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The arrangement in that case is just to make it rhyme. Typically, when people are asked to name the four seasons in order, they start with spring--metaphorically, it's the season of new beginnings, hence seen as the beginning of the natural year (as opposed to the calendar year).


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
C'mon baby, don't be bitter

All I am recording is the Calendar year. Your individual characters can time the year however they like. But there is no calendar that I know of where 1220 begins in any other month than January.

And all you computer geeks! I, mister "no college education", just figured out how to score the entire latest season of Dr. Who as downloads. Yeah, I am sure you hackers figured it out long ago, but I am self taught, so let me have my moment of pride. :smiley:

LOL, welcome to cyber space :wink:

I've got a busy week. But I'll catch up reading (and writing) by mid-next week

I do exaggerate a bit mind you. six years of community college and no associates (even though I have twice as many credits); well, to me that pretty much equals no college.

No college doesn't equal uneducated and ignorant. I'm a no college military man myself. And I'd question the judgement ever after of someone who said you sounded ignorant.

LOL, I am from a military family. Go figure Flambeau is my favorite House. BTW, Peter Henteges, the guy who invented Flameau, was himself a military brat. I myself was always too lazy to enlist, and at age 38 I only have a few years of eligibility left. I have considered it. There is a huge gaming/comic geek community up at Great Lakes Naval Base :stuck_out_tongue:

My Grandfather was a veteran of some serious action in the South Pacific. That man affects my outlook more than anything else of this earth. When I would get picked on at school in 2nd grade, he told me to sneak up on the guys individually, one by one, and beat the crap out of them by surprise. Don't worry about getting in trouble, he would handle my mom. And you know what? It worked. Blood of Leonidas my friends. Blood of Sparta.

I'd think the Tremere soldier mentality would appeal to you more than the glory seekers of house flambeau :mrgreen:

I happen to be quite a fan. :smiley:

See what I mean about stereotyping? Flambeau are a true societas, united only by their commitment to being warriors. I’d like to think they’re just as likely to include soldiers as mercenaires, glory grabbing heroes, or bullies.

House Tremere is really cool, especially in 5th Edition, but a leetle bit crazy too.


Certamen. Name your Art Sir.

How big exactly is the valley that Andorra is in? It has been mentioned that it is Y shaped? How many size increases on a boundary target effect would be needed to affect the whole valley, and how far would that really be reaching beyond our own borders as it were?

Does Andorra hold primacy over the whole valley or only a section? Or only over itself?

The covenant claims Hermetic jurisdiction over all od Andorra, which includes several mountains and valleys. Realistically though, we control the eastern slope of our mountain and the village of Arans. There is another village further below in the valley. The vinyards are there. They grow the grapes, we make the wine.

Luci (your new nickname) is not actually there yet.

100% agreed :smiley:

This particular societas, the Knights of Seneca, are indeed seekers of adventure and glory. But not all Flambeau are like that. 5th edition Tremere do have that military mindset, but what they lack is individualism. Yes, the group is important, and your true strength is on your right and left. But a chain is only as strong as the weakest link.

Take the Spartans as an example. They fought in tightly knit groups, but there was a great deal of individual trials and contests to get him to that point. They were tossed out into the wild to fend for themselves, to be rugged and self reliant. That reminds me a lot of the old school Flambeau gauntlet from earlier editions.

We once planned a teleporter/door thing for the two "outpost" people. Do we still stick to it. Or is it easier to equip them with other items???

I'm asking because I want to know what Marie does this winter (and the Verditius might have some goos ideas to add too).

Otherwise I'll to find her a good book.

Lejla is willing to teach someone! With her Teaching skills and her communication it is a season well spent!
5 Com+3Teach+1 single student specialty+6 single student + 3 + 5 Good Teacher = 23xp in one season!!!!

Her Abilities: Area Lore Valencia (politics) 1, Area Lore Pyrenees (legends) 2, Athletics (hiking) 1, Awareness (hearing) 2, Bargain (male Muslims) 2, Brawl (Knife) 2, Charm (witty) 6, Chirurgy (binding wounds) 2, Concentration (stories) 1, Etiquette (Islamic) 2,
Folk Ken (Muslims) 3, Guile (disguise) 4, Intrigue (Muslims) 4, Leadership (Harem) 1, Arabic (storytelling) 5, Basque (storytelling) 5, Spanish (Aragonese) 5, Music (composing songs) 2, Order of Hermes Lore (politics) 3, Codex of Hermes (redcaps) 3, Islamic Lore (legends) 3, Ride (speed) 2, Stealth (hiding) 2, Survival (Mountains) 1, Swim (salt water) 1, Teaching (single student) 3, Artes Liberales (Grammar) 3, Latin (storytelling) 5, Theology Islam (Q'ran) 2, Islamic Law (women's rights) 3, Profession: Scribe (orderly) 2, Magic Theory (teaching) 2

Viola's tree is not all that far from the castle, nor is the Tower Decimus is using. It is a neat thing to have, but not a necessity. I suggest Marie does indeed find a good book. As for Lejla, we could use some training for the younger clerks perhaps?

To be clear, there will be 3 "outpost" people. Dragan's lab/sanctum will be deep in the heart of the of the mountain, accessible only from a cave near the summit of the mountain the covenant itself is built upon.

No teleporter will be necessary. Either he will simply trek down the face of the mountain till he reaches the plateau of the covenant, or he will swim through the earth and pop out from the rock itself.

Inside the mountain does't fully count as an outpost I don't think. Otherwise Xavi's Ice Cavern counts as an outpost too (he already has a portal in and out, and it is otherwise totally isolated).

But in all of these cases, I think we can circumnambulate them all during our Aegis ritual, especially if Dragan can swim through rock.