Gregorios the potion maker

Gregorios the potion maker (magical grog- goldshirt) magical might 3 (grog, medium power, summer experience)

Int 4 Per 2
Pre 0 Com 3
Str -2 Sta -1
Dex -1 Quick -2

infamous (dangerous madman)
judged unfairly

arcane lore

3x improved abilities

(inherent magical human: monsterous appearance)

Romaic Greek 5
Area Lore (Patros) 5
athletics 1
awareness 1
stealth 1
Survival 2
artes Liberales 6
medicine 5
philosophae 2
Magic Lore 3
faerie lore 3
herbalism 5
craft: appothacary 5
craft: ink making 5

Gregorios was an independent research philosopher, who made a living as an apothecary until he heard a rumor about longevity potions made by magus and decided to make his own with a combination of magic lore natural philosophae. He succeeded, after a fashion, blowing up his facility and transforming himself into a creature of magic. He now appears to be a smoldering walking corpse, having been transformed at the point of death, and has no recollection, or notes, as to how he accomplished this. He has fled to the covenant as one of the few places he can be safe, venturing out at night to gather ingredients for the ink he makes as his payment for staying as an occupant of the covenant.