Marcellus of Verditius - Development

Following the Wild Kingdom story, Marcellus will look at creating a magic item, the Spear of Roland, a dragon-slaying weapon.

He will first want to improve his score in Perdo (which is 0 at the moment). From what I see in the wiki, the best book he could study would be The Art of Destruction (L10Q15), so if it is available he would study that for 1 to 3 seasons.

The base effect would be PeAn, with the level depending on what he can achieve in the way of lab total. After 3 seasons of studying Perdo, his score would be 9.

Lab total would be Int (3) + Pe (9) + An (8) + affinity with wild beasts (8) + aura (5) + Magic Theory (5) + Inventive Genius (3) + Craft Iron (3) + Philosophiae (3) + Shape&Material Bonus (2)* = 49

Base effect could be PeAn 15 (Inflict a Heavy Wound), +1 Touch, +2 Size (for targets up to Size +7) so 30. Add in 19 levels for Penetration +38. Total level 49, so he could enchant it as a single-charge item. Subsequent spears (using the lab text) would have 10 charges (or multiple spears), should the covenant be interested in purchasing some.

Total time invested is 4 seasons.


  • Marcellus could also create a more permanent item, but that would require many more seasons as well as raw vis. And the item would be vulnerable to destruction anyway.
  • He could reduce the max affected Size to +4 and have the item cause an Incapacitating Wound. This might be more effective.
  • He could also study Perdo for only 2 seasons and experiment. Lab total would be the same and he would save a season, provided the experiment works. :grin:

So... should I advance Marcellus a few seasons? He needs at least 3 seasons (perhaps 4 if experimenting doesn't work) to create the Spear of Roland in order for Kallista to recue her son from Venkath, which will also lead the dragon to undertake transformation. This meets Marcellus' bargain to Maurice as well.

In his free time during this period, he will also go and visit Simon and try to speak to Artur once in a while. His offer of friendship to both was genuine, so he will try to act accordingly.

I would go with a short story involving Marcellus in the second half of 1246. Perhaps his True Friend, Regulus Aquilius of Bjornaer, comes for a visit and asks Marcellus to join him for some tasks he cannot perform by himself?

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In the Spring 1246, Marcellus tries to enchant the Spear of Roland using experimentation, after 2 seasons spent improving his Perdo score.

Only the head of the spear will be enchanted and it will be a charged item. A sliver of animal bone is integrated in a ridge along the center of the spearhead, held within a latice of darkened steel.

The effect is to inflict an Incapacitating Wound to a wild animal, so PeAn 20, +1 Touch, +1 Size (affects targets up to Size +4), with 19 levels added for Penetration +38; so the total level of the enchantment is 49.

Marcellus' lab total is Int (3) + Perdo (7) + Animal (8) + affinity with wild beasts (7) + aura (5) + Magic Theory (5) + Inventive Genius (6) + Craft Iron (3) + Shape&Material Bonus (4) + Philosophiae (1 maxed out due to MT score) = 49

Experimentation with no added risk factor, simple die is 1D10 = [4] = 4

Roll on the Extraordinary Result Chart: 1D10 = [2] = 2

So no extraordinary effect and the final lab total is 53, so 1 charge is enchanted into the spearhead.

Looking ahead, in a few years Marcellus will need to invent a longevity ritual, as well as be able to train an apprentice. His scores on both Creo and Corpus are 0, so he will start working on that.

I am assuming that On the Origin of Origins (L15Q16 Creo summa) and A Mystical Guide to the Humours (L10Q15 Corpus summa) are both readily accessible.

I think we are using the magi planner still to define book availability...

During Summer 1246, Regulus Aquilius of Bjornaer comes for a visit and spends the season with Marcellus.

If anyone would like to make this into a story, I'd like that. As I mentioned before, perhaps there is something Regulus needs help with. Or maybe they just go explore some parts of the mountains together (perhaps hunting as well) and stumble unto something. True Friend is a story flaw, after all. Note that Regulus has a Spanish Eagle heartbeast and is an Auram specialist. He is a few years older than Marcellus.

If no one is interested in running such a story, then I'll count the season as Practice in one of the following abilities: Hunt, Survival, Athletics or Area Lore: Andorra Mountains.

Edit: I'll wait until next Friday for someone to express an interest in running a story before moving on.

AFAIK, yes. I am, anyway.

The biggest problem I've got is that, tabletop, arachne would just buy a lot of Rego tractatii, whereas here, it's kinda difficult. But I'm doing other things, it's okay :slight_smile:

unfortunately the academics can't help on arts...

Marcellus plans on crafting the following lesser enchantment for the covenant in Spring 1247 as a season of covenant service.

Amulet of the Chirurgeon
This iron amulet is shaped like a Latin cross, with a smaller cross of ivory embedded in its center. It is approximately 3 inches in height and has a hole punched sidewise through its top arm so that a string can be threaded through it.

When the center of the cross is placed in contact with a human target and the words Sana Vulnera are pronounced, the amulet binds the target's wounds so that he or she can can undertake any activity without the risk of worsening the wounds. Any wound penalties still apply and the wounds cannot heal naturally while under this effect (same as the spell Bind Wounds, ArM5 p.129).

The item can be used up to 12 times per day and only has a Penetration of +6, so a target that has a greater magic resistance must be conscious enough to lower it for the item to work.

Effect level: 17 (Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun; +4 levels for 12 uses per day, +3 levels for Penetration)

I could put more uses per day instead of adding penetration levels, or wait until I can reach a lab total of 40 (current is 34) while still using the same amount of raw vis to get a few more levels. What do you thing would be more useful?

At +6, penetration will be useless on all but the most junior of magi (parma 1, basically no form resistance).
If putting 6 more points towards it, it gets to +18. That's more serious, but still unable to affect a maga with, say, parma 2 and corpus over 5.

=> In short, forget using it against most magi. This would require a specialized item, made when marcellus would be older.
=> You can increase uses per day, or put it at duration Moon.

And now I realize I'm replying 9 months later :smiley: