Chapter 1: Reunited

Menatia rolls Sta +1, warm clothes +3, Ward against cold +5, roll 8 = 17 => success!

Menatia's Stamina roll

It is not the best time for traveling, but the sahort days are sunny and the air is crisp and fresh. You make your way into the Westerwald, finally leaving behind the last charburner's hovels as you head deeper into the forest, against the warnings about of the disgruntled peasants, the occasional sound of a branch breaking under the weight of the snow and a few bird-cries your sole companions.

After a time you realize that you haven't seen animal footprints in the snow for quite some time. Your advance is violating the unspoiled beauty of a winter forest, mostly of oaks, firs and spruces. There are some brambles, and scrubs, but not enough to keep you from seeing from one rolling hill to the next.

Tabanus whispers: "Weak Fairie Aura".

Eduardo pulls his layer upon layer closer over him warding off the cold, holding back the shudder just out of sheer reaction to the frigid climbs and upon looking over to Tanabus he is unable to help himself with giving anything less than a soft sarcastic reply hooray before letting out another sigh at least its not despoiled, it half makes me contemplate if ones foes have been set to combustion with the added joy of using them to keep them warm in a winter encounter.

As Tabanus mentions the fairie aura, Hildegarde check the surrounding to see if the finds anything different about the vegetation, the absence of animal footprints is disturbing even in a fairy forest.

"So we"re approching our goal, the trees are not awaken yet It seems"

The forest looks ancient, beautiful, idyllic, just the way you's imagine the perfect winter forest with snow covered trees and the sun making the snow glisten.

He could appreaciate its subtle and stark beauty as well as the untarnished silence before his voice filled the air once more It is clear and quiet for now, but be on your guard, any sort of foe could appear from the aether within such an aura. Though oddly he didnt seem to be any more cautious or prepared than before his words.

Animus asks Tabanus, "What direction to Felix' remains? And can you gauge the distance as well? Perhaps I can scout ahead a little."

The young Tremere doubts that faeries will jump them so soon after the group of magi have crossed into their domain, but will still be careful in his reconnaissance, only moving ahead by a few hundred yards at a time. A quick run over the snow, leaving it mostly untouched by his passage, to help determine the best path for the rest of the group to take as they move towards the missing redcap's remains.

When Animus steps onto the untouched snow, the scenery changes. It is still the same stretch of forest, but now filled with hundreds of fairy beings, some as large as tress, others little and hairy, sitting on trees limbs, others again small and shiny. In the middle of it all, there is a throne of snow, and an unearthly king and his breahtaking queen are on it.

"We great you, magi", he announces in a melodical voice, "and are glad you have come to entertain us. But before we can speak, let me give you a chance of showing your prowesse. My queene desires the pelt of a snow wolf as a welcoming gift."

Five snarls echo through the trees as five giant wolves speed towards you from all directions.

ooc: roll initiative and write a post if you desire to attack before the wolves do (if you are fast enough). The wolves are called Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and The Runt and have an initiative of 16, 14, 14, 13, and 8, respectively. The main function of this fight is for us to practice using the combat system (and you having fun using your superpowers).

[edit double post]

initiative : initiative: 1D10+5 = [5]+5 = 10

ooc : Hildegarde is going to cast a spell so I used fast caster for the roll : +2 qik +3 fast caster

"I hope you won't mind if I borrow your magnificent trees for a moment"

Eduardo began to laugh as a gleam in his eyes shone simply folding his arms and lookedstill a bit like a bear under all his layers yes! Now that is a queen, come beasts of the winter world, come face my fury!

80510 Eduardo 2015-01-13 23:40:46 1d10+1 1D10+1 = [5]+1 = 6 +1 qik

(OOC: The wolves appear already in range for melee combat? I thought we were in a relatively open expense of snow within the forest, from the previous description. "There are some brambles, and scrubs, but not enough to keep you from seeing from one rolling hill to the next.")

