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Marie Noris filia Amelie, ex Tytalus
Marie was born into a Nuremberg (German) shopkeeper family. Because of her gift, she was an unpopular little telltale. So everyone breathed a secret sigh of relief when a weird woman took her away. Mistress Amelie ex Tytalus, a rather incompetent yet overconfident generalist started to teach her the arts. Early in Marie's apprenticeship, Mistress Amelie decided to explore the fate of Tytalus the Founder. She didn't succeed of course, but was turned into a woodlouse by a mighty Fairie (is it that what happened to Tytalus?). 9-year-old Marie inadvertently makes a deal with the fairie: She loses her two hands but gets her Mistress back. The damage cannot be undone with any known spell, but Amelie keeps her, because it's a challenge and also because she is grateful for being saved.** She's not quite up to the challenge: Marie learns less than a normal apprentice. Towards the end of her apprenticeship, Marie announces that she wants to join the Merinita-dominated Elder Gild, which is a very creative, and typically Tytalus way of giving Mistress Amelie the finger. Master Greenleaf, a good-humoured Irencilla magus becomes her mentor, and uses the gild training to correct Amelie's botched teachings. He also uses his fairie connections trying to find out if Marie can be cured, but the best he gets is the hint that Marie should fight at the side of the knights of Seneca.
Marie passes her Gauntlet by outsmarting Amelie and departs for Catalonia the very next day.
There she sets up a lab and travels Iberia. Once in a while, she gets back to Germany to meet with her mentor.
Marie has only shoulder-long dark brown hair and cunning hazel eyes. Her physique is rather lissom, apart from her thin arms that end in brutal stumps, which spoils the amiable impression. She's not a young girl anymore, but has the confident smile of a woman who has seen worse.

** the hands episode: Year 9, fall: Mistress Amelie travels into the Maddenhofen Woods with her apprentice to look for Tytalus. Her arrogance ends with the Fairie Queen turning Amelie into a woodlouse. But the Queen is (or pretends to be) moved by the tears of the innocent apprentice and asks why she cries for a mistress so obviously worthless. Marie answers: "Amelie steered my hand in my magic training and without her it's no use!" The fairy queen returns Amelie to her human form, but obviously Amelie of Tytalus still thinks she is a woodlouse because she just holds Amelies hands and eats a handful of dry leaves. So Marie protests again: "I want her back the way she was, whole in body and mind. She's just holding my hand – it's no use!" When she says this, the fairy queen smiles and says: "Deal!" Amelie is restored, but much to Marie's horror, both of her hands fall off.
Amelie and Marie flee the woods. It turns out that normal spells can't heal Marie's hands. Amelie thinks it a challenge to keep teaching Marie despite her disability (Amelie is also very impressed with Marie's sacrificing both her hands for saving her although she would never admit it – she doesn't know that Marie's sacrifice was based on a misunderstanding).

Characteristics: Int 2, Per 1, Str -3, Sta 2, Pre 0, Com 0, Dex 0, Qik 3
Size: 0
Age: 44 (apparent age: 39)
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 1(3)
Confidence Score: 2(5)
Virtues and Flaws: The Gift; Hermetic Maga; Major Magical Focus (Telekinesis); Affinity with Finesse, Affinity with Rego, Elder gild trained, Mastered spells, Puissant Rego, *self-confident, Subtle Magic, tough; Greater Malediction: No hands, Major Driven (Getting her Hands back); Ability Block Martial, Optimistic, Weak Parens
Personality Traits: crafty +3, self-reliant +2, brave+2
Reputations: -

Weapon/Attack Init Atk Dfn Dam
Kick* +2 +1 +2 -1

  • three extra botch dice (untrained)
    Soak: +2+3=+5
    Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
    Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20), Dead (21+)
    Abilities: Arabic (warriors) 2, Area Lore Catalonia (geography) 1, Area Lore Granada (nobility) 1, Artes Liberales (rhetorics) 2, Athletics (running) 1, Awareness (alertness) 1, Bargain (old men) 2, Charm (Merchants) 1, Code of Hermes (Fairies) 2, Concentration (battle) 2(2), Etiquette (Merchants) 2, Fairie Lore (deals) 2, Finesse (precision) 5 [Affinity included], Folk Ken (discover lies) 2, German (Franconian) 5, Guile (townsfolk) 2, Intrigue (Magi) 2(8), Magic Lore (Monsters) 1, Magic Theory (Rego) 5(10), Latin (Hermetic) 4, Leadership (Grogs) 1, Occitan (Catalan) 3(4), Order of Hermes Lore (House Merinita) 1, Parma Magica (Mentem) 6, Penetration (Mentem) 2(1), Profession (Scribe) 1(2), Stealth (sneaking) 1.
    (abilities: 594 xp)
    Arts: Cr 10(5) Int 6, Mu 6, Pe 6, Re 17(5)+3, An 6, Aq 6(1), Au 6, Corpus 6, Herbam 6, Ignem 6, Imagonem 6, Mentem 7, Terram 6, Vim 9.
    (Arts: 426 xp)
    Twilight Scars: -
    Equipment: Wizard's robes, belt with pouches and knife, Rowan Tiara (worn)
    Glove of Vigor, activated by wearing and touching the other person's brow, usually given to the least competent grog.
    2 Pawns of Corpus Vis, worn as a simple necklace
    Encumbrance: 0 (0)
    Spells Known (Focus+Mastery included in casting totals, talisman not included):
    **Transported by God's Hand (ReCo(Im)20) +35, Mastery 1: multiple targets.
    Leap of Homecoming (ReCo35) +28
    The Treacherous Spear (ReHe25) +35, Mastery 1: Multiple Casting
    Pilum of Fire (CrIg20) +19, Mastery 1: multiple casting
    Vision of Heat's Light (InIg20) +14
    Disguise of the Transformed Image (MuIm 15) +14
    Veil of Invisibility (PeIm20) +14
    Wizard's Sidestep (ReIm10) +29, Mastery 1: Fast Casting
    *Restore the moved Image (ReIm7) +29, Mastery 1: Penetration
    Call to Slumber (ReMe10) +30, Mastery 1: Penetration
    Sleep on (ReMe15)+30 (as Call to Slumber with Conc. Duration to keep people from waking)
    Aura of Rightful Authority (ReMe20) +30
    Rusted decay of 10-score years (PeTe10) +15, Mastery 1: Multiple Casting
    The Unseen porter (ReTe10) +34
    *Wielding the invisible sling (ReTe10)+34
    **Stretch the Unseen Arm (ReTe10, R:Sight) +35, Mastery 1: Multiple Casting
    The Earth split asunder (ReTe 30) +29, Mastery 1: Multiple Casting
    Ward against demons (ReVi30) +32, Mastery 1: Fast casting
    Watching Ward (ReVi35) +31
    Standard spell invented by Marie, **new spell invented by Marie – explained below if necessary)
    (250xp for spells bought with xp: spells taught or invented from a lab text)

Lab texts for longevity potion (31: -7, Mag Theory 4)
Lab text for Glove of Vigor (Magic Theory 6), Gift of Vigor (ReMe20), unlimited uses, level: 30.
Lab text for Cloak of Hairbreadth (MT6, ReIm17)

Sigil: unseen hands seem to be involved
Definition: Telekinesis focus. Telekinesis covers all spells that move an object or person (not thought, sensation) that was there before (a stone, person, weapon, cloud; not a Pilum of Fire) by mental control (D: Concentration/Moment, or some other obvious concentration element) along a clearly visible course (not: Leap of Homecoming!) through the air or the water.

New spells:

  • Transported by God's Hand (ReCo(Im)20)
    R: Voice D: Con. T: Ind.
    The target (up to size 1) feels like it is gently taken by two invisible hands at the waist and moved about slowly in any direction the caster wants (like rising smoke). This allows the caster to fly, or to grab somebody, lift him and drop him somewhere (a Finesse of 9+ roll is required to drop the target onto something or somebody, modified by the size of the object or person you want to hit. Damage for the person moved and the person she gets dropped onto is falling damage.

-Glove of Vigor: An fine brown leather glove for the left hand (man-sized). If the wearer touches another person's brow, they swap their fatigue if the person touched is more fatigued than the person who wears the glove. Marie makes incompetent grogs use this glove to reinvigorate her [Gift of Vigor (ReMe20), unlimited uses, level: 30, 7 pawns of vis].

  • Rowan Crown: The Rowan Crown is a delicate tiara made from Rowan-wood. It is beautifully carved with Rowan leaves, flowers and pornes (berries). Seldom is Marie seen without her tiara. Not only does it protect her from evil magic, and facilitates magic that controls people but it also helps her cope with her disability. If the person who wears this tiara looks at an object and blinks twice, she can move it around. If she loses focus the object doesn't fall, but stays in mid-air. Marie uses this spell hundreds of time every day, and even though she could easily cast it herself, it is more comfortable for her this way. People often think that Marie's eyes are failing because they don't know why she blinks so often [Talisman: Shape – crown, material: Rowan, opened for: control people+3, +4 protection against malicious magic (From GotF p. 33), contains 4 pawns of vis: enchanted for 2 pawns filled by a level 20 effect: ReTe(He)5: Unseen Arm, unlimeted uses +10, +5 maintains concentration].

5 Cloaks of Hairbreadth (as prizes in the annual tournament 1222 – one for the Magi’s competition, one for fighting grogs, one for the best player in the annual football competition, one for the best shot and one for the person with longest nose – decided by the Magi present)
A Cloak of Hairbreadth is a black light cloak to be worn over any kind of armor. It is a lesser enchanted item that duplicates the spell “Wizard’s Sidestep” with Concentration duration for up to 3 uses per day. It is triggered by wearing the cloak plus holding a drawn weapon in one’s hand (and ends by putting the weapon away). Although it is a simple enough defense, it is quite effective and its trigger makes it hard to dispel. Another advantage is that it kind of self-activates when needed – so there is neither warping for a continuous effect nor one awkward round of fumbling when a battle suddenly begins. Ironically, Marie can't use the cloaks herself (no hands).
(Base 2; +1 Conc; ; +1 Touch; +2 Special: 10 +5 Item Maintains Concentration+2 for 3/daily=ReIm17)

Creation details:
Total xp: 1270 xp = 75 Native language + 45 early childhood + 30 childhood + 240 apprentice + 120 spells apprentice + 760 post apprentice (an avarage of exactly 10xp/season). Xp gained from virtues: 50 spell mastery + 90 gild trained – 90 weak parens + 35 rego affinity + 25 xp finesse affinity. Not included are 2 items with a total level of 50 and 87 levels of spells invented without using a source). I had to take the weak parens flaw because I needed a Hermetic flaw.

Early childhood (first 5 years):
Little Marie realizes early that her brother is more popular than she is. She starts to invent stories about her brother and recounts his misdeeds to her parents gleefully, but everyone still prefers him, rather than the tooth-gapped little telltale.
Native Language German (Franconian) 5
Athletics 1 (running)
Guile 2 (discover lies)
Folk Ken 2 (townsfolk)
Survival (urban) 1
Awareness (alertness) 1
Stealth (sneaking) 1

Childhood: Nuremberg shopkeeper/trader family
Year 6: Bargain (old men) 2
Year 7: Etiquette (merchants) 2

Year 8-22 Apprentice:
Artes Liberales (ritual magic) 1, Latin (Hermetic) 4, Magic Theory (Rego) 3, Order of Hermes Lore (Merinita) 5, Parma Magica (Mentem) 1, Penetration (Mentem) 1, Profession: Scribe 1. total: 105xp
Arts: Re: 14+3 (70xp x 1,5=105xp), Animal 1(1) (2xp) Te: 6 (21xp), Imag 5 (15xp): Mu 2(2) (5xp), Herbam 6 (21xp), Auram 1, 135 xp on Arts

Total: 135+105=240

Spells (120 levels):
The Earth split asunder (ReTe 30)
Rusted decay of 10-score years (PeTe10)
The Treacherous Spear (ReHe25)
The Unseen porter (ReTe10)
Aura of Rightful Authority (ReMe20)
Call to Slumber (ReMe10)
Disguise of the Transformed Image (MuIm 15)

Note: Those spells can all be learned by Marie. She has a Magic Theory of 3 +Rego specialization 1+ Rego 17+Terram /Herbam 6+2 Intelligence+3=32 Lab total.

Years after Apprenticeship
(19 years x 4 seasons x10 xp = 760xp. All spells that are based on library lab texts are included at a cost of 1xp/level):
Year 23, winter: Travel to Andorra (exposure 5xp). Area Lore Catalonia (Geography) 1.
Year 23, spring and summer: She sets up a lab (4 xp exposure). Magic Theory 3(4).
Year 23, fall: Marie reads "Dominion over God's creatures" from the library (19xp). Animal 6.
28xp (28 of 760)

Year 24 winter and, spring: She reads in Bonisagus' "Corpus Hermeticum" for two seasons (2x12xp). Magic theory 4(8).
Year 24, summer and fall: She reads "Eye of Aggamatto" by Tressa of Tremere, and gets 28xp. Mentem 7.
52xp (80 of 760)

Year 25: All year, Marie reads in the "Liberi de creationé" (4x15xp): Cr10(5).
60xp (140 of 760)

Year, 26, winter: Marie reads "Riddles of Mars" (14xp). Ignem 4(4)
Year 26, spring, summer and fall: Marie reads all three books on Parma Magica: "The Sorceror's Shield", "Study on the Sorcerer's Shield" and "Aegis of the Magus" (36 xp). Parma Magica 3(11).
50xp (190 of 760)

Year 27: Marie goes adventuring (40xp)
Intellego 4 10xp
Perdo 4 10xp
Imagonem 6 6xp
Vim 3(1) 4xp
Parma Magica 4 9xp
Muto 3 1xp
Marie travels to Germany to obtain a block of high quality rowan wood and has a craftsman carve it into a wooden tiara, adorned with rowan leaves, flowers and pornes (berries).
40xp(230 of 760)

Year 28, winter: Marie reads "On transmutation" (14xp). Muto 5(5)
Year 28, summer and fall: Marie reads "The accurate Eye" and "Form and Finesse" (22xpx1,5=33xp). Finesse 3(3).
Year 28, winter: Marie invents for herself "Wizard's Sidestep" (ReIm10) and "Restore the Moved Image" (ReIm 7). Exposure 2x1,5xp=3xp. Rego 14(3).
38xp (268 of 760)

Year 29, winter and spring: Marie Reads "Corporeum" and "Summary on Corporeum" 21xp), Corpus 6
Year 29, summer: Marie invents Longevity potion, experimenting (-7 aging). Doesn't drink it yet. 2xp Concentration. Concentration (battle) 0(2).
She spends 3pvf
Year 29, fall: Marie reads "The Lance of Arioch" (11xp). Penetration (Rego) 2(1).
34xp (302 of 760)

Year 30, winter: reads "Corpus Hermeticum" (12xp). Magic Theory 4(20).
Year 30, spring: Marie learns and masters "Vision of Heat's Light" (InIg20) from the library, 2xp exposure. Ignem 5(1).
Year 30, summer: Marie invents the spells "Stretch the Unseen Arm" (ReTe10, R: sight) and "Wielding the invisible sling" (ReTe10) for herself, . 2xpx1,5=3xp. Rego 14(6)
Year 30, Fall: Marie attunes her Rowan tiara as her talisman. 2xp: concentration 0(4).
38xp (340 of 760)

Year 31 adventures (40 xp):
Parma Magica 4(10) 10xp
Ignem 6 5xp
Muto 6 1xp
Vim 3(2) 4xp
Finesse 3(10) 5xp (7xp)
Fairie Lore (Bargaining) 2 15xp
40xp (380 of 760)

Year 32, winter: Marie invents and "Veil of Invisibility" (PeIm20) from the library. 2xp exposure: Pe 4(2).
Year 32, spring: Marie herself invents the spell "Transported by God's Hand" (ReCo(Im)20). 2x1,5xp exposure=3xp. Rego 14(9).
Year 32, summer: Marie is taught the Arabic Script by a scholar (10xp): Artes Liberales (Rituals) 2
Year 32, fall: Marie prepares a glove for Enchantment. 2xp exposure Concentration 1(1).
50xp (432 of 760)

Year 33, winter: Marie goes adventuring (40xp)
Parma Magica 5 15xp
Rego 15(11) 11xp (11xpx1,5=17xp)
Finesse 4(11) 14xp (21xp)
40xp (372 of 760)

Year 34: adventures (40xp)
Finesse 4(17) 4xp (6xp)
Aquam 1 1xp
Charm (Merchants) 1 5xp
Rego 17(1) 15xp (22xp)
Leadership (Grogs) 0(2) 2xp
Vim 6 13xp
40xp (412 of 760)

Year 35: Marie consumes longevity potion at the beginning of winter. 1 Warping Point, Apparent Age: 35
Year 35, winter: Marie learns "Watching Ward" (ReVi 35) from the library, 2xp exposure. Vim 6(2)
Year 35, spring, and summer,: Mary enchants glove with a level 30 effect (unlimited "Gift of Vigor"). Exposure 4 xp. Magic Theory 4(24).
Year 35, Fall: Marie is taught Arabic (10xp): Arabic 1(5)
51xp (463 of 760)

Year 36: Adventures (40xp): +1 WP=2WPs, Apparent Age: 35
Code of Hermes (Fairies) 2 15xp
Leadership(Grogs) 1 3xp
Arabic (warriors) 1 5xp
Finesse (precision) 5 5xp (8xp)
Int 5(1), Per 5(3) 12xp
40xp (503 of 760)

Year 37, : Adventure (40xp); +1 WP=3WPs, Apparent Age: 36
Int 6 5xp
Pe 6 3xp
Aq 2 2xp
Vim 7 5xp
Parma Magica 5(5) 5xp
Occitan (Catalan) 2(10) 20xp
40xp (543xp of 760)

Year 38: +1 WP=4WPs, Apparent Age: 36
Year 38, winter, spring and summer: Adventure (25xp);
Parma Magica 5(20) 15xp
Area L. Granada (nobility) 1 5xp
Concentration 1(5) 3xp

25xp (644 of 760)

Year 39: +1 WP=5WPs, Apparent Age: 36
Winter, spring Adventure (20xp):
Parma Magica 6 10xp
Concentration 1(7) 3xp
Scribe 1(4) 2xp
Magic Lore (Monsters) 1 5xp
Summer: Marie learns "Leap of Homecoming" (ReCo35) from the covenant library. 2xp exposure. Magic Theory 5, Concentration 1(8)
Fall: Marie is taught Occitan (10xp). Occitan (Catalan) 3
67xp (713 of 760xp)

Year 40: +1 WP=6WPs, Apparent Age: 36
Year 40, winter: Marie reads "Fons et Origo" (11xp) Vim 8(3).
Year 40, spring, summer, fall: Marie invents "Ward against demons" (ReVi30) (6xp exposure). Vim 9
17 xp (730xp of 760)

Year 41: +1 WP=7WPs, Apparent Age: 37
Year 41, winter: Marie invents "Pilum of Fire" (CrIg20) from the library (2xp exposure). Concentration 2.
Year 41, spring: Marie extracts 4 pawns of vis in her lab. Exposure Magic Theory5(2)
Year 41, summer: Marie uses 2 pawns of Vis to prepare her tiara for enchantment. Opened for attunement: protection from malicious magic+4. 2xp experience Concentration 2(2)
Year 41, fall: Marie enchants her tiara with "Unseen Arm" (ReTe(He) 5, frequency unlimited+10, maintains concentration+5": level: 20. Opened for attunement: +3control people. 2 vis spent. Magic theory 5(4)
28xp (760 of 760)

Year 42: +1 WP=8WPs, Apparent Age: 37
Winter+Spring: Adventures (fire giant and fairie caves; 9xp (5 Rego, 4 Occitan)
Summer 1220: Marie reads Jupiter’s hammer (10xp Auram)
Fall 1220: Marie reads Jason’s Commentary on Atlanticus (11xp Aq)
Winter 1221: Marie reads Fury and Force of Gentle Water (10xp Aq)
Marie looks older (+1 app. Age)
Spring 1221: Marie invents a spell: Call Giants to Slumber (ReMe15; like Call to Slumber, only for bigger foes); she gains 2 xp to MT
Summer 1221: Marie reads Jupiter’s hammer (10xp Auram)
Fall 1221: Marie enchants a lesser item and makes a duplicate: 2 Cloaks of Hairbreadth (ReIm17); 2 xp to MT
Winter 1222: Marie uses her lab text to create 3 Cloaks of Hairbreadth; 2xp to MT
Marie looks older (+1 app. Age)

14 pawns (10+1x4)
-3 longevity potion
-7 glove
+4 extracted
-4 Rowan Crown
+8 Andorra
-10 5 Cloaks of Hairbreadth (tournament)
+10 cloak vis gained from covenant
Rest: 14 Pawns of Corpus Vis

Marie Noris' lab
I am interested in exploring the consequences of Marie's "hand"-ling her lab without using hands.

I based it on your default lab, and used the two lab-building seasons I had in my planning anyway to refine it to (+1). The other season is taken up in getting used to the labs "inhabitants", and making a deal with them to keep the lab spotless.

Marie's Lab:
Virtues: Default (+0 Superior Construction, +0 Defenses, +0 Magical Heating and Lighting), Lesser Horde (minor supernatural virtue), superior tools (free outfittings virtue), Guard (free outfittings virtue), spotless ("free" outfittings virtue)
Flaw: Subterranean (free structure flaw), chaotic (free supernatural flaw*), Inhabitants (free supernatural flaw*)
*typo in book: says minor flaw

Final Characteristics:
Size +0, Refinement +1, General Quality +1, Upkeep +1, Safety +0, Warping +1, Health +1, Aesthetics +5
Specialisations: (Texts+1 – not active), Experimentation+1, Items+1, Rego: +4, Creo+1, Te+1
Character of the lab: protective of Marie+1
Repuations (25xp):
Dangerous to enter (covenant) 2
Defended by magical creatures (Magi) 2
??? (???) 1

Marie's lab is in an underground cellar with a perfectly flat stone floor and a solid oak door that displays the sanctum marker. Marie did not spend much time on personalizing her lab, but just used it as a learning base for her quest for a cure of her affliction. Since Marie can hardly ever move anything in her lab without casting some of Telekinesis spell or other, many of her lab items quickly became warped. Now, the more commonly used lab items have developed a rudimentary free will and float through the lab even when not animated by Marie. These lab tools are trying to be helpful (but are in fact a safety risk sometimes) and seem to be protective of Marie: In the beginning years at Andorra, Marie used to employ a servant to do the menial tasks in the lab for her. But the lab items developed a disliking of the servant and finally even attacked him by dropping themselves onto his head or making him stumble. Since the lab items' personality was created by Marie's spells, it is possible for her to communicate with them by using surprisingly easy spontaneous InTe/InHe magic. Marie has since negotiated with the items: They promised to keep the lab spotless, but want to have a say who Marie invites into her lab. They've also threatened to attack any unannounced intruder they don't like. To make sure that no child at the covenant accidentally enters her lab, she has a grog sit at its entrance day and night.
Old or broken lab items and tools are buried by Marie in a special "tools graveyard" in a corner of her lab.

