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Fleur is anything but subtle :laughing:

A note on PM gaming and Spellcasting.
I dislike PM gaming as it complicates things for me and excludes valuable opinions of others. There are no secrets or surprises, no DM screen, no hidden messages. I have a Full Dislosure policy. I try to rely on posted or printed stats, and I allow fellow players broad scope and authority in their arena. Everyone is potentially a storyguide. I also allow others power and influence considering rulings on RAW and House Rules.
I also have a poor memory and fuzzy logic. Probably because I drink too much :mrgreen:
Having said all that, all questions and dicusiions concerning the game at hand are probably better placed in open forum.

Now the question at hand concerns handling spellcasting in game. Different people have different preferences. Basically as long as whomever the acting storyguide is satisfied you are good. You just sorta do it as you would any other action. Lay out your scores, roll a die, and give the total. Just like in table top.

Example: say that Fixer is running a story in which, at one point, Carmen faces off against a Storm Goblin (just go with it :slight_smile: ). "It's coming right for you" he tells me.
So in my next post I write...
"Carmen Multicasts Pilium of Fire at it in self defense. Her scores are Sta -1, Creo 11, Ignem 6, Mastery 1. So that is 17, plus die rolls of 8 for the first spell, then a 2 for the next. grrrr...
So minus level 20 plus Penetration 3 equals totals of 7 and 3. I can place Confidence as needed to fry this guy"
Now Fixer knows the storm goblin has a Might of 10. The Magic Aura of 3 adds to both casting and resistance, so that cancels out. He looks at the Maths and says...
"If you spend a point the first one can penetrate. No hope for the second. To speed things up I will presume you do and roll damage for you..."
and so forth.

As for dice, a lot of people use an online dice roller like Invisible Castle. I don't care if you roll a die at home. We are all adults. On a personal level, I don't care if you fudge. It's your life. Your soul is stained by it, not mine. I have my own sins to worry about.
It doesn't even have to get that complicated. Some write out a formula, some just give totals and refer to their character sheet with precaculated cating totals for the spell. Whatever works for you.
"If you spend a point of Confidence

It doesn't seem to be written that way, but is my assumption that the Life-Linked Ritual Mastery only replaces vis up to your master level? So Cecilio could cover one pawn with that, but need to get the other three from Imbued with Spirit of Corpus?

Quick question- if I remember correctly, Vocis managed the library... I have a number of plans involving the library... if nobody takes over Vocis what will happen to library management?

I can pick up the ball or you can run with it. i am working on getting fredrika ex miscellanea (cannonball) set up as vocis' assistant so they could take over.
i determined i have plans for vocis as an npc that will mesh nicely with both their intended role and the way they were introduced.

One more thing- who is managing the Andorra Wikki and could I get editing rights? If for nothing else to update Epona and Lucia...
also may I assume at this point that nobody is studying from Marius in the summer of 1236? If so he will begin his youth-recruitment program to look for 45 youngsters with some combination of high communication scores and good teacher to begin instructing that summer...

Having just read it, it seems it is written that way. It is a mastery feat that requires a special Virtue, which in your case is Imbues with Spirit of Corpus. You have a Mastery of 1? Normally this allows you to spend Long Term Fatigue as Vis in the ritual vasting of the spell. However, you can alreay do that with your Virtue (if the Form is Corpus). So yours is a special case. You can spend Short Term Fatigue levels, up to your mastery score. The rest would have to come from your Virtue &/or actual vis in hand.
What was failed to be included is that your Virtue should only be allowing this Mastery for Corpus spells.

:frowning: :frowning:

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it.
I'm sad to see you go.

Fare well.

I should be able to, so long as it's the "NPC in the background" thing were I seldom have to play him (That is, even less than ArachnΓ©). We discussed previously what an illusionist could do for andorra, but never had the time do. This'd let me explore this.
Or better, we turn him into a communal project. I manage his advancment and lab thingies, someone else handles his roleplay and Library duties.

I'll take library!

And I'll take over his secret plans with the Tremere to find a way to eliminate Erat Caecus from Barcelona and his open plan to build a medical facility at Andorra.

I'll echo that. I've enjoyed your posts, and Vocis as a character. Hope to see you back sometime.

Hold on - spellcasting isn't an Int-based roll, is it? So this actually helps with maintaining multiple concentration spells?

That is odd since Concentration is based on Stamina.
I do not have A&A so I cannot judge

New HR idea I had.
Every character starts off each story with their full allotment of Confidence (one plus twice their score), to be used for that story. Points do not carry over between stories and your pool is refilled at the start of each story. Instead of awarding Confidence at the end of a story, award some extra xp or vis maybe?

Thoghts? Comments? Discussion? Yeah or Nay?

Great for Vocis :smiley:

What I understand: You get +3 to concentration rolls, and you fail any Int-based roll, unless, of course, it is related to the subject you're concentrating upon.

Great idea, I'm all for it.

For a reward, I wouldn't worry with something more to think about, especially as the HR is already self-balanced. But if you realy want something, what about "keeping" the old confidence awards (1-3 pts), but having these be "XP" that go toward increasing the confidence score? Oh, and I'd treat Self-Confident magi as having +1 to their score (so 1+1), instead of a starting score of 2.

Or maybe it takes 50xp to go from a score of 1 to 2? Or whatever.
The main idea is that it is difficukt to track confidence between adventures and during multiple stories. Example, Carmen is currently in two stories. With the old way, spending Confidence in one would affect her available pool in the other story, and her award for the one story should be available for the second, but the way things go in PbP games, that second story could finish first.

With this new way I want to use, you start with the same pool each story, and if you are in two stories at once your expenditures there do not affect your available pool in the other.

As for increaing Confidence, I always wanted a mechanic for that. I have an idea that I will put into a new post, so as not to confuse it with this one.

I agree that this seems a sensible move. Antoine might be in his lab for 6 seasons - he shouldn't then be able to say "wow, I'm still super-confident in my abilities because I unearthed that rare tome 18 months ago"!

I agree. Confidence per story should reduce book-keeping, and avoids some of the weirder scenarios listed above.

I do not like it, primarily because gaining confidence for most stories is a significant reward in my mind... and I rarely end up with a net loss... if you are in two tories and you use confidence in the earlier one, just assume it will be regained at the end until the two stories are both finished and you can total the confidence expenditures and gains of the two combined.

I don't...think Confidence points are meant to be valuable rewards. The corebook mentions typical characters will gain 2 or 3 confidence points per session. That's not a rare resource to be hoarded - that's a resource to be spent frequently!

I'm fine with it, as it does seem to streamline bookkeeping somewhat.

I know the reason Vibria has so many Confidence Points piled up is that I keep forgetting them and only tend to use them in dire situations when I do remember. ("Oh...that sword is about to do a Mortal Wound? Um...maybe this would be a good time to use Confidence on the Fast-Casting roll for my Flame Breath and melt his sword before it gets to me?")

As far as it not being a valuable reward: the suggested CP award is about the same as the suggested EP award for an adventure, iirc. But magi will often forego their EP because they're studying that season or something.