Name: Helmut Siggismund Age: 23 Year Born: 1205 Gender: Male Size: 0 Handedness: Right Nationality: German
Religion: Christian Height: 5' 4" Weight: 130 pounds Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue

Int: +2
Per: +1
Str: 0
Sta: 0
Pre: +1
Comm: +1
Quick: +1
Dex: 0

Linguist (True Lineages, Minor)
Educated (Minor)
Peasant (Social, free)

Weakness: Women
Fear: Jews

Speak German (Excellent diction) 5
Survival: Forest (Scrounging for food) 3
Awareness (Good hearing) 2
Speak French (Excellent diction) 4/11
Speak Latin (Excellent diction) 4/11
Speak Italien (Excellent Diction) 4/11
Artes Liberales (Grammar) 3
Charm (Using foreign words) 3/10
Music (Foreign songs) 4
Carouse (Telling foreign stories) 3
Stealth (Forest) 2
Athletics (Running) 1
Profession: Scribe (Copying) 4
Profession: Seneschal (Mons Electi) 4
Speak Greek (Excellent Diction) 4
Magic Theory (Magic texts) 3

Gear: Decent set of clothes, knife, backpack with some provisions, a bedroll, wooden cup and bowl, wax tablet, small carving knife, and a cloak

Personality traits:
Talkative +2
Inquisitive +2

Helmut was discovered by the priest of his small village as having a knack for language and letters. The priest trained him in language and taught him the rudiments of grammar and his family proudly thought their son was destined to join the Church. Unfortuntely Helmut was orphaned after a particularly bad winter, starvation being all too common a cause of death. He managed to live off the forest with other survivors from his village. Alexei took him in while on one of his many expeditions through the woods. He was astounded to see how quickly the boy learned languages, he claimed he learned French when their family hosted a small group of Frankish Crusaders (he also learned a suspicious paranoia against jews from them, though he's yet to meet one) for a season. Curious, Alexei tested his ability with Latin and writing and found he was quite adept even though he'd been unable to practice or receive additional training since his village was basically lost.

Alexei is greatly fond of the boy and uses him as a translator and also likes to hear him sing (now that his voice has stopped cracking). Knowing Alexei's love of jokes, Helmut on more than one occasion has deliberatly mistranslated what Alexei said in order to make him look foolish. Along with Alexei's fondness for the boy, he wants to get him an opportunity to continue his education but he's never had the time. Helmut often tries to impress women with his knowledge of languages, especially stories and songs he's heard as he learned the languages.

Alexei's fondness for Helmut has more than once turned into a fierce and protective rage at those who would hurt him. He challenged another Magus to Certamen over a slight he perceived was aimed at the boy. Another time when he had sent him into a town to deliver a message the boy was captured by brigands (one of the problems with Alexei and his Gentle Gift is that ordinary folk think he too is ordinary) and were holding him for ransom. He stormed their camp like an angry god of war and slaughtered everyone, down to their animals. It was only after when he saw the terrified look on Helmut's face (terrified of Alexei) did he realize how he must have seemed. Alexei now fears that the boy will be used against him, and wants him to be in a safe place such as a Covenant rather than the open road.

"Good Innkeeper, my Lord Alexei, Master of the fragrant cheese, has humbly asked that you provide him a duck that he might stay warm for the night."

Spent 120 xp, over 8 years, raised Latin, French Italien, Greek, Music, and Magic Theory. The Magic Theory could be questionable, but Alexei would have given him permission to read any logical books. He is an excellent copyist.

Here is a shield grog with a rather unique condition due to the somewhat addictive nature of Alexei's magic.

Name: Brione De Rey Age: 35 Year Born: 1192 Gender: Male Handedness: Right Nationality: Norman French Religion: Christian Height: 5'11 Weight: 190 Hair: None Eyes: Green

Int -1
Per +1
Str +3
Sta +3
Pre -2
Comm -2
Dex 0
Quick +1

Magic Sensitivity
Puissant Ability (Single Weapon)
Covenfolk (Free)

Offensive to Animals
Compulsion (asks for spells to be cast on him)

Speak Language: French 5 (understanding commands)
Brawl 3 (daggers)
Survival 3 (road)
Speak Language: German 3 (understanding commands)
Single Weapon 6 +2(Sword and Shield)
Magic Sensitivity 5 (active spells)
Ride 3 (Combat)
Awareness 4/10 (Ambush)
Carouse 3 (Drinking)
Athletics 3 (Marching)
Thrown Weapons 3 (Javelins)
Folk ken 3 (Covenfolk)
Great Weapon 3 (Poleaxe)
Craft: Carpentry 3 (Battlements)
Area Lore: Mons Electi 3 (Battlements)

Gear: Full Chain, Sword, Round Shield, Dagger, Tabbard with Hourglass mounted on a spear, hooded cloak, backpack (bedroll, some rations)

Load: 9 (often reduced to 5 by a spell from Alexei)
Burden 0

Personality Traits:
Brave +3
Addicted to magic +2
Servile +1

Combat Totals:
Dagger Init: +1 Attack: +6 Defense: +1 Damage: +6
Sword&Shield: Init: +3 Attack: +13 Defense: +13 Damage: +9 (Alexei often casts spells that can raise damage by +3 more, but they need to Penetrate Magic Resistance then, once for each spell [Alexei usually casts these without force for no Penetration so the weapons can't be turned on him])

Soak: +3 Soak in Armour: +12 (Alexei often casts spells that raise the soak by +2 and/or lowers the Load to 2, doing so prevents Brione from touching targets with Magic Resistance [in order for his Grogs to be able to touch him if they need to help him, Alexei will cast these with force and Arcane Connections to himself to make sure they can penetrate at least his own Parma if he should be unconscious and can drag him off if needed])

Brione was not always as wretched looking as he is now. Thick blond hair, clear eyes and a heroic looking physique. A few years of being Warped by Alexei's (and other's) magic has turned him into a grotesque man with no hair, a scary rather than inspiring mass of muscle, a cleft palette and oddly sparkling eyes. He dresses in decent clothes and has excellent gear. He usually wears a cloak to cover most of his features.

Brione lived in the Covenant of his father in France, but then moved when one of the Magi that lived there decided to change locations to the Black Forest Tribunal. Alexei took Brione with him on expeditions and has repeatedly cast spells on him to make him more combat effective (often increasing his size or giving him the ability to see at night). The pleasant feeling of Alexei's magic as well as the obvious benefits have made Brione addicted to having spells cast on him. He prefers Alexei's over others, but will ask to have a spell on him at any given time, even though it is warping him. Alexei feels sorry for him, but has obviously found that he's quite useful, not just in combat but also his ability to sniff out magic.

(There technically is no Warping flaw [maybe in Realms of Power: Magic] but the regular virtues and flaws seemed to work fine to simulate his condition)

"M'lord Magister, I certainly can do as you ask...[sniff] say that's a lovely spell ye have upon you! [twitch] Would ye perhaps favor me with an enchantment that I may better serve as m'lord wills?"

XP Spent: 5 on Magic Sensitivity, 5 on Awareness, 10 on Single Weapon, 10 on Magic Sensitivity, 10 on Awareness
XP Spent: 5 on Awareness, raised to 4
75 XP spent advancing 5 years
15 XP on survival, aged 1 year 1228

1st Aging roll: 1d10-2 → [3,-2] = (1) (he's fine)

2nd Aging Roll: 1d10 → [5] = (5)
Apparent aging increases

Name: Gunnar Stockhausen Age: 42 Year Born: 1186 Gender: Male Size: 0 Handedness: Right Nationality: German
Religion: Christian Height: 5' 6" Weight: 120 pounds Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Decrepitude 1/0

Int: +1
Per: +1
Str: 0
Sta: +1
Pre: +1
Comm: +2
Dex: 0
Quick: -3

Good Teacher

Weak Characteristics

Speak German 5 (Instruction)
Speak French 3 (Instruction)
Folk Ken 3 (Grogs)
Single Weapon 5 (Sword and Shield)
Great Weapon 5 (Poleaxe)
Leadership 5 (Small groups)
Teaching 6/15 (Martial Abilities)
Ride 3 (Combat)
Brawl 3 (Daggers)
Bows 5 (Shortbow)
Carouse 4 (Grogs)
Awareness 3 (Flaws)
Charm 3 (Magi)
Ettiquette 2 (Magi)

Personality Traits:
Brave +2
Perfectionist +2
Proud +2
Grouchy +2

Decent clothes, 'Instructional' cane, a young man to help get him around, a cart

Gunnar was born and raised in the Covenant of Alexei's master and has been around grogs and magi all his life. As befitting a predominantly Tremere and Flambeau Covenant, the Grogs were excellent examples of soldiery. Gunnar was never able to participate as a Grog due to his twisted legs which magic could not heal. He did stay around them as they trained and skirmished all day. Alexei saw the glimmer of intelligence within the young man and deliberately staged training exercises in front of him, often eliciting criticism of his technique. So Alexei challenged him to do better. Within a season a group of raw grogs were trained up to the exacting standards of the covenant, and Alexei found his trainer.

Gunnar has travelled with Alexei ever since, often in a cart and usually a young man who will be a grog in a few years to help him get around. He knows weapons, riding, and fighting well, but mainly the application. He has had to defend himself and can do so ably despite his handicap. He keeps a knotty stick, his 'Instructional Cane' with him to help him walk and to drive a lesson home, but he usually uses the most promising Grog as his example to help others learn. Grogs usually have a hard time listening to him at first, but after seeing the results of his teaching (as well as other hard earned lessons) they usually come around. It's the bratty Wizard Apprentices who are supposed to be learning a bit of swordplay that usually give hm the most problems.

Former students of his are rather loyal to him and his ways, often sharing a camaraderie for having passed his stringent measures. As such, others giving trouble or insult to the teacher might find themselves faced with an angry turb of his former students. This is especially true of newly arrived grogs who think they're too good to listen to a crippled man.

"No, no, no! You worthless lackwit! Ye just let the Magus get killed! Here, get over here, and take off yer helmet! Nothing up there worth protecting anyway.[picks up his 'instructional' cane] I know a way to make my lesson stay in that worthless skull of yours..."

XP Spent: spent 5 on Ettitquette, spent 10 on Charm, spent 10 on Awareness, spent 5 on Carouse
XP spent (1221-1228) 105 xp:
15 on Carouse
15 on Charm
10 on Etiquette
5 on Awareness
15 on Folk Ken
45 on Teaching

Aging rolls (7) +3 added to each roll (+4 to 7th roll)

1st 1d10 → [2] = (2) 5=apparent Aging

1d10 → [7] = (7) 10=1 aging point in Quickness

1d10 → [2] = (2) 5=apparent aging increase

1d10 → [7] = (7) 10=1 aging point in Quickness

1d10 → [10] = (10) 13=1 aging point in Quickness, gains 5 Decrepitude, Aging Crisis

1d10 → [3] = (3) 6= apparent aging

1d10 → [4] = (4) 8=apparent aging

Aging Crisis roll:
1d10 → [4] = (4) +5 = 9 Bedridden for a month

This guy is great! Can't wait to see him around the grounds...

I figured he'd be a good concept, worth spending the points on. As it is he's a phenomenal teacher and can give 25 grogs 12 xp in a season, 15 xp to 2 students, or 18 to 1. So he'll train em up quick. He should also be fun to play.

Figure we need a crafty type of Grog, this one could already be at the Covenant, or brought by Apollodorus.

Name: Jean-Claude Age: 36 Size: 0
Gender: Male Nationality: French Height: 5'6" Weight: 275
Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Handedness: Right Religion: Christian Title: Chef Decreiptude 1/5

Intelligence: +1
Perception: +1
Strength: +1
Stamina: +1
Presence: -2
Communication: -2
Dexterity: +1
Quickness: 0

Language (French): Insults 5
Language (English): Ranting Incomprehensibly 2
Survival: Food Scrounging 1
Brawl: Kitchen Knife 3
Carouse: Taverns 3
Bargain: Ingredients 5
Profession (Chef): Running a Kitchen 7
Etiquette: Dining Manners 3
Music: Singing 4
Animal Handling: Farm Fowl 2
Craft (Butcher): Pork 3
Chirurgy: Stitching Wounds 2
Leadership: Kitchen Staff 3
Folk Ken: Servants 5
Craft (Cooking): Mass Quantities 7+2/2

Covenfolk (Free)
Puissant Ability: Cooking (Minor)
Strong Willed (Minor)

Obese (Minor)
Incomprehensible (Minor)

Personality Traits:
Loud +2
French +2
Stubborn +1

Kitchen Knife
Bag of food

Other Possesions:
Fully stocked kitchen

Soak: +2

Combat totals:
Knife Initiative: 0 Attack: 6 Defense: 4 Damage: 5
Brawl Initiative: 0 Attack: 4 Defense: 3 Damage: 2


Jean Claude is often sweaty and red faced, a fat man who rarely smiles. He's usually dressed in simple clothes and a stained apron with a floppy hat. He may seem always angry, but deep down he's lonely and homesick.


Jean-Claude was a camp follower for the French army and captured on an ill fated sorte against the English. The English commander allowed him a chance to prove his worth and fell in love wth Jean-Claude's cooking. Seeing that a man of his skill was a rarity in England, he decided to stay (even if they are uncouth money grubbing louts). He understands English, but rarely condescends to speak it. Most of the time he just yells at the other servants and even some guests in French. Recently he was approached by a strange man that claims to be a wizard (Apollodorus), but he pays well. As long as the wizard realizes that he's king in the kitchen.

He has returned to France, but he was in England a long time, and he's still not in his home that he grew up in, and he realizes he probably will never see it again.

Roleplaying hint:

"Vous dupez! Sortez de ma cuisine, vous chien anglais smelly ! Partez avant que je serve 'Stew' anglais ; et je dacoupe vos oreilles au loin!"

(You fool! Get out of my kitchen, you smelly English dog! Leave before I serve 'English Stew' and I carve your ears off!)

XP Spent: 10 on Bargain, 10 on Music, 10 on Profession
XP Spent: 90 over 6 years

1st Aging roll:
1d10+2 → [1,2] = (3) +1 Apparent aging

2nd aging roll:
1d10+2 → [3,2] = (5) +1 Apparent aging

8 years of xp: 120
35 spent on Craft Cooking
35 spent on Profession Chef
15 spent on Leadership
20 spent on Folk Ken
15 spent on Etiquette

8 aging rolls (1st 4 at +3, 2nd 4 at +4)
8d10 → [3,10,8,6,3,1,1,1] =

1st = 6 apparent aging
2nd = 13 Crisis, Reduce Presence 1 full point, 1 full Decrepitude, Aging crisis
Aging crisis = 1d10+5
1d10+5 → [3,5] = (8) Bedridden for a week
3rd = 11 1 Aging point in Communication
4th = 9 apparent aging
5th = 8 apparent aging
6th = Exploder die: 1d10 → [7] = (7) ttp://
18 = 1 aging point in Str and Sta
7th = Exploder Die: 10 → [7] = (7)
18 = 1 aging point in Str and Sta
8th = Exploder die: 1d10 → [2] = (2)
8 = Apparent Aging

Figured you might be interested:

1st translation: speaking familiarly, to a lackey:
"Espèce d'idiot!!! Sors de ma cuisine, chien d'anglais puant! Pars, avant que je serves du ragoût anglais et découpes tes oreilles!"

2nd one: Speaking less familiarly, to an equal or superior to whom he's infuriated:
"Espèce d'idiot!!! Sortez de ma cuisine, chien d'anglais puant! Partez, avant que je serves du ragoût anglais et découpes vos oreilles!"

About english stew:

  • ragoût anglais means, well, stew as made in england.
  • ragoût d'anglais means stew made from english people.
    You might prefer the second translation :wink:

Thanks, I used Babel fish to initially translate it. The funny thing is I took four years of French in High School.

(Current character sheet is on the Wiki.)

Moire inghean Domnaill is a lifelong resident of the covenant of Insula Canaria, having been born on the shores of Loch Ness. Both of her parents served the magi of the covenant, and wee Moire has helped since she was able to walk unassisted. Three years ago, the maid who had served Fiona was no longer able to perform her duties as well as she thought she should, and retired to a less strenuous position in the covenant. Moire was overjoyed to be chosen, as a maga's personal servant is quite possibly the most illustrious position a grog can aspire to.

Since Moire has lived with the magi of Insula Canaria her whole life, she has grown accustomed to their Gift and no longer has any social penalties when dealing with them. When Fiona told her that she would be leaving Insula Canaria, Moire did some discreet checking around and learned that the parting of the ways was not as harmonious as Fiona had led her to believe. Since the other magi were somewhat unpredictable (even for magi), she grew concerned that the Council would make her suffer for Fiona's perceived transgressions. After talking it over with her husband Seumas (q.v.), the two decided to try their fortunes with Fiona on the continent.

1220: 16 experience points in French (gossiping), 8 experience points in Area Lore: Bibracte (goings-on), 3 experience points in Awareness, 3 experience points in Charm.
1221: 16 xp in French, increasing score from 2 to 3. 7 xp in Area Lore: Bibracte, increasing score from 1 to 2. 7 xp in Folk Ken. Moire is with child, having conceived in early Spring – it will be her first child.
1222: French 10 xp, Area Lore: Bibracte 10 xp, Stealth 10 xp.
1223: French 8 xp, Charm 7 xp, Area Lore: Bibracte 15 xp.
1224: Chambermaid 15 xp, Cook 15 xp
1225: Chambermaid 15 xp, Cook 15 xp. Had another daughter.
1226: Awareness 17 xp, Folk Ken 13 xp.
1227: Chambermaid 10 xp, Cook 10 xp, Charm 10 xp.
1228: Area Lore: 15 xp (increasing score from 3 to 4); Chambermaid: 5 xp (increasing score from 4 to 5); Charm: 10 xp.

(Current character sheet, as of Spring 1228)

Seumas mac Torcaill is also a life-long resident of the covenant of Insula Canaria, although he was not fortunate enough to serve the magi directly. He is a shepherd, as was his father before him. Although he did not spend all his time within the covenant bounds, he did see the magi enough to recognize them by sight. Unfortunately, he did not spend enough time with any of them to become inured to the effects of their Gift.

He married Moire in 1219, and had looked forward to a long life on the shores of Loch Ness, caring for the covenant's flock as well and raising a good-size family with his wife. Then his new bride told him that her maga was moving to a new covenant, and that she didn't believe that her future would be bright if she were to stay behind. After talking it over, the two decided to try their fortunes with Fiona on the continent.

Their new life has not gotten off to a good start, however. He had never really been out of sight of the Loch in his life, and unfortunately learned that travel violently disagreed with him unless he walked alongside the cart.

Seumas worked with the stonemasons preparing the Tribunal grounds, and has elected to stay with them going forward; he now works under Erle, the head stonemason.

1220: 16 experience points in French (shepherding), 8 experience points in Area Lore: Bibracte (grazing areas), 6 experience points in Animal Handling (sheep).
1221: 16 xp in French, increasing score from 2 to 3. 7 xp in Area Lore: Bibracte, increasing score from 1 to 2. 7 xp in Awareness.
1222: Area Knowledge: Bibracte 21 xp, French 9 xp.
1223: Area Knowledge: Bibracte 21 xp, French 9 xp.
1224: Area Knowledge: Bibracte 10 xp, Animal Handling 10 xp, Folk Ken 10 xp.
1225: Area Knowledge: Bibracte 10 xp, Carouse 10 xp, Folk Ken 10 xp.
1226: Area Knowledge: Bibracte 10 xp, Carouse 10 xp, Folk Ken 10 xp.
1227: Area Knowledge: Bibracte 10 xp, Awareness 10 xp, Carouse 5 xp, Folk Ken 5 xp.
1228: Athletics: 10 xp; Awareness: 5 xp (increasing from 3 to 4); Stonemason: 15 xp (to reflect his work preparing for Tribunal, and raising his score from 0 to 2)

This will be the 4th Grog I post (one of the Grogs is actually paid for with Alexei's Build Points).

Name: Michelle Le Rouge Age: 39 Year Born 1189 Size: 0 Gender: Male Nationality: French Height: 6'3" Weight: 215
Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Handedness: Right Religion: Christian Title: Crossbowman Decrepitude 0/3

Int 0
Per +1
Str +2 (1 Aging point)
Sta +2 (1 Aging point)
Pre -2
Comm -1
Dex +1
Quick +1

Covenfolk (Free)

Missing Ear

Speak French 5 (Combat terms)
Brawl 2 (Punches)
Survival 2 (Road)
Speak German 2 (Combat terms)
Crossbows 6 (Ambushes)
Single Weapon 6 (Mace)
Ride 3 (Long distances)
Stealth 3 (Ambushes)
Craft 3 (Fletcher)
Craft 3 (Crossbows)
Leadership 5/5 (Small groups)
Great Weapon 3 (Longspear)
Carouse 2 (Soldiers)
Area lore 3 (Roads to Holy Land: Rest areas)
Athletic 3 (Climb)
Bargain 3 (Food)
Animal Handling 3 (Horses)
Awareness 2 (Spotting ambushes)
Area Lore: Mons Electi 1 (Battlements)

Personality Traits:
Wrathful +3
Brave +2
Grim +2

Reputation 4 (Butcher of men)

Score of Bolts
Metal Reniforced Leather (Full)
Backpack with bedroll and provisions

Soak +5, +9 in armour

Crossbow: Init +6 Attack +12 Dfn N/A Dam +8 Range 25 Load 2
Mace and Buckler: Init +2 Attack: +11 Dfn: +9 Damage +10
Brawl (Punch): Init +1 Attack +4 Dfn: +3 Damage: +2

Load: Encumbrance:

Michelle started off as a French camp follower to the Crusades, managing the luggage and animals for the knights and mercenary captains. Along the way he was picked up by a mercenary group due to his great size for such a young man. He was taught fighting skills and put in with their crossbow corps. While it was said that the crossbow was such a terrible weapon that any use against Christians was a sin, Michelle and his group still found plenty of use for it along the way. It was after his ear was basically torn off by an enemy arrow that he became known as Michelle Le Rouge, for the vengeance he took that day.

He stayed in the Holy Lands for a few years before his company returned, with Michelle now the oldest one in it. They dissolved in Germany and he looked for work there, eventually being found by Alexei, more for his reputation than skill. He is a solid and dependable mercenary, but his reputation is not inaccurate. He is known to take dreadful revenge on those that he feels have hurt or slighted him.

"Why you bastard! You dare to insult my Lord Alexei to his face? I'll crush your skull while you're picking a bolt out of your neck! You dog! You mangy curr! Let go of me! I'll kill him!"

XP: Spent 5 on Awareness, spent 10 on Awareness, spent 10 on Crossbow, spent 10 on Single Weapon
90 XP spent on 6 years advancement.

1st Aging roll:
1d10+2 → [3,2] = (5) +1 Apparent aging

2nd Aging roll:
1d10+2 → [8,2] = (10) +1 Aging point in Stamina

3rd Aging roll:
1d10+2 → [5,2] = (7) +1 Aparrent aging

2 years of xp. 30:
30 spent on Leadership

2 more aging rolls (add +3):
2d10 → [8,7] = (15)
1st = 11 1 aging point in Strength
2nd = 10 1 aging point in Presence, reduced it to -2

According to the Lords of Men Web Supplement, the Crossbow stats are: Init 5, Atk 5, Dfn 0, Dam 8, Range 25, Str 1, Load 2, Cost Exp.

It also uses the Crossbow Ability (which I'm assuming is a new ability from Lords of Men, as it's not even on my MetaCreator) and not the Bows ability, which actually makes sense.

OK thats good. I can always change it. Before Lords of Men they also printed it in the Covenants book and Mystery Cults book under Verditius.

And Michelle is finished with combat stats updated.

Don't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

So - a family of four grogs, brought to the covenant by Iosephus.

[size=150]The Clan of Daffyd and Catrin[/size]

Daffyd, age 35. The father. A hardy Welsh shepherd, and a fine bowman.
Catrin, age 30. The mother. A keen-minded wool-worker, and a lover of riddles.
Wen, age 16. The daughter. A small, tough girl with a love of danger.
Deykin, age 15. The son. A brave young shepherd who hates feudal oppression.


This family originally comes from the Black Mountain region of South-East Wales. The men are shepherds, who have grown up tending their flocks of small, tough Welsh sheep in the remote high pastures. The women spend much of their time working the wool and tending the home, though they occasionally do some shepherding too. The family knows a great deal about the whole process of sheep-tending and wool-making - they have been shepherds now for many generations.

They also come from a long line of rebels. Norman-baiting is a long and hallowed tradition for Welsh shepherds, particularly those who live in the high mountain pastures. The independent social order of the remote Welsh countryside is only now, in the early 13th C, beginning to be brought under the iron yoke of feudalism, after centuries of intermittent warfare. Because of the remoteness and ruggedness of the terrain, the high pastures have traditionally been used by the local Welsh-speakers as staging areas for informal, guerrilla-style resistance to their Norman overlords. Thus, while they are not really soldiers, the men of the family have certainly seen their fair share of hit-and-run fighting, mostly with the short-bow. The family as a whole fiercely resents any kind of feudal imposition on their freedoms. They consider themselves the inheritors of a long line of resistance to Norman oppression.

A final tradition that they are bringing from their homeland: singing. Even in the early 13thC, the Welsh are known for the fine quality of their sonorous and harmonic choral performances. This family is no exception. Though they are by no means more than amateurs, they sing together often, and quite well.

The Story of Their Contact With Iosephus

Catrin, the mother of the family, originally met Iosephus in the spring of 1202. She was following a sheep who had strayed up into the highest, least-visited fields, when she felt a strange wind blow by her, and then on up the mountainside. Intrigued, and wondering what it signified, she climbed higher.

At length she came to a rocky area near the peak. There, she found a tall, thin man, covered head-to-foot in shifting tattoos the colour of tarnished silver. He gave her a bad feeling, quite apart from the disturbing oddness of his being there, and she had to fight the urge to run. He looked up, evidently surprised and - was it- pleased to see her?

"You will have asked me a riddle," he said warmly.

"I will?" she asked

"Oh yes" he said. "I have seen it"

And then, strangely enough, she did.

As it turned out, Catrin was a woman who had always loved legends, proverbs, and riddles. As much as she distrusted the strange, tattooed man who had appeared so unexpectedly before her, she found herself unable to resist the temptation to offer him a particularly fine riddle she knew of. He answered it with evident pleasure, and asked her one back. They ended up exchanging riddles for many hours, much to the satisfaction of both. Then she took him home to meet her family.

Over the years, Iosephus has continued to visit the family on a regular basis. At first, of course, they were highly disturbed by his strangeness and his evidently magical air, and this was the cause of considerable tension. He was very friendly, though, and extremely generous whenever he could be made to understand that that they were in some kind of need. It helped that they had all lived or grown up with Catrin, and so had learned to love riddles. At length, they all grew to enjoy his company, and looked forward to his visits.

Recently, however, disaster struck. After many years of more or less successful raiding-and-resistance, the shepherds of the local area were finally pinned down by the Normans, and put to the sword. Daffyd, the father of the family, and Deykin, his son, escaped death, but were identified as rebels and troublemakers, and a price was put on their heads. The family was forced to flee.

As luck would have it, this was in 1217, just around the time that Iosephus started having more intense visions of Bibracte. Iosephus was delighted to help the family to escape down to the lowlands; he was even more delighted when, in 1220, they eagerly agreed to come with him to help tend the sheep of the new Covenant.

As the saga begins, Daffyd and Catrin have decided that there is nothing left for them in Wales - their friends and family have all been hung or forced into serfdom; the way of life they inherited from their parents, and from their parents' parents, back through countless generations, is now dead. They feel that their best bet is to try to build a new community, and a new life, at the Covenant at Bibracte. Perhaps there they will finally be free of feudal oppression.

[size=150]Character Sheets[/size]

All family members have social status: covenfolk.
All family members have the following personality traits, in addition to their own:
Brave +2, Loyal +2, and (most importantly) Loves Puzzles +2

Daffyd, age 35. The father. A hardy Welsh shepherd, and a fine bowman.
Personality: Generous +3, Fair +2, Quiet +1
Stats: Int 1 Per 2 Pre 0 Com -1 Str 0 Sta 1 Dex 1 Qik 1
Virtues: Enduring Constitution (+3), Long-Winded (+3), Warrior
Flaws: Generous (Personality, Major)
Abilities: Animal Handling (sheep) 5, Awareness (keeping watch) 5, Athletics (hiking) 2, Bows (short bow) 5, Brawl 3 (dodging), Concentration (watching) 3, Craft: Homesteading (animal pens) 1, Craft: Carpentry (house repairs) 2, Craft: Woolwork (shearing) 2, Guile (lying to authority) 1, Hunt (covering tracks) 3, Stealth (natural areas) 3, Survival (mountains) 4, Single Weapon (short sword) 3, Leadership (in combat) 2, Music (singing) 2, Wales Lore (Black Mountains) 3, Welsh (old riddles) 5

Catrin, age 30. The mother. A keen-minded wool-worker, and a lover of riddles.
Personality: Kind +2, Inquisitive +2, Happy +2
Stats: Int 2 Per 1 Pre 1 Com 1 Str 0 Sta 1 Dex 1 Qik 0
Virtues: Sharp Ears (+3)
Flaws: Weakness for riddles (personality, minor)
Abilities: Animal Handling (sheep) 4, Awareness (keeping watch) 1, Craft: Woolwork (carding) 6, Chirurgy (binding wounds) 3, Concentration (working) 2, Folk ken (rural folk) 4, Guile (lying to authority) 2, Intrigue (gossip) 1, Music (singing) 2, Profession: Housewife (mending walls) 3, Teaching (children) 4, Wales Lore (old riddles) 4, Welsh (old riddles) 5

Wen, age 16. The daughter. A small, tough girl with a love of danger.
Personality: Reckless +3, Kind +2, Laughs easily +1
Stats: Int 1 Per 1 Pre 0 Com 1 Str -1 Sta 2 Dex 1 Qik 1
Virtues: Enduring Constitution (+3), Keen Vision (+3)
Flaws: Reckless (personality), Small Frame
Abilities: Animal Handling (sheep) 3, Craft: Woolwork (carding) 4, Chirurgy (binding wounds) 3, Folk ken (rural folk) 2, Guile (lying to authority) 2, Music (singing) 2, Profession: Housewife (cooking) 3, Stealth (natural environments) 1, Survival (mountains) 1, Teaching (children) 3, Wales Lore (old riddles) 3, Welsh (old riddles) 5

Deykin, age 15. The son. A brave young shepherd who hates feudal oppression.
Personality: Hatred of feudal oppressors +3, Kind +2, Quiet +1
Stats: Int 0 Per 1 Pre 0 Com 0 Str 1 Sta 1 Dex 2 Qik 1
Virtues: Enduring Constitution (+3), Keen Vision (+3), Warrior
Flaws: Hatred (oppressive feudal lords) (Personality, Major)
Abilities: Animal Handling (sheep) 4, Awareness (keeping watch) 2, Athletics (hiking) 2, Bows (short bow) 4, Brawl 2 (dodging), Craft: Carpentry (house repairs) 2, Craft: Woolwork (shearing) 2, Hunt (covering tracks) 2, Music (singing) 2, Stealth (natural areas) 2, Survival (mountains) 2, Wales Lore (Black Mountains) 1, Welsh (old riddles) 5

Oh, I think your people and mine are going to get along famously!

I was thinking the same thing.

Though, come to think of it, the language issue is going to make that a bit tough at first. But hopefully they'll get past that.

On his Craft: Woodworking (home repairs). Wouldn't that be better as Carpentry? I think of more decorative type stuff for woodworking (like, making the scrollwork on the top of a cabinet or something) and Carpentry for putting up crossbeams and making benches and stuff like that.

Yup, you're probably right. In fact, now that I go back and check,, it turns out that one of the characters had it as
Craft: Woodworking (house repairs),
and the other as
Craft: Carpentry (Home repairs),
which shows that I wasn't really thinking very consistently about it...

I'll go back and edit now

THought we could use some more soldiers for Grogs

Characteristics: Int ‑1, Per 0, Pre +1, Com ‑1, Str +1, Sta +3, Dex 0, Qik +1
Size: +1
Age: 35 (35), Height: 7'1'', Weight: 340 lbs, Gender: Male
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0 (0)
Virtues and Flaws: Covenfolk, Large, Tough (Soak: +3), Warrior (50/50), Overconfident, No Sense of Direction, Weakness (Drinking)
Personality Traits: Brave +3, Loyal +2, Subtle ‑2
Axe & Shield, Heater: Init: ‑1, Attack +11, Defense +11, Damage +7
Grappling: Init: ‑1, Attack +6, Defense +7, Damage +1
Fist: Init: ‑2, Attack +5, Defense +6, Damage +1
Dodge: Init: ‑2, Attack ‑‑, Defense +6, Damage ‑‑
Kick: Init: ‑3, Attack +5, Defense +5, Damage +4
Soak: +13
Fatigue levels: OK, 0, ‑1, ‑3, ‑5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: ‑1 (1‑6), ‑3 (7‑12), ‑5 (13‑18), Incapacitated (19‑24), Dead (25+)
Abilities: Area Lore: Normandy Tribunal 3 (brewers), Athletics 1 (running), Awareness 3 (in combat), Bows 1 (Bow, Short), Brawl 5 (grappling), Carouse 4 (drinking), Charm 3 (when drunk), Folk Ken 2 (magi), Great Weapon 4 (Pole Axe), Knot Tying 2, Guile 2 (lying to magi), French 5 (talking about fighting), Music 1 (drinking songs), Single Weapon 6 (Shield, Heater), Animal Handling 2 (specific animals), Bargain 3 (Inns and Taverns), Hunt 3, Leadership 1 (in combat), Swim 2, Survival 1 (on rivers), Thrown Weapon 2 (Axe)
Equipment: Shield, Heater (Init: 0; Atk: 0; Dfn: +3; Str: 0; Cost: Standard); Full Metal Scale Armor (Soak: 13) (Soak: 13; Protection: 7); Pack
Encumbrance: 3 (4)

Claude is a soldier that has been working with House Mercere for many years. His normal job is to protect the Redcap while they are traveling. He has recently been appointed to Korvin to protect him. Claude is loud and boisterous. He always feels that he knows the best when it comes to combat situations. He will grumble a lot when in the field.

Characteristics: Int ‑1, Per 0, Pre 0, Com 0, Str +1, Sta +1, Dex +2, Qik +2
Size: 0
Age: 32 (32), Height: 5'6'', Weight: 158 lbs, Gender: Female
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0 (0)
Virtues and Flaws: Covenfolk, Warrior (50/50), Apt Student (Learning Bonus: +5), Puissant Great Weapon, Weakness (Claude), Busybody, Fear (Drowning)
Personality Traits: Brave +3, Loyal +2, Garrulous +1
Fist: Init: ‑1, Attack +8, Defense +8, Damage +1
Dodge: Init: ‑1, Attack ‑‑, Defense +7, Damage ‑‑
Kick: Init: ‑2, Attack +7, Defense +6, Damage +4
Mace and Chain & Shield, Heater: Init: +1, Attack +12, Defense +12, Damage +8
Soak: +8
Fatigue levels: OK, 0, ‑1, ‑3, ‑5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: ‑1 (1‑5), ‑3 (6‑10), ‑5 (11‑15), Incapacitated (16‑20), Dead (21+)
Abilities: Area Lore: Area 3 (taverns), Athletics 3 (running), Awareness 3 (in combat), Bows 4 (Bow, Short), Brawl 5 (Fist), Folk Ken 1 (the opposite sex), Carouse 3 (drinking), Charm 2 (opposite sex), Etiquette 2 (magi), Great Weapon 4+2 (pole axe), Guile 2 (avoiding duties), Italian 5 (rude words), Single Weapon 6 (Mace and Chain), French 3 (slang), Leadership 2 (in combat), Survival 1 (for a short period)
Equipment: Shield, Heater (Init: 0; Atk: 0; Dfn: +3; Str: 0; Cost: Standard); Full Metal Scale Armor (Soak: 8) (Soak: 8; Protection: 7); Pack
Encumbrance: 3 (4)

Jolanda is a solider that grew up in Harco and has worked within the Roman and Greater Alps Tribunals as a guard. She has been assigned to Korvin's guard while he is at Mons Electi. She is quite taken with Claude but she can not speak french and he can not speak Italian.