[u]Carmen of Flambeau[/u] Carmalita Maria Diana Perez
Description: five-foot-four-inches tall; very long blond hair (mostly straight, slightly curled up at the ends, bangs); pouty lips and scowling blue eyes (she looks more like her mother but her personality takes after her father);
Characteristics: Int +4, Per +1, Com -1, Pre +2, Str -2, Sta +0, Dex +0, Quik +1
Size: -1
Age: 39 (appears 23)
Chronology: born 3/15/1187, apprenticed at age 7 (1194), Gauntlet at age 23 (1209), Vanity Longevity (LT 25) since age 23 (1209)
Current Date: Spring 1225
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 2 (16 points from Longevity)
Confidence: 2 (12)
Virtues: +0 Gifted Hermetic Maga, +F Puissant Auram, +3 Major Magic Focus – Weather, +1 Affinity with Auram, +1 Apt Student, +1 Great Intelligence, +1 Educated, +1 Privileged Upbringing, +1 Skilled Parens, +1 Intuition, +MT Self Confident
Flaws: -3 Blatant Gift, -3 Overconfident, -1 Close Family Ties, -1 Reckless, -1 Small Frame, -1 Mentor (Rodrigo of Mercere)
Personality Traits: Brash +3, Bold +3
Reputations: Pushy Broad 2 (local and Hermetic), House Flambeau Acclaim 4 (10xps), noted for extreme daring
Dodge: Init +1, Atk n/a, Def +4, Dmg n/a
Catfight: Init +1, Atk +3, Def +4, Dmg -2
Knife: Init +1, Atk +5, Def +5, Dmg +0
Soak: +3 (+3 when using spell “Doublet of Impenetrable Silk)
Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, ko
Wounds: -1 Lt (1-4), -3 Med (5-8 ), -5 Hvy (9-12), Incap (13-16), Dead (17+)
Abilities: Artes Liberales 1 (ritual spells), Awareness 1 (alertness), Brawl 3 (knife), Charm 2 (wit), Code of Hermes 1 (custom), Concentration 2 (spells), Divine Lore 1 (Jewish), Etiquette 2 (magi), European Lore 2 (legendary heroes), Faerie Lore 1 (3xps) (mountains), Finesse 4 (accuracy), Folk Ken 2 (Jewish women), Guile 2 (playing coy), Hebrew 2 (scholastic), Iberia Lore 2 (Barcelona), Ladino 2 (slang), Latin 4 (magic), Leadership 1 (intimidation), Magic Lore 2 (4xps) (sufis), Magic Theory 6 (14xp) (Auram), Occitan 5 (Catalan, slang), Order of Hermes Lore 3 (famous heroes), Parma Magica 5 (Auram), Penetration 4 (Auram), Philosophiae 1 (ceremonial magic), Profession-Scribe 1 (copying), Pyrenees Mountain Wilderness Lore 1 (4xp) (Arans), Strategy 2 (10xps) (tactics)
Arts: Creo 10, Intéllego 4 (1xp), Muto 5 (2xp), Perdo 3, Rego 10 (2xp), Animal 6, Aquam 3, Auram 15+3, Corpus 5, Herbam 2, Ignem 5, Imaginem 2, Mentem 2, Terram 4, Vim 8
Spells Known:
MuAn15 Doublet of Impenetrable Silk: CT +11
CrAu5 Air’s Ghostly Form: CT +38
CrAu5 Chamber of Spring Breezes: CT +28
CrAu10 Jupiter’s Resounding Blow: CT +38
CrAu10 Wreaths of Foul Smoke: CT +28
CrAu15 Charge of the Angry Winds: CT +38
CrAu20 Circling Winds of Protection: CT +29, Mastery 1 (Imperturbable Casting)
CrAu20 Fist of Jupiter: CT +39, Mastery 1 (Vacillated Casting)
CrAu25 Clouds of Rain and Thunder: CT +38
CrAu25 Clouds of Summer Snow: CT +38
Cr(Re)Au30 Catapult of the Mighty Winds: CT +28
CrAu30 Pull of the Sky-bound Winds: CT +28
CrAu30 Wings of Soaring Wind: CT +30, Mastery 2 (Imperturbable, Precise)
CrAu35 Incantation of Lightning: CT +43, Mastery 5 (10xps) (Fast Cast, Penetration, Multi-Cast, Amplify, Flex-Sight)
CrAu40Breath of the Open Sky: CT +38
ReAu5 Wind at the Back: CT +32
ReAu25 Ward against Lightning and Thunder: CT +32
Provides a +15 soak against Thunder and Lightning.
CrCo20 Purify the Festering Wound: CT +15
PeCo20 Grip of the Choking Hand: CT +8
ReCo10 Rise of the Feathery Body: CT +12
ReCo15 Wizard’s Leap: CT +13, Mastery 1 (Fast Cast)
CrIg20 Pilium of Fire: CT +16, Mastery 2 (Penetration, Multicast)
ReTe25 Wizard’s Ward against Weapons: CT +11
adds +15 protection versus metal and stone
ReVi35 Maintain the Demanding Spell:
Twilight Effects: none yet
Magic Sigil: Wind
Symbolic Sigil: a Hawk in flight, claws extended
Equipment: knife, satchel, minor jewelry, token coin from the Dragon Sigmundo
Vis: 5 Creo Steel Ring, 3 Rego in a Loadstone, 3 Ignem in a Gold Ring, 10 Auram in Strands of her Hair, 8 Vim in a Diamond Ring
Encumbrance: 0
Characteristics: Size +0, Refinement +1, General Quality +2, Upkeep +1, Safety +0, Warping +0, Health -1, Aesthetics +1
Specializations: +1 Texts, +1 Longevity
Virtues: +0 Magical Heat, +0 Magical Light, +0 Precious Ingredients, +0 Superior Construction, +1 Living Quarters

Magic Items:
Talisman: Silver Agate Ring
Potential Space: 28 pawns, Opened Space: 12 pawns, Used Space: 0 pawns
Attunements: +3 Air, +2 Intellego
ReCo19 Descent of the Feathery Body
R: Per, D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Ind, fifty uses per day
This effect is triggered whenever Concentration expires on her flight spell, and gracefully lowers her gently to the ground.
(Base 4, +1 Conc; 5 levels for Item Maintaining Concentration, 3 levels for Environmental Trigger, 6 levels for fifty uses per day)

Carmen holds the rank of a Mistress at the covenant, and has the honorary title of a Lady of Seneca. Also, she once held a post as a Warden of the Antares, and may still be called upon if needed. Carmen is a spirited lass and a true adventurer at heart. Though her mannerisms may not hold to the ideal feminism of the day, she is not at all masculine. She holds men up to the measure and expectations of her father, and she herself takes after his example in many ways.

Carmen is the daughter and filia of Antonio of Flambeau, but her mother is Antonio’s Mistress, not his wife. Golda Simón was a Jewish party girl who met Antonio one fated night in a Barcelona wine house. About a year later, Golda showed up at the covenant with this strange baby. Eyes crackling with energy and accompanied by a wind that swirled in reflection of her mood, Carmen had the Blatant Gift ever since she was born, and is more strongly aligned with the forces of weather than her father is.

Maria, Antonio’s wife, was certainly not pleased by this, and Antonio has had his Living Quarters in his Lab and Sanctum ever since. Contrary to Maria’s insults, Golda was never a prostitute. She is just a fun loving sort of personality (even in her elder age), who was swept away by a mysterious older man’s charm (Antonio was charming enough that he convinced her to allow him to cover her with his Parma, and then continue his seduction unhindered by his Gift). Golda has some Supernatural affiliation of her own. She has Intuition, Premonitions, Visions, and practices Divination by reading tea leaves and tarot cards.

Antonio immediately took to raising his daughter up as his apprentice, looking to her as his heir and legacy. Carmen’s older brother Alexandro (Antonio’s son by Maria) does not even have any Supernatural Abilities. Perhaps it is because her Gift is reinforced by her mothers Supernatural heritage, or perhaps it is because Antonio had accumulated more Warping by the time she was conceived, or perhaps this is simply as fate would have it. In any case, she has a powerful lineage and heritage, both in blood and magic. She had an old fashioned Flambeau Gauntlet; led blindfolded to an unknown location (a desert in Morocco). Then left without direction or supplies, she had to find her way home by her own wits and resources.

Carmen has wanderlust. Though she frequently visits home, she is never here for long and the space between her visits grows longer each time. She has traveled the Rhine, stayed at Campus Ares for a while, explored Barcelona and Andalusia, and has recently spent some time in the Alps under Pietro (her latest mentor). Though trained by them, Carmen is not yet a member of the Knights of Seneca. Her father holds her back, because he wants to protect her too much. However, he makes up excuses about how she is not ready and needs to see the deeper meaning first.

Though trained by the Knights of Seneca, Carmen was not at first made member of that societas. Her father held her back because he wanted to protect her too much, and would make up lies about how she is not ready and needs to see the deeper meaning first. In a quest to prove herself, Carmen travelled much and had many adventures. She has travelled the Rhine, stayed at Campus Ares for a while, explored Barcelona and Andalusia, and has recently spent some time in the Alps studying under the Antares of the Archmagi, Pietro of Flambeau, and held office as one of his Wardens.

Returning home to Andorra, she took her rightful place as a Mistress level member of the covenant, and was secretly initiated as a “Lady” of Seneca by Rodrigo of Mercere (who holds the status of Marshall, the highest rank afforded a non-Flambeau in the Knights of Seneca). She bears the rand from the Eternal Flame on the small of her back. Her recent adventures have included exploring the Faerie Caves, Drake Hunting, and the Light of Burning Bronze (all in-game adventures).

Advancement: (T = Teacher’s Teaching score, S = Trainer’s Skill score)
Exposure XP gained while in the Lab for Self not counted towards averages, nor are those seasons. All other Exposure Qualities and Seasons do count towards average.
Gauntlet: Carmen had the Old School Gauntlet. Blindfolded, she was abandon in the wilderness and had to find her way home on her own.
Year One: 1209
Winter: Created a Vanity Longevity Potion (CrCo25, -5; LT 25, 2 exposure xp in Magic Theory)
Spring: Study Spell Mastery Text for Incantation of Lightning (Q +9)
Summer: Receive Training in Incantation of Lightning Spell from her father (Q11 (S8+3) +5)
Fall: Accompany father to the Baelric Islands and help him battle the dragon there (yep, she was playing sidekick when Antonio earned his Archmagus Status). (Q10)

Year Two: 1210
Winter: Study Magic Theory Summa (Q15)
Spring: Receive some one-on-one Teaching in Magic Theory (Q10 (T4+6) +5)
Summer: Wander in search of Adventure (Q5)
Fall: Travel to Fengheld, exchange service by Training another in Spell Mastery (Q2 exposure xp’s spend on that Mastery)

Year Three: 1211
Winter: Study from a Parma Magica Summa (Q10)
Spring: Receive Training in Penetration from a Knight of Seneca at Fengheld named Maxfield (Q9 (S6+3); +5). Maxfield is her First Mentor.
Summer: Accompany Maxfield on an Adventure (Q10)
Fall: Study Auram Vis (Q12 (aura 5, die 7, x1½ )). Maxfield introduces Carmen to Archmagus Michael Augustus, who becomes her next Mentor.

Year Four: 1212
Winter: Visit Campus Ares, participate in their war against Mogthrasir the renegade Trollsynir. Campus Ares is a fortress built into a northern mountain, and their stated purpose is to expose and eliminate the Order of Odin. Just as Carmen began her visit and was sitting down to have a cup of wine with the venerable Archmagus Michael Augustus of Flambeau when Mogthrasir’s forces attacked. She battled bravely alongside the magi of Campus Ares, and even saved the life of Aeorix of Tremere (Master of the Conquistias Septentrionalis Vexillation). She killed three trolls, and a large Green Orm (Q15).
Spring: Receive Training in Brawl from Lupus Negra (Q10 (S7+3, +5))
Summer: Study Corpus from the Library (Q9)
Fall: Study Rego from the Library (Q10)

Year Five: 1213
Winter: Adventure with others on behalf of Campus Ares to recover the Crown of the Frost Queen. She kills the Linnorm of Vugarth Swamp (Q10).
Spring: Receive Training in Penetration from Michael Augustus (Q12 (Skill 9, +3 Training Bonus, +3 Good Teacher); +5 Apt Student)
Summer: Receive one-on-one teaching in Finesse from Michael Augustus (Q13 (Teaching 5, +6 1-on-1 Bonus, +3 Good Teacher); +5 Apt Student)
Fall: Minor Skirmishes with some trolls, Adventure (Q5)

Year Six: 1214
Winter: Carmen of Flambeau and Artemis of Tremere rescue Myrmidias of Tremere from the clutches of the Frost Giant’s Daughter (Q15).
Spring: The wanderlust strikes her, and she bids her Mentor goodbye. Her journey home is interesting, including stops at Durenmar and Castra Solar. (Q5)
Summer: Carmen returns home to a warm welcome. She stays in Andorra a few seasons, using her father’s lab. The first thing she does is Invent a batch of CrAu spells from Lab Texts, all Weather related (2 exposure xp’s). Antonio has only minor bonuses to his lab at this point, so the bonus is only +2 (he does a lot of Refinement later when he wants to impress people and improve his spell variety). Her Lab Total at this point is 51 (Int +4, Lab +2, Aura +5, Magic Theory 5, Creo 10, Auram 13+3, Focus Bonus +10). She learns Clouds of Rain and Thunder and Clouds of Summer Snow. (2 exposure xp in Magic Theory)
Fall: She does this again, this tile learning Jupiter’s Resounding Blow and Breath of the Open Sky. (2 exposure xp in Magic Theory)

Year Seven: 1215
Winter: Split study between two Q12 books, one on Terram, one on Aquam (Q12)
Spring: Receive Training in Penetration from her father (S7+3, +5)
Summer: Visit her mother in Barcelona and learn something about her Jewish Heritage. There is a Minor Adventure concerning someone trying to blame he murder of a prostitute on a rabbi, but it turned out to be the son of a wealthy Italian merchant. (Q5)
Fall: Then her mother has Visions, which leads to a more serious adventure in Andalusia, which involves a kabalistic, a golem, a Sahira named Shaerdra from the covenant of Estancia Escarida, a maelbranche demon named Gregore, an incense merchant named Frederic al-Mustain, and a Jewish Criamon magus named Benedict Benitez. (Q15)

Year Eight: 1216
Winter: Return to Andorra to study a Magic Lore tractatus (Q8 )
Spring: Studies a Magic Theory Tractatus (Q10)
Summer: Trains in mastery of Iol under her father (Q12 (S9+3); +5)
Fall: Meets Pietro of Flambeau during a Conference at Castra Solar. He becomes her new Mentor. She then travels with him to the Alps (Q5)

Year Nine: 1217
Winter: Spend the entire season running around on errands all throughout the Alpine Tribunal, which sucked, but resulted in 10xps for the experience (Q10)
Spring: Tells Pietro that sucked, so he sends her to harvest vis from Drake’s Peak, which also sucks (Q10)
Summer: Pietro Trains Carmen in IoL Spell Mastery, just to prove that he is way better at his specialization than her father is (Q18 (S12+3, +3 Good Teacher); +5)
Fall: Trains Carmen in a batch of Creo Auram Spells. His highest Lab Total at this point equals 60 (In +3, Aura 6, Magic Theory 8, Creo 15, Auram 28 ). Carmen’s CrAu Lab Total is 41 (Int +4, Magic Theory 5, Aura 6, Cr10, Au13+3), so she can easily learn two CrAu30 spells in one season. He teaches her Pull of the Skybound Winds and Catapult of the Mighty Winds

Year Ten: 1218
Winter: Pietro trains Carmen in another 60 levels of spells. This time there is a wider variety to the Arts taught, but all fall within her limits. These spells include Air’s Ghostly Form, Chamber of Spring Breezes, Purify the Festering Wound, Grip of the Choking Hand, and Rise of the Feathery Body.
Spring: Carmen is allowed to study from Pietro’s exclusive library, a L18 Q14 Auram Summa (Q14, x 1½)
Summer: Study a Tractatus on Magic Theory (Q11)
Fall: Return to Andorra to visit, including an interesting Minor Adventure involving a side trip to Ibiza and an exotic form of Sufism (Q5)

Year Eleven: 1219
Winter: Antonio is disappointed at his daughter’s lack of diversity, so he personally teaches her a course on the basics for the Arts she never bothered to develop (Q10 (T4+6); +5), divided amongst 5 different arts for 3 xp’s in each.
Spring: He then trains her in spells. His best Lab Total is 70. The Spells he teaches her are Ward against Lightning and Thunder, Wizard’s Ward against Weapons, and Pilium of Fire.
Summer: Antonio teaches her Mastery of Pilium of Fire (Q10 (T4+6); +5)
Fall: Has an adventure in the nearby Pyrenees (Q10)

Year Twelve: 1220
Winter 1220: Start of Game! :smiley:
Spring 1220 Expedition to the Cavern’s of Entropy
Summer 1220: Studied Mastery of “Wings of Soaring Wing” from my Mentor
Fall 1220: Drake Hunt! (12xp Adventure; 4 in Pyrenees Mountain Wilderness Lore, 4 in Magic Lore, 4 in Strategy,

Year Thirteen: 1221
Winter 1221: Vis Grant, 2 Ignem, 4 Auram
Study “To Command” (Rego Summa; L 12, Q 12), 12xps Rego
Spring 1221 Study “Fons et Origio” (Vim Summa; L15 Q 10), 10xp Vim
Summer 1221: Study “Dominion Over God's Creatures” (Animal Summa; L 10, Q 18 ), 18xp Animal
Fall 1221: Study “On Transmutation” (Muto Summa; L 12, Q 14) 14xp Muto

Year Fourteen: 1222
Winter 1222: Invent “MuAn15 Doublet of Impenetrable Silk” from Lab Text; 2xp Magic Theory
Vis Grant: 3 Creo
Aging Roll: Aging Roll: +4 actual age, -2 Living Conditions, -4 Vanity Longevity LT 25; die roll 7; total equals 5; no apparent aging
Spring & Summer 1222: Light of Burning Bronze!
: 10xp, 10 pawns Auram, gain Self Confident
Autumn 1222: Take up residence in one of the guest labs, adjusting and modifying things as desired (2xp Magic Theory)

Year Fifteen: 1223
Winter 1223: Study “Essence and Quyntensense” (Vim Tractatus; Q 11), 11xp Vim
Vis Grant (half rations): 4 Vim, trade 3 Creo for 6 Vim
Aging Roll: +4 actual age, -2 Living Conditions, -4 Vanity Longevity LT 25; die roll 7; total equals 5; no apparent aging
Spring 1223: Rodrigo Teaches Carmen in Parma Magica (18xp Parma Magica)
Summer 1223: Study “The Sorcerer’s Shield” (Parma Magica Summa; L 5, Q 11), 11xp Parma
Autumn 1223: Study “To Command” (Vim Summa; L 12, Q 12), 12xp Rego

Year Sixteen: 1224
Winter 1224: Study “The Seventh Circle of Power” (Vim Tractatus; Q 11), 11xp Vim
Vis Grant (half rations): 3 Vim, trade 4 Auram in for 4 Vim
Aging Roll: +4 actual age, -2 Living Conditions, -4 Vanity Longevity LT 25; die roll 5; total equals 3; no apparent aging
Spring 1224: Learn ReVi35 Maintain the Demanding Spell from Lab Text (2xp Vim)
Summer 1224: Open Silver Agate Ring for Enchantment with 12 Vim (2xp Magic Theory)
Autumn 1224: Attune Silver Agate Ring as Talisman (2xp Magic Theory, Attunement of +3 Air)

Year Seventeen: 1225
Winter 1225: Invest Talisman with ReCo19 Descent of the Feathery Body (2xp Magic Theory, Attunement of +2 Intellego
Vis Grant (half rations): 3 Vim, trade 5 Auram for 2 Creo and 1 Ignem
Aging Roll: +4 actual age, -2 Living Conditions, -4 Vanity Longevity LT 25; die roll 4; total equals 2; no apparent aging
Spring 1225: On the Road to España!

Florenzo of Jerbiton(revised by Jarkman)
Characteristics: Int +2, Per +1, Com +2, Pre +1, Str -1, Sta +0, Dex +1, Quik -1
Size: -1
Age: 52 - b. 1170, ap. 1185 (15) gt. 1200 (30)
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 2 (17), from 17 years of Longevity
Confidence: 1 (3)
Virtues: +0 Hermetic Magus; +3 Gentle Gift; + Educated, +1 Good Teacher, +1 Performance Magic (scribe), +1 Privileged Upbringing, +1 Quiet Magic, +1 Skilled Parens, +1 Social Contacts (librarians) +1 Well Traveled
Flaws: -3 Waster of Vis; -1 Ambitious, -1 Close Family Ties, -1 Noncombatant, -1 Small Frame, -1 Unimaginative Learner, -1 Weak Enchanter, -1 Weakness (books).
Acquired Virtues & Flaws: +1 Baccalaureus, -1 Mentor (old Carlus of Barcelona),
Personality Traits: Polite +1, Bibliophile +3, Ambitious +2
Reputations: Strong Writer 2 (Hermetic), Respected Scholar 1 (Toledo scholars)

Dodge: Init -1, Atk n/a, Def -1, Dmg n/a
Soak: +0
Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wounds: -1 Lt (1-4), -3 Med (5-8), -5 Hvy (9-12), Incap (13-16), Dead (17+)

Linguistics Summary: Latin, Greek, & Arabic Alphabets
Abilities: Arabic 5 (Andalusian), Artes Liberales 4 (ceremonial casting), Art of Memory 3 (books), Charm 2 (being witty), Civil & Canon Law 2 (Usages of Barcelona), Concentration 3 (study), Etiquette 4 (Hermetic), Finesse 5 (grace), Folk Ken 2 (scholars), Code of Hermes 2 (Barcelona), Guile 3 (clever trickery), Greek 5 (classical), Iberia Area Lore 3 (Aragon/Catalonia), Intrigue 3 (gossip), Occitan 5 (Catalan), Latin 5 (academic), Leadership 2 (inspiration), Magic Lore 3 (books), Magic Theory 6 (inventing spells), Medicine 2 (diagnosis), Order of Hermes Lore 4 (activities of Jerbiton magi), Parma Magica 5 (Mentem), Penetration 2 (Intellego), Philosophiae 4 (natural philosophy), Profession: Librarian 2 (organization), Profession: Scribe 4 (composition), Teaching 4 (academic abilities)

Cr 9, In 10, Mu 5, Pe 5, Re 9,
An 5, Aq 5, Au 5, Co 10, He 5,
Ig 5, Im 7, Me 10, Te 5, Vi 5

Twilight Scars: None
Magic Sigil: Letters
Symbolic Sigil: A quill

Equipment: Florenzo typically carries a medium sized ceremonial magic kit (providess +3 bonus to spellcasting) consisting of a quill, an ink bottle and a palimpsest in which he often appears to write notes during his Performance Magic.
Encumbrance: 0

Spells Known:
Like many Jerbiton magi, Florenzo has different sets of spells for use in different situations – similar to Subtle Spells, Public Spells and Wilderness Spells. As an adept of Urban Magic (see HoH:Societas, page 57-60), Florenzo is keen to use Ceremonial Casting of his Mastered spells when possible and adds +5 for Artes Liberales, +4 from Philosophiae and +3 from his medium sized ceremonial magic kit (see below) = +12 which offsets most of the penalty involved in casting within the Dominion.

