Mage Page for Newbies and One Shots

Another thread was talking about how to assign magi to players for a one-shot adventure, and the idea of possible new players at this kind of adventure came up. I've run a few one-shot adventures at GenCon and U-Con where new players always signed up. After several trials, I came up with this kind of sheet.

I typically described some general characteristics and let players choose their magi. Then we talked about characteristics, skills, and magical arts and what the numbers meant. The table-tent for each character (last page of the pdf) has the basic dice mechanics on the back, and we talked about that. Finally, we talked about spells and how to use the spontaneous casting guidelines on the second page. There were always questions, but we always started the adventure within 20-30 minutes of the start of the session.


I like it. The little descriptions/hints are very useful no matter what the system since all of them I have played require some knowledge to know what they actually do.

I've been tinkering with the idea of a playbook-style sheet for ones-offs, with pre-computed sponts rather than generic rules. Here is my first stab at it.


That two-page write-up is excellent. Would you like to put it up on Project: Redcap?

There's a page for character creation where I could go, or create a new page for pre-generated characters and these files could be placed there.

I like that. I think you have a good approach. You might want to space the Characteristics differently so the score isn't immediately beside a different Characteristic. I particularly like the "choose one" stuff to allow for a little customization that doesn't devalue the sheet.

I don't know how I missed this before hand, but I think that's pretty good.

That sheet seems very accessible, it makes things clear.

I don't mind putting the work up on Project: Redcap. But I'll have to figure out how ... (I also have similar sheets for magi from six other houses.)

Hi Peter,

Thanks for permitting your content to be shared with other ArM gamers on Project: Redcap. I can help you add the content if you'd like. You can email me at theglobalvillageidiot [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll be glad to assist.