Blood of Heroes Question

I'm joining a campaign, and wished to make a Blood of Heroes character, and had it Okayed. However, me and my DM noticed that the Hero Mythic Companion, unlike the Nephilim, Faerie, and Devil Child Mythic Companions, do not gain any form of magic resistance. Which makes my concept (someone who can stand toe to toe with magic users using just sword and armor) sort of... improbable.

Is there some way to get around this, besides having someone else cast a weaker Pharma on me? It'd be unfortunate because it's a character I'd really like to play, but I don't have any real interest in playing something so gimped from the start.

Companions are supposed to be "gimped" - that's why it's not Ars Martialis or Ars Companiona. In a game where magicians are the "central" characters, it's understandable that having a non-magician who can "go toe to toe" with one would be a problem. I mean, if a Player Character can do it, then any NPC could. (Actually, NPC's can already, but even more so.)

So if you want to bend the rules, and it's okay with your STORYGUIDE* and Troupe, just take "+3 Greater immunity: Magic" and go about your business. Just don't expect any quick healing.

(* aka SG - very few, if any, "dungeons" in this game :wink: )

That's a rather silly logic to take. Why introduce mythic companions, which are meant to completely replace your magus, not be companion level, if they aren't ever going to be usable logically? Especially since most of the other mythic companions are perfectly usable, or even too good.

The purpose of a "central" character (such as a Magi) is to have enough points to be interesting enough (and have enough capabilities) to be the center of their own dramatic storyline, and to have an impact on the world about them. The ability to throw down with the Supernatural set is storylines where that's important. In those where it's not? Then those points that the player dropped into Pillum of Flame and Parma don't end up being very useful. Although to be fair - most MAGI can't go toe-to-toe with other magi, unless they're designed for it.

One of the assumptions of most storylines in Ars Magica is that it is based around one or two characters at a time - in almost no circumstance are ALL the main characters going to be in the same scene - except maybe eating breakfast, or something like that. Instead, the stories will (usually) be focused around one of the magi's Story flaws, and will involve that magi, a companion, and maybe one or two grogs. Then the next player gets a turn at being the main character, and so on. All of these stories are going on in roughly the same location (ie, the Covenent), but rarely involve all of the characters simultaneously.

For example, in our current Saga:

  1. the Ex Misc lab rat is off at Duremar, looking into Lord Fir and the Genis Loci of the Black Forest
  2. The Criamon assassian is looking into uncovering her Diende past,
  3. The Merinita ex-apprentice is getting involved in Farie tales out in the forest,
  4. The Bjorner Rabbit is getting annoyed at all the faries trying to remodel our castle, and
  5. The Verditius mason is trying to discover the secrets of mystic forging.

Note that only one or two of these plot lines have anything to do with each other. (ie, Black Forest farie stuff.) Thus, only one magi is usually involved with any of those at any given point in time. Otherwise? It's a bunch of average folks (the grogs), or else their much-more-competent associates (Companions) who are around.

Therefore, power level doesn't actually matter all that much - you're never going to be a part of the same story line anyway. What matters is that a Heroic-level character has lots of points to do OTHER things besides Hermetic magic. For example, one can design a high Com or Pre-based Heroic character that is the Mozart of their era, and have a strong storyline about their relationship with their Muse.

AS such - it's the kind of story you want to tell that determines what kind of character you play. If you want to play a wizard? Then yeah: playing a Hermetic Magi is the way to go. Want to have someone who is so incredibly competent at Music that gods and angels (literally) come down to listen to them play, and fight for control of their soul? Yeah, might want to play that Blood of Heroes character, instead.

I realize how stories work, and the whole reason I wanted a blood of heroes character was because the SG okayed the idea of having her travel the world gathering ancient magic (go to Ireland and tomb rob to get gae bolg, go through Greece and find the nimean lion pelt, etc.) Artifacts left behind by other heroes.

I mean, I don't intend for the character to be able to go and kill everything in the world and be a murder hobo, but the idea that something on the tier of Beowulf couldn't fight a fae because their magic would always work just seems... off.

And being forced into playing a social character is sort of lame, because... well first of all a Maestro would be better for what you described thematically, and second of all, big heroes were heroes because they went out and fought big things. You don't generally find people considering Socrates as a demigod.

The virtue that allows Heroic characters to have one rank 15 power (or up to rank 30 with multiple buys) can't mimic anything that grants magical resistance, correct?

Rego Vim wards. Fairie/Magic/Divine/Infernal effects can't cross them - either circular (Circle/Ring) or Personal (Personal/Sun) versions.

You could also go with a Perdo Vim AntiMagic "shout the spell down" effect.

EDIT - which I agree isn't all that great. The other way I know to buy MR is through Faith and/or a Holy Relic - but that's a specific character type, and probably not what you're going for.

Actually, you can have magic resistance.

Take a relic, or a major relic. (MR 5, MR 15)
Take the heroic virtue of "invisible to magic" (Magic, Faeries and Infernal cannot touch you with powers. Basically, you don't exist as far as magic is concerned. Of course, this also means you can't be healed by it or anything like that)
Take a quality that gives you a might score if you have to, though this one's risky. (When you have might, you need to consume vis to learn)
Team up with a magus? (For any of the other options offered)

Or if none of these suit, remember that Redcaps are magi too.

I looked at invisible to magic, but it was a bit more complicated and neither me nor the SG really knew how good it was. Is it considered a good thing to take? How powerful things are sorta escapes me a lot of the time, because I just grab things that sound cool.

It's nifty. But it is also a vulnerability in that magic can't help you in positive ways either. You can't have personal wards, magic healing, anything like that.

No, it works only if you concentrate. I would add that it takes a fairly high concentration score to confidently shrug off all but the most minor spells.

Demonic Blood (RoP: I, p. 84) gives you a Might score, which means a magic resistance.
Or you can take an Infernal Blessing, granting Magic Resistance (15 for a minor, I think it's 35 for a major virtue?)

True Faith/Relics/Guardian Angel gives you a straight Magic Resistance - IIRC they are even cumulative.

Both RoP: Faeries and RoP: Magic lets you play characters with might score, though these are somewhat more specialized.

Ok, wait. There are essentially four ways you can get magic resistance if you are not a Hermetic magus.

The first is to play a character who has access Divine Methods and Powers, or Infernal Maleficia (either directly, or because someone else uses them on him).
The second is to play a character who gets assistance from an angel or saint, or a demon.
The third is to play a character who has to True Faith and/or holy relics and/or similar Divine protection, like anointed kings.
The fourth (and this is the only one if you want your character to be aligned to Magic or Faerie) is to play a supernatural creature of that Realm. Nephilim and Devil Children and Faeries are all examples of this. For Magic, you can make a magical character as described in RoP:M. These can be Mythic Companions, "simple" Companions, or even grogs. Your character is not human, although he may look human. He has Might, meaning he can't get warping and the only supernatural Virtues/Flaws he can have must be aligned to his Realm.

Ezzilino: Hmmm. My bad. it's been about 3 months since I last read the virtue, so eh. Still cool.

Yes, truth faith, relics and such all stack, which means you can make someone immune to most magic with a little work, but they can still have their stuff stolen. A magus with a relic is pretty nifty too.

Make your armour and sword be relics, granted by God, is a good option. If God wishes you to be a hero, so be it.

A background character in my current saga is the older brother of my magus, who was chosen by the mountains (as a descendant of Roland, (whom the verditius have a cult about too :stuck_out_tongue: ) , and so has blood of heroes. He has a relic, and a bunch of other stuff, but basically gets screwed about by the fact that the primordial spirit of the mountains expects him to be the hero of the mountains in exchange for it's blessing. And unfortunately for him, it's not willing to let him sit back and have a peaceful life, so of course he's acquiring more relics. Too many fae in those damn mountains.