University Magic
(Usually cast in the Dominion of a large city when Florenzo is posing as a mundane scholar and able to employ his Performance Magic ie. in a mundane library; -9 penalty for Divine aura 3, no penalty for quiet words (Quiet Magic), no penalty for no gestures when using Performance Magic (Scribe) = a penalty of only -9 or -14 if using no words.)
InAn15 Simple Test for the Completeness of Books, Mastery 1: Ceremonial Magic
InAq5 Test of Fastness and Fading
InAu15 Whispering Winds, Mastery 1: Ceremonial Magic
MuCo(An)5 Eyes of the Cat
PeCo5 Touch of the Goose Feather
CrIm10 Silent Shout
InIm5 Prying Eyes
CrMe20 Memory of the Distant Dream, Mastery 1: Ceremonial Magic
InMe10 Sight of the Transparent Motive
InMe20 Posing the Silent Question, Mastery 1: Ceremonial Magic
InMe25 Thoughts Within Babble, Mastery 1: Ceremonial Magic
InMe30 Peering Into the Mortal Mind, Mastery 1: Ceremonial Magic
MuMe4 Recollection of Memories Never Quite Lived

Subtle Magic
(Usually cast in the Dominion of a large city when Florenzo is trying to conceal he is a magus but unable to use his Performance Magic; -9 penalty for Divine aura 3, no penalty for quiet words (Quiet Magic), -5 penalty for no gestures = a penalty of -14 or -19 if using no words. Cast with no penalty in a covenant).
ReAn5 Disguise of the Putrid Aroma
ReAn10 Soothe the Ferocious Bear
InAq5 Touch of the Pearls
CrCo10 Bind Wound
InCo5 The Physician’s Eye
ReCo5 Curse of the Unruly Tongue
ReCo5 Spasm of the Uncontrolled Hand
MuHe5 Pass of the Unyielding Portal
MuIm5 Taste of the Spices and Herbs
CrMe10 Words of Unbroken Silence
InMe15 Perception of the Conflicting Motive
ReTe5 Unseen Arm

Public / Wilderness Magic
(Cast when Flornezo does not try to conceal he is a magus within the city; if cast in the Dominon -9 penalty for Divine aura +3, using loud voice and exaggerated gestures +2 = -7 penalty or no penalty if used in the wilderness)
ReAu20 Circling Winds of Protection
InCo20 The Inexorable Search
MuCo15 Disguise of the New Visage
ReCo20 Incantation of Paralyzation (see below)
ReCo30 Seven League Stride
ReHe10 Repel the Wooden Shafts
PeMe15 Agnosia (+1 Voice Range)

Scriptoria Magic
(Usually cast in a Hermetic covenant, particularly in the scriptoria or library. No penalty.)
ReAn5 Binding the Mundane Codex
ReAn10 Hide To Parchment
MuAn15 The Plunder of Twenty Geese
PeAn3 The Scribe’s Touch
PeAn3 Creating an Empty Book from a Filled One
ReAn4 The Avarciousness of the Ptolemies
ReAn10 A Simple Charm for the Recovery of Misfiled Books
ReAn10 Reorder the Contents of the Armarius
ReAn20 Binding the Hermetic Codex
ReAq10 Thoughts Distinctly Burned
CrHe20 The Apple That Etches
InCo30 The Eyes of the Sage
ReHe(An)5 A Useful Inculcator of Comments (+1 Animal req, affects new inks)
CrIg3 Moonbeam
CrIg15 The Welcome Addition of False Sunlight
InIm20 The Ear for Distant Voices
MuTe20 Ink of the Noblest Metals
ReTe15 Autodictation
InVi5 Scales of the Magical Weight
InVi5 Sense the Nature of Vis
InVi15 The Invisible Eye Revealed

Lab texts (other than spells):
CrCo20 Longevity Ritual

Background: Florenzo is the youngest of the three sons of Rodrigo, and the only one to inherit his Gentle Gift. His Hermetic parens was an elder member of the covenant named Louis of Jerbiton. Florenzo has concentrated his training since to become a respected librarian-magus. He has studied at Cordova, Bologna, Toledo and other centres of learning prior to and during his Hermetic training.
He is a junior member of Barcelona Covenant but has visited Andorra in the past on the pretext of visiting his father, Rodrigo. His skills have been invaluable to maintaining the state of the library of the ancient covenant since the passing of his parens, the former librarian.
Florenzo is currently a member of the Quill of the Eye League based in Toledo, a Jerbiton league dedicated to the literary arts that counts his mentor, Carles of Barcelona, as one of its senior members. His major focus has been on recovering and arranging the translation of rare classical works on Artes Liberales and Philosophiae “liberated” from private Andalusian libraries since the capture of Toledo. He often poses as a private tutor and translator in mundane society and uses his subtle magics to infiltrate various book collections and libraries. He resents being described as a book thief...

Marko's Development Notes
For this character, I am demonstrating how to cheep out. I am just taking the easy way and developing him 40 xp’s per year, minus a number of seasons for Lab activities and etceteras. I am spending xp’s first, and doing lab work last. So, for 20 years development, taking a season out at year 5 to make a longevity potion, and then taking out 19 more seasons at the end to do stuff, that makes 15 years x 40xp for a total of 600. Plus 45 for early childhood, 10 years x 15xps (=150) for age until apprenticeship, +240 for base apprenticeship, +210 for his various Virtues; equals a Grand Total of 1245 experience points. For starting Arts and Spells, I made sure I could take any combination at 15, and CrCo at 20 so I could do a longevity potion. My first 150 levels of spells were all level 15 or less (Int +2, Aura 3+, Magic theory 4, All Techniques 5, All Forms 1, Corpus 6). I then spent the rest of the experience, then applied nineteen seasons in the lab as follows (I took 2xp per season exposure in Magic Theory or an appropriate Art each season)

Incantation of Paralyzation
ReCo 20
R: Voice, D: Concentration, T: Individual
This spell holds the target’s body rigidly motionless and utterly paralyzed. They can still breath, blink, and move their eyes. However, they cannot speak, vocalize sounds, open or close their mouth, or control any bodily functions.
(B:5, R: Voice +2, D: Concentration +1, T: Individual)
Contributor: Mark Faulkner

Jarkman's Development Notes
OK, so I took the original Florenzo character and adjusted it a bit to suit my concept of a librarian-magus & book thief a bit further. I swapped a few of the Virtues and Flaws around – Florenzo's scholastic background makes Baccalaureus (A&A page 90) more appropriate rather than Educated, granting an extra 40XP to Artes Liberales and/or Latin. Weak Spontaneous Magic didn't fit for a character that would rely on Ceremonial Magic, so I assigned different Hermetic Flaws and traded Puissant Profession: Scribe for Quiet Magic and added Performance Magic (scribe) for use in libraries. He didn't have a Free Virtue assigned so I'm assuming this is Privileged Upbringing to balance things out. I scaled back the Ambitious Flaw and removed the second Personality and Story Flaws by adding a few more Hermetic Flaws and General Flaws to balance things out.
Some minor juggling of Abilities was needed (he needs Art of Memory as a scholar, Profession: Librarian, higher Teaching and perhaps a bit less Charm, Folk Ken and Intrigue). I've also added some Mastery Abilities (Ceremonial Magic) to those formulaic spells he's likely to use in libraries to offset the penalties associated with the Dominion and removed some of the flashier offensive spells to tie in with his Noncombatant Flaw.
I've continued to abstract his development as he hasn't entered play for the last 8+ seasons, and he's basically a semi-NPC with a bit of history. To simplify things, I've assumed he's concentrating on his Academic Abilities again in between teaching and took 1 season out to attend the Iberian Tribunal and arrange a deal with Octavius. This grants a further 40XP per year for 80 extra XP, so I've boosted his Artes Liberales, Philosophiae and Teaching scores.

Winter 1220 – studying in Montpellier
Spring 1220 – visits Andorra briefly to reunite with his father Rodrigo on his way to study in Toledo
Summer 1220 – studying in Toledo
Autumn 1220 – studying to Toledo
Winter 1221- studying in Toledo
Spring 1221 – returns briefly to Barcelona to visit Carles, drop off some rare texts for his mentor and study
Summer 1221 – attends the Iberian Tribunal and makes a deal with Octavian
Autumn 1221 – returns to Toledo to study and find scribes for Octavian
Winter 1222 – teaching Magic Theory to scribes in Toledo
Spring 1222 – returns to Andorra...

Markoko Additional Development Notes
I added Educated back to his Virtues, increased Greek & Arabic to 5 each, and added Close Family Ties to his Flaws. I kept Baccalaureus, adding it to “Acquired Virtues & Flaws”. I also moved Mentor over into this category. Other changes I kept as is :smiley:

Antonio Perez of Flambeau; Archmagus, Grandmaster of the Knights of Seneca
Characteristics (aging points): Int +2, Per -1, Com +0, Pre +2, Str +2 (1), Sta +3 (2), Dex +3 (1), Quik +2 (1); His Physical Characteristics were each increased one point with ritual magic.
Size: 0
Age: 83, appears 57; born 8/12/1136, Leo, apprenticed in 1152 at age 16, gauntleted in 1167 at age 31, tenure 52 years, Archmagus since age 73.
Decrepitude: 1 (5); Suffered a crisis from a major illness in his 40’s, because he kept putting of creating a Longevity Ritual. The aging points, all applied to his Physical Characteristics, is the reason he panicked and went to great lengths to improve them.
Warping: 5 (78); 32 from Longevity, 40 from Twilight, 6 from Miscellaneous
Confidence: 3 (7)
Virtues: +0 Gifted Hermetic Magus, +F Puissant Creo, +3 Major Magic Focus - Damage, +2 Improved Characteristics (twice), +1 Adept Laboratory Student, +1 Privileged Upbringing, +1 Self Confident, +1 Skilled Parens, +1 Warrior
Flaws: -3 Undisclosed Major Story Flaw, -3 Overconfident, -1 Close Family Ties, -1 Infamous Master, -1 Lecherous, -1 Weakness for Women
Acquired Virtues & Flaws: (listed in order acquired; T = Twilight, M = Mystery, S = Story) +T Affinity with Auram, -M Warped Magic, +T Puissant Ignem, +M Life Boost, +T Puissant Auram, -M Blatant Gift, +M Flawless Magic, +S Archmagus, +S Leader of a Societas - Grandmaster of the Knights of Seneca
Personality Traits: Assertive +3, Courageous +3, Pragmatic +2, Lustful +2, Just +1
Reputations: Hermetic Prestige 4 (Hermetic), Archmagus 4 (Hermetic), Infamous Master-Coronado Cortez 3 (Hermetic), Bold Bravery 3 (all), House Flambeau Acclaim 5 (92xp), noted for taking on extreme challenges
Espada Tempesto:
Soak: +
Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, ko
Wounds: -1 Lt (1-5), -3 Med (6-10), -5 Hvy (11-15), Incap (16-20), Dead (21+)
Abilities: Arabic 3 (slang), Artes Liberales 2 (ritual spells), Athletics 4 (running), Awareness 3 (alert), Brawl 6 (fistfight), Carouse 3 (stay sober), Charm 4 (seduction), Code of Hermes 2 (tribunals), Concentration 5 (spells), Divine Lore 2 (saints), Etiquette 3 (Hermetic), European Lore 3 (legendary heroes), Faerie Lore 3 (genies), Finesse 7 (precision), Folk Ken 3 (warriors), Guile 3 (laughing it off), Hunting 3 (tracking), Iberian Lore 3 (Reconquista), Infernal Lore 1 (Shadow Wars), Intrigue 2 (plots), Lang D’Oc 4 (Catalan), Latin 4 (Hermetic), Leadership 5 (in battle), Magic Lore 3 (beasts), Magic Theory 8 (inventing spells), Order of Hermes Lore 4 (House Flambeau), Parma Magica 9 (Mentem), Penetration 6 (Creo), Philosophiae 1 (ceremonial magic), Profession-Scribe 1 (copying), Profession-Soldier 3 (discipline), Pyrenees Mountain Wilderness Lore 3 (Andorra), Ride 3 (in battle), Single Weapon 7 (longsword), N Spanish 5 (Castellan), Stealth 3 (stalk), Strategy 4 (logistics), Teaching 2 (Arcane Abilities)
Arts: Cr 13+3, In 12, Mu 13, Pe 16, Re 15, An 11, Aq 5, Au* 21+3, Co 12, He 5, Ig 18+3, Im 6, Me 13, Te 11, Vi 12
*Affinity with Auram, ever since his score was 8.
Twilight Scars & Effects: (40 points)
Comprehended Twilight in a Faerie Aura (7); caused by eating the djinn’s fruit in the Garden of Delight; Affinity with Auram; Hair blows against breeze, or it blows when there is no breeze.
Failed to Comprehend Twilight (6); caused by a botched spontaneous spell using vis to try and make a ship fly; Lost 10 Rego xps; shadow sometimes leans the wrong way.
Comprehended Twilight (8); caused by a botch while escaping the Arc of Fire; Puissant Ignem; Eyes flare when angry or excited.
Comprehended Twilight (9); caused from a botch with a large quantity of vis; Puissant Auram; air about him always has a pleasant scent.
Avoided Twilight from a botch with Ignem Vis (10), which still resulted in the reconstitution of the Efreet Khyron Kravsheria, Malik of the Arc of Fire.
Magic Sigil: showy-flashy spells
Symbolic Sigil: an arc of lightning
Equipment: (fully loaded) enchanted chain-mail hauberk, wand, sword, dagger, pouch of stuff, crucifix, rings & jewelry, rosary, purse with some silver and some gemstones, satchel of things, cloak,
Encumbrance: 0
Characteristics: Size +2, Refinement +3, General Quality +4, Upkeep +6, Safety +4, Warping +0, Health -1, Aesthetics +10 (Reputation-Spell Master 4)
Specializations: Spells +7, Texts +3, Creo +1, Rego +1, Auram +1, Ignem +1
Virtues: +0 Superior Construction, +0 Defenses, +0 Elevated, +0 Precious Ingredients, +0 Superior Equipment, +0 Superior Tools, +0 Magically Superior Heating and Light, +1 Lesser Feature-Desk, +1 Living Quarters, +3 Greater Feature-Spell Circle, +3 Greater Expansion
Flaws: -3 Greater Focus-Spell Circle
Magic Item – The Fire-Clock: Reminiscent of a water-clock, it uses liquid fire to measure the flow of magical energy in the lab and regulates it; the higher the level the more effective it is. Magical Regulator In/Re-Ig/Vi70-Base 40, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Room, @4 levels for Constant and 1 level for one additional use if he wants to stop and restart it once a day. (+1 General Quality, +1 Safety, +1 Aesthetics, +1 Rego)
Spells Known: I am obviously not finished with Antonio. I sort have decided that he has what the story needs him to have, because you guys can draw upon him as a resource as well. He is our Deus ex-Machina. I have all his stuff written down somewhere else. It isn’t important. He won’t be here much.

I'll write it up later :smiley:

Inigo Elazar, called Xalbador, of Flambeau:
Characteristics: Int +2, Per +1, Com -1, Pre +1, Str +0, Sta +2, Dex -1, Quik +1
Size: 0
Age: 49
Chronology: Born 1172, Apprenticed age 9 (1185), Gauntlet age 24 (1200), Longevity since age 40 (LT??)
Current Season: Autumn 1222
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 2 (24)
Confidence: 2 (11)
Virtues: +0 Gifted Hermetic Magus, +F Puissant Ignem, +3 Major Magical Focus: Temperature, +1 Affinity with Creo, +1 Affinity with Ignem, +1 Book Learner, +1 Deft Ignem, +1 Inventive Genius, +1 Life Boost, +1 Puissant Parma Magica,
Flaws: -3 Dependent (Kesara, his daughter), -3 Weak Magic Resistance (when not touching a physical reminder of a loved one), -1 Ambitious, -1 Deleterious Circumstances (when embarrassed, flustered, or extremely surprised), -1 Disfigured, -1 Optimistic
Acquired Virtues & Flaws:
Story: -3 Enemies (unscrupulous magi, hedge wizards, and others as well),
Twilight: +3 Flawless Magic
Mystery: Blessing of the Oracle (+1 Premonitions, -1 Visions), Blessing of the Hero (+3 Sanguine Humor’s Blessing, -3 Restriction: True Feelings)
Magic Realm Transformation: 0 pawns Incomprehensible changed into Disfigured (see description), 10 pawns Self Confident
Personality Traits: Optimistic +3, Protective +3, Brave +2,
Reputations: House Flambeau Acclaim 4 (bravery in battle), Romantic 2 (local)
Dodge: Init +1, Atk n/a, Def +5, Dmg +n/a
Fistfight: Init +1, Atk +2, Def +4, Dmg +0
Damascene Dagger: Init +1, Atk +4, Def +4, Dmg +5
Toledo Longsword: Init +3, Atk +9, Def +7, Dmg +7
Soak: +2 (+5 in leather scale hauberk)
Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, ko
Wounds: -1 Lt (1-5), -3 Med (6-10), -5 Hvy (11-15), Incap (16-20), Dead (21+)
Abilities: Andorra Lore 1 (the covenant), Artes Liberales 2 (ceremonial magic), Athletics 1 (running), Awareness 1 (alertness), Brawl 3 (dodging), Carouse 1 (drinking to forget), Charm 2 (first impressions), Code of Hermes 1 (mundane relations), Concentration 2 (spells), Etiquette 1 (nobles), Euskara 5 (Basque; storytelling), Finesse 4 (precision), Folk Ken 2 (warriors), Guile 1 (fast talk), Hunt 1 (drakes), Iberia Area Lore 1 (legends), Leadership 3 (inspiration), Latin 4 (Hermetic), Magic Lore 3 (regiones), Magic Theory 5 (spells), Occitan 5 (Navarre; family), Order of Hermes Lore 2 (Famous Flambeau), Parma Magica 4+2 (Ignem), Premonitions 2 (immanent danger), Ride 1 (long journeys), Single Weapon 4 (longsword), Stealth 2 (sneak), Survival 2 (foothills), Teaching 1 (Arts), Penetration 3 (Creo), Philosophiae 1 (natural philosophy), Profession-(scribe) 1 (copy),

Creo 14, Intéllego 3, Muto 6 (1xp), Perdo 13, Rego 10
Animal 0, Aquam 8, Auram 7, Corpus 10, Herbam 0
Ignem 14+3, Imaginem 4, Mentem 2, Terram 0, Vim 6

Spells Known:
Cr(Pe)Aq(Ig)15 The Frigid Lake: Mastery 3 (Multicasting, Simulcast, Penetration)
Cr(Pe)Aq(Ig)25 Grasp of Freezing Ice: Mastery 1 (Flex-Sun)
Re(Cr)Aq(Ig)10 Fount of Scalding Steam: Mastered 2 (Multicast, Simulcast)
Cr(Pe)Au(Ig)20 Charge of Winter Winds
CrCo20 Purifcation of the Festering Wounds
ReCo15 Endurance of the Berserkers: Mastered 1 (Flex-Sun)
ReCo15 Wizard’s Leap: Mastered 3 (Fast Cast, Multicast, Simulcast)
ReCo25 From Ural’s Height ReCo25: Mastery 1 (Precise Casting)
InHe15 Shriek of Impending Shafts: Mastery 1 (Stalwart Casting)
CrIg20 Test of Flames: Mastery 3 (Imperturbable, Penetration, Resistance)
CrIg25 Sun’s Scorching Caress: Mastered 3 (Multicast, Penetration, Simulcast)
InIg5 Compass of the Vigilant Flame: Mastery 1 (Flex-Conc)
InIg15 Shadows of Fires Past : Mastery 1 (Flex-Touch)
InIg20 Vision of Heat’s Light: Mastery 1 (Flex-Touch)
CrIg35 Boiling Heat of the Forge: Mastered 2 (Multicast, Penetration)
CrIg50 Lance of Archimedes: Mastered 3 (Imperturbable, Penetration, Stalwart)
PeIg10 Wizard’s Icy Touch: Mastery 4 (Multicasting, Simulcast, Penetration, Resistance)
Pe(Re)Ig25 Wizard’s Theft of Warmth: Mastered 1 (Fast Cast)
PeIg30 Wizard's Icy Grip: Mastery 2 (Multicasting, Penetration)
PeIg20 Soothe the Raging Flames (Mastery 1: Multicasting)
ReIg5 Tremulous Vault of the Torch’s Flame,
ReIg25 Ward Against Heat and Flames
PeIm20 Veil of Invisibility: Mastery 1 (Flex-Diam)
ReIm10 Wizard’s Sidestep
InTe15 Howl of Steel Weapons: Mastery 1 (Stalwart Casting)
PeVi5 Demon’s Eternal Oblivion: Mastery 2 (Multicasting, Penetration)
PeVi5 Sap the Griffon’s Strength: Mastery 1 (Multicasting)
PeVi5 Words Wrought of Iron: Mastery 1 (Multicasting)
PeVi20 Lancea Magica: Mastery 1 (Penetration)

Magical Items:
Talisman: Zoe’s Rose: an exquisitely well-made brass amulet featuring a rose.
Potential 34 pawns, Opened 20, Used 5
Attunements: Ignem +3; Demons, Devils, and Angels +4; Protect Self +4; Move Self +2.
PeIm19 Only my Shadow
R: Per, D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Ind, twelve uses per day
Inigo becomes completely invisible but still casts a shadow. The effect is activated by rubbing the back of the amulet twice with his left thumb.
(Base 4, +1 Conc, +1 changing image; 5 levels for Item Maintaining Concentration, 4 levels for twelve uses per day)
ReCo30 Flight Without Wings
R: Per, D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Ind, twenty-four uses per day
Ingigo levitates upward, held gently but firmly aloft, and then fly off in any direction he pleases. He can travel as quickly as a horse’s gallopor hover in place with equal ease. A Finesse roll may be needed for any tricky maneuvers. The item maintains concentration, so there is no danger of falling from the sky because of forgetting to think about flight (though inattention while flying has its own dangers).
(Base 15, +1 Conc, 5 levels for Item Maintaining Concentration, 5 levels for twenty-four uses per day)

Ring of the Wayward Daughter: Lesser Item
InCo30 Sense of the Wayward Daughter
R: Arcane, D: Conc, T: Individual, twenty-four uses per day
This is a simple ring made of electrum, worn on Inigo’s hand. By touching the ring and concentrating for a moment, he can sense if one person to whom he has an Arcane Connection is alive, and gets a general sense of their physical state. 70-year item, expires Autumn of 1289.
(Base 4, +4 Arcane, +1 Conc, 5 levels for twenty-four uses per day)

Twilight Scars: dramatic poses,
Magic Sigil: Inigo's spells are subtle and stylized, often incorporating a motif of roses.
Symbolic Sigil: a Rose
A longsword of fine Toledo steel
Comfortable, stylish golden robes bound with a white sash.
Leather scale hauberk (worn only rarely)
Daggers (2), also of Toledo (Damascene) steel
A lock of Kesara’s hair, carefully wrapped and hidden on his person
Vis, worn as jewelry or carried in belt: 3 pawns Ignem, 3 pawns Creo

Encumbrance: 0 or -2
Laboratory: Magic Aura 5
Inigo’s lab is warm, open, and airy with a high ceiling and several south facing windows. The exterior is a small but attractive house made of grey stone, which stands at the edge of the wall facing out into the vineyards. The lab itself opens onto a small garden at the back, which is tidy and well-cared for, and the view of the vineyards from the windows or back garden is striking yet serene. Kesara and her nurse, Laine, come and go freely within the lab, although they stay out of the areas where Inigo works regularly. Laine will often clean parts of the lab when Inigo isn’t looking; he indulges her because he dislikes clutter more than he dislikes the intrusion.

