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I, too, would he happy to assist, assuming that it's not something that has to be kept hidden. But Konrad can't volunteer if he doesn't hear about it. :slight_smile:

Dorana told Ludovicus that he could not tell them the nature of the investigation before he departs for it. So he can't tell them the details until they've agreed to come and are on their way, but he can ask them for their help. They will also be bound to secrecy once they do.

So it's up to Emelric to decide who he approaches and what he tells them to convince them to come. Note that this may take more than 10 days. It's not supposed to, according to Dorana, but just going there and coming back is likely to take at least a week. So any magus participating in this risks being penalized in his other seasonal activities.

I just want to be clear on this, OOC, even if the magi are not fully aware of that.

I figure what's the point in playing in a saga if all you do is sit around reading books and experimenting in the lab. Yes. that's probably the most efficient thing for a magus to do. But it's not all that much fun from a game play standpoint. I'd much rather do a little bit of posting from time-to-time. :slight_smile:

I'm all for inviting both Konrad and Renatus Ibis. So that's done.

And Imreai and Sauryan could join too, as one (or more) of the grogs that come along. If they'd like. It would be fun to have a troupe-wide trip.

Yep. More than happy to chew on the scenary with a grog or two.
Where are the partial statlines for the covenant grogs?

The partial stats of the grogs are here.

I've added the new grogs in red. If a player wants to fully develop the grog he'll be playing, he's welcome to do so in his/her character development topic. The final stats should then be placed in the Grogs and Covenfolk topic.

Note that Lonrad will probably bring along his personal shield grog, which is fully statted out in that last topic.

I'll play Stefan then, as its one of the Grogs Ludovicus said he wanted to take

As an out of character thing to mention - perhaps the Magi should consider taking Hagen, just in case they want to capture one of these creatures, since he is the one with animal handling

Caritas ex Jerbiton is now ready to join the chapter house! Let me know where I'm needed.

I'll start a introductory story soon for your magus, so that we can both get used to his capabilities and personality. Any preference as to the nature of the story and challenges?

You can choose whatever story will enhance the saga. As for capabilities...he's newly gauntleted, he only has a few spells and a winning personality, he's a little too easy-going to just crystal dart everything vaguely threatening so we'll just have to see how it goes.

Are your access problems been resolved?

Yes, it's resolved (changed provider a second time...)

I won't be able to post anything for the next 5 days or so.

This is another short week and I'm busier than usual at work. It is unlikely that I will be able to post anything before next Tuesday. Sorry for the delay!

No problem. Standing by.

In the meantime, someone may try to poke Trogdor to see if Konrad will be flying to Hameln with Renatus to scout things out in advance.

I have a bronchitis, which is draining a lot of energy. My apologies for the repeated delays in moving the stories forward. :frowning:

Oh man, that sucks. Take care and get well again.

Back at work but still recovering from my bronchitis. I should be able to resume the action within a few days. Is everyone still here?

I am. :smiley: