On Space and Matter: a tractatus about Wards

I entertained myself with an explanation of the quote thereafter. (yes, I can have strange passtime ;p).
I would like to share my thoughts on this, and I hope it can serve the discussion about wards needing to penetrate.
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ladyphoenix posted this in another thread:

I think not.

First, I need to demonstrate that the rules seems to imply a difference between space and matter.
That is, someone with sufficient Magical Resistance will not be able to occupy the same space as something created with magic.
But, at the same time, some magically created matter (cold ice, for exemple) will be be able to affect someone who has sufficient MR.

So, an apprentice using CrAq to create an Ice Wall would stop an Archmage. But, at the same time, if the archmage touch the wall, he will not suffer damage from the cold.
His hand will not pass through the wall, even if he has high MR and the ice is created by magic, because the ice created already "occupy the space". It appears MR does not protect against that.
Also, it appear that it is of no concequence if space is occupied with things created with magic or not.

But when and how would space already occupied "attack" you ?
I don't see how it can. So it make sense to me that the Parma doesn't protects against that.
It would also mean that when you are hit by a spear, it's the metal that hurt you, not the space occupied by the spear (trying to enter your skin).

In answer to ladyphoenix, a ward is not like a wall because it doesn't occupy space.
Walls occupy some space.
Wards are a magical effect that deny passage. They block beings.

A Rego Corpus spell that prevent someone to approach you is very similar to a ward against humans. They just works differently.
+A ward effect will come into action when someone enter in contact with it.
+A more classical Rego Corpus effect will come into action when you cast the spell.

Now, this last statement bring me on another topic altogether.
Notice one thing about the AM rules: wards are "reactives". I mean they all works in a way similar to a Watching Ward (ArM5 p. 162).
They come into action when a certain condition is met. In case of wards, it's all "Come into contact with location of ward"

Mainly only two other spells in ArM5 works like this (appart from Watching Ward):
Treading the Ashen Path, p 138, and
Lungs of the Fish, p. 122

I think the next step in bettering the Ars Magica system would be to make some general guidelines to make possible "reactives" spells.

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