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Here and interested.

I'm here and I'm willing go on with this saga even if it will be sporadically at times.

No news from Trogdor, but I'll move the existing stories forward for Japik and Prochorus. :smiley:

Still no news from Trogdor. From what I can see, he hasn't logged into the boards since October 6th, and my PM hasn't been read. But I still hope to see him pop back at some time. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, do you feel we should go hunting for another player? Perhaps even two. Opinions welcome.

Yes, hunting makes sense.

I agree we need 1 or 2 more players but I think we need to increase the general posting rate a bit to keep the interest for new players.

Indeed, I am trying to have things pick up a bit. I am also planning a jump forward by a few seasons once the current story threads are wrapped up in a satisfactory fashion. I'll write off Pytheas and Quercus later, integrating that into the background information of the forward jump. For now they are still present, if a bit less involved.

I've just invited JoelHalpern to take a look at our saga to see if he'd be interested. I played with him a little bit in the now-defunct Prestige of Thebes saga and liked what I saw.

I was thinking that when the new players are introduced, it will be you (Wits and Bearlord), as the current magi of the covenant, who will get to decide whether their concept fits into the saga and covenant. I will comment, of course, on general saga sutff and on the resulting detailed character, but you will get final word on the concept. This would be in the form of interviews (arranged by Bernhard) between those magi and yours -- although actual discussions will actually be handled out-of-character. What do you think of the idea?

JoelHalpern will be joining the saga. I've invited him to make a pitch for potential concepts in the Character Concepts topic.

Jonathan.Link has also expressed interest in joining the saga, so he will be doing the same shortly. :smiley:

Excellent. The interview idea sounds like fun to me.

I like the interview idea as well but what if we as players accept the newcomers but the characters doesn't approve of their magi? I mean the characters must be able to keep our secret and have no loyalties towards other covenants or magi which we will try to find out if they have in the interviews. What makes them want to come and join us.

Actually, that's the point of having the current players' magi do the interviews. You (the players) get to decide early in the process wether a magus who is known for this or that would fit into this covenant. If you feel your magus would have had doubts about this other magus who wants to join, then he would have expressed and either turned that new magus away or, better for our purposes, gotten answers to assuage your magus' doubts.

So your input will allow the new players of the saga to tailor their character into something that would be appealing (or at least acceptable) to the current magi. There might still be some surprises and some friction on minor issues, but those should be kept to a minimum -- because the point of this saga is not inter-character conflicts.

Minor question, since I made a mistake about something similar in another setting.
I presume that the primary uses of second sight would tie to Perception?


Just a note for information, I am flying to Denver to attend Milehicon. So while I will be checking in, it will be less frequent over the weekend and through Monday.

No problem for me. I don't usually post much on the weekends.

I will try to let folks know when I am less available, even if it usually should be a non-issue. In November I have a crazy trip over 2.5 weeks, traveling from Washington DC to San Francisco, then to Honolulu, and then to Kista in Sweden. (Yes, I travel a LOT on business. The good thing is that the company makes sure I always have connectivity.)

Wow that is a crazy trip. Kista is very close to where I live. If you come directly from Honolulu be sure to bring some warm clothes. :smiley:

I spent 3.5 months last year (from mid-August through late November) living in Ostermalm. I was lucky and the weather did not turn bad until just after I left. So yeah, I know I need to pack some real winter clothing. (I also used to live in Minneapolis, so I do know what real cold is.)

I'm not sure what you have said about this Arthur, but do you want us to bookkeep from where and on what we put our xps?

Two things here.

I suggest that you indicate where you will allocate a story's xp at the end of that story's thread. So for example, Japik got 5 xp for the Sunken Sailor story. At the end of that thread, you would indicate "Spending 5 xp in Swim". If I have comments or objections regarding that, I will note them there until everyone is in agreement.

You should also add a section, on your character's sheet, called "Advancement", with a run-down of each season's allocation of xp. So once the xp for a story has been settled, you would add a line under the Advancement section in Japik's stats, saying "1220 Summer: 5 xp in Swim from story The Sunken Sailor" and then adjust his Swim score to reflect that. In the case of that season, he will probably also get some xp for the Wayward Inn story, so when that comes you would edit the line to add "and ? xp in ??? for the story The Wayward Inn"

This would in theory allow you to deconstruct the character until you get back to his stats at Gauntlet.

If there is more details needed for a seasonal activity, such as lab totals and discussion about a specific effect being invented, this should be discussed as a seperate post in your character's thread. Once the results are known, you would then add this to your main stats and advancement section.

How's that? That's the way I would do it, but if you prefer to handle it differently, just let me know. :smiley: