Dungeoneer: some (stupid ?) questions

Hi there,

I just bought Dungeoneer (Tomb of the Lich Lord) and we started playing it. But as we couldn't find anything about the card decks, there are some questions remaining:

  1. Does every player use his own deck in the exploration phase ? Or is there just one deck (in the Tomb-Set it would then consist of 11 vards) build from the resources of either Deck 1 or Deck 2 ?
    It seems and would make the greatest sense, when each player uses his own 11-card-deck to build the dungeon. So the game would last a bit and wouldn't be over so quick.

  2. Is it right that in the TombotLL there is just 1 entrance card ?

  3. A similar question to the Quest deck:
    Is a single deck buildt out of all Quest-cards at the start of the game ? Or does only one deck get used ? Or uses everybody his own deck ? In the latter case: from which deck is the general quest coming from ?

That's all for the moment, more questions might arose depending on the solution of these problems.

Thanks for the help,

answers #1 and 3
When playing with a single set of Dungeoneer after setting the map cards as said in the instruction manual you put all remainig cards on one only "map" Deck this will be the one all players will use on the uild pahse or the Exploration option on the Hero Phase this is also true for the Quest cards...

#2 yes the Totll has only one entrance card as all the other Dungeonner expantions, but there are other sets that has multiple "Portals" that leads to the entrance of a Dungeon.

that is the advantage of just one person buying one set of dungeoneer all the cards are tehre to play with and it doenst have to become a high cost game.

Ok, then it's one card deck for each of the card types (Dungeon and Quest).

Thanks a lot.



a new question came up. i think we didi it right but i want to make sure:

as said above a common quest deck and a common map deck are buildt.

but - are all adventure cards put in one common stack too ?