His work area is clean but clearly well lived in, with tools and glassware organized in neat rows and drawers. His workbench has several small mirrors and prisms that playfully redirect and split the light streaming in the windows. On a table near the center of the room, there is a brazier with a fire that burns without heat, which Inigo tends as part of his longevity ritual. Sitting conspicuously in a vase off to the side is a delicate pink rose.

Characteristics: Size +0, Refinement +1, General Quality +0, Upkeep +2, Safety +3, Warping +0, Health +1, Aesthetics +8
Specializations: Teaching +3, Texts +5, Creo +1, Rego +1, Corpus +1, Ignem +1, Mentem +1
Virtues: +0 Dedicated Building, +0 Idyllic Surroundings, +0 Precious Ingredients, +0 Magical Heating & Lighting, +0 Person, +0 Servant (Int +1), +0 Superior Construction, +0 Superior Equipment, +0 Superior Tools, +1 Lesser Feature-Fireplace, +3 Greater Feature-Teacher’s Tablet
Flaws: -3 Greater Focus-Teacher’s Tablet

Inigo's face is deeply tanned and weathered, with prominent smile lines and a thin scar running from below his left eye down to his jaw. His blonde hair, worn long, shows more than a hint of gray. His face is lightly dusted with stubble and his blue eyes are intense but kind. Around his neck he wears an exquisite brass amulet in the shape of a rose. He has two small, seldom visible brands on his body, one on his chest and one on his lower back.

After an episode in the magic realm, Inigo's brands were transformed into magical flaming marks symbolizing his role as the scion of a magical legacy in House Flambeau. He has a large swirling sunburst in red and gold on his back that spreads its flames around his body seemingly at random, especially in areas of high aura. A fiery golden tendril can sometimes be seen creeping slowly up his neck and toward his cheek, or down his arm to caress his hand

After his apprenticeship, he spent time as a wizard-errant, acting as Guardian for a covenant in exchange for a place to live. While there, he befriended a senior magus, Luene of Merinita, who is a mysterious and grandmotherly mentor presence to him to this day. Late in his tenure there, he met Zoe, a practical, violet-eyed village blacksmith who wanted nothing to do with him and brooked no opposition to her gender in what is indisputably a man's profession. He courted and eventually married her, siring a daughter, Kesara. Zoe was a casualty in his battle with a powerful hedge wizard, and the loss of her drove him mad with grief. Only knowledge that his daughter needed him kept him from the brink.

He joined with the Knights of Seneca through his parens, Isabeau, who allowed him to come into his birthright as a Knight of Seneca late in his life, after he had been on his own with his daughter for a while. He joined the covenant of Andorra at her urging. She and the grandmotherly Luene of Merinita are his close friends and Kesara’s godparents.

Inigo is a devoted Knight of Seneca and student of their martial teachings. He has been on many small adventures with the Knights, but has not done anything of great renown until more recently. He still grieves for his wife and spoils his daughter more than he aught. He is often seen at work or play with his brow furrowed in concentration and his face split by a wry grin. He is not as adventurous as he was in his younger days, but still never shies away from a good fight or a good cause.

Not long ago, Inigo journeyed into fabled Val-Negra, the ruin of the original Flambeau covenant, and battled the shadow wizard Metron there. After the battle, he spoke with the ghost of Vanicasitum of Flambeau, who revealed to him that Kesara was the Lumina, the heir to a magical legacy central to the tenets of the Knights of Seneca, and that it would be Inigo's fate to train her and bring her into her legacy. He is still not sure how he feels about it all.

During the Drake Hunt, Inigo is the one that defeated the infamous firedrake known as El Diablo Rojo Fumador (the Red Devil Smoker). The Dragon Sigmundo appeared (in human form) and pleaded for the life of the drake. In exchange for sparing the RedDevil, the drake was t be hence banished to Africa for 77 years, and the dragon would owe each of the members of the hunting party one favor. Inigo and Dimir Taar used up their favors rescuing Carmen from the Palace of Burning Bronze. Carmen is still owed a favor though.

While the other magi were in the Magic Realm on that misson, Inigo remained at Andorra as part of the security detail, a wise judgment by Rodrigo, for Andorra was attacked by giants.

Description of New Spells:
Cr(Pe)Aq(Ig)15 The Frigid Lake
R: Voice, D: Diameter, T: Indiv idual
You conjure a large pool of glacial, nearly frozen water around your target, who must succeed on a Stamina stress roll of 9+ or lose a fatigue level and take +0 damage from the chill. The water’s temperature will adjust to its surroundings normally, and so in a cold environment it is likely to freeze while in a warm environment it will slowly heat up.
(Base 3 +2 Voice +1 Diam +1 Requisites)

Cr(Pe)Aq(Ig)25 Grasp of Freezing Ice
R: Voice, D: Diameter, T: Individual
You encase an area up to four paces wide and six feet high in thick, supernaturally cold ice. Anyone caught in the ice is immobilized and must succeed on a Stamina stress roll of 9+ or lose a fatigue level each round. To break out requires a Strength stress roll of 12+, allowed once a round. Someone not trapped can chip out a trapped person within two rounds, but this requires proper tools.
(Base 3 +2 Voice +1 Diam +2 Group +1 Requisites)

Re(Cr)Aq(Ig)10 Fount of Scalding Steam
R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Individual
You boil water, up to the amount contained in a small pond, into extremely hot steam. The steam has intensity +5 the first round and intensity +1 the second round. This spell can be aimed to affect water near enemies.
(Base 3, +2 Voice, +1 Requisites)

Cr(Pe)Au(Ig)20 Charge of the Winter Wind
R: Voice, D: Concentration, T: Individual
A wall of icy wind roars away from you, starting up to 10 paces away and continuing until it dissipates naturally. The wind is confined by existing barriers, but if unconfined it can be up to one hundred paces wide. All within the area must make a Dexterity + Size stress roll of 9+ or fall down and be blown along by the winds. A Stamina stress roll of 9+ is required regardless to avoid loosing one fatigue level from the extreme cold. The rolls must be made at the start of the gale and each subsequent round that the wind is maintained. You must concentrate on the gale, but you may only maintain it for a maximum of five rounds. Missile fire into or out of the gale is futile, and marching against the gale requires a Strength + Size stress roll of 15+. Failure in this attempt mandates another Dexterity + Size stress roll of 12+ to keep from falling.
(Base 3 +2 Voice, +1 Conc, +1 Unnatural, +1 Requisites)

CrIg25 Sun’s Scorching Caress,
R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Individual
Conjure incredible heat around the target, causing him to take +15 damage. Metal near the target is heated red-hot, and flammable materials like paper or wool on or near his person may ignite.
(Base 10 +2 Voice)

CrIg35 Boiling Heart of the Forge
R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Individual
You create heat as hot as a smith’s forge, enough to melt stone until it is molten or make iron white-hot, soft, and malleable. Anyone immersed in this heat takes +25 damage. This spell can be aimed to affect stone or metal near one’s target, and affects an area of approximately one cubic pace.
(Base 25 +2 Voice)

CrIg50 Lance of Archimedes
R: Sight, D: Conc, T: Ind
Creates a burning ray of intense white light that inflicts +30 damage per round that concentration is maintained.
Base 25, +3 Sight, +1 Concentration)

Pe(Re)Ig25 Wizard’s Theft of Warmth
R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Individual
Takes all of the heat from an area up to four paces across and four paces deep, making it cold enough to freeze water instantly. Any fires in the area decrease significantly in size. Living creatues caught in the area must succeed on a Stamina stress roll of 12+ or lose a fatigue level from the chill. You can control the size and shape of the affected area freely, though tricky maneuvers require Finesse rolls at the storyguide’s discretion.
(Base 5 +1 Size +2 Voice +1 Requisite)

[size=150]Octavian of Tremere [/size]

Characteristics: Int +2, Per +2, Str +1, Sta +1, Com -1, Prs +1(+2), Dex +1, Qik +1.
Size: 0
Age: 44 (Apparent Age 29)
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 3 (10)
Confidence Score: 2 (10)

Virtues and Flaws: The Gift (Special), Hermetic Magus (Free Social Status), Minor Magical Focus [Certamen] (Free Hermetic), Entrancement (Major Supernatural), Fast Caster (Minor Hermetic), Improved Characteristics (Minor General), Keen Vision (Minor General), Piercing Gaze (Minor General), Strong Faerie Blood [Sidhe] (Major Supernatural) - Second Sight (Free Supernatural), Continence (Minor Personality), Favors [Terrace of Jerbiton] (Major Story), Judged Unfairly (Minor Personality), Study Requirement (Major Hermetic), Susceptibility to Divine Power (Minor Hermetic), Visions (Minor Supernatural). Obtained post-gauntlet: Clear Thinker (Minor General), Great Talisman (Minor Hermetic), Hermetic Prestige [Quaesitor in Good Standing] (Minor Hermetic), Independent Study (Minor General), Mentor [Tacitus of Guernicus] (Minor Story), Powerful Eyes* (Minor Twilight), Tough, Unbearable to Demons (Minor General).

  • Minor Essential Virtue - Powerful Eyes.
    This will give you a +3 bonus on any vision based perception rolls, and any rolls for powers/abilities/spells that depend on vision & eyesight. This includes Second Sight, use of Piercing Gaze, Entrancement, and any spells with a Range of Eye or Sight (or a Target of Vision).

Personality Traits: Distant +3, Pragmatic +3, Polite +3.
Reputations: Quaesitor in Good Standing +3 (Hermetic Magi)

Gauntlet: Init +1, Attack +4, Defence +5, Damage +3, Load 0.
Kick: Init +0, Attack +4, Defence +3, Damage +4, Load 0.
Dagger: Init +1, Attack +6, Defence +4, Damage +4, Load 0.

Soak: +4, +6 armoured
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious.
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20).

Abilities: Artes Liberales 1 (Ritual Magic), Arabic 1, Athletics 2 (Running), Awareness 2 (Alertness), Brawl 3 - 13 (Grapples), Code of Hermes 3 (Tribunal Procedures), Concentration 1 (Spells), Entrancement 3 (Magi), Etiquette 4 (Magi), Finesse 1 (Precision), Folk Ken 3 (Magi), Guile 2 (Concealing Emotions), Hunt 1 (Tracking), Iberia Lore 2 (Geography), Intrigue 3 - 15 (Information Gathering), Latin 4 (Hermetic Usage), Leadership 2 (Intimidation), Magic Theory 4 - 12 (Inventing Spells), Occitan 5 (Provençal dialect), Order of Hermes Lore 2 (Personalities), Parma Magica 3 - 5 (Mentem), Penetration 3 (Rego), Philosophiae 1 - 5 (Ritual Magic), Second Sight 3 (Illusory Disguises), Spanish 3 - 12 (Castillian Dialect), Stealth 2 (Sneak), Sundered Council Lore 1 - 5 (History), Survival 1 (Pyrenees), Throwing (Daggers) 1.

Hermetic Arts: Cr 11 / 5, In 9 / 2, Mu 7, Pe 6, Re 7, An 10, Aq 5, Au 5, Co 3, He 0, Ig 5, Im 10, Me 7, Te 5 / 1, Vi 5.

Twilight Scars: When looking directly at Octavian, one will perceive his sigil or an approximation thereof of crow(s) out of the corner of their eyes.
Equipment: Partial Metal Reinforced Leather Armour, gauntlets, grimoire, Quaesitor cum auctoritate documentation, travelling clothing, Talisman ring, 8 pawns of Creo vis, 10 pawns of Vim Vis, 6 pawns of Corpus Vis, Daggers x2
Encumbrance: 0


Circle of Beast Warding ReAn 5 - Casting Score: 7 Re +10 An +1 Sta = +18
Viper's Gaze ReAn 15 - Casting Score: 7 Re +10 An +1 Sta +3 Powerful Eyes = +21
Ward Against Rain ReAu 10 - Casting Score: 7 Re +5 Au +1 Sta = +13
Endurance of the Berserkers ReCo 15 - Casting Score: 7 Re +3 Co +2 Sta +3 Corpus (t) = +15
Wizard's Leap ReCo 15 Mastery 1 (Fast Casting) - Casting Score: 7 Re +3 Co +2 Sta +1 Mastery +4 Travel (t) = +17
Wizard's Sidestep ReIm 10 - Casting Score: 7 Re +10 Im +1 Sta +3 Deception (t) = +21
Pains of the Perpetual Worry CrMe 20 Mastery 1 (Still Casting) - Casting Score: 11 Cr +7 Me +1 Sta +1 Mastery +3 Powerful Eyes = +22
Scent of Peaceful Slumber ReMe 20 - Casting Score: 7 Re +7 Me +1 Sta = +15
The Unseen Porter ReTe 10 - Casting Score: 7 Re +5 Te +1 Sta = +13
Sight of the True Form InCo 15 - Casting Score: 9 In +2 Co +1 Sta +3 Discerning Truth (t) +3 Powerful Eyes = +18
Sorcerer’s Bolt of Flame CrIg10 - Casting Score: 11 Cr +5 Ig +1 Sta +3 Ignem (t) = +19
Test of Flames* CrIg 15 Mastery 1 / 3 XP (Resistance) - Casting Score: 11 Cr +5 Ig +1 Sta +1 Mastery +3 Ignem (t) = +20
Prying Eyes InIm 5 - Casting Score: 9 In +10 Im +1 Sta = +20
Veil of Invisibility PeIm 20 - Casting Score: 6 Pe +10 Im +1 Sta +3 Deception (t) = +20
By His Works CrMe 5 - Casting Score: 11 Cr +7 Me +1 Sta +4 Memory (t) = +23
The Good Witness CrMe 25 - Casting Score: 11 Cr +7 Me +1 Sta +4 Memory (t) = +23
Posing the Silent Question InMe 20 - Casting Score: 9 In +7 Me +1 Sta +3 Discerning Truth (t) = +20
Trust Me ReMe 20 - Casting Score: 7 Re +7 Me +1 Sta +2 +3 Powerful Eyes = +17
Trackless Step ReTe 10 - R: Personal, D: Sun - Casting Score: 7 Re +5 Te +1 Sta +3 Deception (t) = +16
Wizard's Communion MuVi 20 - Casting Score: 7 Mu +5 Vi +1 Sta = +13
Demon's Eternal Oblivion PeVi 10 - Casting Score: 6 Pe + 5 Vi +1 Sta +10 Vs Demons (t) = +22
Dreadful Bane of the Fae PeVi 5 - Casting Score: 6 Pe + 5 Vi +1 Sta = +12
Sap the Griffin's Strength PeVi 5 - Casting Score: 6 Pe + 5 Vi +1 Sta = +12
Lancea Magica PeVi 10 Mastery 1 / 2 XP (Resistance) - Casting Score: 6 Pe + 5 Vi +1 Sta +1 Mastery = +13

*Octavian can duel in the style of Irenelte's certamen.


The raven haired magus appears to be in his early to mid twenties; much younger than his real age of 38 would suggest. For most of the year his skin is a pale colour, contrasting with dark wisps of hair that frame his delicate features. In the summer, he tans easily to a dark coppery tone that emphasizes his sinister ancestry. He carries himself with a serene albeit distant manner that is easy to overlook were it not for his terrible eyes. Eerie pupil less green orbs that hungrily flicker in the darkness or when he invokes spells leave all but the most stalwart of magi or pious of crusaders with a feeling of unease.

Octavian's soft-spoken speech and non-confrontational tone are uncharacteristic with his vocation as a quaesitor and his involvement in the recent troubles in the Iberian Tribunal. He is unfailingly polite regardless of the circumstance but there is always a nagging distrust; a facetious undertone that cannot be trusted regardless of the sincerity of his words.

He commonly wears a customized version of the Tremere ceremonial robes as a knee-long jacket over trousers tucked into knee high boots, and a black leather tunic. When he expects trouble, he wears a metal reinforced jerkin beneath his jacket with gauntlets hidden by long billowing sleeves.


Octavian's sigil manifests as a set of sinister glowing green pupils, a few shades darker than his own eyes, which briefly hypnotizes viewers into seeing a murder of crows or signs thereof.


The magus that would become known as Octavian of Tremere was born in the year 1181 of our Lord in the city of Marseilles, France. His father died before his birth fighting in the Reconquista. Unable to support both a child and herself, the mother hid her pregnancy at first. When she grew too big, she sought out a local wise woman that might aid her in aborting the child. The hermit was in fact a faerie hag embroiled in a feud with an unseelie court sidhe. Instead of aborting the child, the fae offered sanctuary for the mother and eventually served as midwife. While the mother was recuperating from childbirth, the hag switched the human offspring with the newly born child of her nemesis. When the human mother awoke, she found herself alone in a cave with an infant with unnaturally malevolent green eyes in her arms. Any sign of the wise woman's existence had disappeared. Fearful of demonic influence but unable to put the babe to death, she abandoned the child at the doorstep of a local orphanage where orphans of war were kept. The caretakers reluctantly took the boy in after a particularly thorough and effective baptism and exorcism whose effects still linger on the soul. They named the child Marcel, a common name for orphans in the Marseilles region.

At the orphanage the young Marcel endured a difficult childhood. He did not age as quickly as the other boys and the nature of his eyes encouraged the others to ostracize or pick on him. The orphanage caretakers weren't much better, often siding with the bullies. As he grew up, he experienced visions of things unseen and distant. The caretakers disciplined him harshly for his fibbing when he asked about the scenes he witnessed. Marcel withdrew within himself under the weight of constant loathing and distrust.

By the time of his 9th birthday, the war to the South had flared and times were difficult at the orphanage. The caretakers were seriously considering kicking the boy out. Fortunately for him, a mysterious man appeared at their doorstep inquiring about the children. To their shock and relief, the man chose to adopt Marcel. They made little fuss and quickly sent the boy off. For the very first time in his life, he felt a feeling of joy for being wanted. This was short-lived.

His master was an up and coming magus named Tiberius of Tremere. Tiberius laid out the rules of the parens-filius relationship: the child was not to expect any succor or fatherly love, but was expected to obey. He began by renaming his apprentice Garçon, or boy in French, declaring he had to prove himself worthy of a name.

The first ten years of his apprenticeship, Garçon travelled southern France with his master pursuing research, vis or the occasional adventure. Tiberius soon discovered the boy’s supernatural talents and encouraged their. For a time, the boy felt appreciated for his pater's interest in his talents. However, his master was distant and gave him increasingly difficult and arduous tasks forcing the boy to rely only on himself to toughen his apprentice up. Many of the errands purposefully forced him to interact with non-magi as Tiberius felt dealing with mundanes to be beneath him. The boy coped by erecting emotional barriers to shield himself from others.

As Tiberius' stock rose in the Tremere ranks, the pair travelled back to Ceoris in the Transylvanian Tribunal to complete Garçon's apprenticeship. Despite the more welcoming atmosphere at the Domus Magna, Garçon never truly settled in. Years of rejection and trauma still lingered.

Finally, on the Winter Solstice of 1205, Marcel met his master in ritual certamen. While he predictably lost, he was fully accepted as a newly gauntleted member of House Tremere. After years of denigration, he took the most impressive name he could think of, that of the Emperor Octavian. Octavian's first assignment as a member of House Tremere was to accompany his parens from Ceoris to Jaferiya.


1206 - Apparent age remains 15 - 37 XP.
Winter: Octavian remains at Ceoris with his teacher. When it is decided the two will travel to join an Iberian covenant. His pater, decides it wise to brush up on his filius' parma magica as the high population of Flambeau in the Tribunal might try to take advantage. +10 XP Parma Magica.
Spring: Tiberius and Octavian travel to Greece to procure passage to Iberia. Octavian finds a trading ship that is set to land in Castile in a months time. They travel the remainder of the way to Jaferiya covenant on foot after hiring a guide that spoke enough French to understand the magi. Octavian and his pater spend most of the trip working on learning the Spanish tongue from the sailors and their guide as well as the villages they pass through. +8 XP Spanish.
Summer: At their arrival, Tiberius is welcomed as a full member to the covenant while his former apprentice is allowed on a trial basis. Jaferiya's leadership tasks Octavian to watch over the gcustos' duties to pick up more of the Spanish language as well as become familiarized with them. +8 XP Spanish.
Autumn: Octavian is allowed to study the art of Perdo this season from the covenant's library. He takes his studies to a nearby orchard as the Fall takes root. +11 XP Perdo.

1207 - Apparent age +1 (16) - 50 XP
Winter: One of the Tremere at Jaferiya covenant is missing on a routine vis gathering during the Fall. The Flambeau magi attempt to downplay the disappearance to the remaining Tremere. Tiberius is suspicious and decides it prudent to further his filius' parma magica. +10 XP Parma Magica
Spring: The missing Tremere has yet to return. Tiberius orders Octavian to covertly investigate. Venturing out in the wilderness, Octavian finds no signs of the missing magi. He concludes that he may have never even left the coven. Attempts to parlay or sneak into the missing Tremere's sanctum meet with little success. +5 XP Hunt, +5 XP Stealth.
Summer: Tensions begin to rise between Tiberius and the Flambeau. The former begins to suspect something is amiss. He confides his suspicions to his filius in private. Octavian, borne mistrustful, concurs. Tiberius pens a letter to be delivered by his former apprentice to Terrace of Jerbiton to beseech the elder magus' aid. The Jerbiton is skeptical, but eventually accedes to the request due to Octavian's urging. Intrigue +5 XP, Etiquette +5 XP, Guile +5 XP.
Autumn: Events of the 1207 Tribunal occur. Tiberius of Tremere dies assisting Terrace in escaping Jaferiya with evidence condemning the magi of the coven. Octavian is at the Tribunal proper as this occurs to not arouse suspicion upon his pater. While neither have obtained their sigil, Octavian is given instructions on how to act and what to say at Tribunal. Terrace vouches for the innocence of the young novice who does help the tribunal mages fight against Rasus and his followers. Parma Magica +5 XP, Code of Hermes +5 XP, Intrigue +5 XP.

