Constantinople circa 790

Brandon, Jesse, Korina, Philippe & Sebastien please do not read further.

So, as some may recall, my previous threads about the late 700s. I was hopeful for more information and ideas again.

So here's where I'm at with my game. The PCs have finished their apprenticeship, changed the code in the GT of 784 - they made some subtle but important distinctions in the power of Queasitors immunity to Wizard's War from those they are investigating. Some other adventures involved rooting out Diabolism in Corsica - Verdituis's daughter had gone baaaaaaaaaaaad. That plotline has been ignored because two of the main players have left. So for the remaining 3 I've taken it a different direction.

Two of the PCs were kidnapped by an unknown group/person of supernatural origin. Their only clue - a non hermetic wizard they "join or died" into the order mentioned having an instructor in Constantinople who could perfectly wipe memories. Indeed, the wizard they met could remember what they learned, but nothing of their teacher.

(To make things interesting I've decided to introduce a non hermetic "caster who can perfectly wipe the memories with their magic. This is in contrast to Hermetic Magic, which unless you turn someone into a vegetable, or repeatedly cast spells, long term memory wiping is actually pretty hard.)

That's about as far as I've gotten and I was hopeful that anyone might be able to offer some advice on how to write this adventure series. I'm not sure how I want it to end - just that I want some magical mysteries with long term implications.

Another plot thread I'm going to be detailing is the OoH's war with the Order of Odin - but I want through in some muspeli and as well as rune wizards. :wink: I'm thinking of how to connect Vikings with mysterious memory magic but am not sure yet. Thanks for any help in advance. :slight_smile:

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The saga sounds pretty cool.

The players' location could be simultaneously raided by two different viking groups, one aligned with Aesir and the other with the giants, that end up fighting among themselves.

Or, more probably, by a single group in which the leadership is being contested by captains aligned with either side. During the raid one surreptitiously tries to kill the other, but instead ends up leaving him knocked out and heavily wounded. The vikings also steal or kidnap something/someone important to the players, and their only trace is the half-dead viking.