots left to do in it.

You know, this always reminds me of that riddle about thee two villagers, one of which always tells the truth and one of whom always lies... except in this case one of the villagers (anyone under an NDA) knows but can't answer and the ones not under an NDA can answer but don't know...

The trick is working out the right question to ask... :smiley:

You mean like:

"Have you resently signed a NDA?"

On the other hand, in case there are no plans for AM6 nobody would have signed a NDA ... or I am wrong :wink:


I'm in the same boat. I can only put so much into the books and I've done so with 5th edition; I wouldn't move on to a 6th. One of the things that really bugged me with earlier editions is that there weren't a full spread of supplements for similar things. For example, if you're going to have a book on Faerie, have books on Magic, Divine, and Infernal, too. Earlier editions didn't pull that off. Didn't mean I disliked them, but it did bug me. We're in so much better shape with 5th, but I think it would really upset me if we didn't finish the Tribunals. Also, 5th has cleaned up a lot of things, making them far more consistent. A revised rulebook or a suggestion of a Storyguide's Story Guide (couldn't resist over "Storyguide's Handbook" or similar) would allow a lot of the troublesome spots to be addressed without a complete overhaul. It could also be used to address some setting change ideas (such as a recent suggestion about how to handle all gods as divine) to allow for different viewpoints or styles of play. It could provide some variant interpretations without saying one is correct, too, such as ways to handle magic resistance so that storyguides might choose their favorite interpretation.

Sounds more like quantum mechanics. :smiley:

...or magic. Probably from some esoteric mystery cult.

Doesn't it though?


Doesn't it though?

Actually it's pure logic and as thus Artes Liberales

But you cut the primary part of the quote I was referencing. :frowning: I was referring to the NDA part more than that part. Otherwise it just sounds like anything investigative.

For those who don't follow, think of an electron being under an NDA. It's in a combination of states so you can't get an answer out of it... Until you remove it from the NDA (making a measurement), forcing one of the states upon it, at which point you can get an answer out of it. But that answer doesn't tell you what was known within the NDA (all states). But by asking the right questions (running sufficient experiments to look for appropriate things), you can figure out what's going on inside the electron's NDA (determining how quantum mechanics works).

I don't know of a sixth edition. Magic Shoe is NOT 6th edition - I know that because I asked and Cam said that, publicly. So there might be a sixth edition I know nothing about, but I do have good reason to suspect there are still Ars Magica 5 books in the pipeline, so I would not worry about a new edition any time soon. As my dear old mum Audrey says "there is life in the old gal yet" -- and with 5th, I suspect it gets even better. :slight_smile: After all we have only just seen one book, and I presume another is on the website? Through the Aegis - and on that book I may say nothing whatsoever, except I think that I was an author - as my name is n the cover and I am therefore under the NDA :slight_smile:

cj x

This becomes difficult when the electron is used to handling NDAs, and knows to not respond, or to respond with 'no comment' if pushed regardless of what is happening within the NDA or, for that matter, if there is even an NDA for something to happen within.

This is the problem when attempting to measure something that can intentionally obfuscate. :slight_smile:

So many people hiding behind the NDA...makes me wonder what I don't know about 8)

The fanbase has been kicking around a 5.1 since 5 was launched, and those discussions just have had a number change. This is the same thing we've been doing forever. David has mentioned in this thread that he had a bit of a look at it and there are design issues.

I'm not. personally, aware of any formal discussion. There have been discussions in the sense that the authors have said to each other "If Atlas ever did a 6, what would you do?", some of which has surfaced as articles in Sub Rosa on occasion, but that's not really what you are asking about, is it?

You outed me, how dare you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Naw I'm just shooting some shit here. :smiley: Yes. I'm just an active fan, not an author, nor a playtester. I've been around this site since 2006, and posted on the old ars magica forum on (or whatever the hell it was called) before the site tanked in the early 2000s. Many of the people from that forum I recognized as playtesters on 5E. I would like to think if I had been more vocal/interested my name could have been on 5E playtester credits. However, at that point I think seriously got into Mage: the Ascension and Exalted 1E... I disliked 4E and wasn't interested in the game for some years.

What happened was that I got thinking about it, and recalled a post that Cam Banks made in the Ars 6 Wishlist Thread:

Which spawned its own thread:

I just had a 6th sense (get it :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ) that something was being thought of and figured pushing some discussion on it would be a good idea to give the Developers (David Chart and Cam Banks) as well as the author pool who will likely be brought in as consultants what fans were thinking about a new edition. has very, very different discussions about RPGs, and it got me thinking. There were some highly influential threads about 3.5 that influenced D&D 4th edition that I saw on EN-World and the WotC forums. I figured Ars Magica could have some of the same things. If you scroll up from , on the post directly above Cam Banks, you'll see I have quoted links to the previous EIGHT discussions on 6E. I hope those get looked at too, since in the past we had different forum members active.

No, it doesn't. Atlas has a standing policy of not announcing products until they are ready to publish (after getting burned in the past). I think the largest number of unannounced supplements I have ever had in active development is 12. Something like that, anyway.