1208 - Apparent age 16 - 48 XP.
Winter: Now alone and without a covenant, Octavian spends the winter in Barcelona further expanding his knowledge of the Spanish language. He receives orders from House Tremere to join the March against Rasus and his followers. +8 XP Spanish.
Spring: Acting upon his orders, Octavian joins Karandos ex Flambeau's March against his filius. Expecting a full fledged battle, Karandos organizes the magi as captains of grogs. The rag tag army spends most of the season training and readying itself for the fight ahead. +10 XP Leadership.
Summer: The battle on the plains of Toledo against the Shadow Flambeau ends poorly for the Order. Karandos experiences a debilitating twilight experience and the March is defeated. While no magi are among the casualties, many grogs and consortes perish. Octavian distinguishes himself with his illusion magics as his unit suffers the fewest deaths. The magi expect the fighting to continue and thus retreat into the wilderness to gather their strength. They spend most of the season living off the land as they make their way to Toledo. Concentration +5 XP, Finesse +5 XP, Penetration +5 XP, Survival +5 XP.
Autumn: The remaining members of the March wait for further instructions in Toledo. The elder magi take it upon themselves to improve the novices' battle skills; partially blaming their weakness for the defeat. +10 XP Penetration.

1209 - Apparent age +1 (17) - 38 XP
Winter: With the onset of winter, Karandos returns to his coven effectively disbanding the March. By then many of the grogs and some of the magi had already deserted or left for greener pastures. Octavian spends another winter improving his Spanish. +8 XP Spanish.
Spring: Rumours from the countryside of Toledo speak of infant kidnappings by vile demons. The possibility of the Shadow Flambeau's involvement leads Octavian to investigate. He eventually finds the culprits to be mischievous goblins through Second Sight. He is able to parlay them into ceasing for the time being. +5 XP Second Sight, +5 XP Etiquette.
Summer: A new March forms to combat the Shadow Flambeau after one of the magi claims to have an arcane connection to one of the renegades. Octavian joins the group. The arcane connection proves weak however and they must enact a ritual to power a strong enough spell to locate their quarry. The magi spend most of the season improving their philosophiae in preparation of the ritual. When they finally cast the spell, they are shown the location of a lone tower on the peaks of a nearby mountain. +5 XP Philosophiae.
Autumn: Further scrying spells are unsuccessful. The tower's highly defensible position makes it a difficult target. It is decided some scouts will be sent on a reconnaissance mission. Due to his special talents, Octavian is chosen among the group. His eyesight proves pivotal in saving the lives of many of his sodales as the tower was a trap left to collapse upon intruders. The mechanism concealed under imaginem magic. Octavian manages to escape with a timely use of Wizard's Leap. +5 XP Second Sight, +5 XP Stealth, +5 XP Wizard's Leap Mastery.

1210 - Apparent age +1 (18 ) - 38 XP
Winter: The March disbands leaving Octavian once more to spend the winter in the city to continue to improve his Spanish. Spanish +8 XP.
Spring: A new Wizard's March forms under the command of one of the Duresca Guernicus. Octavian is recruited for his unique abilities as they track one of the Shadow Flambeau that has taken refuge in the city of Castille. Octavian is able to coerce information from locals without the use of magic and potentially drawing the attention of the renegade magi. The ex-Flambeau has set up a cult in the roman sewers. +5 XP Entrancement, +5 XP Intrigue.
Summer: The magi venture into the sewers to combat the cult. They find stiff resistance but eventually overcome the preliminary defences and traps. Cornered in his own summoning room, the shadow Flambeau broke the binding circle containing the demon he had summoned to deal with the intruders. The demon repaid his warden by killing him before attacking the magi of the Order. The demon proved too much and had killed or incapacitated most of the magi. Desperately, Octavian gathered a handful of vis from a fallen corpse and invoked a spontaneous perdo vim spell. Wounded, the demon fled into the bowels of the city. Penetration +5 XP, Brawl +5 XP.
Autumn: Maltus, Praeco of Iberia, is found dead in his sanctum. The local magi are convened by the investigating quaesitor for questioning. After ascertaining his innocence, Octavian is asked to help investigate the site of the death. He finds nothing incriminating through his skills to the disappointment of the Quaesitor. Code of Hermes +5 XP, Second Sight +5 XP.

1211 - Apparent Age 18 - 30 XP
Winter: After news of his recent exploits, Octavian is invited to meet Terrace of Jerbiton. The elder magus is likely to become the next praeco and hopes to bolster his political position. He wishes for the young Tremere to rise through the Order but also become indebted to him for his help. Terrace recommends Octavian to Andorra covenant as a potential new member. Archmagus Antonio Perez of Flambeau consents under the condition that the Tremere spends a Vigil on the night of Winter Solstice in the Caves of Entropy when the unseelie fae are at their strongest. Octavian's faerie heritage allows him to escape the night relatively unscathed. +5 XP Second Sight, +5 XP Etiquette.
Spring: Octavian spends the season gathering Vis for the covenant.
Summer: As the war with the Shadow Flambeau continues to worsen, Terrace convinces Baruch of Guernicus to recommend Octavian to join the quaesitors. The novice travels to Magvillus for his interview with the Prima of House Guernicus. Bilera sees many of her own qualities in the Tremere and acquiesces. Etiquette +5 XP.
Autumn: Octavian remains at Magvillus and studies Intellego for his coming duties. +15 XP intellego.

1212 - Apparent Age +1 (19) - 51 XP.
Winter: Octavian studies a summae on the Code of Hermes while at Magvillus. +15 XP Code of Hermes.
Spring: As the spring thaw begins, Octavian is sent back to Iberia to pursue his training under the supervision of Tacitus of Guernicus. The situation in the Tribunal has worsened with the Shadow Flambeau magi amassing victories against the Order. Octavian practices his fighting skills with the crewmen of the ship and at the armoury at Duresca in preparation for another March. +10 XP Brawl.
Summer: The demon released in 1210 resurfaced at the head of a growing cult. It is feared Church authorities may link its appearance with the Order. Tacitus and Octavian are sent to track it down. The pair is able to find and defeat the demon. Penetration +5 XP, Vim +5 XP.
Autumn: Octavian returns to Andorra and spends the season studying De Theoria Magica, including Gloss & Commentary. +16 XP Magic Theory.

1213 - Apparent Age +1 (20) - 34 XP
Winter: Octavian practices Pains of Perpetual Worry in order to master the spell. Pains of Perpetual Worry Mastery +5 XP.
Spring: Octavian studies Fons et Origio. +10 XP Vim.
Summer: Tacitus and Octavian spend the season travelling the Tribunal in search of any leads on the Shadow Flambeau. +10 XP Iberia Lore.
Autumn: Octavian studies Sensations in the Caverns of Entropy. +9 XP imaginem.

1214 - Apparent Age (20) - 45 XP
Winter: Octavian studies Liberi de Creation in the vineyards of Andorra. +15 XP creo.
Spring: Octavian and Tacitus are sent to investigate rumors of bizarre occurrences at the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa where Christian forces won unexpectedly. After careful investigation and interrogation of participants and events, Octavian is able to conclude that magic did take part in the fight. However, there are clues that other magi other than the Shadow Flambeau had also weighed in on the fight. With the tribunal already in dire straits, Octavian chooses to not pursue this line of investigation further and is able to compel Tacitus that only the renegade magi are involved. Folk Ken +5 XP, Entrancement +5 XP.
Summer: Pursuing their investigations, they do uncover evidence that the Shadow Flambeau are in league with multiple Christian authorities throughout the region. Iberia Lore +5 XP, Intrigue +5 XP.
Autumn: Tacitus and Octavian revealed their findings at Tribunal causing a raucus. Terrace of Jerbiton is able to rally support under the threat of the renegade magi. Octavian wisely omits his findings regarding the possible involvement of magi of the Order. It is eventually proposed in a landmark decision to erect Hermes’ Portals linking the covens of Iberia. Terrace appoints Tacitus and Octavian to lead a March next summer. Folk Ken +5 XP, Intrigue +5 XP.

1215 - Apparent Age +1 (21) - 40 XP
Winter: Octavian spends the winter studying Sight from the Shroud's Shadow. +8 XP Intellego.
Spring: Octavian studies Liberi de Creation in the vineyards of Andorra. +15 XP creo.
Summer: Tacitus and Octavian gather their March in preparation for battle. News from other quaesitors reaches their ears about a new Christian offensive bolstered by Shadow Flambeau against the Muslims. While Tacitus, a traditionalist is reluctant to act for fear of violating the Code on meddling in mundane affairs, Octavian is more pragmatic. He lets slip the information to their Muslim sodales who tip off their Muslim contacts. The Muslims score a sound victory on the Christians with the March rapidly swooping in to slay the Shadow Flambeau magi. Folk Ken +5 XP, Intellego +4 XP.
Autumn: Octavian pursues studying Sight from the Shroud's Shadow. +8 XP Intellego.

1216 - Apparent Age +1 (22) - 47 XP
Winter: Octavian spends the winter studying Sight from the Shroud's Shadow. +8 XP Intellego.
Spring: Octavian studies Liberi de Creation in the vineyards of Andorra. +15 XP creo.
Summer: Octavian is given his first solo investigation. Rumours surface around one of the survivors of the failed Christian offensive of last year. Octavian tracks the survivor down and finds one of the Shadow Flambeau grogs. The man has little information to offer and is made to throw himself from a cliff. Entrancement +5 XP, Intrigue +5 XP, Intellego +4 XP.
Autumn: Octavian trains Entrancement. Entrancement +10 XP.

1217 - Apparent Age (22) - 28 (38 ) XP
Winter: Octavian spends the winter studying Sensations. +9 XP Imaginem.
Spring: Octavian spends the Spring studying Sensations. +9 XP Imaginem.
Summer: Investigations turn up a bound demon in secluded mountain village much like the one found in the secret enclave within Jaferiya. After Octavian confirmed noticing links emanating from the demon akin to those of a familiar, the gathered quaesitors decide to use the demon as an arcane connection and enacted a ritual of slaying on both the demon and the connection. The activities of the Shadow Flambeau begin to peter out after this. Second Sight +5 XP, Philosophiae +5 XP.
Autumn: Tacitus teaches Octavian the following spells: Demon's Eternal Oblivion (PeVi 10), Sight of the True Form (InCo 15), Prying Eyes (InIm 5), Veil of Invisibility (PeIm 20).

1218 - Apparent Age +1 (23) - 20 (30) XP
Winter: Octavian is made to question several captured grogs formerly of Jaferiya. He uses the opportunity to experiment with his entrancement powers to break their wills. +10 XP Entrancement.
Spring: Octavian spends the season learning spells with his Mentor Tacitus. Posing the Silent Question (InMe 20), Trackless Step (ReTe 10), Wizard’s Communion (MuVi 20).
Summer: Octavian travels to Magvillus to be fully accepted as a quaesitor in good standing and allowed a chance to meet other members of House Guernicus briefly before traveling to Ceoris to attend House Tremere’s Decennial. While there, he is permitted to challenge his grand-parens for his sigil. He fails, but is nevertheless rewarded with a facsimile navaratna ring crafted for him by Tremere Artificers. +5 XP Order of Hermes Lore.
Autumn: As Octavian prepares to return to Iberia, he is accosted by a mysterious figure. The being presents itself as someone who shares similar goals to the young Tremere. Octavian is suspicious and tries to back away but is rapidly overpowered by the being who only wishes to talk. Trapped in a situation he cannot escape, he listens to what the stranger has to say. His captor is able to compel him to join the cause. Sundered Council Lore +5 XP.

1219 - Apparent Age +1 (24) - 18 (38 ) XP
Winter: As a testament of good faith, Octavian’s new ally provides him a laboratory to attune his new ring as a talisman. Magic Theory +2 XP.
Spring: Octavian undergoes initiation into the organization he joined the previous season learning the mystery of the Great Talisman. Once complete, he is free to return to Iberia Tribunal.
Summer: Through the Great Talisman virtue*, Octavian opens his talisman to an attunement. Octavian studies De Theoria Magica, including Gloss & Commentary. Magic Theory +16 XP
Autumn: Through the Great Talisman virtue*, Octavian opens his talisman to an attunement. As the war against the Shadow Flambeau is by now over, his mentor at Duresca chooses to teach the young Tremere additional spells to aid him in his future duties as a quaesitor. By His Works (CrMe 5), The Good Witness (CrMe 25). Trust Me (ReMe 20)


Octavian's Talisman was crafted by Tremere artificers inspired by their observations of a gypsy astrologer. They had observed the gems used held some astrological relevance seeing as the configuration was different for each individual. In some cases they had to substitute gems due to cost or unavailability. The Tremeres' limited understanding of Hindu astrology not withstanding. The brass ring contains nine gems encased in an electrum setting. Eight gems are aligned in a circle surrounding an opal (replacing the blue sapphire) and are in no particular order: Topaz (replacing the yellow sapphire), Ruby, Pearl, Jade (cheaper than Emerald), Red Coral, Cat's Eye and Diamond and Amber (replacing hessonite that can only be found in Sri Lanka).

So far Octavian has attuned the following shape and material bonuses:

Amber - +3 Ward against bad dreams - WGRE p101
Amber - Controlling Movement +3 - HoH: TL p139
Amber - Corpus +3 - ArM p110
Brass - Ignem +3 - HoH: MC p137
Brass - demons, devils, and angels + 4 - HoH: MC p137
Diamond - +3 Discerning Truth - WGRE p102
Electrum - Deception +3 - HoH: MC p137
Electrum - Muto Terram +4 - HoH: MC p137
Jade - Aquam +4 - ArM p110
Jewelry (Ring) - Protect Self +4 ArM p110
Opal - Images +2 - HoH: TL p139
Opal - Invisibility +2 - HoH: TL p139
Opal - Memory +4 - Mysteries Revised p33
Opal - Travel +4 - HoH: TL p139
Red Coral - Vs Demons +10 - ArM5 p110
Ruby - Battle Wounds +3 - Mysteries Revised p33
Ruby - Courage +2 - Mysteries Revised p33


Season 1 (1220 Winter)
+10 XP Au from studying Jupiter's Hammer.
Talisman bonus: +4 Travel (Opal)

Season 2 (1220 Spring)
+5 XP Intrigue
+2 XP Sundered Council Lore
Talisman bonus: +4 Memories (Opal)
+10 Vim vis
+7 Confidence points

Season 3 (1220 Summer)
-5 Vim vis
+Clear Thinker
+Unbearable to Demons
+Independant Study
Talisman Bonus: Red Coral - vs Demons +10 ArM p110
+5 XP Guile
+2 Confidence points

Season 4 (1220 Autumn)
+10 XP Perdo from studying Liberi de Perditu (exemplar edition)
Talisman Bonus: Jewelry (Ring) - Protect Self +4 ArM p110
+2 Confidence points

Season 5 (1221 Winter) - Spell Study
Lancea Magica PeVi 10
Sap the Griffin's Strength PeVi 5
Dreadful Bane of the Fae PeVi 5
Talisman Bonus: Diamond - +3 Discerning Truth - WGRE p102

Season 6 (1221 Spring)
+5(7) XP Lancea Magica Mastery

Season 7 (1221 Summer) - "Back to Jaferiyah" 15(18) XP
+5 XP Guile
+3 XP Sundered Council Lore
+5 XP Intrigue
+5 XP Order of Hermes Lore
+3 Confidence
Talisman Bonus: Amber - +3 Ward against bad dreams - WGRE p101

Season 8 (1221 Autumn)
+15 XP Ignem from studying Riddles of Mars
Talisman Bonus: Brass - +3 Ignem - HoH: MC p137

Season 9 (1222 Winter)
+16 XP from studying The Forge of Valdarius in the mountains overlooking the covenant.
Talisman Bonus: Electrum - +4 Muto Terram - HoH: MC p137

Season 10-11 (1222 Spring - 'Light of the Burning Bronze & Hunter in the Shadow')
-9 confidence
-2 daggers
-4 pawns of perdo vis

  • 3 tablets of endurance of the berserkers
  • ceremonial robes
    +Powerful Eyes virtue
  • 7 Warping points
    +Twilight scar
    +3 Confidence
    +2 daggers
  • confidence
    +36 XP
    -5 Xp brawl
    -5 xp throwing
    -5 xp parma magica
    -3 xp Corpus
    +1 confidence score
    +8 Creo Vis
    Talisman Attunement: Ruby - Battle Wounds +3 - The Mysteries Revised Edition p33
    Talisman attunement Opal - Invisibility +2 - HoH: TL p139

Season 12 Autumn 1222: Study Dominion over God's Creatures L10 Q18
+18 Xp Animal

Season 13 Winter 1223: Study Dominion over God's Creatures L10 Q18
+18 Xp Animal

Season 14 Spring 1223: Study Dominion over God's Creatures L10 Q18
+18 Xp Animal
Talisman attunement demons, devils, and angels + 4 Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults p137

Season 15 Summer 1223: Octavian studies from the lab texts of Andorra, including Riddle of Mars, the spells
Test of Flames (CrIg 15) and Sorcerer’s Bolt of Flame (CrIg10)

Season 16 Autumn 1223: As part of his duties as a Quaesitore, Octavian investigates news of strange disappearances at sea in the port of Castille. The Tremere have additional interest as one of their shipments was lost. His Gift and the general distrust of local seaman particularly to his judged unfairly flaw leads him into quite some trouble and into the occasional fight. He does however pick up some colourful language and slang. +5 XP Brawl, +2 XP Spanish, +3 XP Intrigue, +3 Co. Talisman Attunement: Amber - Corpus +3 - ArM p110

Season 17 Winter 1224: Study Riddle of Mars (spell tractatus)
Test of Flames Mastery 8 Xp + can now certamen duel in the Inirelte style. Resistance mastery ability.

Season 18 Spring 1224: Octavian studies an Aquam summa at Duresca in preparation for further investigating the issue at sea. +10 XP Aq
Talisman attunement: Jade - Aquam +4

Season 19 Summer 1224: Octavian rents the services of a boat and travels the area in search of any clues at sea. Other than running afoul of Corsairs, they find no clues. Instead a tempest steers the ship off course, but spontaneous spells help prevent things getting worse. The ship runs ashore in the almohads. +5 Aq, +5 Au, +3 XP Brawl.
Talisman Attunment: Amber - Controlling Movement +3 - HoH: TL p139

Season 20: Autumn 1224: While repairs to the ship are underway, Octavian travels to a nearby port town to seek out other magi that might be in the area. Through his search, he is confronted by a pack of wild dogs. He invokes acircle of beast warding before being confronted by their master, one of the sahirs of House ex-miscellenea and parlays into arranging for the ship to be repaired with the aid of the local magi. +5 xp Arabic, +5 Order of Hermes Lore, +2 XP Intrigue, +1 XP animal.
Talisman Attunement: Ruby - Courage +2 - Mysteries Revised p33

Rodrigo mysteriously developed the Gentle Gift at age 47, and since he was already a Magus, he just continued on from that point onward and taught himself as he went (with the assistance of friends that provided some training). This leads to an unusual development pattern. I initially develop him as a Redcap, gauntleted at age 25 then advanced to age 53 as a Redcap with two free seasons per year. Then at age 53 I swap Redcap for Gentle Gift. He winds up turning all of his Redcap magic items over to his non-gifted brethren. His equivalent free House Virtue is Well Traveled, a holdover from Redcap. He had a Lab Total 50 Longevity Potion ever since he turned 35.
I had him start out with a total of only seven points of Virtues & Flaws. One of these was Latent Magic, which I swap for Puissant Parma Magica when his Gift opens (he began exhibiting magic resistance just before his Gift manifested, he thought it was a new Supernatural Ability). He had the Close Family Ties Flaw when he was younger, but his family has grown up and moved away. Florenzo doesn’t count :stuck_out_tongue:. So I swap that for Lost Love, because he misses his dead wife. I then give him three points of Hermetic Flaws; Difficult Spontaneous Magic, Weak Magic, and Weak Parens (representing is suboptimal training conditions). Then he gains Hermetic Prestige and Famous because of his miracle, and Puissant Creo comes along with his Gift as well.
Balancing out at 10 points, I then give him 180 experience points and 90 levels of spells over the next fifteen years. This equals any other magus with the Weak Parens Flaw from the time their Arts are opened until their Gauntlet. This represents his learning to use his newfound powers with assistance from his sodales, while maintaining all outward appearances as to being a fully competent magus. I then advance him twenty years, from age 68 to age 88, using the normal house rules for advancement (40xp/year or lab work). The breakdown of the use of this time is as follows; 8 Years for xps, 1 Year to create & refine lab, 6 Years for spells, and 5 Years for more xps. During this time, I gave him several Twilight Episodes. The first made him Twilight Prone, then he gained some knowledge and lost some knowledge, and also acquired Mercurian Magic. At the end of development, he had an episode with severe consequences. He severely botched the comprehension roll and has spent the past eight years in a Twilight Episode (7 + a stress die). Those years don’t require aging rolls, but they do affect aging for his next roll (at age 96). He also gained the Weak Spontaneous Magic Flaw.

