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No absolute necessity to worry about Aegis covering Dragan's lab. The access to it will be so treacherous that no sane entity would dare try, and those that do will never make it to the sanctum/lab alive anyways.

A challenge? 8)

Actually, if you want to be geographically accurate, the wine grapes are grown way to the south, in another county entirely, where the altitude is lower.

Scott (with apologies for being a pedant)

it is unnaturally warm here and the grapes are a hearty variety :wink:

I assume this holds true for this game?

What, if anything, could be above a 75? Or would that even be possible aside from direct manifestations of a realm? And I'd like some indication as to how common or rare each of these scales is in your view?

Oh wow, that is old! Where did you drag that up from? My Wards debate?

Above 75 would be powerful faerie lords, the ghost of Trianoma, Odin, Alberecht, Herculese, the Mother of Pan Caudrax, a demon prince (the one from Fesrival of the Damned was 95 I think), and stuff like that.

Lower numbers are abviously more common. there are 100 might 5 smurfs and only one papa smurf (might 20? he is a magician after all).

I believe that is exactly where I pulled it from. If you recall I was in on that debate a little bit. And I suppose the kind of feel I am looking for is... how often will one run into say a ... might 35 warrior demon? Does every city or village have a couple lurking in the shadows and working their foul corrupting type plots? Or are they rarer than that? Or, much easier to understand, 'whatever is good for the story?'. :wink:

See the Map of Andorra link for some further details:

And these historical resources perhaps:

I'll get round to posting a precis on the County of Foix (northwards in the Languedoc, the current count, Raymond-roger has a Cathar Perfecti sister that I just rediscovered was statted up in ArM4 Medieval Tapestry) and the County of Urgell (controlled by the bishop at the expense of the Count and Viscount).



You got it man, whatever is good for the story. For versimilitude purposes, I would say each specific area has one to three Might 20+ beasties nearby; ghost, demon, drake, or somesuch. So if you rob a random tomb, most ghosts inside are 5 or less, but one may be 20 or 35 or something like that.

Apologies for being a Waffleator

Yes, I reserve the right to make up words. I apologize for sometimes waffling on certain ides and decisions. Magma for Dragan is an example of that. It didn’t fit with my original vision, so I was like “ehhh, I dunno, maybe, um…”. Waffleating. But the players drive the game, and as long as it can fit in with everything else, then it is what should be done. I am starting to thing more in terms of a dual nature mountain now, an embodiment of opposites. It is light and dark, cold and hot, civilized and wild. The fae refer to this side of the mountain being the Sunrise side, and the around the mountain where the dark fae are is the sunset side.

I still want the magma to be subterranean though. I don’t want a volcano.

Another waffling example is the rush to Spring. I thought that’s what you all wanted :slight_smile:. Still, I do want to move the game along at a pace faster than real time :laughing:. And I do want to see each of you in yor everyday casual roles. Just a normal season goes by. What is a typical day like for you? How does Inigo handle responsibility? How do you all relate to each other? How does Marie speak with the librarian when asking for a specific book, or when talking with the steward to get something from the larder for her lab activities? What does Octavius think about his vision? What about Viola and the faeries? And the rest of you?

Just because the season is done doesn’t mean we are done talking about it. We can spend some time on that if you want. When I say it is done, I am calling “Safe!”, and whatever you do is done. No fire and blood will interrupt you. I was planning to wreck the season, but I changed my mind. I want to see how you guys fit in your new clothes first.

As far as Marcellus’s spells go…
Recall that I said that all of your starting spells before the beginning of the game could be original inventions and still learned from Lab Texts or Training; I just requested that you submit them to the wiki. Once the game begins, then this is not an option. (By “Begin”, I mean the beginning for you, when the character enters play). I pretty much assumed that everyone had done that. As for the reasoning why he had access to such training or texts, Xavi expressly mentioned that he traveled north and trained amongst the Giant Blooded magi of Loch Legan. And his cold & frost spells fall within the scope of his Magic Focus.
Still, I am not the sort of SG that wields the hammer lightly. I am sure Xavi might agree to knocking a few spells off or lower a few scores if you all insist. He can learn them later.

No skin off my teeth really. It just seemd excessive and suggestive of far more time spent in the lab than Xavi's "go get em" adventurer flambeau character would seem geared toward. It's all good.

As far as speeding things up go, I've found it's better to total up seasonal activities and count XP's on a yearly basis rather than doing it season by season (and even then, some people can't be made to get around to doing it--the best thing to do, really, is to ignore them until they catch up).


This really is the more efficent way of doing things. Then, if something needs to be changed, it is an easy substituton. It doesn't force toy to reevaluate everything season by season.

But anyway, Boxer, address your issues with Xavi, not me. It's his character :laughing:. Just saying that this DM tends to favor his players more than his monsters and dungeons. He was slow getting stuff up because of his jet setting job schedual. I offer you the same deal Boxer :wink:
I would be glad to make your character for you.
But at least get the bare bones unfinished version up for people to see and comment on man! I am dragging my feet waiting for you to catch up, and I'd just sail past you, but I really want you in on this.

I've just bought the rest of 5th ed that I didn't own, including ROP: Magic. Magic appears to have quite a good bit of stuff on magic realm spirits... so I'll be doing some reading today!

You are ahead of the curme my friend! I am waiting on that one to arrive as well :wink:

Pity me the poor Australian...

I get my books at least 2 weeks after you Northern hemisphere guys!

I'm glad you're finding it useful Vortigern - any details you'd care to post in the main forums (hint, hint...)



May I start a new thread for the council meeting, since I’m presiding?

Apologies for being sluggish to post, but the sheer volume of text this forum generates is daunting to catch up on.

For his winter season, Inigo will read Ultor (The Avenger) by Elaine of Flambeau, and keep a watchful eye on the covenant. He gains 14 (11+3) experience in Penetration.


I suppose you can design the Mercere Quarter as if it were a spring covenant (300 to 500 points). No boons & hooks, you share those with Andorra. Does that sound reasonable to everyone?

As for your ideas for the women and children, well, that may be an interesting story. And a quick way to get lynched! These are not the peasent grogs of Mistridge. These are the elite custos and other professionals of Andorra.