kiwi in ars magica?

how would you fine people use the kiwi(both the fruit & the bird)in ars magica?

Are you trolling us?

The fruit didn't come out China until the early 1900s and the bird is in NZ, which wasn't colonized until the 1800s. So no, I would never use them ever in Ars Magica.

+1 :exclamation:

Abe has a certain reputation. I've read a lot of the old posts.

He doesn't have the 5th edition book, only the free 4th edition pdf. Proceed under advisement.

Abe, I'd also ask that you go back to the thread that was created for you: I'd be fine entertaining your ideas, but you don't seem to take anything from the comments and constructive criticism offered to you.

Its one of those things that would only come up in cases of hilarious misplacement over the globe. Probably the Fae would be to blame, although enterprising magi might pull it off too.




step by step... well first of all, why whould yo like to insert a kiwi (fruit or animal) on a ars magica game?

you can (if you want) put it as mana from heavens and say that was like a kiwi.... :open_mouth: or say that this warpped chiken seems like a kiwi... but you dont even know that that part of the world even exist!!! endeed there are some theories of some crazy mathematics that asure that the wolrd is round! (eratostenes if im not wrong)

so the question here is why....

please potatoes and tomatoes neither