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Sounds very good to me and it is the way I have seen it done in other sagas I have been involved in. I will see if I can track down where previous xps have come from though.

Didn't we set the start year for the saga to 1210? Japik is 23 years old and born in 1187 according to my original notes and in the first few posts in this thread we discuss it. It looks like you decided on 1210.

I can't find where you gave us xp from earlier stories, do you remember Arthur?

You are correct, we set the starting year as 1210. I just clean forgot about that. :blush:

Fixed the title of one of the topics, from 1220 to 1210.

I don't think I gave any previous xp for stories. My bad. Let's say 7 xp to each magus for the Spring of 1210. (This may sound low, but none of the stories involved significant danger. They were somewhat time-consuming, however, and certainly frustrating, so I decided for a bit more than my default 5 xp.)

Let me know here where you will allocate the story xp for Spring of 1210, since that topic is closed.

Japik must have recieved some xps after creation since I have put xps in abilities and arts that haven't resulted in a rank increase (for example Stealth 2[2]) which I wouldn't do at creation. I just can't remember when you awarded them. I have checked my PMs as well but nothing. Strange.

Found it here, in your magus' thread. Seems like I had already given out xp for Spring 1210, so let's forget about those 7 xp.

Ah ok. But that seems to cover xp for the seasons between Gauntlet or end of character creation until we met Bernhard in Anvers. So it might be we haven't got anything for the initial stories with the council and exploring the island and its surroundings. :wink:

I'll include that as part of the stories for the summer. Just remind me if I forget. :wink:

I have updated Japik's advancement at the bottom of the first post in my character thread. However I never put any points in anything from the exposure in Spring 1210 before meeting Bernhard. Is that 4 xp per default?

Exposure is only 2 xp. It would only be 4 xp if you were Practicing for Area Lore. Your choice.

Japik travelled from Oculus Septentrionalis via his home island to Anvers then so would you allow if I put 4 xp in Area Lore: Saxony?

Works for me.

Question to Arthur: why did Prochorus lose 4 fatigue in the inn thread? Shouldn't it be 3, because it was level 10 and his total went to 0 due to the botch, so 1 for the spont, 2 for life-linked to 10? This is just to make sure I understand the rules correctly.

My mistake, it should indeed have been 3 levels.

I am trying to understand an aspect of the setting (which seems to be canonical, even if I can not understand it) before I respond in my backstory thread. Why would an aged mage be reluctant to cast a spontaneous spell? Yes, there is a risk of a botch. But a single-die botch can not induce twilight. And other than twilight, it would seem that an experience mage is better able to cope with the results of a botch than a younger mage. The 1 warping point is noise when you have between one and two hundred of them.

When a magus is young, gaining a point of Warping seems to have very little impact, since it takes 275 points to reach a score a 10 (which guarantees that the next Twilight will be final).

On the other hand, when a magus survives to an old age and his Warping score is 9, then they begin to see things differently. Each point shortens his lifespan by 1 year (the same amount of Warping that their longevity ritual gives them), putting him closer to the point where any incident that would causing more then 1 point at a time would send them into Final Twilight.

Furthermore, in-character these magi don't know for certain what the number of botch dice are, so even an innocuous situation might end up increasing the ricks of a given spell -- say, because they get jostled while casting it (adding a second die) or the intervention of an enemy trying to push them into Final Twilight.

Finally, some they might have (or have gained) the Twilight Prone flaw. That means even a single Wapring point can send them into Final Twilight.

These are all reasons why elder magi get very careful about those spontaneous spells. They may still use them in a life-threatening emergency, but they begin shunning them in day-to-day situations.

Thanks for the explanation. I did understand why they worried about twilight. The odds of twilight catching you if you have to roll are pretty high, even if you have a good Vim score. I had not known of some of the ways the risk of gaining more than 1 point could be higher.

Well, when you've lived over a century and feel the end getting close, you often start to be paranoid about the risks. Sometimes to the point of imagining it where it isn't.

But the main point is one of OOC knowledge of the game system versus the limits of IC knowledge, namely that spontaneous magic is less predictable and can result in Twilight, even if only once every 100(s) of castings.

Question: Do you have any interest in why the ghost ended up there, and some further story on getting it to resolve whatever it was that caused it to linger? Or would you rather simply have it disposed of?

Also, it might be better idea to have the church people come and collect the remains. Otherwise you might be suspected of having killed the woman yourself.

In other words, do you want to wrap up the story and move on? Trying to get a feel of what you'd prefer.

I am interested in knowing (although I think I have most of it figured out already, other than how to resolve it), but can also wrap up if it fits with the other stories - if you want to start with Herman or something.

Yeah, you are right about the church people.

It's really up to you and Bearlord. I don't want to drag on this story on further than what you feel like -- things take so long in the PbP format that sometimes we can get impatient for some advancement.

Once this story is wrapped I plan on letting you advance a few seasons, during which Pytheas and Quercus leave, then having a short story for the arrival of Herman.

But I was figuring on some form of debriefing at the end of the two stories so far, so we might do something early in this one, than conclude it with a few additional scenes.

Basically, the debriefing is to help me improve the stories that I run for you all. So what I"d like to know is:

  • What were, in your opinion, the strong points for each story?
  • What were the things that you didn't like that much about those stories?
  • How would you like future stories to be adjusted?

The end goal is of course that all of us have fun having these stories, from the players' (and SG) perspective. The characters might get frustrated by some elements, for whatever reason, but I'd prefer not to have the players feel the same. In general, I try to leave the stories fairly open, with multiple ways to resolve them, but mainly based on situations to be adresses or problems to be solved. But not necessarily tailored as an exact fit to the characters' abilities or capabilities. But I'm very open to adjusting the stories based on players' preferences and aspirations. So let me know! 8)