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Samite should be a little sturdier than wool or linen, but it's still flammable and tearable. A constant MuAn(Te) could make the cloak as impenetrable as steel, and a constant ReIg could keep it impervious to fire, but that gets expensive.

If you don't think it's too cheesy, Vulcanus could make a cloak of chainmail for him... With small enough rings, it could be as supple as some cloth types while being resistant to fire and sharp objects... though probably wouldn't offer a whole lot of protection to the wearer.

A google image search also gave me the idea that a chainmail capelet could be really cool, too :slight_smile: ... z.jpg?zz=1

For that matter-- is making items for other magi a salary-worthy activity?

And we should probably figure out whether or not the covenant would actually provide the vis for VIbria's armor or not :slight_smile:

Vibria would vote "aye" on both questions. Probably before he finishes the question. :smiley:

That's where we run into the joys of Waster of Vis. Vocis has a 6 MT, so he can handle 12 pawns per season. Thanks to WoV, 3 of those pawns don't actually do anything. That means he can only open an object that requires 9 pawns or less. That means a tiny item of silver or base metal, or a cloak of cloth or leather. There's a reason Vocis doesn't have a single enchanted item.

My initial thought is no. The description of the Artifex office (as currently written) focuses on the covenant as a whole rather than individual magi. This suggests (to me, anyway) that items created by the Artifex for salary should be owned by the covenant rather than an individual magus.

Would the covenant provide it because Vibria is a master or because the work was done by the Artifex? If it's the former, it sets a precedent that could theoretically impact even Andorra's vis resources. If it's the latter, I'm ambivalent. And to be clear, I'd be ok with the former if Marko assures me that my worries are unfounded. :slight_smile:

While I agree in theory, it doesn't make sense in practice. A suit of armor doesn't just fit anyone who wants to put it on.

That said Vulc wouldn't have a problem with the covenant owning the armor that he's made for Vibria's use. If she ditches the covenant at a later time, the armor could be re-fitted for someone else.

You can refine or modify the lab straight away if you want. It works like this...

  • You start with the basic lab ready to go out of the box
  • If you spen the vis for it, you can start out with a lab already refined and equipped with Virtues (and Flaws). Aagain, ready to go out of the box.
  • If you refined a lab during development, you may have abandoned it or you may choose to have spent vis to have the whole thing transferred in its entirety to Andorra, ready to go somethingsomething
  • You may spend a sinle season rearranging and modifying the lab, starting from the basic, all Virtues & Flaws must balance. There should be a cap on max virtues, like Magic Theory.
  • You can refine your lab any time you want, as long as your Magic Theory is three points higher than Refinment.

Here is the HR posted about Laboratories. As a reminder, the point cost is measured in Quarter Pawns of Vis (1 pawn Vim
= 4 qp)

All members get a salary automatically. Officers recieve a Stipend :mrgreen:
I chose the word purposfully, to imply that the covenant is reibursing you for your efforts, as opposed to paying a wage for extra service done. It is the duty of the artifex to supply the covenant with the items and equipment needed for our prosperity and security. Vibria is a Mistress of Andorra, and she says she needs to be equipped with flame resistant armor so that she may better defend and benefit the covenant. It is up to the Artifex to determine if this is needed, and up to him to determine how to go about it. He can give her something on hand, make something customized, farm the project out, or whatnot.
As for the cost, well, that is also up to him. Charge Vibria for Materials (but not for labor) if you decide, or if you are generous you can take it out of your budget. Or you can go to the council and ask them to fund the project or increase your budget. We do have a problem with vis onhand, but that should smooth out in a year or two. It works out even better if we convince the Mercere to continue doing business with us, but they need us more than we need them. That's why we charge them rent :smiley:
As an aside, Carmen (as Tresurer) would like to make a motion that all payment for vis earnings throughout the year be deferred to the end of that year. See, as repeated in the rules & resolutions, the old ancient charter had archaic msytical language that said such&such and so&so was to be paid on this or that equinox/solsitce/lunar conjunction/etceteras. That is all well and good, and the amonts recorded as units of account will still be credited at the appointed times. Carmen just wants to defer being able to withdraw from said account until the Winter Solstice following the credation. Why? Because she wants the covenant's reserves to inflate a bit first. It is kind of like getting paid every two weeks instead of getting cash at the end of each shift (bartenders and servers and barbacks get that, chef just gets to eat for free).
If agreed, then to help tide everyone over she will give everyone a rook of Ignem (to exchange or use as desired). This is considered a Gift of the Pontifex, for Rodrigo the genie told her where a secret stash was hidden that she didn't know about, Vulcanus was there :laughing: ).

