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Hello all. I am ill and confined at home (maybe due to Covid-19; awaiting test results). Since I am confined with my daughter and not feeling really great myself I am having problems finding time to connect to online forums. So for the next 2 weeks or so I will not be able to post much. Sorry about that. You can NPC Mateu with full permision from my part in order not to delay the stories. Sorry about that and happy gaming to all.


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Take care! Hope it is only a cold or the flu.

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Take care and get well! My prayers are for the health and safety for you and yours, as well as for us all.

There is no pressure or pace around here. There is no mandatory frequency and no penalty of any sort. I have seen such things in other PbP forums. I am of the opinion that some people get way to caught up in the "High Art of Gaming". It is supposed to be recreation, not a profession.

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Best wishes for the health of everyone.
Schools in Denmark are closed, as is a lot of other things. My workplace sent people to work from home, and I am attempting to be somewhat efficient, while still having two children to manage.
Below is a picture of my home office with a nice bit of background view.

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And welcome on board. I'm new to this saga, and new to Play by Post as well.

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OOC I doubt Edith would know that. It isn't something that Marcellus publicizes. And Marcellus isn't a great talker.

The search functionality on the new site here is pretty good. Makes it much easier to track down adventures and specific posts Roger was involved in.

I was wondering though, is there one that exemplifies his personality the best off the top of your head? Like where he may have had a bunch of dialog?

I am basing my guess on how well he handled the Ibex. I did not look atthe character sheet that well.Iam also thinking he either has the Gentle Gift or I forgot to calculate the Gift into that roll with the ibex.

No Gentle Gift, but Inoffensive to Animals and Ways of the Mountain. So perhaps Edith is reacting to that.

I have no idea if those will apply to a dragon. And he has no score in Bargain, Charm, Folk Ken, or anything like that. But things will work out (Optimistic)!

I will see what I can dig up after work. (I am one of the few people in my industry still working in this climate of fear)

(I am also using a random "NPC ideas" chart, so you need to think about Edith's suggestions for yourselves)

i searched around and found the spot where he died...
The Death of Roger

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Roger also made an appearance in this story. He accompanied Marcelllus and Ikelos on the expedition that first discovered owlbear tracks.

My apologies for the short posts and delays. Work routine has been upset as we adjust to the developping health crisis. I mostly access the forums through my tablet, and long posts are a pain.

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No apologies needed. We’re all adjusting

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In times like these, it is good to have the global connection we share here. We are not alone. We are in this together.

As for myself, I am cut down to partial hours. The dining room is closed, and we are just doing carryout/delivery for now. I worked Wednesday and Thursday, and I work again Sunday. But I am off today and tomorrow. I am unused to having Friday and Saturday off, and the irony is that I can't do any of those fun weekend things I often forgo.

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So I kept reading that as Corporeal Roger, not Corporal Roger. I was confused for a few posts, lol.


I have a question about wounds and healing in so far as Roger’s corporeal form is concerned. I’m trying to gauge his limits to see what would be confident vs cocky, brave vs foolhardy. If he is heavily wounded in that form how inconvenient is it?

I would imagine it is as easy as discorporating and creating a new body. But if you read Roger's personality, he is not the cocky type.