Chapter 4: Preparing for Autumn 1013

Janus would vote low level over the higher ones to ensure penetration.

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Janus will be copying Pilum of Fire in to our Grimoire fairly soon after we settle down so I would put that as a lower priority.


Thadeus knows Veil of Invisibility, so he could do the same. His lab texts are all in his head.

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Is there willingness of the magi to craft enchanted items for companions?

Of course not. But then, Thadeus doesn't know what we have already! :wink:

I guess this discussion allows us all to know what we have or can bring to the grimoire.

If there's a consensus to spending a season writing lab texts, it's something Cath'rinne can consider doing as well if her spells are useful to others. She's more into spontaneous magic, however.

Janus thinks writing your lab text in to the grimoire should be a high priority for everyone.

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