General Table Talk

Sush, it was late when I wrote that, ok! :wink:

Happy to oblige!

I'm sure there are 50 Ways to Leave the Levant.


You, sir, win.

Ok, so I've got around to looking at books. Craft's out, as your craft books are on Blacksmithing. I was going to opt for Magic Theory, but I see Lucas already has Corpus Hermeticum checked out for the next few seasons. However, Lucas's player ain't here. Should I nick it off him, or go for something else? There's a Philosophiae summa that would leave me one point short of advancing (which, obviously, I could get from exposure).

Edit: Although Philosophiae isn't that useful until I do raise MT, since my Shape, Material and Philo bonus is still bounded by my MT, and I can usually find S&M to give +4. So... maybe look again.

Don't worry about Lucas. He either dies off or fades away as an NPC. I'll figure it out at the Oasis. The book reservation is open for you.

Got (mostly) moved today. It went surprisingly well, with one small glitch. My computer has now decided not to turn on anymore.

Luckily, I still have my laptop (which has a tendency to freeze up sometimes), but it's still an annoyance. I'm hoping it's something simple, like it needs a thorough cleaning or just a new power switch.


Oh, and I was able to get internet hooked up the same day, so no internet outage! Yay!


Excellent, I shall study away... for 9 months?? Wow, abilities are hard to raise.

Internet in one day is good times. Hurrah! Broken computer is not. Boo.

I'd put money on it being an internal wire coming loose during the move. Checking them all will probably fix it!

As a rule, I'm opposed to killing off characters of players who just don't show up anymore (unless there are extenuating circumstances, like they ticked everyone the heck off). My idea is for Lucas to have made it to the healing waters of the Oasis with (literally) his dying breath. The Oasis brought him back, but at a price: if he should ever leave the oasis, he dies. That way, should Trogdor ever comes back and wants to play Lucas again, he has a ready-made story.

Done. Consider the life of Lucas my birthday gift to you :smiley:

Too bad for trogdor, I liked Lucas very much.

Happy for you!
Hey, I was at a gamer's convention this week, and spoke of you to some friend: We were discussing cross-gender gaming with a pal being clueless about it, and I told them about you and how you often play great gals.

Indeed, silveroak is right here.

The code doesn't apply to non-members of the OOH, meaning they aren't protected by it, but aren't constrained by it either.
This doesn't change the fact that any hermetic magus may say "I don't like what you're doing with the mundanes, and will charcoal you" (which is kinda the point here), it just has no legal basis.
Luckily, or else, the OoH would need to police each and every wise wo-man with some supernatural ability that interfered.

The more important question is if charcoaling him will interfere with mundanes?

That depends on how close they're standing :wink:

I have been focusing a lot of time and energy on this new job I just started, so I have been falling behind here. Promise I will catch up soon :smiley:

Worry ye not. How's the new gig?

It is awesome, yet quite difficult. Much higher end cooking than I was used to working at the nightclub. Fine dining in a casual atmosphere. Symphony's, an Italian/American cafe in Evanston (just on the Northern edge of Chicago). I am a Chef de Partie (chef of the part, fancy term for Line Cook). Thing is, I have no formal culinary training. Just job experience. I studied History and English in college, a bit of Philosophy too. Lo and behold. There is no one looking for philosophers in the help wanted ads on Craigslist :laughing:
My last job I got away with calling myself chef because it was a solo gig and there was no one able to deny me.

Sound like quite a challenge! I hope you'll be up to the task, for if you manage it, I'm sure it'll be rewarding. Don't forget to spend confidence!

Been spending it every day! Good thing I have Self Confidence :smiley: