Discussions arround the post-a-day mystery and virtue-dependent thread

Thread to discuss mechanics or anything else regarding the upcoming post a day thread at: 30 days of Mystery and virtue-dependent spells for November

Collaboration for November is welcome, if anyone is up for it.

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Are you going to be using virtues that aren't canonically integrated?

I'm not creating virtues, no. I'm creating spells for virtues in published books. I'll see what inspires me most, but right now, this could include:

  • Bjornaer Sensory Magic
  • Merinita mysteries, outer or inner
  • Atlantean Magic (RoP:M)
  • Chthonic Magic and Holy Magic
  • Many of the mystery virtues from TMRE
  • Mutantum spells
  • Others I may have forgotten to list here

I'm mostly focusing on the potential of spells with non-standard RDTs, but may include some of the special guideline spells as well, notwithstanding virtues that depend on standard general spells, or content that exists outside the spells themselves (e.g. I'm not creating new Daimons for November).


Performance Magic might be a good one though maybe you were including that in “Mystery Virtues from TMRE.

I look forwards to seeing your work - in particular for astrology and geometry.

Yes, that's what I meant by mystery virtues from TMRE. I'm hoping to include some Performance magic duration spells and hermetic geometry spells in there. I may include astrology spells, but I'll have to see if I have inspiration where those durations really shine, more than using them on a base spell, which may not be that interesting of a contribution.

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Battle Hymn of the Green Stone

The spell doesn't say what is the invincibility it confers to the group.

Thanks! Fixed it.

Polls re: this post on Atlantean Magic

  • The balancing for lakes and seas errs on the generous size
  • The balancing for lakes and seas looks fine
  • The balancing for lakes and sea is too restrictive

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  • The balancing for rivers errs on the generous size
  • The balancing for rivers looks fine
  • The balancing for rivers is too restrictive

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In my thinking, since Structure is so much more than an individual of Terram (and most structures would be Terram, at least the big ones), then the Water-way target needs to be pretty big, because the individual for Aquam is much bigger than that of Terram. Even with your interpretation, affecting something like the Sea of Galilee, which is 166 square kilometers in area, would require +3 size modifiers, which I think is one size magnitude too much.

Great thread of ideas, lots of useful stuff in there!

In regards to the set of Animae Merinita spells, I'm not sure if the creation of specific faeries is permitted under the guidelines. To quote HoH:MC p.94 in the guidelines:

"A Muto spell transforms a mundane thing into a faerie, usually something appropriate to its nature, while Creo simply summons a faerie associated with the and form, and the maga has very little control over what."

"Very little control" is unfortunately imprecise, but would seem to preclude picking a specific creature with known, predictable behavior. That said there's no guidance on how this sort of thing should be done in practice. I think I'll start a separate thread on this.

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Good point. The way I'm reading it, "the little control over what" probably applies to Creo only. Which would mean that my Killing a problem in the Crib probably doesn't work as is, but I see no reason for my 2 Muto spells not to work. That being said, as a storyteller, I'd rather have a Creo spell calling a specific type of faerie than have to make up a faerie on the spot that's appropriate to the form everytime the spell is used. Houserule territory no doubt, but as a storyteller, expecting me to make up a random faerie with different stats and concept every time the spell is cast is a great way to make me pretend the Creo guidelines don't exist at all. I'll put a note next to the Creo spell that this might not work by RAW.