Game points

This is for home rules, rules specific to this game, and setting notes, such as follows:

Puissence, affinity and classed abilities: where an ability is a class of abilities- living language, professional skill, crafts, for example, puissance and affinity add to all versions of that ability.

Common knowledge: most people have no idea what the Order is about, and fear magic much more than they embrace it. Most covenants (at least in the Roman Tribunal) have some form of cover story, or hide themselves away from mundanes entirely. The nobility throughout the Tribunal have largely heard of the order, and may have some idea of who some of the members may be. The church is aware of the Order, and in fact has some members as part of the clergy (those with Holy Magic) and is willing to respect the non-interference portions of the hermetic oaths in assigning them duties. Their oaths are to God, and thus are not generally considered mundane interference.

Regarding Scribes, Illuminators, and Bookbinders:
The optional rules from covenants are in effect with the following modifications:

  1. the "bonus" is based upon workshop totals, not simple ability. As a standard item (workshop total:6) it allows the return +1 bonus for not missing that component. At higher levels Scribe will add to the effective quality, but only for the first copy.
  2. Illuminator and bookbinder do not add to the Source Quality of the book, beyond re-adding the initial +1 for being present, unless resonant materials appropriate to those abilities are used.
  3. higher level bookbinding does make the book more durable, illumination also gives the book an aesthetic quality.

Warping: Warping is separated out by realm- most warping will be magical, unless a story is initiated by another realm or the magus is affiliated with another realm as well, in which case it will generally be determined randomly which realm it gets assigned to. (Merinita or other dual realm magi may split their starting warping between the two realms)
Anyone who reaches a warping score of 10 in any realm is considered to be fully converted to that realm. This may or may not remove them from play- for example a faerie may well remain in the game as a faerie.
Only magic realm warping is considered for twilight, warping from other realms warps according to the realm it is from.

I had thought I had posted this before, but apparently I was mistaken.

If it comes time to proceed to the next year and your plans are not filled in, all blank slots will be filled in with minimal gain by the GM. Similarly if the player has not posted their response to an adventure, it will be decided by the GM. If the character is neglected for a period of 2 weeks, a replacement player will be sought.

When a lab is modified in a way that changes the aesthetics of the lab, the reputation is modified by 1 point per year until it reaches the level of 5 points per level of aesthetics.

Special redcap rule:
When redcaps are working they cannot join adventures as they are away from the covenant.
Every season a redcap work will be rolled as a potential adventure(1 die/season), because redcap jobs just tend to go that way...

Regarding lab assistants- in addition to failed apprentices, any character with a supernatural virtue which resonates with the magus' "style" may also learn magic theory to assist with lab activities. A merinita may be aided by those with faerie blood, a verdituos may be aided by a mythic craftsman, a bjorner may be aided by a shapeshifter, etc.

Gentle spell casting as a form of mastery (allows the spell to not warp an additional number of people equal to the mastery level) does exist in this game.