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So many spells to invent as Boosted, Harnessed, and Tethered ...

I have a Mercere in a game who was "illegitimate" (his master forged his lineage and it was later discovered) for years but a Latent Magical Ability that became Mutantum Magic. I am now dealing with that very same problem. OF course, now he can't be illegitimate if Mutantum is proof of blood of Mutantes, now, can it?

What's Mr. Spooky's / Camillus Aurelius' communication score?

I'll get that done for Guiverna once I get her quarter and laboratory finished and approved. For Vibria, that will probably depend on when she actually returns and what status she has when she applies for membership, what her new lab set-up looks like, and how wild and crazy she and her new husband get. (I'm expecting one, maybe two kids before she gets their LR done.)

Will Guiverna be made an Officer or Deputy? (I'm thinking no, at least not until she's won their trust.)

I don't know if Vibria's Envied Beauty has ever come up except in passing for rp purposes.

I'm not counting Fédora's Dependents (since she's a retired character) or Guiverna's Magic Animal Companion since she's too new.

So, that's a total of +3 for Andorra and +x for Sa Dragonera?

Gunnvara hasn't had her flaw come up. Needs a good zombie army to fight. :slight_smile: Although she's really new, I don't think she's even officially joined the covenant yet. Just living at the Mercere house.

Gunnvarra also has a story thread open in Back to Bellaquin.



I'm actually holding off on Guiverna responding to Carmen giving her the vis. I know exactly what her reaction will be, I need to place her anchor (where on Mallorca or one of the other Balearic Islands the mundane entrance to her regio is). I thought about putting it right next to the docks, but I'm afraid if she does, she'll never get any studying done...unless "Carnal Activities" is a valid Specialization for Athletics. :laughing:

Gunnvara, not Guiverna.

Oh, I can see this will be fun.

But I sympathize. It looks like our new apprentice will be Lucien. :slight_smile:

I know. I was quoting about Gunnvara because of the reference to that thread, and mentioning that I've notice and have intents for the thread, but need to get my pieces into place before I move.

Isn't that the whole point of playing Bonisagi?

Another question: can we pin down the author of Secrets of the Earth? Frederika is a glossing fiend, and will scrawl all over the book if her comm is better!

Do me a favor and give me an idea when exactly you plan on slotting Thomas in there? Because if you plan to slot him in in either 40 or 41, I'll need to advance him accordingly. Not that that's an issue mind you...

Hey, it's me. I've not been around much. Just experiencing mild ennui - I'll try to get back up to speed in the next week or two.

In the meantime, Bernat's "Enemies" is surfacing from time to time. Antoine has True Love, which hasn't impacted much yet, just a mild run-in with some pirates. He also now has Dependants, of course.

So, for exemple, Arachné would write "winter 1239: Considering defense plans, consulting with fellow magi, testing andorra's defense, and just resting because she's been working non-stop for 10 years now on this", and take 2xp in Andorra Covenant Lore, is that right?

The Spider has a diabolic past, which hasn't come into play (save if that's the reason for the "Meeting with Metron" thread. Still not touching these books, no, thanks).

She also has a Magic Spirit Companion who wants to... frag, it's not on the wiki??? IIRC, she wants to reinstate the cult of some ancient gods/ancestor cult. She already let Arachné into an initiation that unlocked the link to her ancestors, giving her Magical Blood. There was nothing around this*

  • And I believe that, counting me, we've got 2, maybe 3 players with similar companions. There must be something to do with this, especially as spooky runs on a similar theme.

Donna has favors she owes to a large magical bird...possibly a Roc (she didn't exactly stop to get its taxonomy while bargaining for her life)
Fleur wants to finish up the investigation into her garden, preferably with a couple of groups of trained grogs.
Magda we need to 'go back' and have Fredrika discover her in 1236.
We also need to decide what spell(s) Fleur gets inspiration for in her research- should one person decide this or make it a community decision? It would be faster if I decide but I don't want someone to declare that I have been 'unrealistic' when we get to 1245 or something...
my thought for the first is 'vision of the unborn babe': Inco:20 [base 5 (specific information: medical defects), range:touch, target:part, duration:concentration], which will give her an incentive to improve her intelligo for at least a season., alternately, the potion of creation from ancient magic p. 56, which is CrCo 25 and would gain 5 breakthrough points in one season.

Pardon, pardon? I feel like I've missed something!

Magda was accepted as a character on the premise that there be an adventure in which she was discovered and introduced into the classroom scenario for the library, it was suggested that this should be Fredrika who discovered her, and the library recruitment took place in spring 1236.

I definitely did miss something then! But cool, no problems from me. The only issue I can think of is I wasn't formally accepted into Andorra until the Summer that year.

If you could wait until 1237, Lucas could find someone just about anywhere. That's his one season every seven years that he has to run messages for House Mercere. Probably too late for you. But I thought I'd offer.

Yeah, she needs to have been in school for a year at that point, which I guess means Fredrika is a problem as well, unless she found her and brought her with her by coincidence just in time... Not entirely sure what Marco was thinking with this one...