There is a simple, flavorful solution to that, if your SG cooperates: you two look up together ArM5 p.43 Guardian Angel. Then you discuss, whether your Blood of Heroes character is sufficiently aligned to any kind of supernatural realm (Divine, Magic, Faerie, Infernal) to warrant a Guardian Angel-type being from that realm looking after him/her. Of course, this 'looking after' is strongly flavored by the specific realm and goes far beyond providing Soak boni and Magic Resistance. And this being is also affected by the Auras of foreign realms. :slight_smile:


Only the Divine and Infernal Realms readily grant MR. Please do not cheapen them by allowing all realms to do so, which is what you do by allowing Guardian Angels of any realm.

Consider carefully whether MR is what you actually want. Is Beowulf great because magic bounced off him, or because he used his greatness to overcome the magic?

If you really want magic to bounce off, taking the Transformed (Being) virtue from Realms of Power: Magic is probably your best bet. It's a major virtue, but grants you up to ten more points of virtues and flaws, which you can use to buy a magic might of 10 if you so choose. Or hell, just play a Magical Human from the start and have a great might score (and still be a hero, just one fully tied to the magic realm)

One possibility worth considering is houseruling in a few virtues granting magical defences (akin to those in Hedge Magic or Rival Magic). For instance, your character could have a virtue granting Immoveable Object (Mentem) based on their presence+concentration skill, as they force the magic out of their mind. And another for Immoveable Object (Corpus) based on their Strength+Athletics skill, as they simply break free of the mystical bonds and go "Fuck you sorcerer, I'm not playing your game."

If you need a RAW justification for the virtues: Lesser and Greater Benediction=whatever the hell virtue makes sense to you guys, and are perfectly suited to a heroic character.


It might be worth noticing that, in general, Hermetic Magi are simply the best, not only better than "magus replacement" characters, but better than most demons, angels, faeries and dragons.

The only way to solve this is by playing D&D4 instead of AM. Or Rifts. Or rewriting the game. Or writing a New Edition.

A "magus replacement" character is much better than a normal companion, either to the tune of 10 more net virtue points and sometimes a few options otherwise unavailable, a lesser magical tradition, or a character with a minor amount of Might.

But if I did want to cobble together something, why not look at the Criamon Path of Strife? Take the first few stages of this as Major Virtues, and maybe one that lets you have MR equal to 5x your EW -- but only if you are holding your favored weapon and can "parry" the magic. EW is your free virtue.

Note that real magi are still better, but being able to walk along tree branches, repel arrows, fly, etc like "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" is pretty cool.



Another thing to consider is the Meta-Game aspect. Sure you can create effects that remove a character from the fight completely if they penetrate. But does your storyguide use one-hit-knockouts like that often.

I know I prefer powers that are lower in effect but have a high penetration, at least for NPC's. It's can be boring storywise if every encounter is all about waiting for the first uberspell to get through the opositions MR. At it's worst you end up with fights where no "Magic" actually happens till the last instant when one side drops dead.

So you might find that having MR isn't a big help. To put it another way the SG probably already has a plan for getting around an MR higher then what you can cobble together without Parma. So I'd focus on making a character who is better able to deal with the effects that do penetrate. A high personality trait that's part of you essential nature so your hard to mind control. Second sight to penetrate illusions. Confidence points, luck, and common sense to get around random problems, and soak soak and more soak (with a little helping of size fore good measure).

With all due respect KE, you're missing the point.

the Rules, which were written for magi, so if your SG okayed it, then make it happen, and don't let the rules get in your way, regardless. Just think ahead re what you're doing.

Well, another sort of question about Blood of Heroes - it's not explicitly stated that it's of any of the four supernatural. It'd make sense for it to be Magic or Faerie, seeing as most gods are either Magical or Faerie Queens/Lords/Kings/Gods

However, the Maestro, a version of Blood of Heroes based around art and music and great artist, sort of, is allowed to be represented by any of the four supernatural. Would it break the setting to allow a Blood of Heroes character who is the descendant of heroes like David, Samson, Joab, or heck, even Moses? What about a Sayyid or Sayyida (descended from the prophet Muhammad)? And let them count as Divine.