Rodrigo Diego Miguel Vasquez of Mercere:
Characteristics: Int +2, Per +0, Com +1, Pre +2, Str +2, Sta +1, Dex +0, Quik +2
*Strength and Quickness were each increased one point with Ritual Magic
Size: 0
Age: 96 (appears 42, skipped 8 years in Twilight)
Longevity: +4 (+10 from Level 50 Ritual, +4 Living Conditions)
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 6 (115; 53 from Longevity, 57 from Twilight, 5 various other sources)
Confidence: 2 (5)
Virtues: +0 Hermetic Magus, +3 Gentle Gift (was Redcap), +0 Well Traveled, +1 Improved Characteristics, +1 Puissant Parma Magica (was Latent Magic), +1 Temporal Influence, +1 Warrior, +1 Hermetic Prestige, +1 Famous, +1 Puissant Creo
Flaws: -3 Undisclosed Major Story Flaw (same one as Antonio), -1 Dutybound, -1 Lost Love (was Close Family Ties), -1 Temperate, -1 Oversensitive, -1 Difficult Spontaneous Magic, -1 Weak Enchanter, -1 Weak Parens
Acquired Virtues & Flaws: -T Twilight Prone, +T Mercurian Magic, -T Weak Spontaneous Magic
Personality Traits: +1 Cranky, +1 Proud, +2 Loyal, +3 Honorable, +3 Brave
Reputations: Prestigious 4 (Hermetic), A Highly Skilled and Powerful Magus 4 (Hermetic), Temperamental 2 (Hermetic), Courageous 3 (local), Serious 2 (local), Kind & Generous 1 (local & ecclesiastic)
Longsword (& Shield):
Soak: +
Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, ko
Wounds: -1 Lt (1-5), -3 Med (6-10), -5 Hvy (11-15), Incap (16-20), Dead (21+)
Abilities: Andorra Lore 3 (Arans), Animal Handling 3 (horses), Arabic 3 (Andalusia), Artes Liberales 2 (grammar), Athletics 3 (running), Awareness 3 (danger), Bargain 4 (vis), Brawl 4 (fistfight), Carouse 3 (drinking songs), Charm 3 (wit), Code of Hermes 2 (political intrigue), Concentration 2 (spells), Etiquette 3 (magi), Faerie Lore 2 (dark fae), Finesse 3 (precision), Folk Ken 4 (magi), Guile 2 (fast talk), Iberia Lore 4 (covenants), Intrigue 2 (alliances), Latin 4 (magi), Leadership 5 (in battle), Magic Lore 3 (creatures), Magic Theory 7 (spells), N Occitain 5 (Catalan), Order of Hermes Lore 4 (personalities), Parma Magica 5+2 (Corpus), Penetration 2 (Creo), Profession-Scribe 3 (copying), Provencal Lore 3 (travel routes), Riding 4 (speed), Single weapon 6 (fighting with shield), Spanish 4 (Castilian), Stealth 3 (sneak), Survival 4 (mountains)
Arts: Cr 12+3, In 9, Mu 5, Pe 5, Re 5, An 5, Aq 5, Au 5, Co 10, He 5, Ig 5, Im 5, Me 7, Te 5, Vi 7
Twilight Scars & Effects: Cause (points); Effect; Scar

  • Failed to Avoid or Comprehend Twilight caused by a botch in a Faerie Aura (14); Twilight Prone; hair is frazzled like an anime character
  • Comprehended Twilight caused by a botch in an Infernal aura fighting demons (4); gained a 4th magnitude spell, Personal Ward against Demons; angelic face
    *Failed to Avoid Twilight but Comprehended it (12 points); Mercurian Magic; shadow always has distinct edges;
  • Failed to Avoid Twilight (6); lost Seven League Stride; he is a real dick when he’s in a foul mood
  • Avoided Twilight (5)
  • Botched Twilight Comprehension, caused by a botch with vis in an attempt to teleport home (16 points); Weak Spontaneous Magic; he seemingly appears and disappears out of nowhere when people are not looking, kind of like Batman
    Magic Sigil: a wondrous spectacle
    Symbolic Sigil: A shield checkered red and black featuring a gold lion
    Encumbrance: 0
    Spells Known:
    CrCo20r The Chirurgeon’s Gentle Caress Mastered 1; Stalwart
    CrCo30r Gentle Caress of Aesclepius Mastered 1; Stalwart
    CrCo40r Incantation of the Body made Whole
    CrCo40r Strength of Renown R-Per, D-Mom, T-Ind. Permanently increases caster’s Strength by one point, to a maximum of +2.
    CrCo40r Quickness of Renown R-Per, D-Mom, T-Ind. Permanently increases caster’s Quickness by one point, to a maximum of +2.
    InCo35 Awareness of Mortal Foes Mastered 1; Stalwart
    InHe15 Shriek of the Wooden Shafts
    InIg5 Compass of the Vigilant Flame
    InIm25 Eye’s of the Owl
    InIm25 Eye’s of the Eagle
    InMe25 Thoughts within Babble
    InMe20 Posing the Silent Question
    InTe15 Howl of the Steel Weapons
    InVi5 Scales of the Magical Weight
    InVi5 Sense the Nature of Vis
    [i]InVi20 Piercing the Magic Veil
    InVi30 Sense the Lingering Magic
    MuVi25 Wizard’s Vim Boost Mastered 1; Fast Cast
    PeIm20 Veil of Invisibility
    PeMe10 Trust of Childlike Faith
    PeMe15 Loss of but a Moment’s Memory
    PeVi5 Demon’s Eternal Oblivion Mastered 4; Adaptive, Fast Cast, Multicast, Penetration)
    PeVi10 Lancea Magica
    PeVi10 Winds of Mundane Silence
    PeVi10 Demon’s Eternal Oblivion (Adapted Mastery 4; Fast Cast, Multicast, Penetration)
    [i]ReCo15 Endurance of the Berserkers[i]
    ReCo15 Wizard’s Leap
    [i]ReIg25 Ward against Heat & Flames[i]
    ReMe10 Call to Slumber
    ReMe10 Snap of Awakening
    ReMe20 Aura of Rightful Authority
    ReMe25 Demand of the Wizard’s Inquisition
    ReVi20 Transfer the Essence of Vis
    ReVi20r Watching Ward Mastered 1; Stalwart
    ReVi25 Circular Ward against Demons
    ReVi20 Personal Ward against Demons Mastered 2; Fast Cast, Flex to Touch
    Characteristics: Size +2, Refinement +1, General Quality +0, Upkeep +4, Safety +2, Warping +0, Health +2, Aesthetics +15/+30 (Reputation 5/7; Sanctum of Power)
    Specializations: +1 Teaching, +1 Texts, +7 Intellego, +2 Creo, +1 Ignem, +2 Imaginem
    Virtues: +0 Defenses, +0 Grand Entrance, +0 Guard, +0 Precious Ingredients, +0 Site of Legend (doubles Aesthetics), +0 Spacious, +0 Superior Equipment, +0 Magical Heat & Light, +1 Gateway (Mercere Portal to Barcelona), +1 Lesser Feature-Portal, +1 Opulent, +1 Superior Decorations, +3 Greater Feature-Map
    Flaws: -3 Greater Focus-Map, -1 Missing Equipment (no Items)
    Magic Items:
    Enchanted Items:
    The Phoenix Sword The Phoenix Sword is one of the artifacts of Andorra dating back to the earliest era. It is an exquisite quality weapon with numerous magical powers. It protects the wielder from flame, is itself immune to heat of any severity, and can ignite as a flaming sword. It has other flame related powers, but what is most interesting is that it has the power to heal. The sword was supposedly crafted by the legendary Valdarius, and it is an Item of Quality granting a +4 to Attack Rolls (harm human and animal bodies). The blade is made of Toledo Steel with a red tint, with a gold plated cross-guard and hilt. The pommel is shaped like the head of a bird of prey and the cross-guard resembles fanned out wings. A fiery ruby is embedded in the crux.

Here are links to the current character sheets for Edward and Astrid:

Here are there advancement records:

I've pasted (badly formatted) versions of their character sheets below, followed by advancement records for 1222 to 1224.

Name: Edward of Leicester Gender: Male
Player: Scott Orr Age: 45 1/2 (appears 43)
Covenant: Andorra Year of Birth: 1179
Saga: Light of Andorra Current Year: 1225
Character Type: Grog Size: 0
Confidence: 1 (18)
Decrepitude: 0 (3)
Warping: 0 (4)

Description: A handsome man, with darkening blond hair, blue eyes and a big, friendly grin.

Background and Notes: A bright peasant boy whose meddlesome nature attracted him to a covenant, where he was trained as a fighter. Viola took a liking to his glib tongue. Edward moved with Viola to Crimea, where he met a Gothic girl, Astrid. They married and now have four daughters and a son.


Intelligence: +1 (Bright) Presence: +1 (Charming) (1 Aging Point)
Perception: 0 Communication: +2 (Glib) (1 Aging Point)

Strength: 0 Dexterity: +1 (Graceful)
Stamina: +1 (Rugged) (1 Aging Point) Quickness: 0


Minor Virtues
Custos (may take Latin, Martial Abilities)
Linguist (+1/4 Study Totals for all languages)

Minor Flaws
Weakness (good conversation)
Dependents (Kristino, Zoe, Amilo, Eirine, and Theodoric)


Ability Specialty Score XP

Black Sea Lore northern coast 2 15
Crimea Lore Gothia 2 15
Centrum (covenant) Lore people 1 5
Haunted Springs (cov.) Lore people 2 15
Mercia Lore Leicester 1 5
Awareness bodyguarding 5 77
Brawl dodging 2 15
Bargain lab supplies 2 25
Carouse staying sober 2 15
Charm women 3 39
Etiquette townspeople 2 15
Folk Ken magi 4 50
Guile lying to authority 3 30
Intrigue gossip 2 20
Leadership inspiration 2 21
Alan bargaining 1 5
Catalan Andorran 5 75
English Mercian 5 75
Gothic Crimean 4 51
Greek bargaining 2 15
Italian bargaining 1 5
Slavic Crimean Russian 1 5
Order of Hermes Lore politics 2 25
Survival cold environments 1 5
Swim underwater maneuvering 1 5
Teaching grogs 2 28

Latin Hermetic usage 4 70

Faerie Lore faerie courts 3 35

Single Weapon longsword 6 105


Accommodating +1
Blunt +1
Loyal +3



[Numbers after slashes reflect equipment under the influence of magic.]

Weapon Init. Atk. Dfn. Dam. Str. Load
Dodge 0 n/a 3 n/a n/a 0
Fist 0 3 2 0 n/a 0
Kick -1 3 1 3 n/a 0
Longsword/round shield 2 12 10 6 0 3

Armor: Leather scale, partial
Protection: 3 Load: 3

Soak: 4

Fatigue Levels: Fresh / Weary / Tired / Dazed / Unconscious
-1 -3 -5


Item Load Item Load
Longsword 1 Round shield 2
Leather scale, partial 3

Total Load: 6 Burden: 3
Encumbrance: 3

Name: Astrid the Black Cat Gender: Female
Player: Scott Orr Age: 43 1/2 (appears 41)
Covenant: Andorra Year of Birth: 1180
Saga: Light of Andorra Current Year: 1225
Character Type: Grog Size: -1
Decrepitude: 0 (1)
Warping: 0 (4)

Description: A petite and remarkably graceful middle-aged woman with blonde hair and blue eyes—attractive, but just non-descript enough to blend into a crowd.

Background and Notes: A stubborn child who ran away from home in her early teens. She was one of the band of bandits hiding in the woods that became the grounds of the Haunted Springs covenant. She doesn’t got along well with others, but has learned to deal with them better over time.


Intelligence: +1 (Quick-wittted) Presence: +1 (Attractive)
Perception: +2 (Alert) Communication: -1 (Shy)

Strength: -2 (Small-framed) Dexterity: +3 (Deft) (2 Aging Points)
Stamina: -2 (Lazy) Quickness: +2 (Instinctive)


Minor Virtues
Custos (may take Latin, Martial Abilities)
Light Touch (+1 to Legerdemain and other fine manipulation; 1 less botch die, minimum 0)
Puissant Stealth (+2 to Stealth)

Minor Flaws
Magical Animal Companion (a rook named Kra)
Small Frame (-1 to Size, 4-point wound increments)
Dependents (Kristino, Zoe, Amilo, Eirine, and Theodoric)


Ability Specialty Score XP

Andorra Lore Ordino 1 5
Arans Lore Covenant of Andorra 2 20
Crimea Lore western Crimea 2 15
Gothia Lore southwestern Gothia 3 30
Haunted Springs Lore terrain 3 30
Athletics climbing 3 30
Awareness alertness 5 76
Brawl dagger 2 15
Carouse staying sober 2 15
Folk Ken peasants 3 34
Guile fast talk 4 50
Legerdemain filching 4 (+1) 56
Catalan Andorran 3 48
Gothic Crimean 5 75
Alan Crimean 1 5
Cuman Crimean 1 5
Greek Crimean 2 15
Slavic Crimean Russian 2 15
Order of Hermes Lore personalities 1 5
Profession (Housework) children 2 16
Stealth hide 4 (+2) 60
Survival woods 1 10
Swim underwater maneuvering 1 5

Latin Hermetic usage 3 30

Faerie Lore faerie courts 3 30

Thrown Weapon throwing knife 4 53


Rebellious +2
Stubborn +3
Loyal +1



Weapon Init. Atk. Dfn. Dam. Str. Load Range
Dodge 2 n/a 4 n/a n/a 0
Fist 2 5 4 -2 n/a 0
Kick 1 5 3 1 n/a 0
Dagger 2 8 5 1 -3 0
Thrown knife 2 9 7 0 -2 0 5

Armor: None
Protection: 0 Load: 0

Soak: -2

Fatigue Levels: Fresh / Weary / Tired / Dazed / Unconscious
-1 -3 -5


Item Load Item Load
Dagger 0 Throwing knives, 2 0

Total Load: 0 Burden: 0
Encumbrance: 0


Name: Kra Species: Rook

Age: 2
Season: Spring
Decrepitude: N/A (Immortal)

Size: -4 Magic Might: 9 (Animal)

Intelligence: 0 Perception: +2
Presence: -2 Communication: +2
Strength: -8 Stamina: 0
Dexterity: +2 Quickness: +5

Virtues: Magic Animal; Essential Virtue (Understands Portents), Keen Vision, Unaffected by the Gift

Flaws: Compulsion (Showing Off), Magical Friend, Meddler

Magic Qualities: Improved Abilities (x3), Improved Defense (Dodge), Lesser Power, Minor Virtue (Premonitions), Minor Virtue (Second Sight)

Magic Inferiorities: Minor Flaw (Restricted Power [Weather Sense—must perform aerial acrobatics]), Minor Flaw (Tainted with Evil), Susceptible to Deprivation

Personality Traits: Rook +3*, Understands Portents (Intelligence) +3*, Curious +3, Gregarious +3

Ability Specialty Score XP

Athletics complex flight 5 75
Awareness danger 4 50
Brawl dodging 2 15
Gothic Crimean 4 50
Stealth hiding 3 30
Survival fields 3 30
Premonitions death 4 50
Second Sight ghosts 3 30

Power: Weather Sense, 3 points (as Sailor’s Foretaste of the Morrow, InAu 20, -1 Might cost)

Weapon Init. Atk. Dfn. Dam.
Dodge 5 n/a 10 n/a
Beak/Claws 5 7 10 -7

Soak: 0

Fatigue Levels: Fresh / Weary / Tired / Dazed / Unconscious
-1 -3 -5

Wounds: 1 point per increment

Edward's Advancement


Winter: Aging roll: 3+5-2-3=3. Guard duty, Exp: Latin, +2x1.25=53 (4).
Spring and Summer: Accompanies Viola to Khyron’s domain in the Magic Realm and Taglyn, and along the way becomes immune to the effects of age. Adv.: Unaging, 10 vis; Order of Hermes Lore, +5=25 (2)
Autumn: Guard duty, Exp: Latin, +2x1.25=56 (4).


Winter: Aging roll: 9+5-2-3=9. Practices Catalan: +8x1.25=52 (4).
Spring: Guard duty. Exp.: Latin, +2x1.25=59 (4)
Summer: Practices Catalan: +8x1.25=62 (4).
Autumn: Guard duty. Exp.: Latin, +2x1.25=62 (4)


Winter: Aging roll: 0+5-2-3=0. Practices Catalan: +8x1.25=72 (4).
Spring: Guard duty. Exp.: Catalan, +2x1.25=75 (5)
Summer: Practices Latin: +4x1.25=67 (4).
Autumn: Guard duty. Exp.: Latin, +2x1.25=70 (4)


Winter: Aging roll: 9+5-2-3=9.

Astrid's Advancement


Winter: Aging roll: 5+5-2-3=5. Explores the local area. Exp.: Arans Lore, +2=10 (1)
Spring and Summer: Accompanies Viola to Khyron’s domain in the Magic Realm and Taglyn, and along the way becomes immune to the effects of age. Adv.: Unaging, 10 vis; Folk Ken, +5=39 (3)
Autumn: Explores the local area. Exp.: Arans Lore, +2=12 (1)


Winter: Aging roll: 4+5-2-3=4. Practices Catalan: +8=32 (3).
Spring: Explores the local area. Exp.: Arans Lore, +2=14 (1)
Summer: Practices Catalan: +8=40 (3).
Autumn: Explores the local area. Exp.: Arans Lore, +2=16 (2)


Winter: Aging roll: 6+5-2-3=6. Practices Catalan: +8=40 (3).
Spring: Explores the local area. Exp.: Arans Lore, +2=18 (2)
Summer: Practices Catalan: +8=48 (3).
Autumn: Explores the local area. Exp.: Arans Lore, +2=20 (2)


Winter: Aging roll: 2+5-2-3=2.


Saga: Light of Andorra
Setting: Mythic Europe
Current Year: ?
House: Tytalus
Age: 45
Size: +1
Confidence: 2 / ( 19 )

Birth Name: Ludovico Rudolfo Fosari
Year Born:
Race/Nationality: Italian
Place of Origin: Venice
Religion: Quasi-Roman Paganism
Title/Profession: Magus
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Handedness: Right

Sigil: Unyielding/Overbearing Dominance
Covenant: Andorra
Domus Magna: Fudarus
Primus: Harpax
Parens: Mercatora
Covenant of Apprenticeship: Rellantali

Intelligence: +2 (3)
Perception: +1 (1)
Strength: 0
Stamina: 0
Presence: +1 (1)
Communication: +1 (1)
Dexterity: +1 (1)
Quickness: 0

Virtues: ( 10 ) Self Confident ( House ), Major Magical Focus ( Spirits ) ( Major ), Summoning ( Magic Realm ) ( Major ), Second Sight ( Minor ), Cautious Sorcerer ( Minor ), Affinity ( Rego ) ( Minor ), Affinity ( Vim )( Minor ), The Gift, Hermetic Magus

Flaws: ( 10 ) Incomprehensible ( Minor ), Proud ( Minor ), Wrathful (Minor), Infamous Master ( Lineage of Tasgillia / Mercatora of Rallantali )( Minor ), Cabal Legacy ( Titanoi )( Minor ), Pagan ( Major ), Hermetic Patron: Titanoi (Acheronus) ( Minor ), Seeker: Theurgic Magic/Mysteries ( Minor )

Acquired Virtues: ( 10 ) Hermetic Sorcery ( Major ), Commanding ( Magic Realm ) ( Major ), Inoffensive to Spirits ( Minor ), Chthonic Magic ( Major ), Flexible Formulaic Magic ( Major )

Acquired Flaws: ( 10 ) Enemy: Sahirs ( Major ), Proud ( Upgrade to Major ), Wrathful ( Upgrade to Major ), Blatant Gift ( Major ), Twilight Prone ( Major )

Personality Traits: Dominating +3, Manipulative +3, Lover of Fine Things +3, Steadfast +1

Reputations: ??


Italian ( Prose ): 5 ( Native )
Latin ( Prose ): 4 ( 56xp )

Charm ( Dissembling ): 2 ( 15xp )
Guile ( Fast-Talk ): 2 ( 15xp )
Intrigue ( Hermetic ): 3 ( 30xp )
Bargain ( Spirits ): 3 ( 35xp )
Leadership ( Spirits ): 3 ( 35xp )
Etiquette ( Nobility ): 2 ( 15xp )

Single Weapon ( Short Sword ): 1 ( 10xp )
Brawl ( Grappling ): 1 ( 7xp )
Stealth ( Urban ): 3 ( 30xp )
Awareness ( Searching ): 2 ( 15xp )

Lore: Order of Hermes ( History ): 1 ( 10xp )
Code of Hermes ( Defense ): 2 ( 15xp )
Mystery Lore: Titanoi ( Initiations ): 4 ( 50xp )

Magic Lore ( Spirits ): 3 ( 30xp )
Dominion Lore ( Angels ): 3 ( 30xp )
Infernal Lore ( Demons ): 3 ( 30xp )
Faerie Lore ( Spirits ): 3 ( 30xp )

Area Lore: Venice ( Sewers / Passageways ): 2 ( 15xp )
Artes Liberales ( Ritual/Ceremony ): 2 ( 15xp )
Philosophiae ( Ritual/Cermony ): 2 ( 15xp )
Profession: Scribe ( Copying ): 1 ( 5xp )

Magic Theory ( Spirits ): 4 ( 64xp )
Chthonic Magic ( Spirits ): 1 ( 10xp )
Concentration ( Goetia ): 4 ( 50xp )
Parma Magica ( Spirits ): 3 ( 30xp )
Finesse ( Rego ): 2 ( 15xp )
Penetration ( Spirits ): 3 ( 30xp )

Second Sight ( Spirits ): 4 ( 50xp )


Rego: 20 ( 213xp )

Perdo: 10 ( 55xp )

Corpus: 4 ( 10xp )

Vim: 20 ( 211xp )

Summoning: 0 ( 0xp )

Commanding: 0 ( 0xp )


Lunar Binding of the Demanding Enchantment
Rego Vim 50
Gen. ( lvl +2 mag. ) / +1 Touch / +3 Moon / Ind - Sustaining Effect ( lvl -10 )

Coerce the Spirits of Magic
Rego Vim lvl 20
Base 5 / +2 Voice / +1 Concentration / Ind

Coerce the Spirits of Faerie
Rego Vim lvl 20
Base 5 / +2 Voice / +1 Concentration / Ind

Fellblade of the Art
Perdo Vim lvl 10
Base 5 / +2 Voice / Mom. / Ind.
Might Stripper, Magic Realm

The Invisible Eye Revealed
Intellego Vim lvl 25
Base Effect / Per. / Conc. / Touch

Throwing Off The Shackles of Guernicus
Perdo vim lvl 30
Base Effect / Per. / Mom. / Ind.
Dispels any scrying effect targeting the caster of a level equal to or lesser than ( Spell level +20 + Stress die )

The Eye That Marks The Bounds
Intellego Vim lvl 25
Base 1 / Per. / +1 Conc. / +4 Sight / +3 additional effect ( Realm )
Allows the caster to see the presence and boundaries of all realm auras within his field of vision, they appear as distinct and colorful auras depending on their relative ( high/low, inexact ) power level and realm affiliation.

Piercing the Faerie Veil
Intellego Vim lvl 20
Base Effect 3 / +1 Conc / + 4 Vision
Allows the caster to see through the boundaries of faerie realm regiones.

Divining the Mystic Path
Intellego Vim lvl 20
( Magic Version )

The Twisted Paths of Hell
Intellego Vim lvl 20
( Infernal Version )

The Eye of the Needle
Intellego Vim lvl 20
( Divine Version )

Coerce the Spirits of Hell
Rego Vim lvl 20
Base 5 / +2 Voice / +1 Concentration / Ind

Word's Wrought With Iron
Perdo Vim lvl 10
Base Effect / +2 Voice / Mom. / Ind.
Might Stripper, Faerie Realm

Demon's Eternal Oblivion
Perdo Vim lvl 10
Base Effect / +2 Voice / Mom. / Ind.
Might Stripper, Infernal Realm

Chthonic Invocation
Perdo Vim lvl 10
Base Effect / +2 Voice / Mom. / Ind.
Might Stripper, Divine Realm

Binding the Spirit of Magic
Rego Vim lvl 40
Base 15 +2 Voice / +2 Ring / Ind. +1 Additional Effect.
As 'Voices From Hollow Spaces' however has an additional compulsion effect to restrict the use of the contained spirit's powers without permission or in the fulfillment of orders.

Binding the Spirit of Faerie
Rego Vim lvl 40

Binding the Infernal Spirit
Rego Vim lvl 40

Summon the Spirit of Magic
Rego Vim lvl 40

Summon the Spirit of Faerie
Rego Vim lvl 40

Summon the Spirit of the Infernal
Rego vim lvl 40

Wizard's Communion
Muto Vim lvl 25

Conjuring the Invisible Wings of Hermes
Rego Corpus lvl 20
Base Effect lvl 15 / +1 Conc.
Personal Flight Spell

The Mind's Cobwebs Cleared ( Unravelling The Form of Mentem )
Perdo Vim 25
Base Effect / Per. / Mom. / Ind.
Dispels any one mentem effect on the caster of a level less than or equal to the effects lvl +4 mag. + stress die.

Masking the Odor of Magic ( Mod. ) Mystic Veil of Ludovico
Perdo Vim lvl 30
Gen. Effect ( +2 ) / +2 Voice / +1 Conc.
Masks any magic in any one spell, object, or creature from a detection effect that does not exceed spell level -1 mag. X 2. ( 50 )

Watching Ward ( Mod. ) The Vigilant Enchantment
Rego Vim 40
Gen. ( +5 ) / +1 Conc. / +1 Touch / Ind. ( 55 )
Spell Container Effect.