[color=red]"Why should I put off getting my stipend for a whole...wait. Did you say a rook? And we still get our full salary and stipend in a year?" Vibria shudders and sighs.

[color=red]"Oh, very well, I suppose that's acceptable."

As Artifex he believes arming the magi is definitely necessary (and he intends to do this for everyone that isn't already suitably outfitted).

How much is our annual budget?

If she is okay with the item being covenant property, but designated for her use, then he has no problem with the material costs coming from covenant budget. If she wants it to be hers forever no matter what and no one else can ever use it and she keeps it even if she leaves Andorra, then she has to provide the material costs. Which is 19 pawns of Vim. (The wings enchantment he will have funded himself, whether or not it's to be Vibria's property or Andorran.)

PB, is that fair? What would Vibria choose?

IIRC she proposed that during the first council meeting and everyone agreed. u giev vis nao plz

Also, I've updated the Vault of Valdarius page on the wiki, cataloguing our current stash of magic items. I included the Arma Draco but I'll move it if PB wants to brony up the vis and keep it as Vibria's private equipment.

The more I think about mining the less I think I can just invent a spell to "build" a new mine.

Mineshafts are built as mineral is excavated from underground. They put in supports and beams so that they can keep on excavating deeper. So while I could invent a spell to go in and yank out whatever mineral we want, and I could invent another spell to stabilize the mineshaft as I go, what I can't do is "build a mine" for others to mine in.

Now, what I COULD do is enchant a mining pick with both "The Miner's Keen Eye," a ReTe effect to allow the wielder to move around mineral at will, and a ReHe effect to move around beams of wood to stabilize mineshafts. This would let one miner do the work of hundreds within a very short period of time, though, what it would not do is create jobs for a whole village.

Vibria would choose the one that lets her keep the armour. :stuck_out_tongue:

She has no intention of leaving Andorra any time soon. It's too close to the caverns where she thinks she can find "her heritage" and learn more about the dragons. But she would be willing to let it be, technically, "covenant property" for as long as she lives, as long as it's de facto her armour. If she does ever leave, she would probably try to negotiate being able to keep the armour, but she'll cross that bridge when she gets to it.

((And sorry it took so long to reply...I probably skimmed it before work, meant to answer after work, and it slipped my mind until there were more replies. I should probably stop doing that.))

OK, I think we just need to figure out what the budget is then. Marko?

Put in a budget request with the Treasurer :smiley:
Carmen looks at the proposal and as How much vis do you require for this size=1 [/size]project?

The Arma Draco will take 19 pawns of Vim. 18 pawns to open (24 capacity, less 6 for Vulc's Craft score) plus 1 to make it an Item of Quality. The Wings enchantment is coming out of his own pocket. "I could make this out of Damascene steel instead of Toledo steel, which would drop its capacity to 20 and thus only cost 15 pawns total. But Andorran magi really should not be wearing anything less than Toledo steel... It wouldn't be appropriate."

Knight's Honour has already been made, opened, and had a DEO enchantment put in it. I'm not SELLING it to the covenant so I don't need any budget for donating it to the covenant. Adding the enchantment to dispel any ward against metal weapons, though, he needs 4 pawns of Vim for that.

Salt mining works a bit differently (just did a crash course read on it). You could use Rego to create and improve minshafts, Creo to preserve and protect equipment from rapid salt corrosion, Rego to extract salt from the rocks and process it, Corpus and Aurum magic to p[reserve the health of the miners and purify the air (salt mining is very hazzardous to the health).

Salt mining is very lucrative. The word "salary" is derived from the word.

If you are only enchanting one effect into it, why not make it a Lesser device? you are simply requesting funds for opening an item for enchantment.
Which is actually not a bad idea. Will there be room left for her to place her own enchantments into it?

"Quite a bit, yes. It can only ever increase in value, if she obsesses over it as she does everything else of value. When we have long since passed into Final Twilight the items we have made will still be borne by Andorran magi." He smiles with a far-off look in his eyes.

With Vulc's mysteries it really is a good investment to have him make items and open them for enchantment, because he can handle up to 35 pawns of vis in a single season (a fearsome feat for non-Verdi), and because it costs 6 pawns less when he does it.

Finally got around to creating a thread for the council meeting that Fédora called, to discuss what needs to be done as a covenant to keep the Mercere house here. Don't know if we want to move all the meeting posts over there or not, but it would make it tidier.
I didn't know what "Pursuit Predator" really meant until I watched this!