OOC Chatter: Anything goes!

The charter is only binding to those who sign it. Gracchus is a very contrary bird.

Lamentus was particularly bad about it, though, since more than half the time he had no idea who you were. Sometimes he called you discipulus, sometimes he called you Nicholas, sometimes he called you hy various names that you did or didn't recognize, and sometimes he did not know you were there at all :slight_smile:

Just checking... fine if its the soldiers just don't know, but I thought Iapetus had established himself in Justinius's lab already? Just reviewing some of the previous posts...

It would seem that Aislynn's lab was the one claimed.

Yup, chico has it. Iapetus is in Aislinn's lab, which connects to the living space the husband and wife shared on the floor between their two labs. Justinius' sanctum is the floor between their living quarters.

Actually, I do have a question about one of my Grogs, Micah.

Does Animal Ken need to penetrate in your saga? I've always treated it like Faerie Speech, ruling that it only affects the user, but am not sure whether this represents the RAW and wanted to know how Anya thinks his power should work...

Animal Ken is a beast analogue of Folk Ken. Since Parma doesn't repel Folk Ken, it would make no sense for Animal Ken to require penetration.

I'm confused. Chico said Iapetus was in Justinius lab. I said Iapetus was in Aislinn's. Also the description of living space being between two labs followed by the statement that Justinius sanctium is between the living quarters has me turned around, as well.

Sorry-- I thought that first post was yours, JL, and I thought the second post was chico's. That'll teach me to post before my first round of caffeine.

And the description of the floors is as described in the Covenant thread. What I had meant to type was "Justinius' sanctum is the floor beneath their living quarters."


What could be eating those sheep? Totally unrelated, anyone have a toothpick?

They're so perky, I love that. :slight_smile:

Well, I think it's reasonable, and much more fun to think that Alpha and his entire team are werewolves... I mean, they are Tremere, and wolves... I mean, I think it's a hunch she might have. So, I have to roll with it. If they deny or demur and they appear honest, well, we camp wait for the full moon to rise and then cast the spell, at which point, hopefully the parma is down and I can easily penetrate an Animal score of 0... :laughing:

Man, I'm starting to feel sorry for Edgar. :frowning:

Edgar is a messed up 20 year old... Being pretty has its price, I suppose.

Hey, Dark Secret is a major flaw for a reason!

And even the guy who thinks flogging is foreplay thinks Sophia is crazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Meg Ryan, Claudia Christian, and now Sophronia...

Ivanova did a "When Harry Met Sally" scene?!

Wasn't quite to the level as When Harry Met Sally, it was TV, after all..

AND it was on B5? Damn, I never saw that episode.

I need to get the DVDs at some point and watch them all chronologically. I didn't catch it every week when it first aired, and afterwards I caught reruns all out of order.

Curious, are you using RAW rules for Arcane Connections, or the ones from De Domo Tremeris.

Which rules are you referring to? The spell/item that preserves them? (I'm not using those, no.) Or something else?