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I am continuing All Roads at this point, I don't have any other story plans at the moment, but I would like to remain on the list of potential storytellers... we'll see where things start going and what ideas start occurring...
crimson for Fleur

It is up to each of you whether to use colors or not. I personally think it makes it easier to distinguish between the character's words and the player's comments and descriptions. We are not writing a novel and this is not high art.

If you prefer easier methods than colors, in other pbp forums I have used characters tend to use bold letters to speak, and cursive to think/inner discourse (I use it for mental communication with my familiar).

"If I do decide that I would be interested, I would need to discuss it with my sodales. I wouldn't want to leave them in the lurch."

An incredibly tall, thin man in servant's livery suddenly appears at their table. "You rang?" he rumbles.

"Sorry, wrong Lurch."

The giant groans before he turns to leave.

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May I suggest Winter 1244? Jump into the Ancient Discovery story. This is the real reason Santiago sent you to Andorra.
If Trogdor agrees. We have to figure out who is involved. Solomon was part of that, as were some side characters (Lucien played by IBT, and Edith whom I had forgotten all about).

And just to note, the year begins with Winter in my calendar. Robertp's sollo aventure Dusk of the Fllame takes place in 1245. All roads lead to Africa takes place in Autumn 1244. This buts Vibria in two stories, which is maybe too much for one player.
The Exarch story never happened (that was the political one). That is now an open season for study or whatever.
See, now I remember why I almost collapsed before the Forums did. We over extended ourselves by putting the same characters in different stories in a tangled short span of time.
I am open to suggestions as to how to resolve this.

Where can I find some data on Santiago?

So it seems the Woad will appear on the doorstep of the Andorra covenant just before Winter 1244, with a reference from Santiago, and ready to join the expedition.
I'll post his final statblock and updated backstory in his dedicated thread soon.

Santiago appears in the early posts of Ancient History (1242). There he gives Roberto a task to rescue a colleague of his named Flavia who had been kidnapped. It turns out that Flavia found clues that she thinks will lead her to a lost Temple of Mercury and others wanted that information from her. Roberto and his fellows rescued Flavia who has now asked the group to come with her to try and find the temple since she fears that the people who kidnapped her will pursue her to the temple.

Knowing that more trouble was coming, Santiago might have sent Woad to help bolster the efforts to find the temple.

Roger. I've read through the thread of "Ancient History (1242)", and it makes sense that Santiago was up north at some point and suggested to the Woad that he could be of use in Andorra, specifically with this mission in mind. Although Santiago propably only hinted at the nature of the mission.

I think this is a good entrance for the Woad to make in the saga. Should I just start replying in that thread, and let the Woad arrive and introduce himself? It'll work even if he is only 99% designed and not yet posted.

Also, is Santiago a resident magus of Andorra covenant, or what is is connection?

Santiago was Roberto's mentor during the Shadow Wars. I just looked on the wiki and see that somehow we never managed to get an entry for Santiago in the "important entities" section. I'll try and correct that (though I'll trust Marko to add anything missing from the description).

Wait, what wiki? :wink:

But seriously, is there a link to that wiki?

Andorra Wiki

So, I was rereading Ancient Discovery and it got me thinking about the Mercere portal network. As in most sagas, we've never really defined it, though we've done more than most, I think. I worked up a page on the wiki ages ago that had all the official (and some unofficial) links. But even that was a bit confusing. So today I did up a map that shows all the known links. Here it is (and it's on the wiki now):

Two observations:

  • There are no known portals in Hibernia, Loch Leglean, Thebes, Levant, or Provencal (except for Doissetep).
  • There are three separate networks, at least as we have them set. There's the main Harco network, a link between two covenants in Novgarod, and a link between Magvillus and Icy North, with a few minor links added.

It seems likely that there are more portals that simply haven't been mentioned. I suspect that it's best to leave that up in the air until it becomes an issue. But I thought I'd share my map and my observations.

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Right now we have the following people listed as members of the covenant on the wiki:


  • Carmen Perez of Flambeau: Pontifex Maxima, Treasurer
  • The Spider: Warden
  • Solomon of Guernicus: Inquisitor


  • Lucas de Mercere: Herald, Deputy Librarian
  • Roberto: Marshal
  • Vibria of Flambeau


  • Acutus Ilfetwis of Bjornaer
  • Cecilio Ex Bonisagus
  • Fleur of Bonisagus
  • Guiverna ex Miscellanea
  • Kesara of Flambeau


  • Elena, apprentice to Lucas
  • Gabriel, apprentice to Solomon
  • Lucien, apprentice to Carmen

We've already spoken about clearing some of the magi people out. Marko said that Solomon would be gone. What about Vocis? We also have a few journeymen that might not be active (Acutus, Cecilio, and Kesara). Gabriel would go with Solomon, and I'm not sure what the status of Fleur's apprentice was. As I recall, she was just using him for a few seasons of work and was then going to hand him off. Is he gone now?

Also, we'll need to add the new magi to the list as well.

Any observations or comments would be appreciated. Once I have some better info I can more some people off the active list and onto the "Former Magi" list.

Fleur's apprentice was away in fosterage for a year or so, but she is back. She joined the covenant in 1240, I'm not sure how long before that she had trained with Vulcanus… Of course Fleur will be the one to set her gauntlet unless she does give or sell her to someone else eventually, and I suspect Fleur's written exam on magic theory could be hellacious- especially the first time when she hasn't 'dialed it in' to what is appropriate for an apprentice...

This is what I have on the Covenant Thread on this site.
Carmen Perez of Flambeau (Pontifex Maxima) *
Arachne Ex-Miscellanea (Pontifex Majore) -
Solomon of Gurnicus (Pontifex Minore) -
Vocis of Tremere (Grand Master) -
Vibria of Flambeau (Mistress) -
Roberto of Flambeau (Master) +
Lucas of Mercere (Master) +
Acutus Ilfwetis of Bjornaer (Journeyman) -
Antoine of Verditius (Journeyman) -
Fleur de Bonisagus (Journeywoman) +
Guiverna Ex-Miscellanea (Journeywoman) *
Cecilio ex Bonisagus, the Younger (Journeywoman) -
(* Blatant Gift, - Normal Gift, + Gentle Gift/No Gift)

In needs to be edited though. Cecilio, Antoine, Acutus, and Solomon do appear to be no longer with us. Maybe Guiverna should go back to Bellaquin so as to not overextend Peregrine.

Can you give me her name and any details you have so I can update the wiki? I know it's deep in the archives somewhere, but if you have it at hand, it would be much easier than me digging. There was another apprentice that was given to the older magus we traveled with, wasn't there?

And I seem to recall that Roberto was at least thinking of taking an apprentice. Did he in the end? I can't recall.

Also, FWIW, the person playing Elena (Lucas's apprentice) is no longer around. So she's floating free as well.

So, with your permission, I'll move Cecilio, Antoine, Acutus, and Solomon (as well as Gabriel, Solomon's apprentice) over to the "Former" list.

Vera Belladonna Rudolphius, I have her current magic theory as being 7+2, I have a character sheet that I at least began before it was pointed out that the level of detail I was going for was excessive given her role... she has int of 4- that also affects labs...

I'm thinking I should drop Rilcheaux, the concept didn't work out as well as I liked and I don't have as much free time to devote to him as I used to.

She had apparently been apprenticed for 5 years before Fleur claimed her, which means she would have been apprenticed around 1135, and should be due to gauntlet in 1150, or thereabouts.