Officers Amendment vote/discussion

((That's why I went with Rego and the sand.))

Fiona leans over the table and places a miniature white cauldron (her voting sigil) under the word AYE.

Viscaria starts to get up, then decides to show off. She pulls out of her stubby wand-like casting tools, and her voting sigil floats across the room. It is a silver stalk of flowers. A truly discerning eye might notice that several of the flower buds are eating fruitflies.

Her sigil wobbles for a bit and then drops about a foot away from the table. She grumbles, gets out of the chair, and manually places it in the AYE column.

Alexei raises an amused eyebrow at the antics and merely says. "Aye."

Isen :unamused:




"That's unanimous, then. Now we need to assign officers to the positions. I believe the nominations were:"

Fiona - Princeps
Alexei - Imperator
Isen - Scutatius
Traquilina - Villicus
Viscaria - Aedilis
Traquilina - Diocetes
Korvin - Interpres

((OOC: We also need to have a consensus as to when this takes place, so we know which seasons get freed up.))

When is this debate happening? what year and season?

Yes, that's what I'm asking you.

After Tranquillina shows up. That's 1223.2, beyond that....

I'm thinking, based on what's been said time-wise so far, that it happens at the regular Council meeting on the Autumn Solstice in 1223.

So the very beginning of 1223.3? That's about what I thought.

((OOC note: none of you boys want to vote with your sigils? All us girls did. Not very impressive :smiley: ))

((Pedantic note: Summer and Winter have solstices, Spring and Autumn have equinoxes. Sorry couldn't help myself :blush: ))

((Whoops. I'm going to blame it on being worried about the greyhound with ossification in the lower vertebrae.))

[color=blue]"I believe so, as well," Fiona says.

1223.3 Korvin is on an adventure that is Precept business so I would say beginning in 1224.1

Sounds reasonable to me. Starting with the first council meeting in 1224. And, as it works out, that would have been Fiona's season of princeps-hood anyway.

So, starting in 1224, we can clear the "Princeps Duty" fields and replace them with something "useful"? :smiley:

Korvin will still translate Apollodorus' documants in 1225.1

Here's what I have for the officers and deputies so far. Other deupties?

Aedilis: Viscaria (deputy?)
Diocetes: Tranquillina (Alexei as deputy)
Imperator: Alexei (Jacques as deputy?)
Interpres: Korvin (Tranquillina as deputy)
Princeps: Fiona (deputy?)
Scutatius: Isen (Viscaria as deputy)
Villicus: Tranquillina (Fiona as deputy?)


Is there no way someone can take either the Diocetes or Villicus so that Tranquillina doesn't hold 2 offices? Like, she could be Diocetes and deputy to Villicus. Or the reverse.
Hum... I thought Fiona was gonna be our Interpres. She'd be great at it, IMO. What do people think about swaping her and Korvin's duties?

Isen could be deputy Aedilis (As in "Viscaria, we're gonna be BFF" :laughing: )

Korvin would appreciate it if someone, with the newly found free time, could make a lab text of Leap of Home Coming.