Chapter 5a - Of Ancient Days and Long Lost Nights

Okay, the "Barcelona Nights" thread is to migrate over to here as we prepare for the next leg of this little adventure. This is where you explore Val-Negra...

And as you are looking over that stuff, one of he Barcelona magi comes to you with an urgent message. It is Odo, and he sez [color=red]"He's here!!" When you ask who, the name alone speaks volumes. [color=red]"Erat Caecus!"

With about the same enthusiasm as someone watching paint dry can muster, he muses "How convenient."

[color=green]Erat Caecus: [color=red]Yes, quite convenient indeed!. He steps into the room, an imposing presence despite his scarred disfigured face. [color=red]Well-well, if it isn't more of the dogs of Fuego. Well, that old idiot isn't here, nor is his dog-of-war Antonio. Anyway, since I an the true heir to Val-Negra, I will be assuming command of this expedition. Does anyone have a problem with that?.

He meets Octavius' gaze. then sneers. Then he locks eyes with Ludovicio [color=red]Well, I did not expext to see you again so soon. How was Taglyn?

He half closes his eyes at the sneer and exhales deeply before sitting up from his chair. "My tolerance for argument has peaked for tonight. I will leave the contest of wills to the rest of you." He heads to the door, but pauses just before exiting and turns his head to Erat, an odd smile on his face. "Forgive my lapse. I neglected to mention that as a quaesitor I am investigating the recent developments regarding Val-Negra; with the approval of the Praeco. Any disputes and claims of inheritance will be reviewed by my person." He bows to the room and closes the door softly behind him.

Outside, he will lean his back against the door frame quietly to eavesdrop on the conversation.

Inigo’s hand reaches quickly and reflexively for his sword, but never quite makes it, relaxing before it touches the hilt. He glances sidelong at the scarred magus, his face and demeanor suddenly cool. [color=red]Erat Caecus? I’ve heard much about you. What brings you to Barcelona?

As for assuming command of our expedition, that is quite impossible. This is an exploratory mission on behalf of the covenant of Andorra. If you want to assume command of it, you can talk to Grandmaster Antonio. You’re of course welcome to do your own exploring, provided you can get permission from the magi of Barcelona for the use of their portal.

[color=red]mehmehmehmeh... "grandmaster Antonio". Pfft!! Your subservience makes me ill! And that ill bred cur isn't here, now is he? Where did your Quaestiore buddy go? Perhaps I should describe to him how Antonio broke into my sanctum, assailed me with violence, and stole my personal property! And which tribunal has granted Andorra sole authority in this matter? Oh wait, that's right. You don't even have a tribunal! You are not a real covenant. Listen here mendicant! (gets all up in your face)[color=red] I am the legitimate heir of Val-Negra. I was the last one there, twenty years ago in 1200 ad. I am the last apprentice of Val-Negra. I am taking over leadership of this expedition, and if you would care to dispute that I am more than eager for a duel.

Shall we?


Inigo sneers slightly, carefully keeping all trace of fear from his face. [color=red] Certamen, is it? The eternal refuge of bullies and cowards. Fine, so be it.

OOC: Just evaluating my options here. What do I know about Erat Caecus? Favorite arts? General personality? He's an Archmage, right, albeit maybe a subpar one? If he wins, can I be expected to be in more trouble than if I hadn't fought at all?

Unless he knows or suspects that Ignem is one of Erat Caecus' best arts, or if he suspects that he is strong in a form that the Tytalus is weak in, Inigo will pick Ignem.

Not an Archmagus, but he is a bit older than you are (age 61). All you know about his magic is that his parens is a necromancer and he was trained in an illusionary covenant.

Perdo is his best art, but it is lucky that you agreed to it because I resolved he would agree to whatever Form you picked if you agreed to Perdo. Had you refused, he would have picked Rego and rejected Ignem, and thus you prolly would have picked Corpus. That would have been a stalemate. With a PeIg contest, you actually have a slight advantage. I think you could win this.

The Phantasms will consist of snow and ice that build up on each other as you try to overcome each other with frost. The question is: How do you wanna roll this out? We can go blow by blow using electronic dice (I have a link somewhere); or we can roll batches of dice and line up the numbers; or you can give me instructions on how you want to Attack & Defend and I can roll it out myself at home tonight and post the results tomorrow, or I can analyze the numbers and decide who the winner is based solely on that.

Your call.

Octavian's bangs fall over his eyes as he pushes himself off the frame and walks away after overhearing the course of the discussion within the room.

Inigo nods curtly. [color=red] Ah, we agree. Very well. If you win, you may lead this expedition. If I win… you must tell me what you know of Val Negra, leave this place, and agree not to try to go there for at least one month.

I like this option, which Mad Max used to great success over at Ad Fons. It’s not as nailbiting as rolling dice in real time, but it also allows timely resolution while keeping to the game.

My strategy: I will open with a strong attack with Ignem (presumably my better art), hoping he’ll be arrogant and defend with his weak art. Thereafter, I’ll use Ignem mostly on defense, and play defensively in general unless I think I’m getting a feel for his style and see an opening, or if I think the strategy requires modification. I am willing to use Confidence on a roll (or rolls) if it will tip the balance or if I'm in a lot of trouble. I will avoid using vis unless doing so will be decisive or unless it appears that he is using it – that’s not a strategy I want to encourage. If he beats me pretty badly, I’d rather keep Parma against any spell he tries than futilely fight to my last breath and be helpless.

Initiatve: D+5
Attack/Defense: D+13 with Perdo or D+18 with Ignem (my Pre and Per are both +1)
Weakening: D+5+Attack Advantage
Resistance: 8 (9 vs Ignem?)

Random question: Do skill specializations count in Certamen? If he attacks with Ignem, does my parma count as one level higher?


I took the liberty of rolling it all out last night. Please check my math...

[u]Inigo Elazar Xalbador of Flambeau[/u]
Initiative +5 (Qik +1, Finesse (precision) 4)
Attack +13/+18 (Pre +1, Pe12/Ig17)
Defense +13/+18 (Per +1, Pe12/Ig17)
Weakening +5 (Int: +2, Penetration 3(Creo))
Resistance +9 (Sta +2, Parma Magica 4+2 (Ignem))

[u]Erat Caecus of Tytalus[/u]
Initiative +3 (Quik +0, Finesse 3 (Mentem))
Attack +20/+8 (Pre +2, Pe18/Ig6)
Defense +17/+5 (Per -1, Pe18/Ig6)
Weakening +7 (Int +3, Penetration 3 (Perdo))
Resistance +6 (Sta +2, Parma Magica 4 (Mentem))

Because of the Dominion Aura of 3, both opponents are at a -9 Attack/Defense penalty and must roll three additional Botch dice

Round 1
Inigo rolls an 8, for a total Initiative of 13
Erat rolls a 5, for a total Initiative of 8
Initiative goes to Inigo

Inigo’s Attack
Attacking with Ignem, Inigo rolls a 1 followed by a 4, for an Attack Total of 15
Defending with Ignem, Erat rolls a 3, for a Defense Total of -1
Inigo’s Attack Advantage equals 16, for a Weakening Total of 21
Erat’s Resistance is 6, resulting in 15 points of Weakening for three Fatigue Levels lost.

Erat’s Attack
Erat is at a -3 die-roll penalty because of Fatigue loss.
Attacking with Perdo and spending 4 pawns of Perdo vis, Erat rolls a 5 for an Attack Total of 24
Defending with Perdo, Inigo rolls a 9, for a Defense Total of 13
Erat’s Attack Advantage equals 11, for a Weakening Total of 18
Inigo’s Resistance is 9, resulting in 9 points of Weakening and two Fatigue Levels lost.

Round 2
Inigo’s Attack
Inigo is at a -1 penalty from Fatigue loss
Erat is at a -3 penalty because of Fatigue loss.
Attacking with Ignem, Inigo rolls a 7, and has an Attack Total of 15
Defending with Perdo, Erat rolls a 0 followed by 4, 2, &3 (no botch); and has a Defense Total of 5
Inigo’s Attack Advantage equals 10, for a Weakening Total of 15
Erat’s Resistance is 6, resulting in 9 points of Weakening and two Fatigue levels lost. Erat Caecus is knocked out!

I only saw one mistake and it would haven't have changed anything in the result. Inigo's initial attack total would have been 8 +18 = 25, -9 for dominion = 16 and not 15.

Groovy. Octavian returns with Carles with the intent of putting order to chaos, and when they get back to the room, Erat Caecus is passed out on the floor, and Inigo is standing triumphant catching his breath.

Falls, wouldst thou care to cast a victory spell?

Once Inigo is done with casting his spell, Octavian casually steps over Erat's prone body to retake his seat. He nods politely to Alexandro. "Captain, please see that master Caecus is seated."

Inigo pants and wipes cold sweat from his brow as the phantasms fade and the Tytalus falls to the ground. He unclenches his teeth with some effort, and carefully considers his prostrate foe. His jaw is set and his eyes filled with a disturbing anger. He reaches for the exhausted form, finger extended menacingly with the words of a spell forming on his lips. His hand barely an inch above Erat Caecus’ chest, Inigo stops, closing his mouth. He breathes deeply, running his other hand once over the brass rose around his neck, and the fire in his eyes is gone. [color=red]Tempting… but I think not.

The moment passed, Inigo takes a moment to compose himself, running fingers through his graying blond hair as his sodales return.

[color=red]Indeed. There is no need to humiliate him further. Still, we should wait until he awakens and make sure he keeps his end of the bargain.

Octavian, Falls,

That was some awesome rpg-ing! a point of confidence awarded to each of you! I plan to start awarding more, as I realize I have been neglecting it.

The Tremere watches Inigo silently, although his lack of pupils makes it difficult to tell what, if anything, has drawn his attention. "May I inquire on how the certà men proceeded?"

For a moment there, I thought you said Octavian fell since he was stepping over Erat. Heh.

LOL, Octavian, Falls :smiley:


I got over excited yesterday and singled out Inigo and Octavian for rewards because they were there for the exciting moment :laughing:.

Everyone in this little adventure deserves a Confidence point for this first leg of the adventure; but Inigo especially deserves a second point for his performance in the throw-down and the dramatic moment. Octavian, you have played exceptionally well also, and your extra reward will be something less tangible. You’ll see.