Opening The Intangible Tunnel
Rego Vim 40
Gen. ( +5 ) / +4 AC / +1 Conc. / Ind. ( 40 )

The Summoner's Circle of the High Art of Sulieman
Rego Vim 50
Gen. ( Base ) Touch / Ring / Circle
Ward vs. Airy Spirits of all realms in the inclusive 'prison' style of ward. Not effective vs. non-spirit creatures of any might level.

Leap Of Homecoming
Rego Corpus lvl 35
Base 35 Personal / Mom. / Individual

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Moses Mendez: Sergeant of the Andorran Guard
Characteristics: Int -1, Per +1, Com -2 (1), Pre -1, Str +3 (2), Sta +2 (1), Dex +1, Quik +1
Size: 0
Age: 91 (appears 63, longevity since age 35)
Season & Year: Spring 1225
Longevity: CrCo30r from ages 35 to 50, CrCo50 since then
Decrepitude: 0 (4)
Warping: 5 (83; 46 from Longevity, 37 from various other sources)
Confidence: 3 (7)
Virtues: +1 Andorran Guard (Custos, Warrior, Vow) , +1 Arcane Lore, +1 Self Confident, +1 Essential Virtue – Clever in Combat (+3 to Intelligence rolls in combat related situations), +1 Essential Virtue – Observant (+3 to Perception rolls to spot trickery), +W Second Sight, +MR Charmed Life (Luck)
Flaws: -1 Wrathful, -1 Ability Block (Academic), -1 Reckless, -1 Essential Flaw – Stooge (-3 to social rolls with those above his status), -1 Close Covenant Ties, -W Higher Purpose, -W Dutybound, -MT Heroic Personality
Personality Traits: Loyal to Andorra +4, Cranky +3, Reckless +3, Angry +2, Curmudgeon +1
Reputations: Stalwart 3 (Hermetic, local), Mean (local) 2
Andorran Guard Acclaim: 5 (hardcore veteran)
Acclaim Points: 132
Second Sight 4 (2xp), Stalwart 3 (3xp), Mean 2 (-2xp), Stooge (-3xp), 61 years of Service (61xp), Special Duty (15xp), Adventures & Expeditions (25xp), Victories (40xp), Praise & Commendation (28xp), Reproach & Reprimand (mainly for ineptitude & foolishness as he is a stooge) (-99xp), Sergeant with special Authority (10xp), Five Copper Eagles (15xp), Three Bronze Lions (15xp), the Silver Drake (10xp), the Gold Gryphon (15xp), Never plays in Games (-3xp)
[i Fistfight[/i]: Init +1, Atk +7 Def +7, Dmg +3
Knife: Init +1, Atk +10 Def +9, Dmg +5
Mace: Init +2, Atk +13 Def +10, Dmg +11
Thrown Knife: Init +1, Atk +8 Def n/a, Dmg +5
Soak: +11
Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, ko
Wounds: -1 Lt (1-5), -3 Med (6-10), -5 Hvy (11-15), Incap (16-20), Dead (21+)
Abilities: Andorra Area Lore 5 (mountains), Athletics 4 (run), Awareness 5 (alert), Brawl 7 (knife), Carouse 5 (drinking with comrades), Charm 2 (wit), Divine Lore 2 (saints), Faerie Lore 4 (goblin-kind), Folk Ken 3 (warriors), Great Weapon 5 (pole-arm), Guile 4 (subtle lies), Latin 4 (converse with magi), Iberian Lore 5 (Aragon), Infernal Lore 2 (diabolists), Intrigue 4 (secret plans), Leadership 5 (relay commands), Magic Lore 5 (spirits), Occitain 5 (Catalan), Order of Hermes Lore 3 (House Flambeau), Profession-Soldier 5 (discipline), Ride 3 (speed), Second Sight 4 (spirits), Single Weapon 8 (mace), Spanish 5 (Aragon), Strategy 4 (tactics), Stealth 4 (hide), Survival 5 (mountains), Thrown Weapon 5 (knife)
Equipment: Mace, Shemp’s Knife, Full Chain-Mail
Encumbrance: 0 (Load 8, Burden 3, Str +3)

Enchanted Items:
Torch Without Flame: Lesser Enchanted Device,
CrIg20 Torch Without Flame
R: Item, D: Item Maintained Concentration, T: Ind, Use: Unlimited
The end of the torch emanates a soft glowing orb of light, illuminating an area ten paces across with a steady light as bright as daylight on a cloudy day.
(Base 4, +1M Conc, +5L Item Maintains, +10L Unlimited Use)

Red Boots: Lesser Enchanted Device,
ReCo30 Warrior’s Leap R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind
Instantly transport’s Moe up to 50 paces as commanded
(Base 15, +1M Touch, +10L Unlimited Use)

Charm against Heat & Flames: Lesser Enchanted Device,
ReIg29 Ward against Heat & Flames
R: Touch, D: Constant upon the one wearing it, T: Ind
Grants Moe a +15 soak against heat & flames.
(Base 4, +2M improved protection, +1M Touch, +2M Sun, +4L Constant)

Background: Moses (Moe) is the oldest member of the Andorran Guard. He is a grizzled veteran, has seen magi come and go, and has seen his friends die in battle and from age. He has accumulated a lot of warping because he has been on longevity for over half of his life, but also a great deal from the supernatural encounters he has faced.
Though he was originally a Grog, Moe has since progressed to the status of a Companion. To that effect, he has been upgraded as such with the addition of two Minor Virtues & Flaws. As an Andorran Guard, I have equipped him with a number of levels of Magic Items up to no more than his chronological age.
Moe Acquired the Minor Flaws of Dutybound and Higher Purpose plus Second Sight from Warping, as per the standard rules. During the two part Magic Realm Adventure of “Light of Burning Bronze and Taglyn” he gained 5xp, plus 25 pawns of vis used for Transformation, giving him the Major Virtue of Charmed Life and the Minor Flaw of Heroic Personality. Finally, to quickly update him, I gave him the standard 20xp/year (or 5xp/season) as per the House Rule for non-magi.
A side note on the Ability Block Minor Flaw; though prohibited from learning most Educated Abilites (such as Artes Liberales), he is still able to learn the Latin Language since it is in such common use in the Order (for him, Hermetic Latin counts as a “Living Language” for all intents). This means he still cannot ever learn to read and write, and his use of Latin consist of mainly Vulgar words and expressions.

Alexandro Pedro Perez
Characteristics: Int +1, Per +0, Com +1, Pre +2, Str +2, Sta +1, Dex +1, Quik +2
Size: 0
Age: 51 (38); Level 50 Longevity Potion since age 37
Date: Spring 1225
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 2 (20)
Confidence: 3 (7)
Virtues: +1 Andorran Guard (Custos, Warrior, Vow of Loyalty to Andorra ), +1 Affinity with Leadership, +1 Educated, + Improved Characteristics, +1 Puissant Leadership, +1 Puissant Single Weapon, +1 Self Confident, +1 Privileged Upbringing, +1 Well Traveled
Flaws: -3 Dependent (his son, Anthony Gabriel Perez, age 14), -3 Overconfident, -1 Close Family Ties, -1 Dutybound, -1 Proud,
Acquired Virtues & Flaws: +MR Improved Characteristics -W Higher Purpose, +MR Charmed Life (Luck) & Heroic Personality
Personality Traits: Courageous +5, Loyal +4, Proud +3, Sense of Honor +3
Reputations: Dutiful 3 (local), Fearless 2 (local),
Andorran Guard Acclaim: 8 (worthy leader)
Acclaim Points: 201
Single Weapon 9 (4xp), Dutiful 3 (3xp), Charmed Life (3xp), thirty years of service (30xp), Special Duty (21xp), Expeditions & Adventures (18xp), Victories (21xp), Praise & Commendation (17xp), Reproach & Reprimand (-6xp), Captain (+15xp), Good Morale (+5xp), three Copper Eagles (Morocco, Barcelona twice) (9xp), two Bronze Lions (Zarathustra, Balearic Islands) (10xp), three Silver Drakes (Al-Murhamet, Shadow Wars, Val Negra) (30xp), the Gold Gryphon (Burning Bronze) (20xp), Good player in Games (1xp)
Dodge: Init +2, Atk n/a, Def +6, Dmg n/a
Fistfight: Init +2, Atk +5, Def +6, Dmg +2
Dagger: Init +2, Atk +8, Def +7, Dmg +5
Toledo Longsword: Init +4, Atk +16, Def +13, Dmg +9*
Toledo Longsword & Round Shield: Init +4, Atk +16, Def +15, Dmg +9*

  • The sword Helena adds +3 if enchantments are active, for a total of Dmg +12
    Soak: +7
    Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, ko
    Wounds: -1 Lt (1-5), -3 Med (6-10), -5 Hvy (11-15), Incap (16-20), Dead (21+)
    Abilities: Andorra Lore 3 (the covenant), Animal Handling 3 (equines), Arabic 3 (Andalusia), Artes Liberales 2 (astronomy), Awareness 3 (danger), Bargain 2 (negotiate), Brawl 4 (dagger), Carouse 2 (keep composure), Charm 3 (wit), Chirurgy 1 (battlefield dressing), Concentration 2 (mental discipline), Etiquette 3 (military), European Lore 2 (Mediterranean), Faerie Lore 2 (goblinry), Folk Ken 3 (warriors), Guile 3 (keep a straight face), Hunt 4 (tracking), Iberian Lore 3 (Castile), Latin 4 (magi), Leadership* 6+2 (in battle), Magic Lore 3 (regios), Occitain 5 (Catalan), Order of Hermes Lore 2 (Flambeau), Profession-Soldier 4 (officer), Riding 3 (grace), Single Weapon 7+2 (longsword), Stealth 3, Strategy 4 (logistics), Spanish 4 (Castilian)
    Equipment: Chain-mail Hauberk of Sublime Lightness (enchanted armour), Helena (enchanted longsword), round shield, dagger, sparse jewelry,
    Encumbrance: 0 (Load 5, Burden 2, Str +2)
    Enchanted Items:
    Helena Helena is a Toledo Steel Longsword named after his godmother and enchanted by his father. The first two, Edge of the Razor and Sword of Adamantine, are considered “always on” when drawn from its scabbard, unless consciously turned off by command word for tactical purposes. The command word is the sword’s name spoken harshly (HELENA!), and the sword’s name spoken gently (Helena…) reactivates them.
    Opening Pawns 15, Used 10, Remaining 5
    MuTe30 Edge of the Razor R: Item, D: Auto-Conc, T: Ind, Pen +10
    Grants a +2 bonus to Damage (Base 3, +2M Metal, +1M Conc, +10L Unlimited Use, +5L Auto-Conc, +5L Penetration 10)
    MuTe35 Sword of Adamantine R: Item, D: Auto-Conc, T: Ind, Pen +10
    Makes the sword supernaturally strong and nigh unbreakable, granting a further bonus of +1 to damage (Base 4, +2M Metal, +1M Conc, +10L Unlimited Use, +5L Auto-Conc, +5L Penetration 10)
    InTe30 Howl of the Steel Weapons: R: Touch, D: Conc, T: Hearing
    Grants a +9 bonus to Defense versus metal or stone weapons.
    (Base 2, +1M Touch, +1M Conc, +3M Hearing; +5L Item Maintains Concentration, +10L Unlimited Use)

Hauberk of Sublime Lightness This is a Lesser Enchanted Device, a chain-mail hauberk enchanted with the spell of the same name.
PeTe29 Hauberk of Sublime Lightness R: Item, D: Constant, T: Ind
Reduces the Load of the armour by one point, to a total of 3 (Base 5, +2M Metal, +2M Sun, +4L Constant)

Red Boots:
ReCo30 Warrior’s Leap R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind
Instantly transport’s the wearer up to 50 paces as commanded
(Base 15, +1M Touch, +10L Unlimited Use)
Background: Alexandro is the eldest of Antonio’s two children, and though he is the most like his father in many ways, he did not inherit the Gift or any supernatural traits at all. His mother is Gabriella Gomez, daughter of Pedro Gomez Senior. Alexandro was raised at the covenant, but he did not lead a sheltered life. He received a thorough education, spent time with his uncle in Castile, and has traveled abroad in Italy, France, and England. Though he resents his father’s infidelity towards his mother, he does respect him and he loves his half-sister dearly.

Carlos: Andorran Guard
Characteristics: Int +1, Per +1, Com -1, Pre +1, Str +1, Sta +0, Dex +1, Quik +4
Size: -1
Age: 38 (35); Longevity Potion since age 35 (LT 40)
Date: Spring 1225
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 1 (8)
Virtues: +1 Andorran Guard (Custos, Warrior, Vow), +1 Improved Characteristics, +1 Luck, +MR Great Quickness, -W Higher Purpose
Flaws: -1 Reckless, -1 Small Frame -1 Weakness (back-talk to superiors)
Acquired Virtues & Flaws: +R Lightning Reflexes
Personality Traits: Reckless +3, Brave +3, Loyal +2, Back-talker +2
Reputations: Good Gambler 2 (local-Andorra), Veteran of Las Navas 3 (soldiers)
Andorran Guard Acclaim: 4 (adventurous)
Acclaim Points: 67
Quick +4 (2xp), Single Weapon 6 (1xp), Veteran of Las Navas (3xp), Small Frame (-1xp), 10 years of Service (10xp), Special Duty (5xp), Expeditions & Adventures (11xp), Victories (11xp), Praise & Commendation (7xp), Reproach & Reprimand (-5xp), Corporal (2xp), the Copper Eagle (Drake Hunt of 1215) (3xp), the Bronze Lion (Burning Bronze) (5xp), the Silver Drake (Val Negra) (10xp), Champion in Games (dice) (3xp)
Fistfight: In +4, Atk +6, Def +9, Dmg +1
Knife: In +4, Atk +8, Def +10, Dmg +3
Toledo Longsword/Round Shield: In +6, Atk +12, Def +11/+14, Dmg +8
Spear/Round Shield: In +6, Atk +11, Def +10/+13, Dmg +6
Thrown Knife: Init +4, Atk +6, Def n/a, Dmg +3
Thrown Spear: Init +4, Atk +6, Def n/a, Dmg +6
Soak: +5
Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, ko
Wounds: -1 Lt (1-4), -3 Med (5-8), -5 Hvy (9-12), Incap (13-16), Dead (17+)
Abilities: Andorra Area Lore 2 (the guard), Athletics 2 (running), Awareness 3 (alert), Bargain 1 (working off or trading for debts), Brawl 5 (knife), Carouse 5 (games of chance), Charm 3 (ladies), Faerie Lore 2 (strange places), Folk Ken 3 (tough guys), Guile 3 (fast talk), Iberian Lore 2 (Toledo), Legerdemain 2 (cheating), Latin 4 (magi), Leadership 1 (soldiers), Magic Lore 4 (stranger places), Occitain 4 (slang), Order of Hermes Lore 2 (pecking order), Profession-Soldier 4 (scout), Ride 2 (speed), Single Weapon 6 (weapon & shield), Spanish 5 (Castilian), Stealth 4 (sneak), Strategy 2 (logistics), Survival 2 (urban environment), Thrown Weapon 3 (knife)
Equipment: Knife, Toledo Longsword, Round Shield, Magic Hauberk of Metal Reinforced Leather, two smaller knives, optional spear
Encumbrance: 1 (Load 5, Burden 2, Strength +1)
Enchanted Items:
Hauberk of the Elite Scout: Lesser Enchanted Device
MuAn14 Hauberk of Impenetrable Leather
R: Personal, D: Constant, T: Ind
Grants a +3 bonus to the armour’s Protection
(Base 4, +2M Sun, +4L Constant)

Cat’s Eye: Lesser Enchanted Device
This is a pendent made of a cat’s eye glass sphere on a leather string.
MuCo19 Eyes of the Cat
R: Touch, D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Ind
(Base 2, +1M Touch, +1M Concentration, +5L Item Maintains Concentration, +10 Unlimited Use)

Background: Carlos was a street urchin and a rogue, who took up the profession of a mercenary soldier at a young age. However low his life has been, fortune has always smiled upon him and carried him on in his rapscallion lifestyle. As a soldier, he was a perpetrator of and participator sorts many of the regular sorts of camp vices, such as gambling and drinking. At the battle of Las Navas, his entire unit was nearly wiped out. He and two others survived, and they died shortly thereafter (one from his wounds and another from later misfortune). It was shortly thereafter that Carlos was recruited as a custos by Andorra. Since then he has seen various strange things and learned something about the ways of the wizards. Among other adventures, he was part of the expeditions to Val Negra and to the Palace of Burning Brass

Here is a copy of where I left off with Vares, updated slightly. Most stats are accurate.

Name: Vares filius Antoninus Exupereus of House Flambeau
Characteristics: Intelligence +5, Perception +2, Strength +1, Stamina +1, Presence +1, Communication 0, Dexterity 0, Quickness +1

Size: 0
Age: 46 (apparent age very fit Late 30s; Unaging and will not appear any older than that); No Longevity Potion; 20 years since Gauntlet at 26
Decripitude: 0 (no Aging Points; made all Aging Checks)
Sex: Male
Confidence: 2 (18)

Personality Traits: Independent-Minded +2, Crafty +1, Watcher +2

Arcana: The Chariot/The Moon (Major); King of Swords (Minor)

Reputation: ? (no Virtue or Flaw selected, and Vares works sublty, but he's 20 years out of gauntlet)

Warping Score: 3 (9 )
Twilight Effects: Gained Major Magical Focus in his Astrological Sign--Libra.
Twilight Scar: Those meeting Vares cannot ever seem to remember the colour of his eyes once out of his presence.

Virtues: Flexible Magic; Alluring to Magic, Inoffensive to Magic, Puissant Creo* (free Flambeau Virtue), Quiet Magic x 2, Second Sight, Self-Confident Subtle Magic; Great Intelligence x2; gained Major Magical Focus in Astrological Sign (Libra) from Twilight; gained Celestial Magic and Hermetic Alchemy from Mysteries; gained Unaging in Magic Realm from study of Time; gained Enigmatic Wisdom under tutelage of Vanacastium at Val-Negra

Flaws: Driven (to prove own ideas), Difficult Longevity Potion; Curiosity, Mentor (Fuego), Warped Magic (roll of silence as enhanced Sigil), Weird Magic ; Favours, to his Mentor, Fuego (gained as a Major Mystery Ordeal); Visions (gained in Magic Realm as "balance" to Unaging)

Abilities: Andorra Lore 2 (Inhabitants), Animal Handling 2 (Domestic), Alchemy Lore 3 (11; Mysteries), Art of Memory 1 (Complex Information), Artes Liberales 4 (Astronomy), Athletics 1 (Climb), Awareness 2 (Observant), Bargain 1 (Fair Deals), Brawling 2 (Fist), Charm 1 (Romance), Code of Hermes 2 (Mundane Interactions), Concentration 3 (Magic), Dominion Lore 1(Powers), Etiquette 1 (Hermetic), Faerie Lore 1 (Faerie Powers), Finesse 2 (Precision), Folk Ken 2 (City Dwellers), Guile 1 (Equivocation), Infernal Lore 1 (Demons), Intrigue 2 (Hermetic), Language: Italian 2 (Seagoing), , Language: Latin 4 (Hermetic) Language: Occitan 5 (Provencal), Leadership 2 (Hermetic), Magic Lore 2 (Alchemy), Magic Theory 5 (Spells), Medicine 1 (Apothecary), Mediterranean Lore 1 (Western Coast), Order of Hermes Lore 2 (Politics), Parma Magica 4 (Mentem), Penetration 2 (Arcane Connections), Philosophiae 3 (Natural Philosophy), Profession: Engineering 1 (Fortifications), Profession: Sailing 1 (Essentials), Profession: Soldier 1 (Organisation), Provencal Lore 2 (Current Events), Ride 1 (Distance), Second Sight 1 (Spirits), Single Weapon 4 (Sword), Stealth 2 (Urban environments), Strategy 1 (Magic), Swim 1 (Endurance), Survival 1 (Mountains), Teaching 1 (One-on-One), Theology 2 (Heresy)

Arts: Creo 11 (14 with Puissant Creo), Intellego 5, Muto 5, Perdo 5, Rego 6
Animal 5, Aquam 5, Auram 5, Corpus 6, Herbam 5, Ignem 5, Imaginem 5, Mentem 10, Terram 5, Vim 6

Certamen School: Gladiatrix

"Trim the Keepsake" (PeAn10: R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Part; Separates a small lock of hair, a scale, feather, or other article from an animal; Base 3, +2 Voice, +1 Part)** +12
"Take the Trophy" (PeAn15: R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Individual; Causes a Light wound to the target, forcibly separating a non-vital part of its anatomy, such as a horn, tooth, digit, etc.; Base 5, +2 Voice)** +12
"Ring of Warding Against Beasts" (ReAn5) +13
"Encase in Ice" (CrAq/Co15) +21
"Footsteps of the Slippery Oil" (CrAq 5) +21
"Satiating the Drunkard's Thirst" (CrAq10) +26
"Pilum of Ice" (CrAq20: As "Dagger of Ice" CrAq5, but boosted to do +15 damage instead of +5) +21
"Blade of White Death" (CrAq20; boosted +1 magnitude to give the +12 damage listed in the original and revised spell description) +21
"The Alchemist's Revenge" (CrAq25) +21
"Charge of the Angry Winds" (CrAu15) +21
"Circular Winds of Protection" (CrAu20) +21
"Call Down the Stroke of Lightning" (CrAu30: R: Sight, D: Momentary, T: Ind.; Causes a bolt of lightning to shoot down from the sky to strike a target within Sight range, arcing if necessary. Does +25 damage {base for lightning}; Base 5, +3 Sight, +1 Slightly Unnatural, +1 Rego Requisite)** +21 Mastery Level 1, Multi-Casting
"True Sight of Air" (InAu15) +17
"The Whispering Winds" (InAu15) +17
"Blessing of Rapid Recovery" (CrCo25) +22
"Revealed Flaws of Mortal Flesh" (InCo10) +13
"Whispers Through the Black Gate" (InCo15) +18
"The Cleanly Body"** (PeCo5) +13
"Endurance of the Berserkers" (ReCo15: Variant with D: Diameter instead of Concentration) +14
"The Wizard's Leap" (ReCo15) +14
"Leap to the Threshold of Heavenly Decree" (ReCo25: R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Ind; Teleports subject to any location up to 500 paces away that the caster can see or to which the caster has an Arcane Connection; takes its name from the fact that this is exactly the distance to the edge of the next Astrological zone; Base 20, +1 Touch)** +14 Mastery Level 1, Multi-Casting
"Moonbeam" (CrIg3) +21
"Test of the Flames" (CrIg15) +21
"Pilum of Fire" (CrIg20) +21
"Compass of the Vigilant Flame" (InIg5) +12
"Transient Ward Against Heat and Flames" (ReIg15) +13
"Revelations of the Far-Prying Eye" (InIm15) +17 Mastery Level 1, Magic Resistance
"Disguise of the Transformed Image" (MuIm15) +17
"Aura of Ennobled Presence" (ReIm10)
"Heart of the Lion" (CrMe15) +26
"Panic of the Trembling Heart" (CrMe15) +26
"Assurance of the Tolerable Manner" (CrMe30: R: Personal, D: Momentary, T: Individual, Ritual: Permanently raises Communication by one step up to 0) +26
[i]"Posing the Silent Question" (InMe20)[i/]
"Thoughts Within Babble" (InMe25) +22
"Lay to Rest the Haunting Spirit" (PeMe10) +17
"Loss of But a Moment's Memory" (PeMe15) +22
"Obliviousness of the Inattentive Sentry" (Pe/ReMe20)** +22
"Aura of Inconsequence"(ReMe25) +24
"My New Best Friend" (ReMe25) +24
"Command the Spirit" (ReMe25) +18 Mastery Level 1, Penetration
"Pilum of Iron" (CrTe20) +21
"Protection of the Crystal Sphere" (CrTe25; as "Sphere of Delendos", but +1 Magnitude to make it slightly unnatural, allowing those inside to see through to the outside, but opaque from without) +21
"The Craftsman's Eye" (InTe3) +17
"The Crystal Dart" (MuTe15) +12
"Acquisition of the Collector's Eye" (ReTe25; boosted +1 magnitude to overcome collection limit)** +13 Mastery Level 1, Multi-Casting
"Scent of Raw Vis"(InVi3) +12
"Scales of Magical Weight" (InVi5) +13
"Sense the Nature of Vis" (InVi5) +13
[i]"Strings of the Arcane Connection" (InVi30; boosted +2 magnitudes to detect all Arcane Connections of any duration) +18[/] Mastery Level 1, Magic Resistance
"See Heaven's Time" (InVi30)
"Shroud Magic" (MuVi 10) +18
"Wizard's Communion" (MuVi10) +13
"Demon's Eternal Oblivion" (PeVi10) +13
"Unraveling the Form of Mentem" (PeVi10) +13
"Transfer the Essence of Vis" (ReVi15) +14
"Divide the Gathered Essence" (ReVi25) +14

Italicised spells always benefit from Major Magical Focus: Libra.