Animus is a caught off-balance by the sudden appearance of the wolves (Qik is +1 and die roll is 1d10=10, check for botch is 1d10=8 -- so no botch but total Initiative is only 1)

Still, as soon as he can he will cast Charge of the Angry Winds (CrAu 15) to try and blow as many wolves away from the magi as he can, putting priority on those closer to himself. (Casting total is 18 + aura/2 + die roll of 1d10=6, so he should achieve some reasonable Penetration of 9 + aura/2).

So for init 10

I'll cast Trap the entwining vines on a wolf (CrHe 15) : Cr 10+ He 10 +sta +1 casting Trap the entwining vines: 1D10 = [7] = 7 +aura /2 = 28+aura/2

So penetration is 13 + pene 1+1(spe) +aura/2 = 15 +aura/2 (it should work even if it doesn't penetrate)
My priority is protecting myself then the quaesitor.

The untouched snow was a fairie illusion - like a curtain on a stage that has been suddenly opened. None of you saw through the illusion (I checked for second sight).

Understood. So now we are in some kind of small clearing inside the forest? And the wolves were simply waiting to attack as soon as the illusion dropped and they received orders from king, already within a handful of paces from us?

First things first, Adele moves to keep herself alive, flying upward out of reach of the wolves.

Qik 1 + Roll 5 = 6 Initiative.

Menatia tries to cast Wizard's Sidestep and then moves out of the way from the attacking wolves.

Menatia's Initiative roll 5 + Qik 1 = 6

Casting total: Roll 12 (Initial roll=1 then Re-roll=6) + ReIm 11 + Sta 1 + aura/2 = 24 + aura/2

Eduardo simply stepped forward and stomped his left foot onto the ground, his hands went through no motions other than to take a defensive stance Bow unworthy creatures, know your masters and cower letting his voice carry his magics to the ground to burst open both an attack upon his enemies and a defensive barrier between wolf and magi. (init was 6 from previous post)

casting pit of gaping earth 15+5 flexible (group): 1D10 = [8] = 8

Casting Roll= 8 +2 stam +11(+3) perdo +4 terram + aura/2 =28 (Voice,Mom,Group) = Success
Penetration (against the ground if needed)= 2+2 +8 left over from spell (12)

ooc: Tabanus 3 grogs drop their bundles and draw their bronze weapons. So does Andras, your only shield grog. Rolls of 8, 5, (1,4)-->8, 6.

Grog Asbert: Init 10, Bechthold: 7, Cunibert: 10 Andreas 7 (feel free to direct the grogs - if you don't I will)

Init Order Alpha 16 Beta 14 Gamma 14 Delta 13, Hildegarde 10, A 10, C 10, Runt 8, Eduardo 7, B 7, Andreas 7, Adele 6, Menantia 6, Animus 1,

attack rolls:
Alpha: 2-->13 defense A 10+4-->14 fails
Beta: 8 -->18 defense B 10+6= 16 Attack advantage 2 + 6 damage = 8 soak 8 no damage
Gamma: 3 -->13 defense C 10+9 no damage
Delta: 4 -->14 defense Andreas 8+8=16 no damage
Runt: 4-->13 attacks Hildegarde defense????
Wolf stats: Fairie wolf from core book (+1 on everything for alpha, -1 on everything for the runt)

I need a defense from Hildegarde!
Those who attack, state your targets.

Alpha attacks the most dangerous looking fellow, which Grog A who has drawn his sword. He goes for the grog's well-armored heels. The other wolves each attack a grog, but the grogs manage to evade, except for Bechthold, whose armor rings like a bell as the wolf strikes it.
Only the smallest of the wolves realizes that the magi may be the real danger and goes for the fastest of the magi, Hildegarde.

defense : brawl 1 (+1 evasion) +quickness 2 + defense: 1D10 = [6] = 10 + 3 from confidence point =13 attack advantage : 0 --> no damage

HIldegarde's training saved her at the last minute from the wolf's bite, she yells at Andreas "Stop playing with that puppy, and come to me Andreas !"

She then resume casting the spell in previous post : trap of entwining vines, the target is group so basicaly all of them if possible ( a circle 2 pace across)