**Denotes Original Spell

Partially Updated for Magic Realm visit. Still have to substitute spell levels for removal of two original spells. Some unspent XP

Roger: Andorran Guard that died in the line of duty and is now a ghost
Characteristics: Int +1, Per +1, Com -2, Pre +0, Str +3, Sta +1, Dex +2, Quik +1
Size: 0
Age: 43 (appears 35)
Chronology Born in 1182, a Custos in Normandy in 1197 (age 15), old covenant fell and he was recruited as a Shield Grog for Redcaps in 1203 (age 21), came to Andorra and recruited as a Red Guard in 1207 (age 25), became an Andorran Guard in 1212 (age 30), Zarathustra adventure in 1215 (age 33), Longevity LT 30 in 1217 (age 35), Val Negra adventure in 1220 (age 38, when he died and became a ghost).
Longevity since 35, died at 38,
Season: Autumn (High Powered Companion)
Date: Spring 1225
Magic Might: 15 (Ignem)
Confidence: 3 (7)
Virtues: +0 Magic Spirit (Apparition), +1 Andorran Guard (Custos, Warrior, Vow), +1 Self Confident, +1 Student of Magic Realm, +1 Inspirational, +3 Greater Immunity – Heat & Flames
Flaws: -1 Covenant Upbringing, -1 Dutybound, -1 Temperate, -1 Heroic Personality, -3 Dependant,
Qualities: +6 Greater Powers, +4 Improved Powers, +3 Gentle Magical Air, +2 Personal Powers, +1 Arcane Lore, +1 Improved Abilities, +1 Improved Characteristics, +1 Second Sight, +1 Tough
Inferiorities: -3 Greater Malediction-Bound by Bargains, -1 Restricted Power, -1 Slow Power
Personality Traits: Honor Bound +5, Loyal +4, Brave +3, Serious +3
Reputations: Honorable 3 (Hermetic), Died Bravely 2 (local)
Andorran Guard Acclaim: 5 (heroic unto death)
Acclaim Points: 92
Honorable 3 (3xp), Magic Lore 6 (1xp), Ghost with Gentle Magical Air (6xp), eight years of service before death (8xp), Special Duty (8xp), Expeditions & Adventures (6xp), Praise & Commendation (9xp), two Copper Eagles (Field of Flowers, Shadow Wars) (6xp), the Silver Drake (Shadow Wars) (10xp), Gold Gryphon (Val Negra (15xp), Black Dragon (Val Negra) (20xp)
Fistfight: In +1, Atk +7, Def +6, Dmg +3
Red Toledo Longsword/Shield : In +3, Atk +13, Def +8/+10, Dmg +10*

  • add +10 for fire damage if ignited
    Soak: +10
    Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, ko
    Wounds: -1 Lt (1-5), -3 Med (6-10), -5 Hvy (11-15), Incap (16-20), Dead (21+)
    Abilities: Andorra Area Lore 3 (guards), Athletics 3 (fitness), Awareness 2 (keep watch), Brawl 5 (fistfight), Concentration 3 (powers), Divine Lore 1 (saints), Faerie Lore 2 (tricks), Finesse 2 (speed), French 5 (Orleans), Folk Ken 3 (warriors), Guile 2 (straight face), Hunt 3 (track), Infernal Lore 1 (trickery), Latin 5 (magi), Leadership 2 (inspiration), Magic Lore 4+2 (magical beings), Magic Realm Area Lore 2 (Ignem), Occitain 4 (Catalan), Order of Hermes Lore 3 (culture), Penetration 4 (Sword of the Avenger), Profession-Soldier 5 (guard duty), Ride 1 (battle), Second Sight 4 (spirits), Single Weapon 5 (weapon & shield), Stealth 3 (shadowing), Strategy 3 (tactics), Survival 3 (forage)

Donning the Corporeal Veil: 0 points, Init +1, Corpus
R: Personal, D: Constant, T: Ind
Roger materializes in ideal form as he was just before death, dressed and equipped exactly the same. These are not the actual items, for the sword was given to Javier and his body buries in his armour. The magic is active only while manifesting, thus the material body is not subject to normal magic resistance. Killing the corporeal form does not destroy Roger. Roger is a ghost. He is already dead.
Cr(Re)Co(Te)30 (Base 5, +3 Constant, +2 Requisites); Greater Power (30 levels, -3 cost, +3 Init)

Apparition: 0 points, Init +1, Imaginem
R: Per, D: Conc, T: Ind
CrIm10 (Base 2, +1 Conc, +1 intricacy, +2 move as commanded); Personal Power (10 levels, -1 cost, +1 Init, Fast Cast)

Invisibility: 0 points, Init +1, Imaginem
R: Per, D: Conc, T: Ind)
PeIm10 (Base 4, +1 Conc, +1 moving image); Personal Power (10 levels, -1 cost, +1 Init)

Warrior’s Leap: 0 points, Init -1, Corpus
R: Per, D: Mom, T: Ind
ReCo15 (Base 15); Personal Power (15 levels, -2 cost, Fast Cast)

Sword of the Avenger:0 Points, Init +1, Ignem
R: Touch, D: Constant, T: Ind
This power has two effects. If Roger is corporally manifested, a sword materializes as well, and with this power the sword blade is ignited to inflict double damage. If he is in spirit form, a sword shape flame materializes, with which Roger can strike corporeal beings with fire damage equal to the standard damage of the weapon and attack. The power can be deactivated at will.
CrIg20 (Base 5, +3 Constant); Greater Power (10 levels, -2 cost, +2 Init)
Voyager of Eternal Flame: 3 points, Init -3, Ignem
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind
Roger can travel instantly through an Ignem Vestige or Boundary. By Multicasting he can take others along with him (at a cost of 3 additional might per person), but he cannot send others without himself.
ReIg40 (Base 35, +1 Touch); Greater Power (40 levels, Multicast, -1 cost, Slow Power, Restricted Power)

Equipment: longsword, heater shield, chain mail hauberk
Background: Roger was born and raised in a covenant in Normandy, and was trained as an elite custos. When that covenant fell (it was in Winter), he was recruited by the Mercere as a Shield Grog for Redcaps. That in turn led him to the Mercere Quarter of Andorra, and he was recruited by Rodrigo for the Red Guard. After a few years, he transferred to the regular guard. When his comrade Ricardo fell in battle at , it was given to Roger who fought at his side and avenged him. Roger was a member of the Val Negra expedition, and he died saving the life of a child in Perdut when Metron blew up the guest house with the portal. Because of the powerful magical forces of the Magic Realm, Roger became a sentient ghost. The child was the same one that Octavian had rescued, the child has the Gift, and thus it is destiny that the child shall one date come Octavian’s apprentice. Roger is the boy’s Ghostly Warder, but to Roger the child is his Dependant.

Javier : Andorran Guard
Characteristics: Int +0, Per -1, Com +0, Pre -1, Str +2, Sta +2, Dex +2, Quik +2
Size: 0
Confidence: 1 (3)
Age: 35 (35)
Date: Spring 1225
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 1 (7)
Virtues: +1 Andorran Guard (Custos, Warrior, Vow), +1 Improved Characteristics, +1 Tough
Flaws: -1 Close Family Ties, -1 Higher Purpose, -1 Reckless, +MR Puissant Single Weapon, +MR Self Confident, -W Dutybound
Personality Traits: Brave +3, Loyal +3, Reckless +3, Sense of Purpose & Duty +3
Reputations: Bold 3 (local), Veteran Almogavar 3 (soldiers) , No-Nonsense 2 (local)
Andorran Guard Acclaim: 4 (serious soldier)
Acclaim Points: 74
Single Weapon 8 (3xp), Bold 3 (3xp), Tough (1xp), 7 years of service (7xp), Special Duty (5xp), Expeditions & Adventures (10xp), Victories (11xp), Praise & Commendation (7xp), Corporal (2xp), the Bronze Lion (Drake Hunt of 1221) (5xp), two Silver Drakes (Val Negra and Burning Bronze) (20xp)
Fistfight: Init +2, Atk +6, Def +6, Dmg +2
Dagger : Init +2, Atk +9, Def +7, Dmg +5
Spear: Init +4, Atk +12, Def +10, Dmg +7
Spear & Round Shield: Init +4, Atk +12, Def +12, Dmg +7
Sword of the Avenger Init +4, Atk +15, Def +12, Dmg +10*
Sword of the Avenger & Round Shield Init +15, Atk +14, Def +10*, Dmg +2
Javelin Init +2, Atk +9, Def n/a, Dmg +7
(*double damage if ignited)
Soak: +11
Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, ko
Wounds: -1 Lt (1-5), -3 Med (6-10), -5 Hvy (11-15), Incap (16-20), Dead (21+)
Abilities: Andorra Area Lore 2 (Andorran Guard), Athletics 3 (lifting), Awareness 2 (behind him), Bargain 2 (haggle), Brawl 4 (dagger), Carouse 2 (power drinking), Charm 2 (first impressions), Chirurgy 3 (field dressing), Folk Ken 3 (warriors), Guile 2 (bold lies), Iberian Lore 4 (Catalonia), Latin 3 (magi), Magic Lore 2 (wizards), Occitain 5 (Catalan), Order of Hermes Lore 2 (customs), Profession-Soldier 4 (Almogavar), Ride 1 (travel), Single Weapon 6+2 (longsword), Spanish 3 (swearing), Stealth 2 (ambush), Strategy 2 (tactics), Thrown Weapon 4 (javelin)
Equipment: spear, round shield, dagger, chainmail hauberk
Encumbrance: 1 (Load 9, Burden 3, Strength +2)
Enchanted Items:
CrCo10 Bandages of Binding: Charged Item (6 charges)
R: Touch, D: As long as it is worn, T: Ind
See “Bind Wounds”
(Base 3, +1M Touch, +1M Conc, +5L item maintains)

CrIg38 Sword of the Avenger: Made of reddened Toledo steel
R: Item, D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Ind, Unlimited Use, Penetration +16
Ignites the blade, doubling the weapon’s base damage bonus
(Base 5, +1M Rego, +1M Concentration, +5L Item Maintains, +10L Unlimited Use, +8L Penetration of +16)

Background: Javier is Alexandro’s nephew, the son of his wife’s older brother. He served a tour of duty with the Almogavers of Catalan and has seen several minor battles. He joined the Andorran Guard several years ago, and has formed deep bonds with his band of brothers. He feels that he has found his true life’s calling.
Javier has been several adventures over the past few years. He was part of the expedition to Val Negra; was a member of Inigo’s, Dimir Taar’s, and Carmen’s hunting party during the Drake Hunt; and most recently was a member of the mission to rescue Carmen from the Palace of Burning Bronze.
During the expedition to Val Negra, when the magi battled Metron in Perdut, Javier earned notice by Octavian for being stalwart and dutiful. Javier also holds one of the most prized magical items of the Andorran Guard, the Sword of the Avenger. When Metron blew up the cottage with the portal to Barcelona, Roger gave his life rescuing a child. The sword thus has passed on from Roger to Javier, carrying on a long tradition of the Andorran Guard.

Father Clemente Gonzoles: (former Templar)
Characteristics: Int +1, Per +0, Com +1, Pre +1, Str +2 (1), Sta +2, Dex +2 (1), Quik +1
Size: 0
Age: 63 (appears 57; Longevity Potion from Antonio (LT 50) since age 57)
Date: Spring 1225
Decrepitude: 0 (2)
Warping: 0 (0)
Confidence: 1 (3)
Faith: 1 +1
Virtues: +1 Arcane Lore, +1 Educated, +2 Improved Characteristics, +1 Priest, +1 Relic, +1 Sense Holy/Unholy, +1 Social Contacts-Iberian Militant Orders, +1 Well Traveled, +1 Warrior, True Faith
Flaws: -3 Generous, -3 Favors (Templars), -1 Carefree, -1 Incomprehensible, -1 Poor Student, -1 Vow of Celibacy
Personality Traits: Easy Going +3
Reputations: Kind and Gentle Priest 3 (local), Former Templar 2 (soldiers)
Fistfight: Init +1, Atk +9, Def +8, Dmg +2
Long-sword & Kite-shield: Init +3, Atk +15, Def +14, Dmg +8
Long-spear* : Init +4, Atk +12, Def +9, Dmg +9
Lance & Kite-shield while Mounted*: Init +3, Atk +17, Def +15, Dmg +7
Soak: +2 (11 when clad in full mail)
Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, ko
Wounds: -1 Lt (1-5), -3 Med (6-10), -5 Hvy (11-15), Incap (16-20), Dead (21+)
Abilities: Andorra Lore 2 (magi), Arabic 3 (courtly), Artes Liberales 2 (literacy), Athletics 3 (fitness), Animal Handling 3 (horses), Awareness 3 (combat), Brawl 6 (fistfight), Carouse 3 (drinking songs), Catalan 4 (Andorra), Chirurgy 2 (sever bleeding), Church Lore 4 (military orders), Divine Lore 3 (saints), Etiquette 2 (magi), Folk Ken 3 (warriors), Great Weapon 6 (long-spear), Hnt 1 (track), Iberian Lore 4 (New Castile), Infernal Lore 2 (diabolists), Italian 3 (Rome), Latin 4 (ecclesiastic), Leadership 4 (warriors), Magic Lore 4 (wizards), Magic Theory 2 (knowing what magi can do), Order of Hermes Lore 3 (Iberia), Profession-Scribe 2 (correspondence), Profession-Soldier 4 (marches), Spanish 5 (Castilian), Ride 5 (combat), Sense Holy & Unholy 4, Single Weapon 8 (longsword), Strategy 3 (tactics), Survival 3 (harsh conditions), Teaching 3 (scripture), Theology 3 (salvation)

Equipment: Long-sword, Kite Shield, Finger-bone of Saint James embedded in sword handle
Encumbrance: 0 (2 when clad in full mail)
Background: Father Clemente Gonzoles was a Knight Templar who met Antonio many years ago when the two cooperated to overcome Infernal forces that tormented a small village in Andalusia. Over the years, the two had reoccurring encounters dealing with common interests. He was eventually ordained as a Brother Chaplin, and later by special dispensation of the Grand Master, he left his order to become the parish priest of Arans. He still has connections with the Templars, and they can call on him for favors at any time. He has Social Contacts with various Iberian crusaders, mainly with the Templars, but also with other orders such as the Knights of Santiago and the Knights of Calatrava. The Covenant owns the church and cottage, and had some influence in determining who their local priest was. The Templars have had interactions with the magi before, and granted dispensation to Clemente so they could have good relations with a Hermetic covenant.

Alberto: Andorran Guard
Characteristics: Int +0, Per +1, Com +0, Pre +0, Str +2, Sta +2, Dex +0, Quik +0
Size: 0
Age: 35
Date: Spring 1225
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 0 (3)
Confidence: 1 (3)
Virtues: +1 Andorran Guard, +1 Self Confident, +1 Tough, +MT Berserk
Flaws: -1 Weakness (talking smack), -1 Reckless
Personality Traits: Reckless +3, Brave +3, Smart Mouth +2, Angry +2, Loyal +1
Reputations: Bold 3 (local), Fierce 2 (soldiers), Loose Weapon 2 (sergeants)
Andorran Guard Acclaim: 3 (ferocious fighter)
Acclaim Points:41
Single Weapon 7 (2xp), Bold 3 (3xp), Loose Weapon (-2xp), five years of service (5xp), Special Duty (3xp), Expeditions & Adventures (11xp), Victories (10xp), Praise & Commendation (6xp), Reproach & Reprimand (-12xp), the Bronze Lion (Bone Hill) (5xp), the Silver Drake (Burning Bronze) (10xp), Champion player in Games (+3xp)
Combat: (when Berserk @ +2 Attack & Soak and -2 Defense)
Fistfight: Init +0, Atk +7, Def +7, Dmg +2
Toledo Longsword: Init +2, Atk +11, Def +7, Dmg +9
Toledo Longsword & Round Shield: Init +2, Atk +12, Def +10, Dmg +9
Soak: +11
Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, ko
Wounds: -1 Lt (1-5), -3 Med (6-10), -5 Hvy (11-15), Incap (16-20), Dead (21+)
Abilities: Andorra Area Lore 3 (the guard), Athletics 3 (climbing), Awareness 3 (alert), Brawl 6 (fistfight), Carouse 2 (drinking songs), Faerie Lore 1 (mountain fae), Folk Ken 2 (men), Guile 3 (hidden insults), Iberian Lore 2 (Toledo), Latin 3 (magi), Leadership 2 (intimidation), Magic Lore 2 (monsters), Order of Hermes Lore 1 (culture), Profession-Soldier 3 (5xp) (field maneuvers), Ride 2 (speed), Single Weapon 7 (weapon & shield), Spanish 5 (Castilian; cussing), Stealth 3 (ambush), Strategy 2 (tactics), Survival 3 (mountains)
Equipment: Toledo Longsword, Round Shield, Chain Mail Hauberk
Encumbrance: 1 (Load 7, Burden 3, Strength +2)
Enchanted Items: 25 levels
Boots of the Warrior’s Leap: Lesser Enchanted Device
ReCo15 Wizard’s Leap
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind
(+10L Unlimited Use, +5 Fast Trigger)
Background: In his short time with the Andorran guard, Alberto has learned much. Except how to keep from talking smack. He is bold, reckless, and a loose cannon. Alberto was part of Valentino’s hunting expedition during the Drake Hunt and participated in the battle of Bone Hill. He was also a member of the Burning Bronze expedition (acquiring as a Transformation an exchange of Oversensitive for Berserk)

Armando: Sergeant of the Andorran Guard
Characteristics: Int +1, Per +0, Com +1, Pre +1, Str +1, Sta +1, Dex +1, Quik +1
Size: 0
Age: 52 (appears 41, Longevity 30 since age 37)
Date: Spring 1225
Confidence: 1 (3)
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 1 (17)
Virtues: +1 Andorran Guard (Custos, Warrior, Vow), +1 Self Confident, +1 Independent Learner, +MT Puissant Leadership
Flaws: -1 Dutybound, -1 Temperate, -1 Obsession (vanity), -W Higher Purpose
Personality Traits: Dutiful +3, Loyal +3, Brave +2, Level Headed +2
Reputations: Wise 3 (soldiers)
Andorran Guard Acclaim: 6 (wise veteran) 6
Acclaim Points: 125
Leadership 7 (2xp), Wise 3 (3xp), 20 years of Service (20xp), Special Duty (14xp), Expeditions & Adventures (21xp), Victories (21xp), Praise & Commendation (15xp), Reproach & Reprimand (-6xp), Sergeant (5xp), three Copper Eagles (Balearic Islands, Drake Hunts of 1210 & 1215) (9xp), two Bronze Lions (Las Navas & Bone Hill) (10xp), the Silver Drake (Burning Bronze) (10xp), Good player in Games (1xp)
Fistfight: Init +1, Atk +7, Def +7, Dmg +1
Toledo Longsword: Init +3, Atk +13, Def +9, Dmg +10
Toledo Longsword & Round Shield: Init +3, Atk +13, Def +12, Dmg +10
Soak: +6
Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, ko
Wounds: -1 Lt (1-5), -3 Med (6-10), -5 Hvy (11-15), Incap (16-20), Dead (21+)
Abilities: Andorra Area Lore 4 (mountains), Artes Liberales 2 (literacy), Athletics 2 (fitness), Awareness 3 (searching), Bargain 3 (haggle), Brawl 5 (fistfight), Carouse 2 (stay sober), Charm 2 (wit), Chirurgy 3 (field dressing), Etiquette 3 (dealing with magi politely), Faerie Lore 2 (avoid making faeries angry), Folk Ken 3 (warriors), Guile 3 (lying about age), Hunt 2 (track), Iberian Lore 4 (battles), Intrigue 3 (grogs), Latin 4 (magi), Leadership 5+2 (team unity), Magic Lore 4 (beasts), Occitain 4 (Catalan), Order of Hermes Lore 3 (culture), Profession-Soldier 5 (sergeant), Single Weapon 6 (longsword), Spanish 5 (Castilian), Stealth 2 (ambush), Strategy 4 (tactics), Survival 2 (forage)

Equipment: Toledo Longsword, Round Shield, Studded Leather Hauberk
Encumbrance: 1 (Load 5, Burden 2, Str +1)
Enchanted Items:
Hauberk of the Stalwart Sergeant: Lesser Enchanted Device
MuAn14 Hauberk of Impenetrable Leather
R: Personal, D: Constant, T: Ind
Grants a +3 bonus to the armour’s Protection
(Base 4, +2M Sun, +4L Constant)

Shield of the Sturdy Soldier: Lesser Enchanted Device
MuHe14 Aegis of Unbreakable Wood
R: Per, D: Constant, T: Ind
(Base 4, +2M Sun, +4L Constant)

Sword of Sharpness: Lesser Enchanted Device
MuTe19 Edge of the Razor
R: Per, D: Constant, T: Ind
(Base 3, +2 Metal, +2M Sun, +4L Constant)

Background: Armando is a twenty year veteran of the Andorran Guard, and is well acquainted with the culture of Iberia’s magi. He has much wisdom and experience, and is happy to share tales and give advice. Armando has been on a few drake hunts and accompanied magi on various expeditions. He accompanied Antonio to the Balearic Islands, was with Rodrigo in Valencia, participated in the battle at Bone Hill, and recently accompanied the magi in the expedition to the Palace of Burning Bronze.